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    A certificação ISO 22301 garanteaimplementaçãoeficaz do Sistema de Gestão de Continuidade de Negócios de umaorganização. Implementarosrequisitos da ISO 22301 emtodo o seupotencialajuda as organizçõesaobteremmelhorcontrolesobreosriscos e ameaças à continuidade dos negócios. 


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  6. old suggestion, this exists
  7. Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! I am a project manager specializing in formation iso 50001. I am excited to share my experiences and learn from my fellow bloggers!

  8. Buyable pest control pet, like dung. Maybe one of the monsters in it or something, maybe a Shifter. Useful for killing some pest control points. Adds more reason to do pest control. That's it, that's the whole suggestion.
  9. Full-time I'm an Occupational Health Clinic Manager for a meat production plant of about ~1200 employees. I am also a fully commissioned Firefighter, EMT, Medical + Police Dispatcher, Emergency Management Specialist, among numerous other things.
  10. Working on Ely full time would be a cool answer, but I am something of a scientist myself
  11. I am engineer. Shit sucks yo
  12. I work for the government selling alcohol to addicts
  13. I work for a largely popular ISP company in our Underground sector as a Sr. Administrative Coordinator - we were sent home during the start of COVID and I was never called back to the office thankfully. A few months ago I also went and started doing some back-end stuff for one of our sister companies, just part time work though - and a main contributor towards my recent absence
  14. Fuck bitches and get money
  15. Upholster (Repair technician) It's as boring as it sounds..
  16. BUMP! What does everyone do nowadays? I’m still an ICP (intensive care paramedic) but have started transition into a tactical medic position within the police force. Thus meaning whilst working as a paramedic I’ll be partaking In a university degree yet again!
  17. Can we get rates on the Misc Pets? E.g: Baby Blue dragon etc.
  18. Great info, thanks for the guide
  19. Great Guide bro! Very useful for the community Well done!
  20. Pet Drop Guide - ElyRSPS By CraydorGM Boss Pets Skilling Pets Miscellaneous Pets First ever guide. Credit to Xenith for getting me the numbers so I could put this together
  21. Thanks heaps legends! Another amazing update. Im inlove with the constant (almost monthly) updates of the late, keep it up team!
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