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  4. I like the sound of that top part! However this item you speak of, will it be one item that holds kep parts and clues together? If so i'd say thats fairly overpowered!!! Might be a better option just adjusting the "clue box" and then adding a custom item, e.g "keychain" for keys
  5. We already have the crystal expansion planned with the inclusion of the crystal chest and keys, but as clar said it's about balancing the table to not be too overpowered but worth it to upgrade keys As for the 'key ring' there is a plan to introduce an item to hold crystal keys/halves and some sort of clue scroll pouch, but that's more about creating an unlock system for it rather than actually creating the items
  6. I was looking into this before, because I too feel the same way. But after skimming through the drop table on OSRS Forums I found that the addition of dragonstone armour, Crystal Acorn (and hopefully Crystal Tree), Bulk crystal shards, High end gems, Bulk ckeys and the odd dragon item actually even itself out quite well for ironman. However in saying that I wouldnt mind seeing some other reward types... Maybe leave some idea below if you have any!
  7. This honestly sounds so good, but looking at this from an ironman POV; what would the ECC contain for us ironmen that isn't already in the regular Crystal Chest without making the ECC either extremely overpowered or extremely underwhelming? If there isn't even a plan to make the ironman chest separate from the reg. loot table just ignore me x) Big support nonetheless
  8. Hi Elysians. So following up on the most recent and very successful "Patch Notes #92" I originally had alot more planned for the use of crystal seeds, shards and keys. In saying that I've compiled a little expansion pack which I wanted the community's opinion on... Enhanced Crystal Key (ECK): This item was released to OSRS sometime in Mid 2019, and was a HUGE success. So why not have it here? Essentially players will collect Crystal Shards via current means (slayer, bossing, skilling). Once players use 10 Crystal shards + 1 crystal key together, players with (90 crafting & 90 Smithing) are able to craft an "ECK". Once crafted the "ECK" will become untradable, This is to combat any unfair bias towards brand new accounts. Elven Crystal Chest (ECC): Along with the release of the "ECK" in 2019; OSRS players were also treated to the "ECC" an upgraded version of the Crystal Chest, which boasts plenty of new rewards! Namely Dragonstone Armour peices, Crystal shards (in large quantities) and a new farming item... the Crystal Acorn! I invisioned this chest to take residence at Llyeta, (elven city outside Priff) until/if we ever get Priffdinnas. Only players who have met the requirement to craft ECK's aswell as (completed a hopeful sub quest I am writing) will be able to open these chests. Steel Key Chain: This item would be obtained by players as a reward for the achievement diary task Ultimatley this will allow players to store Regular crystal keys in bulk quanities within 1 Inventory slot instead of several. The Key chain has been pitched to development team who all see a great benefit of it being added, however due to the nature of this item it would be very costly to obtain and upgrade. Players will see a non upgraded key chain to hold up to 15 keys, however if the player decides to upgrade it such figures may apply: *all figure below are subject to change* - Key chain (Normal) - 15 Slots. [Obtained by Achievement reward.] - Key chain (Tier 1) - 30 Slots. [Requires "100 keys" to upgrade.] - Key chain (Tier 2) - 45 Slots. [Requires "250 keys" to upgrade.] - Key Chain (Tier 3) - 60 Slots. [Requires "500 keys" to upgrade.] - Key Chain (Tier 4) - 75 Slots. [Requires "1000 keys" to upgrade.] If you support this suggestion / have anything further to add please do so below! Thanks, Jake.
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  11. talk to lation about it
  12. thansk for the bug reprot
  13. Found a typo when you examine a noted item is says: "Swamp this note at any bank for the equivalent item." instead of: "swap"
  14. Is there any way I could donate osrs or rs3 gp for donations on this game?
  15. Used an Insta Kill knife on Corp, health bar went to 0 and then back to halfway. Used on CraydorGM account.
  16. Who let this idiot post on the forums? But yes lets get T2 Ancestral Support
  17. I came up with this idea you rat. Any ways, yes make T2 Ancestral and Make T2 door so it can be useful for once in it's life. Also the dhcb and twisted buckler are dead since most high tier items beat them. Elder maul is irrelevant due to it being a pking item so leave it be. Thank you.
  18. lets make ancestral and the big ole door t2 plox (also slayer helm for mopre %%%)
  19. Added CoX items! Prices may need changing, I just put what i got told roughly
  20. Is this easy to replicate? Deff is annoying but was looking at the 3 months gap between the two posts here, I guess it's a rare situation?
  21. hey my client wont even load so i can play is everything ok with ely? its been like this for a month now is the server down or what?

    1. Lation


      Your account has been disabled. You can PM me for more information if you'd like.

  22. I support the consumption of cans of beans for mental health
  23. Occured again. Shouldnt you be able to spawn blocks here? Its very annoying to spend 30 minutes on a raid to farm almost 40k points and then die to this. And seems to be common problem:
  24. T1 virtus seems to work now but T2 virtus doesn't give the bonus hp
  25. I think I figured out what causes this bug. It has to do with presets. For example, I have a raids preset were I use ancients. Let's say I'm currently on normal spellbook and use my raids preset. I will not be able to use any spell or teleport on spellbook unless I relog or swap spellbook then I'll be on the spellbook that I was when created the preset. Spellbooks apply to presets but something is messed up that bugs it up. @Xenith
  26. thats what aussie deserve
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