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  3. Enlightening message For the suggestion of effigies, yea support for getting them fixed and readded instead of large xp lamps
  4. I fully agree with this statement.
  5. Every inch of trying to get more xp is being supported by me. The idea seems not complex and not too OP, sounds good.
  6. It's a very interesting idea that isn't too dissimilar to a suggestion I made not too long ago which revolved around Voting instead. I do feel there could be negative implications with this idea as it almost passively creates an idea of donating being a 'must-do' kind of thing. An outsider looking in could see this as a money grabbing idea, with players basically having to pay to earn the reward of a well of goodwill.
  7. Kari

    Pot timers

    Support, would probably fit better on the left side tbh, but if possible it would be neat to be able to move it around
  8. Nice goals, I'm sure your bank reveal will be crazy
  9. I'll support it, seems like an interesting idea.
  10. I can get behind this, seems like a win win for all of us. I support this 100%
  11. I was thinking, Have a donation week/month. Where the ely community comes together and donates as much as we can within a week/month and Lation matches that with in game. $5=10m Every $1 donated Lation puts 1m into the well at the end of the week/month. So if $200 if donated within the time limit he puts 4b into the well of goodwill. Just an idea
  12. aha

    Pot timers

    http://prntscr.com/x93sj5 Is it possible to get the ability to be able to move pot timers? If there is a way and i dont know about it i can delete this. But Its kind of a pain to look at pot timers while xp drops . thanks. hadyn
  13. Well done on your current achievements.
  14. Yesterday
  15. good stuff man, lookin forward to bank reveal
  16. achieved 200m all, currently going for all logs, 50% complete atm, seeing as im ironman i'm going to horde everything i can (drops wise), maybe mid 2021 ill reveal my bank expect a HUGE loot tab, atm already on around 20-25b going by PG prices, rank 1 easy ironman has to have rank 1 bank right?
  17. Personally I would like the existing Shooting Star and Evil Tree distractions to be changed to the way they work on RS. Evil Tree It's currently missing the roots that you have to chop and then kindling that the player burns to assist in killing the tree. It always spawns at Tier 90, lets have some randomised variation and allow it to be anything from 10-90. Adjust it so that it doesn't end once 50 total kindling between all players has been obtained, let the Tree have health that the players have to diminish. Change the spawn timer to 1-2 hours so it spawns mor
  18. Support, as this is how it's supposed to be anyway.
  19. I think the current ones could definitely use a buff. Shooting Star could be a mixture of both Ore and Bars so people have instant access to Bars for Smithing and additional Ore to work with if they were to want to continue. I'm not entirely sure what could go with the Evil Tree, potentially some Dragon Dart Tips/Dragon Arrowheads since they are currently only obtainable from the Crystal Key Chest. Personally, I would like to see some cosmetic items added to a random drop table from both of these DnD's. Since we've got skilling armours already for experience, these sets could have a speci
  20. Support. I think the current events could receive a buff in rewards. I'd personally like to see more/better skilling supply drops making it a decent way to gain supplies. Other than that, I'm not sure what else it could be.
  21. This is a great suggestion. PvPers come in boatloads & quite frankly there are currently none, I have no fear being anywhere in wildy atm its uninhabited SUPP
  22. As of right now, the Wilderness is quite a safe space to be in due to the untradable items always being safe. Not that long ago, this rule was adjusted due to the fact at Nex items protected in the Wilderness and it was incredible OP. With that change, I'm requesting a full adjustment to the Wilderness system so that untradable items are no longer safe, and when dropped, will drop as a monetary value to whoever got the kill. Why the sudden change? The Wilderness is a dangerous place. If you go in there, you're expected to put your items at risk. In its current state, you can enter in a fu
  23. This suggestion builds upon the Evil Tree and Shooting Star DnD's in-game already. For this, I'm requesting two new additions, a Grand Tree and a Meteor drop every 6 hours. So what makes these different to the current ones? They'd have a LOT more Stardust or Evil Tree Kindling, meaning that multiple players can attend the event and it not be over in roughly 5 minutes (exact amount of Stardust and Kindling could be up for debate to ensure this isn't an overpowered training/money maker). The issue with the current ones is simple. Every three hours, these events drop and have a TOTAL of 50 o
  24. Last week
  25. UPDATES: Added two new sections which cover the variety of Amulets & Rings we have available on Ely. Please feel free to suggest any ideas of how this guide can be expanded as well as any amendments or further additions I could add to the already existing content.
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