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List of Teleports

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To save for ease of access locating the teleport list, a compiled list can be found below. These can be entered into the "Enter Location" section of the teleport tab.


All locations can be accessed by typing ::tele in front of the location



-Wilderness Portal (Level 44 - Single Combat) - 44ports

-Wilderness Portal (Level 50 - Multi Combat) - 50ports

-Altar Deep in the Western Wilderness (Level 38 - Single Combat) - Altar

-Greater Demons (Level 46 - Multi Combat) - Annakarl

-Bounty Hunter Crater (Level 24 - Single Combat) - Bh

-Easter Wilderness Green Dragons (Level 16 - Single Combat) - Easts

-Outside Forinthry Dungeon Revenant Cave (Level 17 - Multi Combat) - Revs

-Greater Demons (Level 46 - Multi Combat) - Gdz

-Wilderness Ice Plateau (Level 50 - Single Combat) - Ice Plateau

-Outside King Black Dragon Lair (Level 42 - Multi Combat) - Kbd

-Western Wilderness Green Dragons (Level 10 - Single Combat) - Wests

-Western side of Edgeville (Level 5 - Single Combat) - Zerk

-Graveyard of Shadows (Level 19) - Carrallanger

-Ruins West of the Bandit Camp (Level 23) - Dareeyak

-Mage Bank Safe Area - Mage Bank MB



-Barrows Minigame Hills - Barrows

-Battle Royale Minigame - Battle Royale

-Catle Wars Minigame - Castle Wars

-Dominion Tower Minigame - Dominion Tower

-Fight Caves Minigame - Fight Caves

-Fight Kiln Minigame - Kiln

-Monster Carnage Minigame (No Teleporting out) - Monster Carnage

-Mobilising Armies Minigame - Mobilising Armies

-Pest Control Docks - Pest Control

-Zombies Minigame (Must Enter Without Items) - Zombie Waves


Slayer Locations:

-Docks Near The Whirlpool - Ancient Cavern

-An Icy Dungeon North of Mudskipper Point - Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

-Additional Black Dragons - Black Dragon

-Brimhaven Dungeon - Brimhaven Dungeon

-Fremmennik Slayer Dungeon - Fremmennik Slayer Dungeon

-Hill Giants - Hill Giants

-Cave Horrors - Horrors

-Jadinko Lair - Jadinko Lair

-Metal Dragons - Metals

-Rock Crabs - Rock Crabs

-Slayer Tower - Slayer Tower

-Taverley Dungeon - Taverley Dungeon

-Waterbirth Dungeon - Waterbirth Dungeon

-Kuradels dungeon, hellhounds - Hellhound

-Ice strykewyrms - Ice stryke

-Brine Rats  - Brine



-Fishing Guild - Fishing Guild

-General Skilling Area - Skilling

-Gnome Agility Course - Gnome Course

-Living Rock Cavern - Living Rock Cavern

-Outside the Barbarian Agility Course - Barbarian Outpost

-Snowy knights hunting area - Snowy knight



-Chaos Elemental Deep Wilderness - Chaos Elemental

-Corporeal Beast Lair - Corporeal Beast

-Commander Zilyana's Section of God Wars - Saradomin

-Dagganoth Kings Lair - Dagganoth Kings

-General Graardor Section of God Wars - Bandos

-Glacors Cavern - Glacors

-Kalphite Queen Lair - Kalphite Queen

-King Black Dragon (Level 42 - Multi) - King Black Dragon

-Kree'arra Section of God Wars - Armadyl

-K'ril Tsutsaroth Section of God Wars - Zamorak

-Nex Lair God Wars - Nex

-Nomads Lair - Nomad

-Queen Black Dragon Lair - Queen Black Dragon

-Soulgazer (Low Level Boss) - Soulgazer

-Tormented Demons - Tormented Demons



-Al Kharid Palace - Al Kharid

-Ape Atoll Shoreline - Ape Atoll

-The City of Ardougne - Ardougne

-Burgh De Rott - Burgh De Rott

-Burthorpe - Burthorpe

-Camelot Castle - Camelot

-Chatherby Docks - Catherby

-Canifis - Canifis

-Draynor Village - Draynor

-Eastern Desert City -Pollniveach

-Edgeville - Edgeville

-Elven Village - Lletya

-Falador Market - Falador

-0Ghost Port East of Canafis - Port Phasmatys

-Grand Exchange Varrock - Grand Exchange

-Home - Home

-Karamja Docks - Karamja

-Keldagrim City - Keldagrim

-Lunar Isle - Lunar Isle

-Lumbridge Castle - Lumby

-Neitiznot - Neitiznot

-Edgeville Dungeon - Paddewwa

-Rellekka - Rellekka

-Rimmington - Rimmington

-Seers Village - Seers Village

-Shilo Village - Shilo Village

-Southern Desert City - Sophanem

-Tai Bwo Wannai - Tai Bwo Wannai

-Trollheim - Trollheim

-Varrock Market - Varrock

-Yanille City - Yanille

-Zanaris - Zanaris


NOTE: This is currently unfinished and I will continue when I've got more time available.

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Just quick not for people that decide to use these teleports, first you can either click the teleports tab and the click enter location and then enter the location or you can simply type ::tele location to teleport to the location specified. you can also use the console directly but using ::tele is probably faster. Also keep in mind that you don't have to type the full teleport name to be teleported there. For example, if I type ::tele a I would be teleported to the abyss, or say I want to be teleported to Draynor village, ::tele dray would be enough to get me there. Hope this helps

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