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  1. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? I don't remember the exact website but I found it off one of the vote-page sites 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Unlike some, it's not cluttered with ugly custom things. All of the customs I've ever seen on Ely are tasteful and neat. The time it takes to gain xp and level up is very nice (on normal). It's a little grind but not too easy that you get all 99's instantly. I enjoy the smaller community (though bigger would always be cool too) because everyone seems to have a fairly good relationship with others. People joke with each other all the time. The home in Ely is a nice simple hub for people to hang out and afk. No but seriously it's a nice simple place that's not cluttered for people to hang out and chat... do some skilling, buy/sell in ge (which btw I love the ge) or whatever. I enjoy that this server isn't forcing players to feel like they have to do certain things. I've noticed some servers are focused on bossing, raids, pvp, gambling, etc. Ely is very neutral and allows players to have the freedom to do whatever they like whenever they like. I also enjoy the newer giveaways on Discord. It's a fun way to get players a little active and hope they win something big. I've never been one to gamble much or at all but knowing that just by entering a drawing you could win something cool is really awesome. No risk of losing anything. I also enjoy the staff very much. They've all been very helpful and nice whenever I've spoken with anyone. I could probably list more things I enjoy but I won't make this wall of text longer than it has to be. I will say lastly though that Ely over the years has definitely been my absolute favorite server to have ever played on. I've tried quite a few over time and nothing competes. It just surprises me more players don't play Ely. They don't know what they're missing. 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? I love the new Easy mode addition. Especially for new players that want to get right into the nitty gritty without spending too much time on one skill. I don't really like the prices of some things in the shop. I understand the more op the armor or cool the custom is, it should cost more. But paying over $100 for a set or a single custom seems a bit.... much. I'd love to have some customs but I would never pay that much for one. I know people that currently have a lot of customs would probably be against the idea of lowering the $ of customs since it would devalue their bank.. But it's just my opinion. I love that this server has achievements. I've always loved them on consoles and stuff. The only thing I dislike about them are the rewards. Whenever I go to claim a finished achievement, I get like... a few potions. Like..... wut. If I work that hard to get a ton of xp in a skill to complete an achievement I should get something worthwhile. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? I don't know how this would work but more ways to make money without destroying the economy. I really loved when Ruins first came out and I got some good drops, sold, made bank. I think more additions like this would be really cool to incorporate new items into the game. It seems like for brand new players thieving is always the go-to to make money. Which is good and all but once players get 99 they typically stop there. So how else to make money after that? Sure, there is bossing, gambling, etc. As a player that almost only does skilling I've been fairly limited on what I could do to make money. That's why doing the Ruins to make money was pretty cool. There was the bit of suspense from knowing if you die you lose all your things but at the same time, the enemies weren't too difficult or anything that it made me feel unsafe. What I'm getting at is that I think maybe in the future more regions could be made with different skill levels for new players and anyone else could go to and make money fairly easy. Nothing too op of course. Also side note, please never add pikachus to this server. I'll shoot myself
  2. As long as it works in Runespan as well, I'm all for it!
  3. Common: small xp lamp (typically a pre-selected skill) dragon bones mystic robes set light mystic robes set dark mystic robes set dragon boots dark bow granite maul bow string (100) uncut sapphire (50) uncut emerald (40) uncut diamond (20) pure essence (400) mithril bar (50) spirit shards (4200) ball of wool (50) Uncommon: red elegant shirt red elegant blouse red elegant skirt red elegant legs green elegant shirt green elegant blouse green elegant skirt green elegant legs purple elegant shirt purple elegant blouse purple elegant skirt purple elegant legs white elegant shirt white elegant blouse white elegant skirt white elegant legs blue elegant shirt blue elegant blouse blue elegant skirt blue elegant legs black elegant shirt black elegant blouse black elegant skirt black elegant legs grimy torstol (30) grimy kwuarm (25) grimy lantadyme (30) splitbark body splitbark legs splitbark gauntlets splitbark boots splitbark helm fighter torso tooth half of a key loop half of a key barbed bow fighter hat dragon 2h sword medium xp lamp teak logs (50) uncut ruby (30) saradomin brew flask (50) adamant bar (35) adamant arrowheads (350) Rare: long horns vile horns cursed horns twisted horns curled horns tribal tattoo bold tattoo arcane tattoo intricate tattoo marauder tattoo mystic tattoo hear-no-evil monkey hat flying gobling hat baby squirrel lucky dragon 2h sword lucky dragon full helm lucky dragon platebody lucky dragon chainbody lucky abyssal whip ringmaster hat ringmaster pants ringmaster shirt ringmaster boots swagger stick book of faces rune bar (100) rune arrowheads (400) mahogany logs (200) Super-rare: 200m auspicious katana flaming skull baby troll huge xp lamp lucky elysian spirit shield lucky arcane spirit shield lucky divine spirit shield lucky saradomin godsword lucky zamorak godsword lucky zamorak spear lucky bandos godsword lucky bandows chestplate lucky bandos tassets lucky bandos boots lucky armadyl chestplate lucky armadyl helmet lucky armadyl chainskirt lucky dragon claws cannon base cannon stand cannon barrels cannon furnace
  4. Where to buy hatchets ::tele home 1-15 Normal trees (with bank) 15-30 Oak trees (with bank) 30-45 Willow trees (with bank) 45-60 Maple trees 60-68 Yew trees 68-99 Ivy

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