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  1. Love this idea, numbers seem rather high but I like the concept support
  2. Very nice video man, i like to see the ely content
  3. nelly

    zaryte bow

    says you dont have any ammo whichhhhhh shouldnt be the case
  4. add limited supply of antifires to gerrant maybe 100x as for new players needing antifires the demand is high and the supply is so scarce not every new player is going to donate right away for the perk
  5. weLCOME to ELY BEAST!! UR in For A rEAL treat, this serVER SPOOKY
  6. This is GREAT feedback!! blessed you were willing to give ur thoughts on the server and the clearly indicating cracks that need sealing. As for the void bones you mentioned, ya that should be on the prayer guide; but actually i have it on my ruins/harb guide ;;topic 3687, just because they come from there. It it tough not having someone from australian zone for staff but its made up for, theres at least 1 available staff member on at most times. Glad you're enjoying yourself keep it up BEAST!!!
  7. nelly

    Sup qts

    LUKINI!!! hope ur well
  8. lighting burners was added not too long ago for proper xp scaling, since the xp bonus was off slightly before
  9. so if i light hte burners in my poh, let someone else use the altar. It doesnt display for ME in MY OWN poh when the burners distinguish. it just shows that are continuously lit even when they go out. so i cant relight them for anyone using my poh unless i leave and come back.
  10. nelly


    shoulda been on a leash
  11. even considering you did this on an easy account. That token to xp ratio is extremely low in my opinion. With the old dung you would be able to acquire nearly 6-10m tokens on a DEFAULT account if you did 200m dung. This needs better scaling.

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