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Ely's Guide Directory

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Ely's Guide Directory!

Welcome to Ely's Guide Directory. Here you can find all the guides you will need while playing Ely!

If you make a guide and want it listed in here, just send me a message or reply to this thread and I will happily add it to the list!


Getting started in Ely


    How to get started Price Guide
    Jordan's starting Guide Clue Scroll Guide
    Map of Home Money Making
    List of Teleports Money Making for Noobs


Skilling Guides





Kari's Prayer Guide

Nelly's Slayer Guide

Magic.png.bf2a664548f5fe69305a6a4fd6ad0425.pngMagic Hunter.png.b9bd0557a8ba1c5d37f3813430aa9391.pngHunter
Needed Kari's Hunter Guide
Runecrafting.png.a55b09125b8e25cc478e8adf6f193778.pngRunecrafting Mining.png.1bd20f4f581b8860b50003685f5dd118.pngMining
Nicky's Runecrafting Guide Slay's Mining Guide
Construction.png.04b3615a2fd867f1c7718aa0b7acc9b2.pngConstruction Smithing.png.ca8a3a1ae4dce4952d42395afa8549fc.pngSmithing
Nelly's Construction Guide SnapZ Smithing Guide
Dungeoneering.png.d14a7065f16579dc69da6bc398a65ab8.pngDungeoneering Fishing.png.fad823a4ae070e25c0814af482e3ded0.pngFishing
Chimp's Puzzle & Potions Guide

Slay's Fishing Guide





Agility-icon.png.392e60c647dc577b6edbc3e95bd1a3d3.pngAgility Needed
Kari's Agility Guide Firemaking.png.519046f85acff880014608caaff08a32.pngFiremaking
Herblore.png.a34387bdf0e5f508392a2b4a3d70d61a.pngHerblore Nelly's Fast Firemaking Method
Nicky's Herblore Guide Woodcutting.png.7485d76ce54335cc1177c43ae9fad7c3.pngWoodcutting
Thieving.png.70c0de3f9c54c858570e34b9ef4518be.pngThieving Kutanaga's Woodcutting Guide
Kari's Thieving Guide Farming.png.837be978a95441a652a916c13a060f69.pngFarming
Crafting.png.c98fea167558470cd5987f21b45b1665.pngCrafting Longshot's Farming Guide
Nicky's Crafting Guide Summoning.png.1871c8749bd1a5efd01d4046b420efe9.pngSummoning
Fletching.png.af0189d2a823b83a4da539b7b6673673.pngFletching Nicky's Summoning Guide
Nicky's Fletching Guide  



Monsters & Bosses


Combat - Minigames - Iron Man






Gear Set-Ups

Goddess' Set-up Guide

Catacombs of Kourend

NPC Map of Catacombs of Kourend



Dominion Tower Guide

Meme's Dominion Guide

Monster Carnage

Kemi's Monster Carnage Guide


SCT's Kiln Guide

Meme's Kiln run with titan

Meme's Kiln run no food


Iron Man

Ironman_chat_badge.png.d2b0583c7adeb5bbfe3e96fc328bd69d.pngIron Man


Ultimate_ironman_chat_badge.png.b0ee28b8d9e524e920caa28f665b7557.png Ultimate Iron Man


Hardcore_ironman_chat_badge.png.70ae5aa433ed3e057dbf376ee3cba014.png Hardcore Iron Man

Flip's HCIM Guide (Old)

General Guides

Do events



Misc Guides


This list is not complete.

All guides are very much appreciated and are a huge help!

I take no credit for the guides in here, this is just a list I made for easy access.







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Added in missing guides and fixed the links not working because of the forum upgrade.

PM me if something is not working correctly.

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love this! this is really convenient and useful, nice job!!!


the dom tower guide redirects to 


also the 532 ckey redirects to nothing just a blank page


other than that everything works properly


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On 7/9/2019 at 8:52 PM, nelly said:

love this! this is really convenient and useful, nice job!!!


the dom tower guide redirects to 


also the 532 ckey redirects to nothing just a blank page


other than that everything works properly


Should be fixed now, also added your slayer guide 🙂

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21 hours ago, Longshot said:

100% love this directory.


Kari, could you add my two new quest guides in here somewhere, and perhaps a quest guide section for future additions? Appreciate it! Topics 4251 and 4252.

Thank you!

I'll add a quest section for your guides 🙂

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