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  1. misc changes to keep guide up to date
  2. updated with bis gears/inventory setup
  3. hey you! welcome gamer
  4. most of these are already obtainable just tough to find the sellers crystal shield is from ckey chest so idk what other boots ur thinking other than the standard colourwheel no support from me.
  5. junk skill zulrah loot i guess misc gear dont know discontinued stuff and whatever else
  6. Simplified account linking system with command: ::unlinkforum ~!~!~ YOU CAN ONLY LINK ACCOUNTS IF THEY ARE ONLY CREATED BY YOU AND ONLY YOU. YOU CANNOT LINK YOUR INGAME ACCOUNT TO SOMEONE ELSES FORUM ACCOUNT FOR FREE DONATOR BENEFITS, THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES!! ~!~!~ -- Covering the following: Initial startup with linking your forums to your ingame account linking issues that wont allow you to receive EP or VOTE TICKETS linking multiple accounts -- 1: The first time linking your forums account to your
  7. fuckin massive update!!!! good stuff, lookin forward to new client

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