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  1. Thanks I was trying to do 69b for the meme but it bugged. Sad life
  2. Over time I've been adding more stuff of value to my bot just for the hell of it. Also because it's a weird flex and funny. Anyways, the bug is that the value of my bot keeps changing but won't show the right amount. I had it at 60b, added more to it and the value went to like 10b. Added a little more, 18b. Little more.. 10b. It seems to now like going above 20b without resetting the value amount to around 10b. When I got it to 60b it was bugging before that but finally worked randomly and stayed 60b. Now it's just all wonky. (Current value shown, which is wrong) (Bulk of the value is in gp with some other things. It's clearly much higher than the value shown)
  3. It would be awesome to have off-hand weapons. Any stats would be cool, but lowkey would also be cool with having off-hand weapons without stats for the fashionscape.
  4. yes, +1 I missed yesterdays Ice sirenic helm. sooo guess I gotta wait 6+ months now lol
  5. Just tested making a Super Attack. It worked Thank youu
  6. Yeah I know. I can have any amount in the pouch, doesn't change anything. Dropped coins always go to inventory now
  7. Can confirm, Prae override doesn't work on Virtus. Needs fixed
  8. I'm currently doing the "Make 250 Super x Potions" and none of the potions are counting towards the achievement. I made a few hundred Super Attack Potions and was wondering why the achievement hadn't popped up. I checked the log for the achievement progress and it doesn't even had 1 potion made registered. I tested out the other 4 super potions and none of them count towards achievement either. I have a theory as to why it's bugged. I used the potions NPC in Nardah to made the herbs into unfinished potions, then make the Super potions manually. I think because I did this it's not counting towards making the potions. I did however clean grimy herbs in my inventory, use them on vial, then add the secondary component to make a Super potion from scratch and it still didn't count towards achievement. (Edit: I now realized that I made super magic and ranged potions in my inventory instead of the antipoison and restores. But the issue is still present)
  9. Nice progression This makes me want to do one on my own goals to work on and current achievements I've gotten
  10. I just get a message saying nothing interesting happens.
  11. Great post. +1 on lowering the price. I've been working on getting the forlorn shard but I always burn myself out which is making it take forever..
  12. +1 for the sof ability especially

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