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    Hmmmmm, I heard @Kari and @Boats love em... well atleast that's what @Enzyme said!
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    who doesnt like em tbh
  5. What a great idea for a thread! It's always interesting to hear about the games that shaped people's childhoods. Here's my list: Grand Rush https://grand-rush.casinologin.mobi/ online is a safe gambling site with a large selection of games.Super Mario Bros - This classic NES game was my introduction to the world of gaming. I can't count how many hours I spent trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The epic storyline, challenging puzzles, and memorable characters made this one of my all-time favorite games.Pokémon Red and Blue - I remember the thrill of catching and training Pokémon to become the ultimate Pokémon Master.
  6. Wow, you've had quite an interesting and varied career journey! Strange that you didn't make money at https://jackpotjill.casinologin.mobi/ Jackpot Jill. From serving in the Army as a Stryker Systems Maintainer to working in security at Disneyland, each role must have given you unique experiences and skills. Your adaptability and resilience are evident in the way you've transitioned between industries and roles.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here, glad to be a part of your community.
  8. also the toxic bile override for the blowpipe as well.
  9. Once again, very entertaining to watch and follow. Kudos to you kind sir and gl with this chunky account!
  10. So after discovering that overrides sometimes nerf gear I have decided to check all of my own override gear to find out stat discrepancies, here is a list of gear nerfed or changed stat-wise by cosmetic overrides. that I currently own. The turquoise slayer helmet removes the +3 attack bonuses to magic and ranged that the full slayer helm normally gives. Imbued Praetorian top + helm (t2) are both missing the bonus hp from the Virtus they are imbued with. Overriding the Staff of Eternal Hellfire (t2) with a Shard of Ice reduces it's slash attack bonus from +5 to +4 (this is really only continuity).
  11. UPDATE AGAIN My next chunk was to the south of the monastery. The only task in this chunk, is to make an amulet of glory because I now have access to the dwarven mines. It also unlocked something big for me- the rune pick. Going to Nurmofs store, I was able to buy this. With the 99 mining cape so close, this could be massive. For 80 craft, I am going to do a mixture of thieving from the gem stall to cut gems and blowing glass. 80 shouldn't take too long. Especially with the dragon stones from chest. I also need to get the amulet mould which is a drop from the barbarians in barb village Since I also need level 68 magic to enchant the glory, I used magic to get the mould drop. got the mould, I did also get the ring mould so I will be able to make rings in the future Going to go back to earth warriors for the final magic levels And that ends this chunk! Nest was the champions guild I unfortunately can not currently access that chunk because the agility shortcut does not work, so that one will have to wait Next was west of dwarven mine Nothing to complete here This allows me to enter the draynor manor, but I still cannot kill the killerwatts, so again- nothing to complete. However, this brings me extremely close to 99 farming cape with no patches but the bush patch that I can not access. So hopefully I get a herb or tree patch soon lol but, nothing to complete in this chunk, so I get to roll again And I rolled the chunk........ I do not have any way to get farming xp at the moment though, so this goes on the backlog until i unlock a patch. The only thing I need to do is get a black knife drop from ankous a week later lol Nothing to do here, so onto the next one. Fuck. With this, I now have a farm patch which means I need to get 99 farming. Rip. I can use the tree patch and bagged plants. Time to make a lot of money
  12. First update. As I mentioned, I started off in edgeville. This chunk had some basic things to do. Starting with smithing. I needed to smelt a steel bar using superheat. I started off killing skeletons and zombies in the edgeville dungeon for the 1/50 drop at copper and tin. After getting a couple of them, I realized there is a mine in the dungeon lol, so then it was ezpz. I also had to buy quite a few things from the slayer master as they are the current "bis". After getting all the bis, I headed back to the surface and started to cut logs as I needed to cut a yew log, burn it and fletch into a yew longbow u. Made short work of that and was able to roll a new chunk. With my first roll, I got the barbarian village. The biggest thing here was to mine adamantite bar and smelt it. To do this, I mined coal at barb village and at the newly found mine in the edgeville dungeon. I also had to cut a diamond which I was able to get from the gem stall. Overall pretty short chunk... Which I can not say about the next one. My next roll was one I was not looking forward to at all, the monastery. This chunk required me to get 99 prayer. I spent a little while thinking over the best ways, kill hill giants for big bones, buy bat bones from summoning store, regular bones, or c keys for bones. I ended up mainly doing c keys for bones. I did mix in a little hill giants killing, but I ended up killing nearly 1000 earth warriors in the wilderness and about 500 catablepon in the stronghold of security as those were the two highest drop rates that I could find. I ended up opening ~200 crystal chests and getting enough dag bones and dragon bones to get the 99. I did use a POH which may have been a little cheating, but it was tedious enough to get the bones that I figured it was ok And with my newly acquired cape and monk robes (and a steel mace because apparently that is bis prayer weapon), I rolled my next chunk. So far, so good. Prayer was hard, but was still fun. Looking forward to what is next.
  13. I do it for you, my fans. Thank you
  14. Finally, another series that I can look forward to seeing the progress of at 2am when I should be sleeping EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT THAT LATE MOM LEAVE ME ALONE. I stood at the edgeville spawn point absolutely going to town on a 40 pack of pepperoni pizza rolls waiting for the arrival of the chunkman himself. When he logged in I had just finished off my 8th can of code red mtn dew and accidentally kicked over my piss bucket in excitement. The last time I felt this alive was when I stuck a fork into a wall socket. Super excited to see number go up and more box unlock
  15. Hello All, Cl Fp was my last snowflake account. It was a lot of fun, but got a little old with restarting all the time. So I thought to myself, what is another idea I can steal from a youtuber to make the game ultimately harder and more miserable? So let me introduce you to my new account- Chunker. I am stealing this one from Limpwurt, it is a chunk locked ironman. Meaning I need to complete "everything" in a chunk before I can move to the next. I will be starting in Edgeville and progressing around the map until I get to something that makes me quit probably. I am using the OSRS version of chunk picker because obviously we don't have one. See here for what I currently have unlocked: https://source-chunk.github.io/chunk-picker-v2/?kfsm Rules: Follow everything on the chunk picker that I can do I will NOT be doing any of the "custom" content ie not in osrs. For example, the summoning cape is not in edgeville, so I do not need to get that until I get to taverly where it "actually" is. No rerolls. I went with a default account because I want it to be hard to accomplish some things without spending months of doing it. I will be going for all drops that are my new bis, completed collection logs for bosses, anything new from shops, any NEW skilling item I can get. Thing's may change or they may not, the account might also die after a day, but I will update it here regardless lol It has been enjoyable if not a little cumbersome so far. I am excited to see where I get.
  16. I've done a lot of jobs, actually. 91S Stryker Systems Maintaner for the Army for 4 years, basically I was tasked with fixing trucks but fixed everything from Night Vision Goggles to M777 Howitzers to 105mm Main Cannons on combat vehicles. I worked at Target for a year as a stocker, it was shitty but I stayed fit. I worked for less than a full minute at a Sherwin-Williams paint store, divorce cost me my living arraingement the same day I was hired. Worked in Security at Disneyland, one of my all time favorite jobs. Worked as a delivery driver, Professional Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager AND a Store Manager for O'reilly's in WA. Then I was a Slot Tech for a few casinos, which was cool but pay was awful. Now I work as a Threat Analyst for a global security firm. Also full time parent to a pretty kick ass teenager. And partner to one of the greatest women I'll ever know in life. <3
  17. Hey all, just wanted to pop in and let you guys know to be wary of any Gargoyle tasks. They seem to have a buggy attack speed, and if you miss your Melee Protection prayer you could be stacked out in just a few seconds. Stay safe out there, Slayers!
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  19. old suggestion, this exists
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