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  2. Those are great milestones! Keep the good work!
  3. Fucking animal. Take some time off before you grind out something new! Amazing accomplishment my dude.
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  5. Fucking beast, log off and get some Vitamin D.
  6. 200m Hunter finally done after catching around 28k implings. I started this grind March 5th, so its been like 7 months. In game time has only been about 169 hours though. Dunno whats next, we'll see after i open a shit ton of crystal keys.
  7. Hi, I believe that the Magic Secateurs are already supposed to increase farming yield when harvesting patches. If this is not the case, my suggestion is for them to have a 100% chance of increasing yield by X amount - Where X is a random number generated amount over a minimum of 10. Meaning we could harvest anywhere from 10 to 28 herbs from a single patch. Allotments could work on a similar system but with a minimum of 20, chance at doing up to 30-40 maybe? This will be especially useful for farming herbs and make it worthwhile. Thoughts?
  8. Support for this to replace the Nemo fishing pet.
  9. This is a must have for any successful server, its a +1 from me!
  10. Hello, WisZ here! I've recently been having problems with ely taking up a bunch of ram. Noticed it first yesterday while barraging Dags at catacombs. client started lagging and i checked the task manager to see ram usage was on 16gb on ely. Today i got the same issue again while barraging Tormented Hatclings. Decided to replicate it again to provide picture with it. This is after 5 mins of barraging: This is 2 mins later: After those first 5 mins the ram usage start going up real fast, we're talking about 25-50mb/Second. When i'v
  11. Oh frick, i missed the lazer the first time. Now I really want it.
  12. do i eat this or wear it or both?
  13. support, don't want it to be too op though.
  14. AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS! Thank you all for your beautiful work! As long as you guys keep going, we'll keep playing! Thanks x1000! Good job, management!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Great job on working on these fixes guys its much appreciated . As a returning player to the server I must say I am impressed with how much work the team is doing to make the server an enjoyable experience for everyone .
  17. This is a huge update. The new teleports will be extremely helpful and the updates to the server definitely makes a huge difference in what I've seen. Big fan of the new skill tabs too. Great work!
  18. These fixes are not going unnoticed and I for one can say that my play experience has become smoother, cleaner and more enjoyable. The new tele's that have been added are very much appreciated and assist greatly with directing newer players to those darn strykewyrms!
  19. Server Improvements The past few days we've dedicated many more work hours into server efficiency & improvements. Working on the very foundation of the server & it's back-end components is a large & time consuming task. As previously mentioned in a recent update post, we have been performing tests on the live server from time to time to identify inefficiencies & while this can be annoying in the moment, it's for the betterment of the server long-term. We've made incredible progress so far. Our latest work includes: The Quest tab & timers. In the patc
  20. Slapping the dogshit outta me from outside the tower , increased attack speed and increased range. Gonna snag a new task. Thanks
  21. Hey, I was killing Gargoyle's in slayer tower for my slayer task and a superior foe (Marble gargoyle) appeared but I couldn't attack it nor was it moving. As soon as I tried to attack it, I kept getting attacked by other gargoyles and I just couldn't do anything. When I finally got rid of the normal gargoyle, the superior foe just disappeared.. Thanks, X E N O
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