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Quick Cash Methods - Fast Millions

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Ely's Easiest Money Makers
We know Ely can be scary when you just join, And some of that juicy high tier gear can get quite expensive. So I'm gonna do my best to provide the best moneymakers for you to get started and rise to the top in Ely!

I will be marking the methods within 3 category's
Easy - Medium - Hard


Method #1 - Vote Tickets (Easy)
Estimated Profit: $45m+ Daily
Short Description:
Vote tickets are a highly sought out item on Ely, as claiming them will give you either BXP temporarily or these can be used in the Vote store to buy nice exclusive goodies. Feel free to use these on yourself, But if you're looking for fast cash when starting up. This is the perfect method, Requiring the least amount of work therefore I have classed it as an easy method.

How to do it:
Simply visit the forums vote page or type ::vote in-game (Make sure to create a forums account and link your in-game with the forums account in order to receive the tickets) by voting on all the provided sites you should receive up to 9 Vote Tickets, these can be found in your bank. Simply announce in chat you're selling these tickets, You can do so like this "/Selling vote tickets 3m each". The prices of these tickets ranges depending on the players buying them. However, they go for around 3m - 5m each ticket making this an insanely fast way to jump ahead and not only are you supporting the server, you're receiving a nice little reward in-game. *This can be repeated every 11 hours*  

*Please keep in mind VPN Voting is NOT ALLOWED, and may result in a BAN or removal of vote tickets*

Method #2 - Crystal Keys (Medium)
Estimated Profit: $3-4m Per Key
Short Description:
Crystal Keys are a highly sought out item on Ely, requiring you to find 2 pieces to create one the Tooth half of key & Loop half of key most npc's drop these pieces. Finding these pieces and using them on each other will make a Crystal Key which can be used to open the Crystal Chest at home or sold to players. I have classed this as a medium method due to the fact you will need to kill multiple npc's and this may seem slightly grindy.

How to do it:
This method will require some combat training, Click HERE and HERE to see the NPC's that drop Crystal Key parts and what drop-rate they are, You can also access this page by typing ::drops in-game. Some with a high rate that arent difficult to kill are Hell Hounds, Dagganoths, Demons or even Rock Crabs. All of the NPC's I just listed are easily killable and will NOT hit through a Melee prayer (Lvl 43 Prayer). I recommend using range to kill these however Melee or Magic will be fine too. 

After killing some of these NPC's they may drop a key part, This when used on another key part will create a Crystal Key. Which players will purchase from upwards of 3m each to 5m each. They may not be the easiest to obtain, but if you plan on training combat this is a great money maker to look for whilst doing so. I myself buy CKeys in bulk at around 3.5m each, They are very actively traded and bought.

Best Possible Method:
Cannoning Dagganoths
You can use a Dwarf Cannon at ::tele Water in order to kill multiple daggonoths in a very short amount of time. These have a decent drop rate of keys and if left there to work for a decent amount of time will most likely bring you in quite a few crystal keys. Keeping in mind a full inventory of Crystal Keys will set you up a minimum of 84m.

Method #3 - Thieving (Easy)
Estimated Profit: $45m Minimum 
Short Description:
Thieving is a great way to start out on Ely, Not only will you end up with your first 99/Skillcape. Its a decent way to make some starter money, whilst being completely free and safe. Nothing is required making these an easy method of gaining GP and XP.

How to do it:
Simply head behind the bank at Home (::tele home or your home key on the keyboard) and start by clicking the Baker Stall, I will list below the stats required to progress;
Level 1 - Level 45: Baker Stall, Making you a minimum of 385k GP
Level 45 - Level 75: Silk Stall, Making you a minimum of 2.5M GP
Level 75 - Level 99: Gem Stall, Making you a minimum of 15M GP

Feel free to Keep or Sell any items received from thieving, As these will buff your GP made quite dramatically.
Keep an eye out for dragonstones whilst thieving the Gem stall, As these sell for a huge 56k each

Method #4 - Agility Tokens (Easy) *NEW*
Estimated Profit: $1m Each
Short Description:
Agility as we all know is a tough skill to finish, it takes a lot of will power and mental strength to muscle down the hours to complete it. However thanks to Agility Tickets, You dont have too! Most players will buy agility tickets for some fast extra XP that they dont need to go and run laps to earn. I've classed this as an easy method, however this one is quite time consuming.

How to do it:
To start gaining Agility Tickets you will need to run either the Wilderness Agility Course (Level 52) or the Advanced Agility Courses at Gnome Course / Barbarian Outpost (Level 90+), Sounds easy enough right? Well it is. Simply run a lap around the courses listed above and you'll receive an agility token. Think of it as running a lap for 1M GP each time. Repeat this for a few hours and you'll easily find yourself with a couple hundred million GP. Simple as that.

Once you've acquired the amount of agility tickets youre happy with, simply advertise them in the chat or in discord and wait for offers. I suggest pricing yours within 750k - 1M GP EACH.

You've made it to the end! Congratulations!
I hope I was able to help you make some fat GP 😉
I will do my best to keep updating this as I figure out more and more methods.

Thank you so much for reading!
My little gift to you, If you're new and reading this. Come find me in-game and tell me you read my guide and ill give you a free 1M GP.

Lots of love, Papa Kaotic ❤️

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