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  1. annoying player

  2. SUPPORT all of these except the construction qol. The confrimation has always been there in rs and ely for the most part; and construction is already fast as hell as is so, I don't see a reason to change this. For the most part, some things you've stated i've seen suggested before and it would be nice that they are finally implemented. also, one other thing that could be changed is fixing the watering can. as it stands, you can currently water all ur saplings with an empty watering can. kind of a bug but should be fixed none the less, bringing back a use for magic watering can.
  3. nelly


    welcome dude! you'll fit right in
  4. sweet, looking good. i do agree the horns do look a bit obnoxious and out of place. maybe have only one helm with that option, to cater to anyone who likes that design
  5. yes, i think leave the regular vanilla slayer helm the way it is. the others would be a neat change up, although i think gettin a preview of at least one of these helms could give up an idea if its a worthwhile change or not
  6. Welcome GAMER, lookin forward to seeing the progression
  7. noooo, very sad and unfortunate but we will miss you and wish you the best of luck with ur future endeavors
  8. spiked manacles and slave top/bott of some sort
  9. tormented bracelet orn kit, , balmung, parasol hat, maybe an ancestral override if possible for virtus or celestial
  10. you should get a message in game that you says something along the lines "you have items waiting to be claimed" or so, once something has sold/bought. i do support the idea if the message was somewhat colour identified ie: green or something. I know if can be annoying waiting for something to sell, but i think the only way around this is just leaving ur account logged in and game chat open 24/7 and checkin it from time to time.
  11. insane progress!! unfortunate it had to come to an end. but, Whatever the future holds for you, you will kill it!!!

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