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  2. Guide to killing harbinger xrul THIS BOSS IS INSTANCED SO DON'T BRING ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE ::Tele ruins Starting out with GEAR so you can bring up to 3+1 (protect item prayer) of you're best items that you will want to keep on death then I'd suggest the rest untradeables, also being on task is very helpful for killing harbinger IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO BRING A DIVINE TO REDUCE INCOMING DAMAGE AND REDUCE THE SPECIAL ATTACK FROM HARBINGER FROM 600 TO 420 this is an example of low risk gear setup with protect item ON bandos godsword is for lowering defence on harbinger, can also be swapped for a dragon warhammer Next will be inventory setup An inventory like this will be just fine, but you could swap out some rocktails for more brews, or play around with your own setup to figure out what works best for you Getting your killcount and altars To start your joruney to the killing harbinger xrul you need to get your killcount so head over to ::Tele ruins and talk to General Grisis who will give you two options of rooms to work towards your killcount in So if you are soloing its 10 killcount to enter the boss room, for duo you need a total of 20 killcount split between you and your partner (so 10kc ea person in that party) Altars so when you enter either the east room or west room you can see an altar in the center of each room these altars give you boost effects that are beneficial in the fight against harbinger xrul East room West room So the east room effect is your combat stats are boosted to 150 West room effect is you are able to boost your hitpoints to 2000 Lastly, The FIGHT So once you've got your 10 kc and activated the altar for your boost and boosted up to 2000 hitpoints. Enter the boss room through the north barrier and turn on your prayers Activate the fight by clicking on the portal on the north side of the room you will keep protect from magic on at all times until the boss starts with the raining of fire, similar to grae then switch on protect from ranging once this attack occurs so you aren't taking full damage from these attacks Next is the special attack from harbinger, which will come across the floor in purple, make sure you have divine on to only receive a hit of 420 as opposed to maximum hit of 600 from this attack without divine And finally the void drake, which will spawn from harbinger at roughly 3000 hp. Try and finish him off as quick as possible to avoid unnecesary damage and finish the fight quicker ===== One last note for anyone wanting to train prayer with void bones bring your bones bones and pestle and mortar to this altar @ ::Tele ruins - -use your bones on the altar to bless them blessed void bones -grind your bones up with a pestle and mortar to get the paste Ground void bones -then scatter your ground void bones to get your prayer xp - - Hope this guide helped, Goodluck with the grind! -
  3. suggestion 1: Username: Nelly suggestions : npc to make unfinished potions why: this will be beneficial for people who have a bunch of clean/grimy herbs that don't want to go through the long process of making unfinished potions. suggestion 2: Username: Nelly suggestions : ability to decant flasks why: having all doses of different flasks and the only way to fill each one is by manually filling can be rather frustrating
  4. this is insane @@@@@@ good job fellas
  5. support, i think making them non-tradeable would be great. also like the idea of repurposing the idea of skilling points. Only thing is, what could the rewards be? for example : 15k skilling points unlocks the ability "if using infernal pickaxe, you get 1/3 chance to combust the ores you're mining". even x-amount of points to unlock the ability to do rooftop agility if added. I think the possibilities could be endless
  6. for me, starting a new different career within the heating and cooling industry has opened my eyes. This wasn't my initial first choice as a career, as i wanted to pursue a career as an Electrician (with no luck) and now I'm unsure if i want to get back on that horse and try to find someone who will take me on again, or stick with the company I am with now. none hte less, got a whole year ahead of me so I can try to figure something out. very cool career choice callum, wish you the best of luck!
  7. Great contrribution, very simple and easy to follow. nice job kyle!
  8. insane, looking forward to this, GREAT job!
  9. i dont think this is necessary, we don't need everything to be as easy as or have influenced by rs3. we are fortunate enough to have construction a skill and i think its good as is

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