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  2. Sorry to flex on you all but here goes; Main tab;
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  4. Anyway i am thankful he took the time to make This Tyt
  5. this may be useful for people that are in regular mode. no legend yet?
  6. This is exactly what I've been waiting for and think the site looks fantastic! All the colors, theme, etc., blend in quite nicely and looks very sleek. Excellent work team!
  7. Forums are looking amazing! Good work Matt and Lation 😄
  8. Username (ingame): Maaaaaaarz Suggestion (short description): 1.) Make Looting bags persist through death. 2.) Allow for rearranging of items to be done outside of Wilderness Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): 1.) In OSRS the system encourages the use of looting bags through item storage options like Zulrah, as well as a 60 minute timer on items lost on death. So it's harder to manage items as an UIM in Ely. 2.) Progression happens to quickly to justify having to interrupt gameplay to rearrange inventory space. Again, it's much easier to manage in OSRS Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): 1.) Have the looting bag continue to drop contents, but persist after death. Looting bag will continue to be lost on death. This helps with inventory management, as you don't have to keep juggling items constantly to prevent them from being lost, or stolen. It helps maintain the flow of the game, without making UIM too easy. 2.) Allowing to take items in and out of the bags freely will assist in the flow of the game as well. However, adding this option will clearly be incredibly overpowered, making for an additional 28 pieces of food or potions on top of the already existing 30< from BoBs. I propose having a restriction of only noted items being able to be in the looting bag, or non combat items.
  9. Loving it! Everything is much smoother and cleaner
  10. Very good overhaul on website. Looks hella lot better and pretty professional. Hopefully bring some light back to the forums.
  11. The new forums is amazing, theres much more you can do and looks sexy af! Also the new linking thing is great for new players no more hassle with that 😄 Can we get the top donators, voters and the lottery again somewhere? was nice to see 😛
  12. If you're reading this you've by now seen our entire online presence has been dramatically reworked & improved! Our mission behind this overhaul was creating a smoother & more user friendly experience for everyone from their first visit to Ely to maxing their account. It has been quite the sizable project and I do want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for dealing with certain pages & services being down from time to time during the project. As of now we're coming to the end and wrapping up the finer details & tweaks. With that said, you may experience some small glitches or things being a little bit buggy here and there until all the kinks are worked out, however 95% of this project is complete. I would love to hear all your feedback, comments, suggestions & criticism in the comments so let us know your thoughts on the new site! Now, account linking. Previously when a user had made an account in-game & wanted to vote and/or donate they had to manually link their account through the Vote or Store page. As of now, that is no longer necessary. We have automated the entire account linking process! Should a new player want to vote all they must do is make a forum account - and vote! Thank you all again for your patience in dealing with us through this lengthy process & we hope you like it as much as we do!
  13. Kari

    Bank Show Off!

    Safe mode probably
  14. Nicky

    Bank Show Off!

    Yeah I dunno why mine looks like that. Playing high setting and safe mode. Dunno if that did something funky to it
  15. Yesterday
  16. Looks so weird mine doesnt look like that 😮
  17. Nicky

    Bank Show Off!

    It's the vine whip and yeah I'm trying to get 1 of everything
  18. IdanikI

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Busy Guy! Helps when hes available. Fair Judge. Thanks Matt - Always carries A huge gift box. Seems to always be busy so doesn't talk much! Developer Luke Not online much lately. RIP Splash- Very Helpful when hes online. Fun guy. interactive and positive! Sell me that sword!!! Ill pay!!!!! 😄 Administrators Kari - Most active I believe. Available for help most of the time. My lucky charm tbh. Global Moderators Nick - Cool dude. helpful. always on his alt tho. Loves rubber chickens! Server Moderator Nicky - is he alive? Forum Moderators Enzyme - see him chatting of discord. barely see him on. but still helps lol. Support Jordan -This Man is Major Help! Literally helps all the time!! Jordan for Mod!! Love this guy!!! ❤️
  19. Hi hope you enjoy the server! cant wait to see you ingame 🙂
  20. Kemi


    Hi am Kemi. You probably haven't seen me ingame, am very inactive but play every now and then. I have a weird fondness of agility and math, probably been dropped on my head or something. Am big nerd, kay bye.
  21. Thanks man, took a while for sure 😄
  22. JORDAN bravo nice with icons this Gui is here to stay. very helpful and look at the effort you took I am so grateful.
  23. Saucy bank nicky, one of everything pretty much! Whats that weird whip? 😮
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