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  1. There wouldn't happen to be a way you can change the f keys to have a function such as teleporting to a certain place just by pressing a key? Or opening bank command?
  2. Kutanaga/Owl here. I don't know the last time I actually PLAYED Ely. It's been months. I stopped playing for a few reasons. The main two reasons are that I had started a new job and it was crazy busy during holidays. I was working 12-14hrs basically every day. By time I get home, I'm just exhausted. The other reason is just lack of stuff to do in game. I've achieved all goals I wanted to a long time ago. The main things I did in game was skilling and merching. Skilling basically stopped when I maxed and got a lot of 200m's on skills I wanted. I'd log in once a day sometimes to check the GE and see if anything bought or sold and that was basically it. Now it's been so long that I stopped checking the GE regularly. I love this server overall and have been playing a long time. I couldn't say when I first joined but I know it's at least been over a year or even years. Whenever I'd get bored and run out of stuff to do on Ely, I'd just make a new account and do more skilling and such. I loved it. But having made a million new accounts only to either get bored and quit playing on an account or achieving all the goals on the account I wanted, I stopped doing it. I don't know what would bring me back to playing regularly. I honestly don't think there is anything that would, as much as that saddens me to think. A lot of updates don't usually bring me back, mostly because a lot of them are new bosses or whatnot. I don't boss so it doesn't really apply to me. Since I'm basically just a skiller, there really isn't anything that could change that I can think that would allow me to continue that. I made a post on the forums a long time ago about an idea to make a prestige system where you could reset a level to 1 but keep your hard work still, somehow. Allowing you to continue skilling and keep gaining experience on top of what you already made. Some people liked the idea but either way, in the end, nothing happened with it. I miss playing.
  3. I'm down. Just need to know the rules though
  4. I could post a pic but don't wanna right now. I got 30b in cash and roughly 16b in items.
  5. Sweet, thanks for the support!
  6. I didn't realize a near identical post was made not long ago. Guess that's my bad for not checking first. Then again, if it didn't get support from that post maybe this one might get a second chance? Dunno. Plus I disagree with at least one thing the previous post said. If you prestige, your xp rate is decreased. That's dumb. Just keep it the same. I want to prestige to regain that juicy xp at the same rate as I signed up for. If I wanted a decreased xp rate I'd just pick legend mode
  7. Thank you for your post Kari
  8. Username: owl Suggestion: prestige system for individual and or total levels (preferably individual levels such as woodcutting, etc) Why (how will it benefit players overall): Just speaking on my own experience, I'm a skiller and I love gaining xp. I've been maxed with multiple 200m's on two accounts (normal mode) and since then, I've kind of stopped playing regularly. I've been logging on a few times a day to quickly check the GE and log back off. I haven't actually been playing. I think if there was a system to be able to reset a level/xp in a skill to 0 but still get credit for having gotten that level 99/200m to show off to players (for bragging rights of course), it would be super cool. Maybe someone could prestige a skill up to 10 times until they can't anymore or something? I just love the prestige idea because it's so common in so many games nowadays so that players can keep playing and gaining experience. If I were able to prestige my skills back to 0 but still keep the progress somehow in a way that proves I already gained the level 99/200m I'd be all for it. I would definitely try and get to the highest prestige in the skills I enjoy the most and play much more actively.
  9. Thanks. Yeah it's always either a good or bad thing opening up about stuff like that. Some people just think you're doing it for attention or to have people feel bad for you. I definitely don't but it does make it sometimes hard to open up. Oh well.. I'm glad I got such support from you all on here though. It's awesome!

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