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  2. not unfortunately but gz :D!
  3. Correct, I finished the set pretty much at the start of the year and its stayed that way since. So rather than let it go to waste thought we could throw it into the reward store here. Definitely will not let the final boss concept go to waste though.
  4. This is, or at least was, the armor splash was working on for an endgame set. Is that kaput?
  5. Yesterday
  6. So.... I got myself a nice abyssal dagger! Is it the first one in-game?
  7. This. This is what'll get me back over to the dark side.
  8. Throwback for Emo Music Mondays
  9. Saved up 4k points on 1 account and then 2k points on another to buy stuff from shop. Went to buy it and it told me I didnt have enough and then took the points and didnt give me the items on both accounts. Bit over 2 hours or so wasted, I have a video for evidence of this bug. https://imgur.com/gallery/i16xtZZ Also I tried to relog and then buy the gloves and it didnt work as well and I ended up wasting another 150 points lol Items I attempted to purchase : Whip, Fury, B-ring, Barrows Gloves
  10. Last week
  11. Btw lads, that pack on the far right is:
  12. Daily Challenges This is the official introduction of the new daily challenges system! Every day (24 hours) on login you will be greeted with a new set of challenges to complete. These challenges are generated around your characters goals and will always be unique. We will be actively improving this system and adding more challenge types over time. Challenges reset at 12AM server time (GMT+1) If you are currently doing a challenge when they reset, don't worry. You will be able to complete the challenge and type ::challenge to get a new one. You are limited to completing 3 challenges per day. Here is what the challenge shop currently contains. We will be actively adding to and adjusting this shop as we receive suggestions. Please post your suggestions here: Thank you.
  13. What is up gUyS! My name is Kari and today I'm suggesting a NEW! item: Sirenic Blood Bow Similar to the Sirenic God bow worn by my good friend Gravity below, I'm suggesting either the addition of a sirenic blood bow, or the ability to combine an elite sirene blood shard with a graetios recurve bow Let me know what you think down below in the comments and don't forget to smash that like button!
  14. 5pts - Box of 25 SoF Spins 10pts - Huge XP Lamp 5pts - Mystery Box ??pts - Spec Restore Potion Pack 25 pts - Adds 250m to the Well 50pts - Draconic Visage (Melee, Ranged, Magic) [I think this would be especially nice because there is an achievement to craft 25 DFS's of each type and camping KBD for ALL of that takes a very long time] 2000pts - Daily Challenge exclusive cosmetic (Recolor of somethin cool maybe? - Initial thought would be the castle wars Faithful Shield but in Ely blue)
  15. I think I remember someone suggesting this before regarding the seasonal bosses, and I'm all for it. Support.
  16. First, I'm not sure if you're only doing slayer monsters and such and if you're only updating drop tables to the osrs ones, but I thought I'd post a few ideas I've had. Nex's drop table is a mess, so it would be nice to get some drops that make up for the time it takes to kill instead of 5000 unnoted herbs and potions Cerberus - I'm not too sure about this one, as I don't pick up any of the drops but I feel like they're somewhat crap. Next I think, if anyone is going to be reworking tables, it could be worth mentioning early game bosses such as godwars and kbd. Now I know they have their respective drops and all, but I feel like we could do something with them to boost early game money making - Introducing more alchables, bigger gp drops and or higher tier skilling supplies maybe?
  17. A specific armour set could be added like obsidian armour set
  18. Turn 1 point into 2M cash Turn 2 points to a Crystal key
  19. Daily Challenges | We Want Your Opinions Sup Ely Fam, We have an update coming very soon that requires your thoughts. We are implementing a new system that will be known as Daily Challenges - you will be given 3 daily tasks tailored to your specific account that will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete and you will earn points for each task completed. We would like to have this system reward you with points which you then can spend in a shop for this system. What would you like to see as rewards for this kind of idea & shop? Please leave your thoughts & suggestions below! Thank you.
  20. What's runescape without some hardstyle amirite
  21. Fully support this idea, i think a "hide others loot" option would be great
  22. I would just go through the list of monsters that could be assigned as a task, starting from hard going down to easy. That assigned task list contains the npcs that are killed the most by the majority of players. No one's really going to notice the lower level drop tables, but it would be nice to have them, even if they have niche drops. Tbf anything but seeds and herbs from hard tasks would be a great improvement.
  23. These are great, much needed consistency throughout the game, here are some of my suggestions to add: Crazy archeologist Scorpia Callisto Lava dragons
  24. When a player dies with either of these item in the degraded state (regardless of charge %) player will lose the item, when it should be degraded 10% of it's current charge status (95% charge + death = diango reclaim - 10% charge = 85%). Polypore staff > Polypore stick, no spores drop Ganodermic armor > Mycellum armor, no flakes drop PvP Armors/Weps > Nothing, item gets deleted.
  25. When was pathing update? I ran into this Sep 30
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