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The Ely Guide

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The gameplan is to evolve this with ongoing updates and improvements to keep it relevant and useful. Getting a first draft up here looking to add graphics and make this look nice.

v0.1 WIP - Send me feedback to improve this!


Getting around

  • Clicking the world map icon opens a teleport menu

  • You can also use ::tele nameOfPlace most locations work


  • All untradeable items go to Diango in the home bank on death

Training area

  • Non iron accounts have access to ::tele train which is an easy way to get a little cash, some start gear and early combat levels

PVM Points

  • Gained from killing

    • Bosses

    • Barrows

    • Stuff in the wild


Skilling Points

  • Gained per 1m xp earned

    • Amount earned depends on account xp rate (Easy/Default - 200 pts/Legend) //TODO add amount per 1m

Voting Points

  • Gained by going to all the sites on ::vote

  • Requires linked forum acc??

  • Can claim vote tickets for 50% xp boost @ 10 min per ticket

  • There is a voting shop in ::shops

  • Sells 3-5m/ea


Crystal Chest at home has amazing loot


Clues are awesome

Clues on Ely: You can get caskets for all of your clues by completing the clue step that gave you your casket with multiple clues in your inventory. Just bring as many of the same rarity with you to your casket step and spam repeat it. Once you get a casket it is important that you don’t read a clue of the same rarity or this won’t work! Reading another clue will reset your clue progress for that rarity and you will have to run another set of steps, you can make use of this to get a casket step that you like though



Dom gloves are a solid upgrade

Do 101 floors of endurance mode, claim on a weekend for double rewards


Fight caves is only the last 2 waves

  • Bring ranged and ensure you have 40 prayer

  • First wave pray mage and kill the 2 things

  • Second wave is Jad, stay out of melee range and look for his attack animation on what to pray

    • Stands on back legs, pray mage

    • Slaps the ground, pray range

    • Keep your pray menu open as much as possible, don't run out of pray though!

Kiln is all waves on Ely

// TODO record a kiln and link that (sato will do)


Command Console

  • Pressing ` will open a command console

  • While in this console you can type any command and press Tab to execute the command but not erase it from the input so you can continue pressing Tab to use the command multiple times

  • Squeal of Fortune: This can be used to speed up claiming SOF spins

    • ` to open the console

    • Type sof then hit tab

    • Press the button to spin then hit cancel, the item will be sent to your bank

    • Hit tab again to open sof and repeat

  • For 500$ donors you have access to :😛 or ::bank in most areas

    • For some actions like mining, prayer, and fishing you can start the action then use ::b to open your bank

    • If you deposit all your ores/fish or withdraw more bones before your action is complete it will keep going, so you can mine/fish/pray forever as long as you don’t let your inventory fill up (or go empty for pray)

  • ::pg price guide

  • ::benefits see donor tier benefits

  • ::comp see comp requirements left

  • ::topic #### open a forum topic


T2 and sometimes T3 gear

  • North of the bank in Edgeville there is a chest you can use various items on to upgrade them

  • Click the chest to view all items that can be upgraded

  • T2 gives a 10% stat increase, and T3 another 10%

  • You can use prismatic gems to guarantee that you upgrade an item, items have different costs use one on the chest to see

  • You can risk an item on the chest giving you a 25% chance to upgrade it to the next tier

  • In the 75% case it does not upgrade the item is destroyed and you are given 25% of the amount of gems it would cost to upgrade

  • Chaotic items can go to T3

  • Gems are tradeable


Well of Goodwill

  • There is a well near the bank at home

  • Players can donate items or GP to give all non-irons on the server a buff for 1 hour

  • Upgrading the tier resets the timer (If tier 1 with 10 mins left and someone donates to upgrade to T2 then T2 starts an hour timer and takes effect)

  • Once the well is Tier 3 adding more money won't do anything, have to wait until it runs out

  • T1 - 250m, T2 - 500m, T3 - 1000m


Ely Points

  • Donator rank is based on how many EP you have had on your account

  • There are scrolls of various costs in the Donator store so that people can sell their EP

  • Buying scrolls is a way to get donator ranks with your ingame gains

PVM Upgrades

Neitiznot Helm

  • Purchased from shops at home or for irons  it's dropped from yaks at ::tele yaks

Dragon Defender

  • Can be obtained from Cyclopses at ::tele train

  • Off to the Warriors guild for you, irons. 

Fire Cape

  • Can be obtained at a low level

  • You get to fight a boss

  • 40 Prayer and rune knives from ranged shop will get the job done

Fighter Torso 

  • Obtained from ::tele train for 200 points

  • PVM Points Shop

Chaotic Weapons 

  • 200k Dung tokens

  • Fridays are double tokens, try and get into a group for large dungeons to make it much quicker

  • Makes most bosses accessible

  • Untradeable so safe on death

  • Can be upgraded to T3

  • Once T2 it becomes non-degradable

Steel Titan 

Requires 99 Summoning

Insane damage output with scrolls


Divine > Ely Spirit Shield (Situational)

  • Drop from Corp or purchased 

  • Provides great defence - 30% damage reduction

Dragon Warhammer

  • Special attack reduces enemy defence

  • Obtained from Grae or purchased

  • Use a Ring of Vigour from dung to allow 3x specs in a row instead of 2


  • 1200 slayer points from slayer rewards shop

  • You can buy a cannon upgrade from Slayer Rewards Shop for 1000 slayer points to increase cannonball capacity ( 30 > 100)

Rune pouch from Runespan for 5k points (Grind but worth it in the end, it's afk)


Imbued DKS rings

  • Makes the rings untradeable so that they are safe on death

  • Take normal DKS rings to ::tele mobilising army shop to imbue them (50k dg tokens + 5m gp)

  • The rings can be upgraded to T2


Disciple Gear

  • Void essence is dropped from Tormented hatchlings

  • Use the essence on a piece of Proselyte gear to change it to a disciple piece

  • Very good pray bonus

  • Untradeable so safe on death


Slayer Helm

  • Buy the recipe from Slayer Rewards Shop for 400 points

  • Obtain a black mask from jungle horrors at ::tele horror

    • Bring a witchwood icon to fight them, from the Slayer Item Shop

  • Upgrade your slayer helm 

    • Focus Sight from Desert Strykewyrms

    • Hexcrest from Jungle Strykewyrms

  • Recolour your slayer helm with various items

    • Blue - Vorkaths Head 

    • Purple - Dark Claw [Skotzio]

    • Black - KBD Heads

    • Red - Abyssal Demon Head

    • Green - KQ Head

    • // TODO graphic of helm items, sources and recolors


  • Kill Skotzio for 3 ancient shards

  • Use a Darklight on the obelisk at ::tele cata with shards in your inventory to get Arclight

  • Slaps demons, especially great for TDs


Skilling Tips

  • Mining concentrated coal then gold at the Donator Zone is afk

  • Mining sandstone at ::tele quarry is very fast but very sweaty

  • Can train agility by catching snowy butterflies at ::tele snow

  • There is a direct tele to the abyss for runecrafting if runespan isn't your speed

  • There is an npc at ::tele skill that sells various low level skilling supplies

  • Any item in a shop can be purchased in unlimited amounts from the GE (uncut diamonds for ez crafting xp)


Buy max cape / comp cape from Max at ::tele cita

::comp command to see requirements



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