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Flip's HCIM Guide

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Hello lovely people from the Ely community!

Ever since more people are maxing, a lot of people are gaining interest in starting a HCIM. Sadly, this also results in a lot of HCIM deaths. So I decided to make a step by step guide for a decent HCIM build. This guide is not focused on maxing a HCIM or on efficiency because well, im not efficient. Also I’m not going to put actual numbers in the guide, just steps for ya’ll to follow. I’m currently working on my HCIM and this is the steps I’m doing, feedback is more than welcome!


Fresh start – important steps.


  1. Get 75 thieving, keep thieving after 75 untill you have like 10 diamonds atleast.
  2. Get 40 mining, mine 10 gold.
  3. Get 40 smithing, make 10 gold bars.
  4. Use the gems to get 43 crafting, if you need more gems, thief them. Note: You need to get the first levels using something like flax.
  5. Use your starter runes on Yaks to get 57 magic. Pick up the helms of neiz if your get any.
  6. Go to al kharid, buy a ring mould from the shop.
  7. Have the uncut diamonds, gold bars and the ring mould in your inventory and use the gold bars on a furnace. Make 10 diamond rings.
  8. Buy the runes you need from the magic shop at home and enchant the 10 diamond rings using the Lvl-4 Enchant spell.
  9. You now have 10 rings of life. These will be in your ring slot for the rest of your life. A ring of life will teleport you whenever you get under 10% of your hitpoints, please remember, you can get hit for more than this 10% by some NPC’s and some effects like Poison can still kill you when you are teleported.

Somewhat safe – Minimum total level: 265

So we now have a teleport option when we are close to death, this can safe u in DC situations and when ur just afking. Now we focus on getting some base stats.


  1. Get your starter gear out and go to our friends the rock crabs. You want to get the following stats: 60 Attack, 60 Stength, 30 Defence.
  2. Once you have these stats, get a easy slayer task from the slayer master at home. Ideally you want a hill giant slayer task. Note: We won’t complete this task yet.
  3. Buy a Proselyte armour set from the armour shop, this armour set will be your friend for a long time.
  4. Get some food out of your bank and tele to the hill giants. You might want to bring some high alch’s if you can afford this.
  5. Pickup most of the drops from the hill giants and use the bonus on the altar at home or at someones POH. Do this until you have atleast 43 prayer. Ideally while you are here you should get 60 defence aswell.
  6. This is the tricky part of this phase. This is where our first risk of dying is. You want to get a dragon scimitar. And the only place to do this is the shop in ape toll. Where this shop exactly is, is something you should google or scout with an alt. You want to pray range when you get close, bring some prayer pots and some food. Its easier to do this step with a friend to tank the monkeys. This step can take a while so makes sure you bring enough supplies. The trick is to trade the shop when you can and buy a dragon scimitar.

Somewhat geared – Minimum total level: 488

Allright, we are somewhat geared. But we are running low on supplies. Time to work on that and get a bit more geared. We’ll also work on getting the total level towards our minimum of 1500.


  1. Get 60 woodcutting.
  2. Use the logs to get your fletching to 63 fletching.
  3. Use the ruby’s you have thieved in the first phase to make ruby tipped addy bolts. Buy the base bolts from the ranged shop. You should have around 400 ruby bolts now.
  4. Enchant the bolts using the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell.
  5. Get 99 fishing, catch sharks from 76 to 99.
  6. Get 99 cooking using the fish u caught from 99 fishing. Note: If you are not a donator some sharks will burn and you need to catch more.
  7. Get your beginner ranged gear out of the bank and get 61 ranged on your slayer task. Get more tasks if needed. Try not to skip any tasks. Bank any seeds and herbs you get.
  8. Get 50 mining and mine enough coal and mithril ore to make a full mithril set. (Helm, Platebody, Platelegs)
  9. Get 50 smithing and make said set.
  10. Get your melee gear out, some prayer pots and some food. We are going to get a defender to end this phase. Use the mithril armour set on the animated armour stand and kill it around 30 times. This should set you up with enough tokens to get the dragon defender. The amount of time a dragon defender takes is different for everyone so you might need to get more tokens if you are unlucky. Switch combat styles so you end up with 75 base combat.

Will post the other parts later.

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