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  3. Oh wow, now those are some juicy numbers.
  4. Pretty interesting idea. It's nice to see some of this information.
  5. Today, a total of 20,000 in-game accounts have been created To celebrate today's milestone of reaching 20,000+ total in-game accounts created we decided to create a compilation of all the interesting facts & statistics of Ely. The following statistics are as of today (July 14th, 2020) and are a compilation from Day 1 up too today. In-game accounts created: 20,000+ Forum accounts created: 6,062 Discord members: 829 Total time online: 2 years, 4 months, 10 days Total drops that have been picked up: 4,029,050 Commands that have been executed: 1,477,014 Visits to our website: 809,844 Total number of live server console errors: 232,605 Total wealth on the top 1,000 accounts: 1.7 Trillion Total number of votes sent: 121,246 Total number of Mystery Boxes opened: 111,804 ( Mystery Boxes opened: 48,493 Super Mystery Boxes opened: 51,335 Exclusive Boxes opened: 11,976 ) World news announcements (drops, welcomes, etc): 93,852 Total completed trades: 52,113 Total number of items purchased from shops (including Donor): 45,099 Grand Exchange transactions completed: 29,718 Bets that have taken place: 14,931 Total deaths: 14,322 Total PvP deaths: 2,413 Duel Arena victories: 1,150 Punishments issued: 653 Number of clans that have been created: 307 Players that have donated over $1,000: 38 Total number of Crystal chests opened: 524,178 Total number of Caskets opened: 48,111 Last but not least, here are the top 20 most wealthy accounts.. While those are the only ones I decided to point out - we have included a link to a paste-bin in which you can view for yourself all the nitty-gritty details we pulled to establish parts of this list! Check it out below: https://pastebin.com/AWUQWsgc Hope you guys enjoyed this little tad-bit of info & thank you all for being a part of Ely and pushing us to where we are today. All the support we get overall from everyone is incredible not to mention the ones who have donated and showed so much love.
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  8. i know stanny has been busy and i know exactly what hes talking about if you're in game and so am i i can recreate the bug and show you exactly how to do it and what is going on
  9. needed a new log to complete appreciate all the hard work it doesn't go un noticed!
  10. I was stood at the bank enchanting bolts will 1 inventory space. i had over 1k dragon bolts to enchant and it let me enchant the bolts which 10 of the bolts took up the last inventory space but then in the chat box come up saying no inventory space yet it let me carry on enchanting them using my dragon bolts up. not realising after enchanting all 1k+ bolts i still only had 10 dragon bolts (e) in the last inventory space. unfortunately i do not have any photo evidence. hope this helps
  11. Could try adding that yawtkee stick for hunter to the hunting shop and then add the skilling mystery boxes in its place. Some simple and easy to do. My main issue is the lack of having something to dump points in. Im sure im not the only one with a fatty amount of points laying around.
  13. New Additions Dragonfire Ward Dragonbone Necklace Superior Dragon Bones All prices on the above still TBD.
  14. Hot stuff! Thanks ya'll for your dedication and hard work!
  15. Holy shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you guys for everything!
  16. This has been a long time coming and is a very much appreciated update! I would like to thank @Charlie for working so hard on this, and the everyone involved within the process to get this update rolled out. Very good looking patch notes too, alongside this!
  18. you saying you dont like Joe Ely????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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