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  3. I miss luke being cucked by the little girl gamer
  4. Might something that provides you happiness, could be either cars, fitness, sports or even a school program. It's hard to find it but you need to try things but don't ever find it in drugs or alcohol. You just gotta experience things
  5. Holy fucking shit i miss this Also hi everyone
  6. I'm a huge advocate for fitness to help with stress. As for me, I enjoy weightlifting, running, and jiu jitsu. But when working out, it is important to do what you enjoy doing. Whether it is going to the gym, playing basketball, yoga, or anything else, I believe it helps get your mind off of things that are creating stress and allows you to not think about it or think about it in a different way. Thats my two cents
  7. Ez, beg Lation for money / items. he will give them on instant command. Also, ask anybody/everybody for help. We aren't ever against you, we're all here for fun too!
  8. I used to have pretty bad panic attacks, and I can tell you that I managed to get rid of them when I started smoking cannabis, and now that's how I support my mental health, I even decided to start growing it, and I managed to discover high-quality seeds on this site, so you can check it out and see if it'll be a good solution for you as well.
  9. Anything should be able to be dyed black +1
  10. Earlier
  11. I would definitely take you up on the lesson for PKing Sir Enic haha
  12. Honestly, being with people you genuinely like being with and having good conversations works wonders man. Myself I prefer a joint with genuine people. The stress just seems to roll away and things seem to flow better.
  13. Black recurve bow life matters, +1
  14. yes, +1 I missed yesterdays Ice sirenic helm. sooo guess I gotta wait 6+ months now lol
  15. Worst HCIM

    Perm ban mex

    Don’t see why not might as well ban me at the same time
  16. This is a mustttt, MAKE RECURVE GREAT AGAIN +1
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