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Kraken Guide



About the boss

Kraken is a level 291 Boss that requires you have Kraken as a Slayer task in order to defeat him.

Kraken Can be Found on Boss slayer tasks which require you to have 90 Slayer to access.

Kraken is very weak to Magic, even though it uses Magic as its attack style.

It is highly resistant to Ranged and immune to Melee, due to the fact that it cannot be reached by Melee attacks.

Due to these mechanics, Magic is the only way to kill the Kraken effectively. 


How to get to Kraken

To get to Kraken type  33466179_4ff0bb07bff1e61e79f63e3b71bb6bb71.png.ec4f9917887a1785c3aa57759ed223be.png


Kraken does have an instance which can be used if someone is doing the boss as this area is not instanced.


The instance costs 500k for regular players and 100k for ironmen.



Gear and Inventory

Kraken is weak to Magic so you want to use your best offensive magic gear. Below is an example of high and mid tier gear that can be used to defeat Kraken.

 High tier Storm of Armadyl                          High tier Barrage                                     Mid Tier Barrage

  SCM_kwRZZNRnBc.png.acda4866f4c96edd414757118e7129d9.png           SCM_jrll5a53dL.png.a69daf6e37f1b85a34f052249e338db6.png        SCM_10H9JnElyp.png.d3fad404f250c2e1f821b41aebb3c90f.png



In your inventory you want an overload and prayer renewal then Saradomin Brews and super restores followed by a few rocktails for combo food then your  runes as shown below dependant on the setup you have chosen.


You will also want to be on the ancients spellbook and regular prayers so that you can activate the prayers below.


         14294135_580dbd76538ad308628c17e3c2bf737f1.png.a7c280695f26cdfaa4022d1af8519112.png             1897963180_b2b4e055351651bc1f82c5d4ff926be01.png.5e16c7e7f8a34f7c23d69181e3facc50.png        SCM_Z75r4yyPK8.png.dfc8118ca4f7cd76284820cadb44c71e.png


The Boss Fight

Once you have Kraken assigned as a boss task teleport to Kraken to begin the fight. once there autocast blood barrage and pray mage and activate Augury and your runic accuracy aura then attack the four outer whirlpools shown in the picture below to until each of the four tentacles have spawned then attack the big whirlpool in the middle to summon Kraken. Kraken can hit up to 300s with his magic attack through prayer so keep your hitpoints high at all times.









The Lootations

Kraken drops trident of the seas which is a very good Magic weapon and drops Kraken tentacle which can be used on a whip to make a Abyssal Tentacle whip which is a stronger version of the whip. Kraken also has various other drops as shown below.



Video Demonstration

Below is a video of me demonstrating how to kill Kraken as explained above.



Hope you enjoyed my first ever guide good luck on your drops.  please let me know in the comments what you think of it I'm very open to feedback and any advice that could help me in future guides I make.



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9 minutes ago, z e l d a said:

it says that in the first sentence ❤️


 got it. maybe i should stop watching vikings, reading a guide and running dung rounds. multitasking isnt my strongest skill

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Very nice guide!
An alternative to Blood Barrage would be using Ice Barrage, as that freezes Kraken and lets you get a few free hits in.

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