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  1. This is great! Love the dedication and format as well.
  2. Doesn't seem like the best logic since we have Fiery Divines, Fiery Prims, etc. which were not in that era, but I can understand the stance. Hope more people support, though.
  3. Fix overload potion boosts to be in-line across all combat types (melee, range, mage). Currently, drinking an overload at all 99s boosts attack, strength, and defense to 125, range to 122, and magic to 106. Doesn't quite make sense why they are different, and should be an easy fix.
  4. Appreciate all the feedback, everyone. Looking forward to more releases in the future so I can help out. Cheers.
  5. Welcome to a long overdue quest guide! Quest: The Founding Festival Requirements: Recommendations: Rewards: Details: Follow along below for instructions to complete the quest. Spoilers ahead! Full Quest Guide Shoutout to author Tycho for the quest! Shoutout to Xbob for the ironman advice! Let me know in the comments what you think or how the guide can improve!
  6. 100% love this directory. Kari, could you add my two new quest guides in here somewhere, and perhaps a quest guide section for future additions? Appreciate it! Topics 4251 and 4252.
  7. Hey everyone, welcome to my first quest guide! Quest: Cook's Assistant Requirements: 40 Thieving Recommendations: Level 50+ Combat Super Energy potions Food (if below 50 combat) Rewards: Details: Follow along below for instructions to complete the quest. Spoilers ahead! Full Quest Guide Shoutout to Winter for a very well put together quest! Come back later for the Cook's Assistant 2 guide once the quest is released!
  8. Welcome to the Farming skill guide! This guide will be broken up into several categories depending on the type of activity. Follow along for information gathered by myself and from suggestions from the community. Remember to use your Voting Tickets for 10 minutes of 50% bonus xp! Obtaining a pair of Magic Secateurs from the skilling rewards at ::shops is helpful for herb runs. A Magic Watering Can from ::shops is also helpful for watering seeds in plant pots. Step 1: Gathering Seeds Step 2: Planting Seeds Step 3: Checking Gr
  9. I support the basis of your idea, which in my interpretation is that instanced deaths should not be a 'lose all your items' situation. Perhaps instead of reworking the entire system, a small workaround could be achieved? Maybe if you choose to pay for an instance, you also have the option to purchase "insurance" for a set amount of money PER INSTANCE (e.g. You pay the instance fee of 5M at Cerberus and you elect to also purchase the optional insurance for, say, 25M. This totals a 30M instance fee). When insurance is purchased, a gravestone (mirroring the death mechanics of other places ar
  10. See title. I think the ability to use the "WASD" keys to operate the camera would be a great quality of life upgrade. Obviously some coding on the backend, but in the options GUI, perhaps just a button to toggle on or off the ability to use WASD keys versus the arrow keys. Let me know your thoughts.

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