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  3. Wow thanks that's exactly what I needed
  4. This may not be exactly what you mean, but you can already categorize them..
  5. Well, I support the idea. But I don't think many in-game players use the forums as a go to to see what's available for buying or what other people are buying. Still Support this tho, would make the forums look more neat.
  6. Username: Enzyme Suggestion:Split buy/sell offers on forums ge Why (how will it benefit players overall): Its so confusing going through one list of all the offers if youre trying to see whats actually availible. Splitting buy and sell offers would be awesome and im sure more people would use forums ge
  7. all you would need to swap out for a smaller switch would be avas + archer ring, switch out lance/primal for chaotic and swap the zaryte for rune knives. Yes, I ealise it is hard to focus on prayer switches and combat but I only listed the "most effective" setups, I will update the guide with cheaper effective setups.
  8. 7 way melee switch for someone just learning is too many in my opinion. You should give an inventory set up for someone in less expensive gear and a 4 way switch for both. Trying to focus on prayer switches and combat can be very overwhelming when first doing them. Good guide though!
  9. Thanks for the guide! On fire Nelly!
  10. This is awesome, Great job Nelly πŸ™‚
  11. Yesterday
  12. Thanks for sharing this!
  13. Great guide! Really appreciated πŸ™‚
  14. Thanks for that, will sure help give an idea of what you can get πŸ™‚
  16. Awesome contribution! Thanks ❀️
  17. Thanks for the contribution! Good work man
  18. TOTAL LOOT FROM 200 ELITE CASKETS CLUES LOOT Total loot output - 640m worth
  19. Nice guide as always big boi, almost can't wait for vid ;)
  20. DEMONIC GORILLAS TIPS ::tele gorillas gorillas can be a tricky monster to master but I'm going to give you some tips on the most effective methods to kill them, including the mechanics of how they work - also a small clip of killing them in real time to get an idea Mechanics Gorillas offense -after 3x total hits of 0 (zero) the gorilla hits on you they will change attack styles Gorillas defence -for every 50 damage you deal no matter the attack style they will change prayers (The only way I've found to manipulate this is using a zaryte bow - you can sometimes nearly kill half a gorillas with just the bow) although this happens more frequently with zaryte, it is possible to do this with rune knives When you're getting attacked and you noticed the 3rd 0 has been hit on you - switch to protect from melee because that first melee hit will be unavoidable if it decides to switch attack styles to melee Gear (most effective) these gear setups will be for the most effective methods MELEE SWITCH RANGE SWITCH additionally you could switch lance for primal/chaotic rapier, and for range you could switch out zaryte for rune knives ~~I dont recommend bringing goliaths and deflector switch because sometimes when you switch from range to melee the gloves stun the gorilla and this will cause another gorilla to hop on you and begin attacking, can get annoying~~ Gear (cheaper alternative) these cheaper setups work just as effective starting out and a smaller switch MELEE SWITCH RANGE SWITCH Inventory With this inventory setup this will be an easy 30+ minute trip if you decide to swap out brews for more overloads and renewals Short clip of a couple gorilla kills
  21. Last week
  22. You sir are correct, This is the first question
  23. Hello, just to verify yes this is the first question. I'd like to congratulate you on your post
  24. Hello, Luke The answer is yes, this is indeed the first question. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in here. Kind regards, KΓ‘ri
  25. New Forum section! Ask a question or provide an answer to one in the new support section! Ask a Question.

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      Hi, I have a question. How do i ask a question?

  26. Great table rework, Got me an item to hunt for. Too bad got the pet and spear in 15 kills 😞 Oh well, I'll be waiting for the next table rework πŸ™‚
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