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Starting Ely!

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YyCSKS2.pngYou can skip step 1 if you wish however thieving is a great way to gain some starter GP!

Go to ::TRAIN and start killing the assigned monster with the green arrow above their heads, you will receive points to spend at the training zone shop!


p3MTr2C.pngCyclops drop all defenders up to dragon so they're definitely worth the grind while gaining points! DONT buy the neitiznot helm from the shop since yaks drop them!


vPAS8yl.pngCrystal keys are very good money worth around 3-5M in-game, you can use these on the chest in front of the bank at home for a chance to receive a Black H'ween Mask, which is the BIS melee helm in-game worth around 3B


d5HAedX.pngBe sure to join our discord!  There are daily events and loads of giveaways happening, be sure to opt in for the event and giveaway notifications! 😄

Voting not only helps the server massively, it also gets you some very nice starter money if you sell for 5M each to players.

Agility tickets are great for money since each lap at wilderness course and above you get a ticket which is worth 2-3M currently!


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