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Meme's Dominion Guide

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The Dominion Tower

Located deep within the desert, this minigame pits you against past foes.

If you think you have the fortitude, grand rewards await!


Note: You must have 110 combat to do this minigame!



There are several great rewards from the dominion tower.

Either Goliath, Spellcaster, or Swift Gloves are guaranteed if you to reach floor 100 in endurance mode!





As you can see, Goliath Gloves are a direct upgrade to barrows gloves in every way, but there's another great thing about them.

If you have no mainhand, you'll punch with great strength!

Here's an example of the kind of damage you can expect from these bad boys.




There's also a random chance you'll deal extra damage, bind the target, and drain its stats.

Spellcaster and Swift Gloves are respectively the best in slot for mage and ranged, however I don't have those at the moment.

Okay awesome, so some neat best in slot gloves, but what about the sword?




This sword is an absolute beast. It has the same attack rate as a maul (6 ticks).

To compare it to a primal maul, a primal maul has 1 extra strength bonus, 20 more (crush) accuracy. and no prayer bonus.

This weapon is an amazing alternative if you find yourself struggling to get a primal maul!


The bow currently does melee damage and is therefore unusable.


The staff has +20 magic attack bonus and +15% spell damage.


Now on to the actual guide.



How to play


To get to the dominion tower, click on the Notes tab, select Minigames, click Next Page, and finally select Dominion Tower.

Run to the stairs and play Endurance mode (none of the others work currently).


In Endurance mode you may freely leave and continue your progress, but only if you do NOT claim your dominion factor.


Suggested Gear

Base melee dps gear is best to use. For two of the bosses you'll want either mage or ranged.

A titan is highly recommended, however for some fights it can't be used.

A cannon will greatly increase the speed at which you kill the bosses and is almost a requirement to do this minigame quickly.

As your special attack, health, and prayer recharge each round, dragon claws or the dragon dagger are amazing here.


My setup:





King Black Dragon


Familiar: <span style=✅">

Cannon: <span style=✅">

Prayer: Magic

Special notes: High health, would suggest setting up cannon ASAP and spamming titan spec.




Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=❌">

Prayer: None

Special notes: You'll one hit him, trust me!


Kalphite Queen


Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=✅">

Prayer: Ranged or Soulsplit

Special notes: This one hurts, melee the first phase and use your secondary style on the second.

Cannon damage bypasses her prayers, so you could get away without the second style.


Evil Chicken



Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=❌">

Prayer: None

Special notes: Has moderate defence and health.





Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=❌">

Prayer: Varies

Special notes: Setting up cannon is suicide. Use your secondary style unless you're comfortable meleeing Jad.




Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=❌">

Prayer: Magic

Special notes: Two claw specs usually take him out. He has very low health and defence.





Familiar: <span style=✅">

Cannon: <span style=✅">


Special notes: Insane health and damage output. Place your cannon under him in the center of the arena and spam titan specs.





Familiar: <span style=❌">

Cannon: <span style=❌">

Prayer: None

Special notes: Has high defence and low health.




Important Notes


If you die, you can go back in if you don't claim your dominion factor!

Dying to Nomad often changes your current boss.

You keep your progress if you log out.

Have fun getting to floor 100!

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Good layout, but I have 3 suggestions.

1) You didn't list Spellcaster and Swift gloves - best in slot for mage and ranged respectively.

2) You dont have a 1/3 chance of receiving gloves. If you reach floor 100, you are guaranteed 1 set of gloves, but which type and color you receive is random.

3) Dominion sword can be obtained, yes. However, you can also obtain the Dominion Crossbow and Staff. The crossbow does melee damage but the staff is very good.


Hope this helps and gets added to your guide. Keep up the good work!



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