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    • My journey on Ely started in April 2018 when I googled zarpor and somehow found the Ely discord server and so I joined it and saw some familiar names. Now years have gone by, and in these years a lot of great memories and friendships were made that I hope will last a lifetime. I don't want to write an essay here, and I don't want to mention a bunch of people, but I do want to thank you all for the past years, they've been some of my greatest rsps and rs experiences and by far the most fun and fucked up community I've been a part of. Love you all   Some fun moments and memories of mine if you're interested 🙂  
    • Let me start off by saying the only reason I logged into this server for the first time was because I lost a bet to a 3 headed alligator in the swamps of Detriot, Michigan. But losing that game of strip scrabble was the best thing that even happened to me, because it lead me to the 9 collective braincells that the community shared on this server. We shared laughs and pixels in  autistic displays of friendship, the sound of racial slurs faintly heard through the crisp edgeville air, and players who had overwhelming amounts of ingame gold but never knew the touch of a woman. Every adventure a rollercoaster of laughter and fun accompanied by the most vile things you've ever read. Even after the ely grind ended for some, they still log in for the community. I will remember you all, and also what kari did to that mutadile on April 15th, 2022.  You can come visit me botting the gem stall in world 319 until the server shuts down for good Go gophers, and goodnight ely.
    • Hello Everyone,   With the announcement yesterday that Ely will be shutting down at the end of February, I thought I would make a quick or not so quick post remembering some of the best times that I have had on Ely as well as some of the people that I think went woefully unappreciated so I wanted to thank them individually.   First off, I have been playing Matt servers for over the past decade and this is now the second one that I have been able to sink (haha) with the ship on the staff team. I think I might be the problem, but I digress. With that, @Matt your coding is some of the best work in any RSPS. I hope life is treating you well and getting away from the RSPS scene has worked out well.   @Lation, it has been an honor shit posting and memeing for the past 6 years. Thank you for hosting a server that has allowed so many people to come together from all over the world and form our own little *special* community. Some of the people I have met on this server and Zarpor are some that I hope will continue to be friends with forever.   @Xenith, your work on the server was incredible. Every little change made things feel fresh and new again. The server would have died way before this month if you did not step in and make some of the best changes that we ever had on the server. Thank you. love you kisses   With Xenith, comes his two little minions who also created some wonderful things and were the glue to the community for the longest time. @Iso and @fm das. Your guys work went a little less in the limelight than Mr Marios, but it was nevertheless appreciated immensely by those that were playing. I wish some of the things you guys created would have seen the light of day, but it is what it is.   @Kari, this server never gets to where it is without you in my honest opinion. The best staff member to do it. Just like Lation said, even sticking around as long as you have is wonderful.   @Tycho and Josh, you guys are irrelevant on ely, but you still my day 1's love u   Everyone else listed here have just done a lot for the server and are sick @nelly @Sonofares Pk @Gravity@declann99 ur a rat. I am writing this at work lol so definitely missing people that are deserving, but I love you all. Except Kyle    Anyways, that is my sappy thank you's. Now for some of my favorite things.   First and foremost, Ely has some of my favorite Runescape memories. Especially Cl Fp. I am not sure I ever had as much fun playing RS as I did playing that account. The dopamine rush of a drop followed immediately by the looming fp was so much fun.    If you want to relive the adventure.   The other account that was an absolute blast was Chunker. Following some of the RS youtuber trends lol. This was fun too.     This one died out quicker, but was a blast.   I also comped when no one thought I would, so get fucked idiots   And the last things that I am proud of here is the Secret Santas. I think we had them running 3 or 4 years and they were so much fun everytime. I love giving stupid gifts so this was perfect. My gift to goofball @Iso was probably my favorite Lukes was pretty solid too though     Anyways. It has been a fun half decade or so. Ely was great and it will be missed. Talk to you all later   xoxo kisses hugs smooches Boats
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