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General Graador (Bandos) Guide

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General Graador (Bandos) Guide




About the boss


General Graador is a level 624 boss that has 2540 hitpoints and resides In the Bandos area of Godwars Dungeon.


General Graador has 2/3 of a chance to attack with melee which is his main attack style and a 1/3 chance to attack with ranged where he slams the ground.


General Graador has 3 minions in his boss room that attack with all three styles of combat


How to get to General Graador


To get to General Graador do  java_vci9nChx0Z.png.f3591df89060c53d303bcf9e06fa661c.png


Once you arrive run north-east until you come to this door  




Click on the door and pay the 500k entrance fee to be teleported into the boss room. 



If the boss room is occupied you can use the instance there which is 1m coins for Ironmen and 5m coins for regular players.

   java_uKMPDmUmbZ.png.45622d8d304a5c68e4cecdb3b4342d4c.png         java_03grd5ovF5.png.d588de2cc11ea6df41e9b6a1644e1771.png


Keep in mind that instances are dangerous and all items will be lost on Death!



Gear and Inventory

To fight General Graador you are going to want to use your best melee gear possible. Below I have shown an High Tier, Mid tier and Welfare setup that can all be used to defeat General Graador.


               High Tier                                                    Mid Tier                                                Welfare

    SCM_oO14rZ2Zqh.png.6741ce08edc32fd2e984369d13384dc4.png            SCM_rT5Nob5NIT.png.85e092cc84d7e60d83a0ec6f3194e5cd.png        SCM_Xg0V6aF2EN.png.dd0b9a1e8c939df971e9aa8c873a3887.png



For the Inventory you are going to want to take as shown below.




The Boss Fight


General Graador has three minions called Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill and Sergeant Grimspike


They all have there own attack styles as shown below.


Sergeant Strongstack (Melee)                  Sergeant Steelwill (Magic)                Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged)

image.png.c844d4c938153a69049f57dd9a98180b.png        image.png.afda2d9ec7127683ea9fd3d9db504b7c.png         image.png.b3404b59fd1af1a4eed9063f5ac39d24.png


When you are ready teleport to Bandos pray melee as shown below and enter the boss room to begin the Boss fight.




The strategy with General Graador is to use the steel titan to attack Steelwill and Grimspike using the steel titans special attack to kill them quickly.


This reduces the damage you take allowing you to focus on General Graador.


Once General Graador is finished you can attack Strongstack if you have enough time before General Graador respawns but this is not essential as he does no damage to you as you are always praying melee while in the boss room.



The Lootations

General Graador has a very nice drop table which includes Bandos armour and the Bandos Godsword and is a very good way to make starter cash on Ely as with a recent update the minions now drop items too as shown below.


General Graador's Drop Table



Sergeant Strongstack's Drop Table



Sergeant Grimspike's Drop table



Sergeant Steelwill's Drop Table



Video Demonstration

Below is a video of me showing the strategy that I explained above to defeat General Graador a few times.





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