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Loot from 10k ckeys

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Hey! As a small foreword, the reason behind this was mostly to compare loot to Jordans opening and to see how rng holds up with big openings like these. Most of the data is shown in either google spreadsheets or screenshots of Ely itself. The loot is also displayed after opening 5k keys and 10k keys

Let's start with the keys opened, my starting point was 10,005 and at the end op the opening I managed to get 32,223 total chests opened. This is mostly due to donation rank benefits kicking in by having a 50% chance to double your loot (basically opening 2 keys for the price of 1) and getting keys back from the chest.




Next to the 'rares' aka the items which have an announcement + the crystal shield/bow. 




Next up to the totems collected and clues, going to be fun opening these.




Finally the regular items. Keep in mind the values are taken from either general store sell price, high alchemy or the lowest end of the ;;pg suggested price point.



If we add this all up we get the following (estimated) pricecheck:



Tl;dr (put in a spoiler in case people want to check the other stuff first or skip straight to this)


With 22,218 keys/chest loots and a total of 23.8b of rewards, this comes down to an estimate of 1,075,394 gp per key. 
Turns out looting this chest without getting quite lucky on the rare Black H'ween mask isn't going to net you any profit. However, I assume it must be glorious to actually loot one for yourself, so I'm going to keep trying for sure!


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Love the analysis. Though its a little depressing 😉

definitely considering grabbing a donator rank just on the fact of this "doubling loot" perk you speak of.

Been pretty uninterested with the common loots by now 😒

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Another 10k opens?!?! You guys are mad

Sucks that you didn't get h'ween, but still pretty cool to see another thread that shows what you could expect from the chest.

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