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  2. Congrats Smarting! PS 101 HUE HUE HUE
  3. Minor addition to this post with some further insight into small adjustments that might help revive/build this scene. If anybody also has any of their own queries/ideas then feel free to add them into here or a separate topic and I will try keep track of all suggestions and correlate them under one roof. PvP Armour (Statius, Vesta, Morrigans, Zuriels): Some recognizable items within the PvP environment and a 'cheap' yet effective way of not only gaining incredible bonuses, but a fantastic money sink in-game due to full degrading of items in comparison to the likes of Barrows. In its current form, there are two main methods of obtaining any form of PvP item; the Chaos Elemental and Revenants. So for this, I'll be splitting each section into a quick breakdown. Chaos Elemental: Quite noticeably the faster method of obtaining these items, the Chaos Elemental has a drop rate of ranging within 1/300 per item. Whilst this is somewhat feasible, it is a similar rate to the likes of Bandos or any standardised boss whilst having the added difficulty of not only being within the Wilderness, but being in a multi-combat zone. Some adjustments to the rate and the overall boss to make it more difficult would make this a prime spot for both PvM and PvP; whilst also adding in the options of Corrupt PvP items to entice the Pure community. Revenants: Arguably one of the most notable and popular PvP locations in OSRS, Revenants are well known for their chance at dropping PvP items. This on the other hand is countered with the incredibly niche rates at the Revenant caves to date; with some varying into the 1/2,000+ drop rate potential. It is still currently to obtain drops here, but these rates are beyond absurd, alterations to the drop rate within the caves would open it as a primary region to obtain these items; with potential additional drop rates to make this a feasibly 'profitable' area given the risk of PvP.
  4. I will look into splitting it up, will take a look at how many guides there are for each respective category and weigh the option - thank you.
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  6. 91 Change Prize pls You're now rich as fuck and 3rd age melee is alch value now lel
  7. Update! 99 Thieving obtained, still working on abby head and more 99's...
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  9. Hi, that is exactly why I made this thread here: I'm sure the thread could be improved, and I'm open for all suggestions but I think it serves exactly the purpose you're referring to. It's pinned in the guides section so it should be easy to see as it will remain at the top 🙂
  10. Username: Oncology or Construction Suggestion: Divide the guides section into categories like Skilling, PVM, Miscellaneous, Why (how will it benefit players overall): It breaks the guides up into sections and hopefully makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for guide wise. Instead of needing to scroll through two pages worth they could just go to the skilling guide and then find a woodcutting guide with more ease. Personally, it just adds some organization to the section instead of two pages worth of guides.
  11. Very well thought out & presented suggestion; thank you @Callum - will take this into discussion in terms of trying to open up a bit to encourage Pking.
  12. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: The beginnings to revival/development of the PvP scene amongst Ely, and to start with we'll be running through gear alongside some potential methods of obtainability for specific items within the game that are beneficial to PvP. Who/What Will This Benefit: As a whole, the entire server. Not only will this give the concurrent playerbase additional content to do instead of bankstand at home, but open the initial doors into further development to enhance an entire new sector of playerbase. Any Additional Information: Now I know a lot of people reading this will be thinking the same thing: "We've got plenty of gear options already in-game", "The economy is already flooded with items", "There's methods to obtain the majority already" which would all be correct. But let's look at a few items in particular: Robins & Rangers, Uncut Onyx's, Infinity Items, Dragon Items, Whips, PvP Armours; the fundamentals of pking. A complete rework of the drop tables of these items/methods of obtaining said items would open the possibility to them not only having more economic value, but entice players to use them in secondary situations. So let's look at a few items in particular: Infinity Robe Sets:
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