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Flower Poker Guide

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All the possible flowers you can plant:


What's the best plants you can do? From highest to lowest going down:

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png 5P - 5 Pairs of the same colour 

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png ouiHOpI.png 4P - 4 Pairs of the same colour

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png ouiHOpI.png ouiHOpI.png FH - A full house, 3 of the same colour and 1 pair of the same colour

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png 6rMf0Am.png X8OXePA.png 3P/OAK - 3 of the same colour

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png ouiHOpI.png ouiHOpI.png 6rMf0Am.png 2P - 2 Pairs of one colour

LAlum4N.png LAlum4N.png 6rMf0Am.png X8OXePA.png 1qWvajN.png 1P - 1 Pair of one colour

LAlum4N.png 6rMf0Am.png X8OXePA.png 1qWvajN.png ouiHOpI.png Bust - No colours matching (If you both plant this, it is a tie and you rematch)

jFoUbXl.png kwYY2uc.png These do not have a purpose in the game, however they're meant to be an instant replant

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