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  2. Hey, there is a little problem going on with group iron men For example: Iron man 1 is in cerberus instance & iron man 2 enters in any other instance like zulrah, ruins etc etc, This will teleport iron man 1 in an empty space. Here is me iron man 1. i was in ruins, got teleported in empty space when my other fellow gim entered cerberus instance
  3. Oh alright! Support then, could be a nice addition
  4. Hey, welcome to Ely! I hope you'll enjoy playing and waste a lot of time with us
  5. Yes sir! I see you're a man of culture as well! Always wanted a ae86 but i'm 6"6, almost pulled the plug on one that was a coupe with a beams swap. Was just to uncomfortable for my style.
  6. sorry was tired while making that ive edited the correct item in there now.
  7. Big support! Could add the nuggets to the living rock creature drop table as well to give them something useful.
  8. Like this idea! Support from me!
  9. Welcome to Ely! Look forward to seeing you in game Is your name from your love of car drifting?
  10. Hello other players! My name is Drift Dad, recently my wife got a promotion 2600 miles away from where we lived. So atm i'm currently unemployed and looking for a time waster for a while "Taking a solid break to hang with the toddler". My wife use to play the runescape religiously and figured I'd give it a whirl. Not wanting to waste the next year of my life my wife pointed me into the RSPS scene. I'v played on a couple "Custom" servers with pokemon and weird stuff and it's just a bit to kiddish for me. I played RS back in the day till they took away free trade. So i'm decently new to the wh
  11. This is why #Kemi4Kiosk But I support the idea of Golden Nuggets that can be exchanged for Gem Bags, would make obtaining bolts a bit less tedious.
  12. Are you aware that this is the gem storing bag and not the one with gems in it? Because the gem storing bag is already in game with dungeoneering
  13. This is a great idea, I defo support this
  14. helloo lovely people once again im here thinking stuff Heres my suggestion today: I was thinking the best places for a ironman to farm gems. As we all know yes you can get them from gem stall & venenatis. Now there is a way to turn stardust for gem bags. Heres a small description of the gem bag from wiki: Increase stardust gain from the meteors to make it more useful. This would be a great way for ironmen to get gems they need for bolts or crafting! Please comment what do you think, if you support the idea or not!
  15. Last week
  16. I think i comp'd in 300 hours without try-harding and before the well. Should be pretty do-able. I'm almost on track for my ironman to do that too tbh. Good luck.
  17. Cant wait for the result, good luck bud!
  18. Mainly cosmetic. Different small perks would also be nice
  19. Agreed with Boats it would be nice to get donor status without the EP. Finishing every single achievement could land you at 100 or even 250 total donated, it's A LOT to do. Rewards could be total donated to account per each set completed (Combat I, Combat II, Combat III, etc) and Achievement Reward Boxes awarded after completing each block of the set (Easy, Med, Hard, Elite). The number of boxes you get should depend on the difficulty of the block. I think it could be 3, 6, 9, 12 for each difficulty. Personally I think the reward boxes should be tradeable depending on the content
  20. Sounds fun, will be interesting to see what you accomplish in a month
  21. I've played a number of different games that use different tiers of rewards; so for example you have "universal" rewards for completing an achievement; but those with subscriptions or equivalent (in ELY's case, Donor status) also unlock an exclusive reward for being a donor. So for example; you could have a reward of a unique cosmetic for completing a challenge that everyone would get for that challenge; however those with donor status also unlock a small cash prize on top of that. It would incentivize players to donate and also complete challenges. Some games only use this additiona
  22. Untradeable cosmetics are always fun to work towards in my opinion. It’s cool to flex things that you actually have to try for Another idea I had was to put like a $5 donation to your account after completing x amount of achievements. Probably no epoints, just the donation amount so they can access dz. gives a good goal for players who can’t afford to donate. This also opens up the world of donation perks to people and they might donate in the future. Not sure how well this would work, but thought it would be cool
  23. Sounds like an interesting concept, I look forward to seeing what the result is at the end of the month!
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