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Slay's Fishing Guide

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Welcome to my Fishing Guide

Here I will show you training methods from level 1-99 and to 200m xp


NOTE: All xp rates are on Default game mode. Adjust accordingly for Legend mode by multiplying actions by 5, or dividing xp by 5



Getting Started


Talk to Obli in the southwest section of home to pick up all the tools you will need and add them to your toolbelt




Head to the Skilling Area under the Skilling Teleports and go just a bit north to all the fishing spots on the river



Level 1-35

(22,406 xp required)


Look for the fishing spot that has the options Net and Bait, and click Net


This will start you fishing shrimps for 500 xp each until level 15


At level 15, Anchovies start being able to be caught gaining 2,000 xp each.





Level 35-76

(1,314,037 xp required)


Look for the fishing spot that has the options Cage and Harpoon right next to the previous spot


This spot catches Tuna and will give 4,000 xp each


At level 50, Swordfish are possible to catch providing 5,000 xp each


You can stay here doing this method to level 76 or the alternate method of Lobsters





Level 40-76

(1,299,219 xp required)


Lobsters are in the same spot as Tuna/Swordfish but will be the Cage option


Lobsters give 4,500 xp each and will need around 289 to reach level 76





Level 76-99

(11,697,988 xp required)


Sharks are located in the fishing spot just west of the previous methods in the Net and Harpoon spot.


Sharks give 5,500 xp each and will need around 2127 of them to reach level 99





Donator Method


Level 90-99 or 200m xp

(7,688,099 xp required)


Fishing Rocktails in the Donator Zone is by far the best fishing method in the game to reach level 99 or to go all the way to 200m


This will require the Rocktail Fishing unlock via the Store and also Living Minerals for bait


Catching Rocktails gives 19,250 xp each






Cooking all the fish caught in this guide will result in gaining substantial cooking levels


And don't forget to Vote for bonus xp!


Good Luck in your Fishing Adventure!



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