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Monster Carnage

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Monster Carnage is a dangerous minigame, therefore it's recommended to mainly bring untradeables. 
It can be found either through minigame teleports or ::tele carnage

My recommended inventory setup, at least for the first run. Special for this inventory is that you should bring at least one dose of anti-venom, these can be bought off G.E. in doses of 3. Antifire can be brought as one dose as well, since it's only Elvarg that does damage with dragonfire.
Used mostly easily obtainable gear for the run. Max Hood and Completionist Cape for prayer bonus, same with Elysian. 
Dominion crossbow and Swift Gloves from Dominion Tower, 50 floors for random weapon and 100 floors for random weapon + gloves. Glaivens from Glacors. Archers' ring imbued at ::tele mob. Saradomin Murmur from Commander Zilyana.



Nothing much to say about the first guy, just protect from melee, and you're golden.


Same goes for Delrith, just protect from melee.


This is where the antifire comes in, as Elvarg has a dragonfire attack that can do a large amount of damage if you aren't protected against it.


Another monster where you should just protect from melee.


Yet again, just protect from melee.


You guessed it! Protect from melee again.


Small variation in this room, now there's 5 things you should protect from melee from, woo. 2 of the spiders' aggression is quite odd, so it's not always they'll follow you.

233311150_80.png.d57295a56f11a664d94982e29fb4aba9.png1480682123_81.png.1aae1d0e9806585a188f72c5d384fc67.png1848681997_82.png.a4c58f60c8c66f1dad4ea1871a591d13.png1729541385_83.png.f0dfdfd0e59de83698a24dacbe75a473.png  In this room there's 4 guys, they don't come at once though. Beat one down, and the next will appear. Again protect from melee.

9.png.6a4dfd226c7bd22c3c983e4f2e47dd05.png Whoa Jungle demon, we gonna use not protect from melee? Nop, protect from melee again.



In this room there's the usual gate, a set of stairs and a ladder.
First we head down the stairs.

You just wanna run north past the fire giants, with protect from melee on.

At the end of the hallway, there's a chest, open that. And you get the first key for the gate. Then head back south for the portal.

After going through the portal, you run for the ladder in the other side of the cave.

You then arrive in a room with 4 portals, so far I've found no set pattern in these, just spam portals until you find the room with the ladder.
Climb the ladder.

In this room you just gotta check the crates until you find the prison key, then up the ladder again. Then through a portal and up the rope.
You should now have both keys and be ready to head for the gate in the middle of the room.


Once you attempt to go through the gate, Karamel will appear.
Karamel attacks with ranged and with magic.
The first picture is Karamel about to use its magic attack, and the second is the ranged attack. If you're not up to prayer switching, just pray ranged.
Once Karamel is defeated, it drops a warm key, which you use to go past the gate. Before you go through the gate, consider if you want to leave, because this is the last chance to do so, remember it's a dangerous minigame.


I follow the path here, and get to a door which the game calls route 1. 


Past this door you find Dad.

Dad surprisingly attacks with melee, so protect from melee.

This is where the anti-venom comes in handy, as these snakes inflict venom. You can just run past these, but they will always inflict venom. Protect from melee protects against other damage from them however.

Past the snakes you get to this wall, push it to enter the final room.

Once you enter there will be 3 NPCs: Shadow warrior, Tortured soul and Elite Dark Ranger.
Shadow warrior and Tortured soul both attack with melee, so these can easily be taken at once.
Elite Dark Ranger attacks with ranged, so just protect from ranged.


Now we have the big bad boss. 
He does not have a ton of HP, however he hits like a truck. Plus he does some deflect damage every time you hit him.
He has multiple typeless attacks, which means they can't really be prayed against. A couple of these do around 500 damage, so keep your health high.
He also attacks with ranged and magic.
When he goes invisible, he's about to teleport to you.
He has a big attack where he creates some kind of light, this can be blocked by running behind something.
So against Lucien, keep your health high and keep hitting.

Once Lucien is defeated, you have won the minigame.

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