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  1. if you have arrows or javelins equipped while using blowpipe, its attack animation shows you shooting arrows or javelins, whichever you have equipped.
  2. attack styles are bound though. i dont recall an option to turn this on/off
  3. o my gosh, nice work. much anticipated
  4. great concept, i like this idea. br is dead and tough to get auras. all in all, i think pvm shop could use a rework of some sort. SUPPORT
  5. support on all these
  6. nelly


    im not against this suggestion, considering gorillas hp is jacked up as well and no one does gorillas at all. would be nice to see more activity there. support
  7. nelly

    Baby grae

    i like this idea. Faster method to doing grae, i just dont feel like it should have the same drop table as the boss. maybe the drops could consist of just dragon armours/ dragon orn kits, and a halved drop rate from the boss. Mostly to fill the void on how many dragon platebody/full helm kits people have accumulated and will probably never be able to run through them all.
  8. great incentive. something beneficial for the whole server is good, considering how demanded well can be. SUPPORT would there also be a like a vote counter or some sort ingame or on the vote page to indicate how close we are to X vote tier. STAFF ACCESS ACCOUNT FOR THE WELL so, once the milestone is hit. Say there is no automated system in effect, I suggest a mule account, exclusive to staff members ONLY; to hold x amount of gp per week or admin access available on the account. So when x tier is hit, a staff member available can hop on the account and use gp to fill well based o
  9. this isn't the only spot you can. I know of this spot anyway.
  10. there was voter of the month rewards in the past, not sure what happened
  11. nelly


    this is great l0000l
  12. NELLY \nelly/Homestead || buuuuuuuurnt#3531
  13. edited the "break the blue stone " clue to ::Tele asg instead of ::Tele ice. since this was changed recently with treleport rework

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