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    Vorkath Introducing the long awaited, Vorkath. Ely's most accurate 1:1 OSRS bossing experience. From OSRS Wiki: Vorkath is also considered a Blue Dragon for Slayer tasks Vorkath is also a safe death. However HCIM's will lose their status if they die here. With the introduction of Vorkath comes a few new items, new Slayer Helmet & new means to Prayer XP. NEW - Turquoise Slayer Helmet This new Slayer Helmet can be made by using Vorkath's head on a Slayer Helmet: NEW - Dragonfire Ward This new alternative to a Dragonfire Shield has boosted Ranged attack bonuses. This new shield can be crafted by using the new Skeletal Visage on an Anti-dragon shield. Upon doing so you are awarded 100,000 Smithing XP (on default - x50). NEW - Dragonbone Necklace Cannot forget about the new, lovely, Vorki Nor can you forget about those Collection Log hunters.. Last but not least, Superior Dragon Bones are now available. Below is a breakdown of the base XP you can expect from this bones (thanks to @Goddess) The addition of Vorkath into Ely is our continued efforts to improve on our vast PvM selection and continuing our expansion of OSRS content into Ely. We are very pleased with the outcome of this project & are glad to finally bring this to the community at large. Looking forward to hear feedback! Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Cannon will now go to Diango if you are UIM and DC/let it die Presets no longer reset quick prayers Nomad can no longer be frozen Nomad's loot registration now works properly Dominion Tower rewards go to inventory and bank & if you are UIM it goes to Diango Grey & Red chin's now shoot projectile God items now work to stop Godwar's monster aggressiveness Other misc. fixes & adjustments made to certain items Misc. combat code cleaning for better efficiency and effectiveness With all that said.. I would like to thank @Charlie for all his hard work & dedication on putting this all together for Ely. Let him know what you think in the comments and show him some love. Also big thanks to everyone who helped test this along the way, @Goddess, @Boats, @nelly & @Jordan All your guy's help means a lot and really helped in refining this process. Enjoy!
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    Add ability to tan noted leather and noted dragonhides - Still keep the GP cost, it will be removed from pouch in bulk. Fix decanter NPC at home to decant potions correctly - Let us choose which dosage to decant into. Let us use noted herbs and vials of water on same decanter NPC to have him auto decant our unfinished potions. (We don't gain xp from them making anyway) - Adding the ingredient to make potions remains unchanged, this is just the unfinished step. Change arrows/bolts fletching to 420 per cycle, up from 150. (28 actions instead of 10) - Darts are already at 420 per cycle. Change altar at ;;tele ruins to automatically bless an inventory of un-noted void bones one by one - Currently it has to be done 1 at a time (This change will make it take 28 seconds to bless 28 one by one automatically) Add releasing butterflies from jars when caught. Change adding tree seeds to plant pot into an automatic process after initial action. (Plant pots un-noted of course (27 max per cycle)) Change watering seedlings into an automatic process after initial action. (Note: Magic Watering Can only, normal watering can should water until water runs out - again seedlings un-noted and max of 27 per cycle) Add option to remove confirmation box when removing furniture in PoH - Speeding up the building/clearing process. These are all intended to be quality of life changes - Please leave your honest thoughts or any changes you think could be made to the above suggestions. I appreciate some of these could have been suggested in stand alone posts previously, however they are seemingly lost in time so this is an updated post bundling them together. Thanks.
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    A new member of Ely's Development Team - @Charlie What's up Ely fam, I got an update for you all. We are currently in the process of bringing in a new full time Developer, Charlie. This means a lot for you as the players. We will be able to catch up on some of the backlog of reports we've received from you as well as stay on top of new ones. We are really excited to be working with Charlie & hope you all are as excited us as. As it stands we are currently on a one-week trial period of sorts to iron out all the kinks and get everyone on the same page together. In this first week Development will begin but move at a consistent pace to get familiar with all that is necessary. Following this one-week period we will be in a better position and will be able to establish an appropriate schedule and plan out future updates accordingly. In the mean time Charlie will be responding to your reports made on the forums and fixing all he can within the time frame's given. This is an exciting time for Ely! You will see Charlie on the forums, in the Discord & in-game on occasion. Say hello & welcome him to the Team here with a reply, or give him a shout out on Discord! Welcome, Charlie & here's to moving forward
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    Today, a total of 20,000 in-game accounts have been created To celebrate today's milestone of reaching 20,000+ total in-game accounts created we decided to create a compilation of all the interesting facts & statistics of Ely. The following statistics are as of today (July 14th, 2020) and are a compilation from Day 1 up too today. In-game accounts created: 20,000+ Forum accounts created: 6,062 Discord members: 829 Total time online: 2 years, 4 months, 10 days Total drops that have been picked up: 4,029,050 Commands that have been executed: 1,477,014 Visits to our website: 809,844 Total number of live server console errors: 232,605 Total wealth on the top 1,000 accounts: 1.7 Trillion Total number of votes sent: 121,246 Total number of Mystery Boxes opened: 111,804 ( Mystery Boxes opened: 48,493 Super Mystery Boxes opened: 51,335 Exclusive Boxes opened: 11,976 ) World news announcements (drops, welcomes, etc): 93,852 Total completed trades: 52,113 Total number of items purchased from shops (including Donor): 45,099 Grand Exchange transactions completed: 29,718 Bets that have taken place: 14,931 Total deaths: 14,322 Total PvP deaths: 2,413 Duel Arena victories: 1,150 Punishments issued: 653 Number of clans that have been created: 307 Players that have donated over $1,000: 38 Total number of Crystal chests opened: 524,178 Total number of Caskets opened: 48,111 Last but not least, here are the top 20 most wealthy accounts.. While those are the only ones I decided to point out - we have included a link to a paste-bin in which you can view for yourself all the nitty-gritty details we pulled to establish parts of this list! Check it out below: https://pastebin.com/AWUQWsgc Hope you guys enjoyed this little tad-bit of info & thank you all for being a part of Ely and pushing us to where we are today. All the support we get overall from everyone is incredible not to mention the ones who have donated and showed so much love.
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    #SAVE GEORGE. from @nelly
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    Owner Lation - Great feller. Would rather play monopoly than Ely tho. Matt - Havent had the pleasure of meeting Matt yet. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Great with the community. The game doesn't seem to be broken so that's a plus. Active ingame as well. Charlie - Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Charlie. Administrators Kari - Active. Or at least when i am. Constantly helping. Generally friendly. Haven't had too many interactions. Server Moderator Nelly - Always heats up when Nelly is online. Great with the community. Always making conversation. Goddess - I don't think there has been a time Ive been online and Goddess hasn't been. Great help to anyone and everyone. Knows when to intervene. Keeps things short and simple when stopping hooligans. Event Manager Support Rahamies - Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Rahamies yet. To sum it up. The staff team on Ely seems to be active and friendly. Everyone Ive met seems to be doing a great job. The owners picked great people to support the community and i am very appreciative. Keep up the good work.
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    Hello all, The following guide is going to show you how to begin using presets for your Equipped Gear/Inventory. What are Presets? They are a quick and easy way of equipping gear and/or setting up an inventory layout. Where to find Presets? Creating a Preset 1. Equip any gear and/or set out your inventory how you would like it to be. 2. Click the large 'Configure Presets' button at the bottom of the tab shown above. It will open the interface shown below into the chatbox. Note: It says 'Configuring Preset #1' - Whichever preset is highlighted green, as shown in the screenshot above, will appear here. 3. Click the 'Save Preset' button - this will replace the chatbox with the interface shown below. 4. Click option 1 'Update preset #1' to update/save the preset that was highlighted green. Click option 2 'Save as new preset' to save a completely new one. 5. If option 2 was selected, follow the dialogue options that now appear in the chat box to name the preset and give it an icon which I will go through below. Changing Description/Icon It is possible to change the description/icon of a saved preset at any time. However, as mentioned before, the preset highlighted green will be edited. 1. Click the 'Configure Presets' button then select option 2 or option 3 in the chatbox. 2. Option 2 will bring up a simple renaming interface in the chat box. Option 3 will bring up the below interface in the chat box. It works just like the grand exchange search. 3. Once you have found the icon you want to use, just click it to save. Below is an example of my own preset tab. Key Information: Presets can only be created/activated while standing at home. Inventory & Equipped Gear must be completely clear before a preset can be activated. Upto 10 presets can be saved at any one time. You can only configure the highlighted preset - to change which one is highlighted, you will need to activate it. Whichever preset you use last, will be the one that remains highlighted all the time.
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    Hey boys, as we set off into July, this month i plan to integrate the previously discussed ironman changes into the game, early this month. The changes to ironman will be continual after this update, with anything crucial we might've missed being rectified. There are many more changes to come that might have been missed in the post, but will be included in the full update post. A big change we're looking to bundle with this update, is the highly requested group ironman. We may require testers for this game-mode, so make sure to stay active in the discord For now, here's a list of all the major changes we're going ahead with. Take care everyone! Ironman gamemodes only: Collateral Gamemode Changes:
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    Hello, for those who have not met me I am Funk in game! I have a few ideas for some player ran events that I think would be fun, and then some suggestions for new server events that could be implemented if they get enough support and are possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hide and go Seek Event So I have already started doing this for the last week or so, but essentially I will hide somewhere on the map that is accessible to all players regardless of level, donator status, or difficulty. I then use a ::yell command to give out hints as to where I am. The first person(s) to find me will receive a reward! Either some good items, a modest amount of GP, or some cool cosmetics that I have collected. I usually give out a new hint every 5-10 minutes, each hint getting easier each time, until someone finds me. I started doing this to make up for some of the downtime inbetween wells and boss events, something that anyone could have fun doing. Rules for Funk's Hide and Seek I cannot hide anywhere dangerous such as the wilderness or anywhere that a lower level skilling player could get killed. This makes it fair for everyone. You cannot use alt accounts to claim a prize if you already won. For example, someone who came in 1st place cannot also claim the 2nd or 3rd place prizes. You must absolutely have fun. This is essential. Battle Royale - Community Pot I have yet to try this one out yet, but I think it would definitely be fun. I will start the pot with 500m~ or something of high value, then anyone can add to the pot by trading me (minimum entry should be around 25-50m~) Basically once you've entered, you would wait for the Battle Royale to start. The game would play out the same as usual, but whoever wins gets the entire pot! This is a good way for people to have fun, stake some gold for those betting itches, and make some money if they win! For those that don't know about the Battle Royale mode, you teleport there using the ::tele royale command and you'll be prompted to "Ready Up". After 6 people have entered, the Battle Royale will commence after a 60 second waiting period. You'll then be dropped in Varrock with no weapons or armour and you must scavenge to find equipment. You can also sell and buy better equipment from the console in your inventory. You also won't have to worry about your combat level as everyone is made equal in this minigame. You have to run around, collecting items, and defeating players to win. The map size decreases ever so often so make sure you don't get stuck outside of it! Rules for Battle Royale - Community Pot No alt accounts allowed if you're entering the pot. This makes it unfair for others. In order to win the prize, you must have contributed to it. If you don't enter the pot, you cannot win the pot. You can still play without entering of course, but the pot will just build until someone wins who has paid into it. Once again, have fun. This is also essential. Drop Party - Challenge Mode This one is a new idea, but essentially all participants will gather in a player owned home. The Participants will be assigned a certain item to gather. The owner will then drop specific item and the participants will have to collect their item. First person to collect the required amount wins the prize! Simple in theory, but I'm not sure how to execute this one yet. Give me time and I will figure it out. Let me know what you think of these ideas! They're not perfect yet, but with some feedback I am sure to make them better with your help. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next up, these are my ideas for server events that Staff can run or that could be implemented into the game. Are you a new player? Are you broke? Do you want to help reach Well of Goodwill tiers but you don't have the gold for it? Well, introducing the Well of Hostility It works very much the same way that Evil Trees work where you work together to burn it, chop it, and kill it. Each % of the evil tree you kill your reward increases. The Evil Well will essentially be the same, except you will earn a % toward the well bonus! Once the Well of Hostility spawns, players can work together to slay it for the glory of the Well of Goodwill! You could light it on fire for Firemaking XP, Mine the rocks for Mining XP, Chop the wood for Woodcutting XP, and earn well tiers for everyone! This idea is still very new and needs quite a bit of work. I also don't know if this is possible to implement but I really like the idea. The sole purpose of the Well of Hostility is to allow everyone server wide to help contribute to the well, no matter their financial position. It also gives players waiting for the next well tier something to do, instead of being afk they could push for a well! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all I have for now, please comment your thoughts on these, I would love some feedback! I will try to update this thread when I come up with more ideas. Thanks!
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    Draconic visage drop from Graetoriax is kind of a rip drop. Why not take it up a notch? Graetorian defender is for DPS, why not make a Graetorian Shield for tanking? Graetorian visage drop from Graetoriax, which can be added to exisiting dragonfire shield to make Graetorian Shield. Graetorian shield will have better defence stats than the regular dragonfire shield. Possibly adding a small HP bonus of 50 as well. Requiring 99 smithing to make and 90 defence to wield. Do let me know your thoughts! If you guys like the idea, I can draft up a graphic render for viewing~
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    Fuel: Hardcore Iron Man Legend Goal: Achieve 200M in every skill, but one at a time. Current Skill in Progress: Woodcutting (36 of 200M) *All stats will be listed below and updated as they are completed*: Attack: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Strength: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Defence: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Range: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Prayer: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Magic: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Runecrafting: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Construction: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Dungeoneering: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Constitution: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Agility: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Herblore: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Thieving: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Crafting: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Fletching: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Slayer: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Hunter: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Mining: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Smithing: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Fishing: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Cooking: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Firemaking: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Woodcutting: 99 / 99 (36 of 200M) Farming: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Summoning: 1 / 99 (0 of 200M) Key: Green = Completed, Yellow = In Progress, Red = Not Started Additional Goals Obtain All Slayer Drops Obtain All Boss Pets Obtain All Skilling Pets Obtain All Miscellaneous Pets Complete Barrows Complete Dominion Tower Complete Pest Control Complete Fight Caves Complete Fight Kiln Complete Warrior's Guild Complete Battle Royale Complete Castle Wars Complete Monster Carnage Obtain All Easy Treasure Trail Rewards Obtain All Medium Treasure Trail Rewards Obtain All Hard Treasure Trail Rewards Obtain All Elite Treasure Trail Rewards Obtain All Global Rewards Obtain All Drops from Bosses Obtain Completionist Cape Key: Green = Completed, Yellow = In Progress, Red = Not Started It will be a while before I start anything in the additional goals section. I have always loved giving myself a challenge while I play a video game. I will post a comment when I reach a certain milestone to keep you all informed. Wish me luck! If you ever want to ask me a question, just ask me in game.
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    HI and welcome to my guide Today we're going to learn how to train the Agility Skill. All rates are based on NO xp boost from the Well of Goodwill You don't need any items to train Agility but the Agile set & the Boots Of Lightness are helpful as they give bonus xp. You can get the them from the skilling rewards shop by typing ::shops ingame. The whole set will cost 22.5k skilling points or 7500 per piece. The set can also be bought from players, refer to the price guide for info on prices. Remember to use your Voting tickets for 10 minutes of 50% bonus xp! Side note: Training hunter at snowy knights gives you agility xp, refer to my hunter guide It could be a more viable way to get past the early levels There are 3 Agility courses and both Gnome and Barbarian have advanced courses Gnome (level 1) Barbarian (level 35) Wildy (level 52) Gnome Advanced (level 85) Barbarian Advanced (level 90) Wildy, Gnome Advanced and Barbarian Advanced courses all give an Agility Ticket after each lap They can be used to gain extra XP Easy - = 62,500 xp Default - = 12,500 xp Legend - = 2500 xp These tickets can also be bought from players, refer to the price guide for info on prices. How to teleport to the courses Level 1 - 35 Level 35 - 52 / 85 Level 52 - 85 (Wildy Course) Level 85 - 90 Level 90 - 99 Level 99 - 200m Kthxbai
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    New Additions Nomadic Set Band of Solstice Blueberry SP of the Gods Sunglasses Price Updates Dragon Arrowheads/Dart Tips from TBD TO 5-10K Each Dwarf Cannon from 50M TO 25M (Per Piece) Black Mask from 70-100M TO 50-75M Focus Sight/Hexcrest from 70-100M TO 50-75M Amulet of Fury from 10-20M TO 10M Abyssal Whip from 10-20M TO 10M Ranger Boots from 30-40M TO 50M (Due to alch value being 42M) Staff of Light from 50M TO 30-50M Saradomin Whisper/Murmur/Hiss from 75-100M TO 50-75M Armadyl Crossbow from 100-200M TO 75-100M Warriors Ring from 20M TO 10-20M Seers/Archers/Berserker Ring from 40-50M TO 20-30M Permafrost Boots from 500M TO 75-100M Ring of the Gods from 100M TO 70-100M Treasonous Ring from 800-1B TO 600-800M Zaryte Bow from 1-1.2B TO 800-1B Serpentine Helm from 2-2.5B TO 2.5-3B Primal Rapier from 3-4B TO 2-3B Primal Longsword from 3-4B TO 2-3B Primal Warhammer from 2B TO 1-1.5B Primordial/Pegasian/Eternal Boots from 4-5B TO 2-3B Recurve Bow from 3-5B TO 4-6B Grae Casque from 700-800M TO 500-600M Grae Platebody from 800-900M TO 650-800M Grae Striders from 800-900M TO 650-800M Grae Defender from 800-1B TO 700-800M Pendant of Grae from 900-1B TO 700-800M Please feel free to drop me a message on Discord, Forums or in-game if you feel any of the updated prices are incorrect.
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    Wow this is such a nicely formatted guide, very hot indeed
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    It'd require a bit of sifting through an rs3 cache, but if theres enough traction for this we can get it done.
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    I'm fairly sure these are rs3 models which would make their addition a tough feat. Not that I doubt the capabilities of @Splash. If its become easier in recent times to add rs3 models I'll support, rs3 torva is awesome
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    Hello all, Currently we have to use 1 Dark Totem on the Altar in the middle of the Catacombs to initiate the fight with Skotizo, it's instanced and we have to teleport out after the kill. -------------------------------- I have a few quality of life suggestions and I will list them below. Please note they are all separate suggestions but with the same idea in mind. Allow us to use 1-5 Dark Totems on the Altar to initiate an instance where we will be able to fight 1-5 Skotizo one after the other. (Same respawn timer as gwd bosses) After all are killed, we have to teleport out as normal and use more dark totems to initiate a new instance. Add a replica Altar within the Skotizo instance where we can use another Dark Totem to re-initiate the fight. (This will allow more than the cap of 5 suggested above) Add a right click 'consume' option to Dark Totems, when used within the instance it will initiate a new fight with Skotizo. (Similar to option two, but changes the totem instead of adding an altar) -------------------------------- If any of the above changes were made it will eliminate the need to teleport out and then teleport back to the altar. Most players do multiple Skotizo kills without banking or using the healer at home and it will just make it quicker to knock out those kills. As it's instanced, ancient donators can't use the bank command, so there is no unfair advantage in that respect to allowing more Skotizo kills per instance. Please let me know your general thoughts.
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    Don't listen to the words of a sinking boat! Welcome to Ely! Our community is a tight one, and we welcome everyone so you'll fit right in
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    Stay away from Kari if you want to continue liking the community. Welcome gamer
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    Hi all, Quick suggestion to remove Nomad and Kalphite Queen from Dominion Tower as nobody fights these, it's an automatic suicide for everyone. It's still going to take 3 hours to finish 100 floors, it's still a random chance on getting specific gloves afterwards. Still a chance that players will have to do multiple dom tower runs to complete the glove set. If you can think of a logical drawback, please feel free to post below. I personally can't see a drawback to their removal as the cutscenes are still in place and it's still a fixed amount of time spent in the tower.
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    Bug Fixes, Quality of Life changes & Misc. Changes Anti-venom and poison have been fixed to replicate OSRS. Anti-venom now can cure poison. Drinking an anti poison will reduce your venom to regular poison which can be healed with another dose. This will not provide venom immunity and if you are re-venomed you will no longer be poison immune and will have to drink a further two doses to heal. Prayer renewal pack now gives noted prayer renewals as intended. Celestial surgebox Runes can now be removed. Item has been swapped to a new id. If your right click option on celestial surge box has bind please contact an admin for a new version. Statius Warhammer and Dragon Warhammer Now have the correct defence draining Defence draining also applies to NPCs When this update went live there was a small bug in which is attempted to decreases bosses summoning defence which doesn’t seem to exist for NPCs. This was an oversight on my part and has been fixed. Flower Poker When there is not enough space to add items previously the items were lost. Now they will be sent to the bank. Dominom Tower Rewards show in the bank without needing to reload. Nex Armours Update Nex armours will now drop in the Wilderness and will no longer be sent to Diango. Please let us know if there are any more items that you would like this to apply to. Zulrah Items Splitting Now Zulrah items will be lost on death in the wilderness and split into their uncharged versions with any items held within also dropped. Crafting Leather and hard leather crafting has been added Gravestones Items previously went to Diango when the gravestones were not claimed in time. Now these items will appear globally for 60 seconds after the gravestones collapses. Cerberus Ghosts no longer damage you at home if you teleport away. Ghosts now despawn when cerb is killed. Slayer Updates Gargoyls, Desert Lizards and Rock Slugs These NPCS now act correctly. Previously they could be killed without any requirements. Now to kill the Gargoyle’s you will need a Rock hammer and when the gargoyle is below 10hp you can right click to smash it. Desert Lizards can be killed by using a ice pack on low hp. Rock slugs can be killed by using a bag of salt on them on low hp. If you purchase the upgrade from the slayer master these effects will happen automatically. Broad arrows and bolts You can unlock the ability to craft these now and they function. The arrows give 15.5xp each and bolts 8.5xp Construction Updates Bug Fixed where incorrect objects are removed.
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    Some of you may know me, some may not. My main account is Owl. I've been playing Ely off and on for over two years. I've always loved the server and enjoyed spending time on it. Since getting my current job, I've been working quite a lot. I haven't been able to be online as much these past several months which is why I'm sure a lot of people may not recognize me, unfortunately. I think right now I'm in a place where I think I need to take a break or leave Ely. At the moment I'm leaning towards leaving. My main reasons are: work, need to focus on my real life more, and just lack of things to do in Ely that keep me going. My main thing to do in Ely was skilling but once I hit 5b xp, I kinda hit a wall. I started bossing but that didn't last long. I'd try and help people out as much as I could, do hide and seek games here and there, do giveaways, etc. Now I'm just at a lack of things to keep me wanting to get on. I attempted to do a skilling service to help people get to certain levels or xp in skills. I helped two people which was a lot of fun for me. Having been promoted to Support not too long ago, I've felt the responsibility to get on as much as I could on my free time to help out more. I've been honored to get the position, but at the same time, any time people have requested help or had questions there always seems to be at least one or more people online that are also willing to help. I'm not saying that the support role isn't necessary but there are definitely enough players on that are always willing to help, which is one thing I love about the server. I think my leave will be good for me and I don't think it'll effect the server much at all if any. I'll just be a distant memory to those who actually knew of my existence haha. I'd say I'll still stick around on discord but honestly I basically only use discord for Ely. If anyone would like to keep in touch, feel free to send me a pm on discord (owl#8045). I won't say I will never return but more than likely if at all, it won't be any time soon. I will miss those I've had long deep conversations with and helped each other out with things in game. I love Ely and it's been a nice part to have been a part of in my life.
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    Pretty interesting idea. It's nice to see some of this information.
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    New Additions Dragonfire Ward Dragonbone Necklace Superior Dragon Bones All prices on the above still TBD.
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    This is brilliant. Thank you for the laughs @dragoncin
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    Should also add that hunter is a really efficient way to train agility too. Tbh I think its faster
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    Great ideas Funk! Love your player-based events already as it keeps the community engaged when folks are sort of idling about. I like the concept of the Well of Hostility, but I'm sort of in the same boat as Goddess. I feel like since there's already the Well of Goodwill, it may defeat the purpose of said well. However, I feel like if the concept is worked on more, it may be a good implementation, if doable. I guess we would have to think about how much xp is given, the amount of money that the Well of Hostility will contribute to the Well of Goodwill, etc. I guess for me, would it A) enable players to want to participate (if there's a lack of participation, doesn't seem like it would be good to implement it) and B) would it contribute anything to the server and its players (if so, how).
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    The whole point of the Well of Goodwill is to act as a money sink for the economy. Something like this would be pointless, as it defeats the purpose and core reason that the well is in-game to begin with. As for your other ideas, they are something to build upon. I like the premise of the Battle Royale Pot & Drop Party Challenge ideas - unique and I feel could be fun to participate in.
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    Maybe the grae visage can be attached to the exisiting DFS to make into the grae DFS (same idea as the ornament kits), but with stats increase. For non-donators, some would use DFS for dragons. Cutting the need to bring anti-fire potions.
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    i didnt know normal players didnt have this i also approve
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    I was just curious if we could get a visual change for virtus and pernix, for when you have new item look turned on to match the visual graphics of updated for torva. I don't know if having it visually updated, only when new graphics are on, would make things easier or harder if approved but thought i might ask. I just feel like they should match visually, across new and old graphics. Thanks guys.
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    Yaaaaaaas i love it!
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    As long as the toggle still works, no harm. Looks cool if you like that look.
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    If you read this, you owe me 1M.
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    This is awesome dude! Good luck!
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    Nice goals, always fun to have something to move towards, good luck with this and have fun
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    Sounds like a pretty rewarding job. Welcome to the community!
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    It's been great playing the server with you over the years, I can't say that I don't know how you feel haha but these things happen and it's never good to try to force something on yourself. I want to thank you for your time and dedication towards Ely and I wish you all the best in life. I hope to see you again sometime in the future
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    The 'hunt down this rabbit hole \ fish yourself out a prize' clue step is broken. Please fix soon my entire clue stack is on the same step!
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    It absolutely is fair that an iron can be "totally getting fucked", if there's no instance? Too bad, wait till noone else wants to kill it. There is an instance? Use it. Your mindset here is absolutely catering to ironmen. As for the risk of instances? It's the cost of convenience, deal with it.
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    fully support this thread just becaus there are even some asses dedicated to troll ironmens in bosses. imagine spending 10 minutes at grae and then someon walks in a swoops your kill. not once not twice but 7 times. its frustrating. yes there is instances and shit but i dont really wanna risk my UIM in an instance just so my client can freeze and loose all the progress in seconds.
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    Awesome, love lots of QOL and small changes like this. Really makes the players feel like the developers care about the small details.

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