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  1. nelly

    Robust Glass

    this is only a hunch but i assume they are broken because of the old ge, where you could buy all flasks on ge there would be no reason to even make them. being bias also, but i dunno if ironmen even use flasked potions, if i were one i wouldnt even bother making my potions into flasks.
  2. nelly


    GET BACK ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER AND SMASH LIFE!!!!!! keep your head up and trek forward!! thats the only thing you can do. everything will get better with time. please eat somethin btw
  3. ya i agree restrict ironmen as well from what kemi said
  4. In game name : Nelly suggestion : Skilling shop for skills like prayer, crafting, smithing details : Add a skilling shop somewhere @ home with multiple options for different skills as i stated or just one shop option and have all of this stuff in there - these shops could include basic low level stuff to start these skills like : big bones, limited quantity of unnoted leather/dhide, as well as limited quantity of bars from bronze - mithril
  5. saradomin brew/restore flasks (6) can be bought in consumable shop (only 100 in stock). maybe d'hide leathers or dragonhide in general that way you still have to tan them. cannonballs, pure ess, dart tips, herb secondaries
  6. I know we haven't talked much but It's been on my mind the odd time wondering where you've been. The only thing you can do is give yourself time, things like this are tough to talk about, so kudos to you!! Glad things are looking up and gl with future endeavers. fyi, sorry for killing you for pegasians when I started, was poor boi.
  7. YES extend tasks! this is the 3rd time its been suggested, by yourself, masoud and me. Hope this gets added at some point
  8. grinded gorillas first day they came out, took like 380 kills or something before i got my first zenyte
  9. WELCOME!! aren't we all boring in one way or another. I don't see you having a problem fitting into ELY; very tight knit and friendly bunch of people.
  10. thank fuck. this is nice, good jog 🙂
  11. I can see why the GE was reworked, but I can only be frustrated for not being able to buy essential items like: cannonballs, potion flasks etc. My biggest concern is for new players trying to do 200m skills. Unable to buy essential supplies that were provided on ge, ie: dhide leathers, some logs (eucalyptus is one), herbs/unfinished potions, mithril bars, gems, pearl bolts to enchant for mage, dart tips for fletching. This is just to name a few. To me it just feels like you will be playing in the sense of an ironman, seeing as no one even gathers these supplies and the demand is going to way out due the scarce supply by a long shot. This could deter new players to stay because not everyone wants to play with this intent. I suppose it's viable to train other skills then combat and your gatherer skills now but it would be one hell of a grind and if you want supplies i'd imagine you'll be paying a premium unless you are on easy or an ironman. Some people will agree it's a good change and some will disagree with the change, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the GE holds in the future.
  12. my oh my looking forward to working closer with the team and @Masoud @IttzKaotic also, very appreciative to be selected to take on this new role. I'm optimistic about the future of ely and we wont let you down!! thanks guys 😄
  13. kudos to you for for getting out of that awful cycle and things have turned around and looking up for you!!! things will definitely turn around just give it some time. good luck on your future endeavors!

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