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  1. Some of you may know me, some may not. My main account is Owl. I've been playing Ely off and on for over two years. I've always loved the server and enjoyed spending time on it. Since getting my current job, I've been working quite a lot. I haven't been able to be online as much these past several months which is why I'm sure a lot of people may not recognize me, unfortunately. I think right now I'm in a place where I think I need to take a break or leave Ely. At the moment I'm leaning towards leaving. My main reasons are: work, need to focus on my real life more, and just lack of
  2. Owl’s Skilling Service Hello! Welcome to my Skilling Service Price Guide. This is a new service I am starting that consists of you choosing a desired skilling-type skill to be trained and picking a goal to reach (level 99 or 200m xp). Some of you may wonder why I am doing this. I got the idea from seeing people previously doing other services in-game for things such as Fight Kiln. I personally love skilling. Not too long ago I reached the maximum amount of xp you can get on my account. Since then I have been slowly running out of things that make me want to get on and do as m
  3. kutanaga

    Drop Party

    I'm sad I won't be able to be there. More than likely will be working much later than when this starts.
  4. They don't work for me. Ely does though
  5. Update on my bank. Just a small screenshot of items I currently have that are worth something. I have roughly 5b worth of misc items in my bank not shown. My bank was a bit bigger but after doing max xp, I donated multiple max cashes on the well for the bonus xp, vote tickets, agility tickets, and gear. Idk how much I spent total but I'd say easily 10-15b
  6. Black dhide? that's too op. no armor?
  7. I'm honored and will be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. Wait... that's not right. Thanks for the position and will do my best
  8. Is there a required bet per match? I know there are newer players that won't have much, then some that have a lot to risk. Edit: or are there no bets, just planting flowers to see who wins?
  9. Starting comp requirements haha. I have only killed a few required bosses so far. Needless to say, I don't like bossing
  10. Finally achieved 5b total xp on April 27th at 11:36pm EST. I worked on getting 200m's a long time ago and never thought I'd actually go for max xp. There were too many skills I didn't enjoy or knew would take longer than I wanted to put the time in for. I played off and on for quite awhile until fairly recently deciding to go all in and try to get it. I spent the past several weeks grinding as much as I could, getting the most xp out of each skill that I could find. Often donating to the well, spending tons of gp. Some skills were very quick while others, such as mining, were not.
  11. so is there a way to currently get smithing outfit? I've never seen it in sof
  12. As a skiller and slowly working towards 5b xp, I'm constantly trying to figure out how to get the most xp out of each skill. With that being said, I found out about the Blacksmith outfit that gives bonus xp for smithing. We already have outfits in the skilling shop for woodcutting, mining, etc. With how slow smithing is anyways, I feel like adding the Blacksmith outfit to the skilling shop would be super beneficial.

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