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Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) Guide

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Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) Guide



About the boss


Commander Zilyana is a level 596 boss who resides in the Saradomin area of Godwars Dungeon.


Commander Zilyana attacks with very accurate and rapid Melee and Magic attacks, She will only use her Magic attacks at melee distance


Commander Zilyana has 3 minions in his boss room that attack with all three styles of combat.


How to get to Commander Zilyana


To get to Commander Zilyana type     SCM_8grZDEwOn1.png.bd1db607c23144aa8b4c69966df25d58.png


Once you have arrived click on the rock to go down into the entrance of the boss room.




Click on the door and pay the 500k entrance fee to be teleported into the boss room. 


java_FUSdmnL9dY.png.e94834304085b9be80dbbc22c546f05f.png       SCM_u5SF5LFCKa.png.0e57b5b4d8cb734f1ab3edc5a72b1e3f.png


If the boss room is occupied you can use the instance there which is 1m coins for Ironmen and 5m coins for regular players.

java_03grd5ovF5.png.d588de2cc11ea6df41e9b6a1644e1771.png                   SCM_wGhESvv5nn.png.63ae7f1e17702b0c7b7e4530448b81f5.png



Keep in mind that instances are dangerous and all items will be lost on Death!




Gear and Inventory


To Fight commander Zilyana you can use any combat style to defeat her. Range is the most popular method as using swift gloves appears to be the most effective.


In this guide I will cover all three combat styles and the different methods used with each style.


Below I have shown the three setups that I have used in this video. Magic is the most difficult setup as you take more damage using that so I went for a mid tier rather than a welfare setup.


            Welfare Melee                                           Mid Tier Magic                                        Welfare Range

SCM_UEfCCY27Pw.png.da1b82b9893d98067abb1b09ef4ee009.png       SCM_o9VyS0SeaK.png.488f4a6832d443dd3aea43987bba8f0f.png       SCM_dDS9SRE8TM.png.ba54982fed01d97a65e90252cf21fbfa.png



     Melee and Range Inventory                                  Magic Inventory

SCM_Dk0ZWXkMZl.png.e92d3e105410595ec0549f2a8da6a461.png              SCM_P8QLvyRGl6.png.bb93bc8cb1f28ed35f5e0ffe4e032115.png



The Boss Fight


Commander Zilyana has three minions called Starlight, Growler and Bree


They all have there own attack styles as shown below.


              Starlight (Melee)                                                  Growler (Magic)                                          Bree (Range)

image.png.0685f9c4721163c2aae11d9d703e82d1.png      image.png.6fef3d3abc0bc417cec263fedd2d2431.png     image.png.f77c0e487a7c52a497479d01901171fc.png




When using Melee to defeat Commander Zilyana the strategy it to protect against magic and activate turmoil and use the steel titan to focus on Bree and Starlight while you take on Zilyana so you take less damage from the minions.




The strategy with range is to protect against melee and activate rigour and run around the boss room keeping at a distance from Commander Zilyana while using the titan to focus on Growler and Bree so you take less damage.





The Strategy with Magic is very similar to range where you protect from melee and use Augury and run around the boss room keeping at a distance from Commander Zilyana while using the titan to focus on Growler and Bree so you take less damage. With the magic setup you also want to take advantage of when the minions are close to each other as the multi blood barrage attack can hit them both healing you for more hitpoints.





The Lootations


Commander Zilyana has good drop table which consists of the Saradomin Hilt used to make the Saradomin Godsword which is great for ironmen as the special attack heals you hitpoints by what you hit.


Commander Zilyana also drops the Armadyl Crossbow along with the Saradomin's Whisper, Murmur and Hiss.


The minions all have the same drop table and drop rate as shown below.


                                                                                                                Commander Zilyana






Video Demonstration

Below is a video demonstration of all three combat styles being used to defeat Commander Zilyana using the gear as explained above.




















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This one is brilliant because you've displayed all different combat styles - giving players a whole range to choose from.

I'm loving that you keep the same format for these guides, as theyr'e so easy to follow.

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