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  1. that could work, thing is though. will it auto tele you back to previous location? because i think people would get fed up of having to tele back home everytime they get brought to an island for afking.
  2. SUPPORT both suggestions. Although i'll never get an ely cape i think its pretty reasonable as its just a cape to remove the magic requirement. For the afk situation. I feel a lot of ppl just like afking where everyone else is plain and simple. They should add a ::afk command and it could replicate the dream spell on lunar spellbook to indicate being afk. Even having them logout after a certain period like you stated {20 minutes} would be effective enough. Although it could have its downsides, a lot of ppl afk for more than 20 minutes and when new players come in they might get the wrong idea; like the server is dead, because all the afkers would be logged out. As for the helping issue, I think new players have enough sense, and noticed a lot of them use the cc first to try and get the help they need. More times than not there is going to be someone pointing them in the right direction.
  3. support this, this is a great idea and should have been in the game already.
  4. Straight to the point and very helpful, great guide!
  5. this method will increase xp by about 10-15m p/h as opposed to the afk add- logs not too viable of a method due to the limited space and the time it takes for the fires to go out but still kinda neat it works these are the rates you can expect with full attention - 38.7m p/h with the light + add logs 25m p/h with afk add logs
  6. Figured that was the case. No rush at all just figured i should post something here even though all staff are probably more than aware of this issue. This is directed more towards players who still have the journey to finish farming anyway.
  7. name: nelly suggestion: farming patches fix details: farming patches have been getting bugged out and has been a topic of discussion for a while. The patches nulling out can start to limit your xp p/h drastically and is very frustrating because theres nothing you can do to fix it. If you null out all your tree patches then it becomes very hard to work around finishing farming as soon as possible. also, I think the taverly patch and lletya patches should be coded to work. As they have always been part of farming in RS and it only makes sense to have them function properly. To me, it's odd that they seem to be non-existent. one more thing, spirit tree patches seem to be another issue. You are able to plant them but once they grow they have a massive graphical glitch and you are unable to check health. The seeds are pretty rare as far as I know and they are in the game so why not let people who have them get some experience some them.
  8. nelly

    Vecna Skull

    Very interesting suggesting. Fully support! Magic is kind of dull and would be nice addition. Also agree, that the drop rate should be somewhat reasonable - not too low but not outrageously high so it doesn't flood the market like Jeremy stated.
  9. short clip of dungeoneering, the fastest method I could find - Requiring: best gear you can get - D claws and titan (summoning potions for spec) max range gear could be an optional switch for ASTEA
  10. nelly

    SoF spins

    This is great. 100% support. sof is complete ass right now. Maybe add more cosmetic items like the ones on rs3. arcon outfit, warlord, ramokee, sombrero, etc or even those skilling material crates, the sous chef, botanist, blacksmith, artisan, first age outfits with the boosts. even the 200m gp chance
  11. I agree with the sof, considering the loot is horrible, and to have such a high rank to get daily spins is ridiculous. I Feel it is just a filler reward for such a high rank. With that being said, I dont think sof needs to be any faster as you can simply open ::sof > click spin > click the "hide" to close it and get the reward immediately. I'll post a GIF to explain what I mean. https://gyazo.com/4678eade0d325424ee65e8620f823f7b Next, I think ::Bank command @ $500 is fair. We'd all love to have this command and it's rather absurd to spend that much for such an overpowered command but in my opinion, I think a command like that should be bumped up to at least 1k donor and the minority of people get the privilege to make use out of it. It's way too good to even be considered for a lower rank.
  12. this is an interesting suggestion. dont think its really necessary though, seeing as its not that difficult to navigate tele menu's or ::tele command
  13. username: nelly suggestion: donator skin tones details: add donator skins for each donator level kind of like the ones on osrs - each skin option could have its own command after you donate for that rank ie: ::blueskin, ::greenskin, ::purpleskin etc. or it could be added to the makeover mage gender/skin options kind of pointless but something interesting to add to each donator rank especially if you hide your donor status pic examples : No specific order but i think these would be a cool addition and great options
  14. No. Although, I'm kind of on the fence, I think it would be somewhat fulfilling to get some kind of loot worth a bit of value. gp is easy to get as is so I don't think it's much of an issue. In my opinion, I dont think it's worth the time to reassess and implement more quantity of cruddy drops.

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