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  1. As long as it works in Runespan as well, I'm all for it!
  2. Common: small xp lamp (typically a pre-selected skill) dragon bones mystic robes set light mystic robes set dark mystic robes set dragon boots dark bow granite maul bow string (100) uncut sapphire (50) uncut emerald (40) uncut diamond (20) pure essence (400) mithril bar (50) spirit shards (4200) ball of wool (50) Uncommon: red elegant shirt red elegant blouse red elegant skirt red elegant legs green elegant shirt green elegant blouse green elegant skirt green elegant legs purple elegant shirt purple elegant blouse purple elegant skirt purple elegant legs white elegant shirt white elegant blouse white elegant skirt white elegant legs blue elegant shirt blue elegant blouse blue elegant skirt blue elegant legs black elegant shirt black elegant blouse black elegant skirt black elegant legs grimy torstol (30) grimy kwuarm (25) grimy lantadyme (30) splitbark body splitbark legs splitbark gauntlets splitbark boots splitbark helm fighter torso tooth half of a key loop half of a key barbed bow fighter hat dragon 2h sword medium xp lamp teak logs (50) uncut ruby (30) saradomin brew flask (50) adamant bar (35) adamant arrowheads (350) Rare: long horns vile horns cursed horns twisted horns curled horns tribal tattoo bold tattoo arcane tattoo intricate tattoo marauder tattoo mystic tattoo hear-no-evil monkey hat flying gobling hat baby squirrel lucky dragon 2h sword lucky dragon full helm lucky dragon platebody lucky dragon chainbody lucky abyssal whip ringmaster hat ringmaster pants ringmaster shirt ringmaster boots swagger stick book of faces rune bar (100) rune arrowheads (400) mahogany logs (200) Super-rare: 200m auspicious katana flaming skull baby troll huge xp lamp lucky elysian spirit shield lucky arcane spirit shield lucky divine spirit shield lucky saradomin godsword lucky zamorak godsword lucky zamorak spear lucky bandos godsword lucky bandows chestplate lucky bandos tassets lucky bandos boots lucky armadyl chestplate lucky armadyl helmet lucky armadyl chainskirt lucky dragon claws cannon base cannon stand cannon barrels cannon furnace
  3. Where to buy hatchets ::tele home 1-15 Normal trees (with bank) 15-30 Oak trees (with bank) 30-45 Willow trees (with bank) 45-60 Maple trees 60-68 Yew trees 68-99 Ivy

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