Managed by only the best Developers, Ely brings you an epic gameplay experience rivaled by none other.
We focus on bringing you the greatest 718 online with never-before-seen content & features.

What is Ely?

Ely is a RSPS based on the 718 revision with the latest OSRS content being added daily. Relive what used to be truely the greatest.


We are under constant development and our content is near perfection; making it more stable than anyone else.

OSRS Content

Although we boast the greatest 718 content, we are also continuously adding OSRS content & features daily!

All Skills

We have spent time developing every skill & adding new content along the way for you to participate in.


Play all the classic Minigames you are familiar with, plus custom games such as: Battle Royale & more!


With over 150+ Achievements, complete to earn bonus rewards & get closer to the coveted Completionist Cape!

Grand Exchange

Our G/E shows quantity of items currently being bought or sold & at what price! With charts & graphs keep up with the latest trends easily!

Other Features

Gear & Inventory Presets

We made gameplay as easy & convenient as possible with fully customizable Presets, even save your Prayer Switches and virtual skill levels!

Discord Integration

We our Discord integration you can see activity on the Grand Exchange, player achievements, drops & more on the go!

Ironman Modes

For the players that like a daily grind & challenge you can choose to play as an Ironman, Hardcore Ironman or Ultimate Ironman!

Choose XP Rate

Pick your ideal XP rate of either x50 (regular) or x10 (legend) to fit your gameplay preferences.

Boss Instances

Easily create your own Boss instances anytime, anywhere instead of waiting on other players, or group Bossing to finish!

Weekly Updates

Constatly bringing in new content & bug fixes on a weekly basis, we never stop improving & hear every community request.


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