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    Owner Lation - Great and Chill owner, very respectful to players and unlike other owners, he doesn't see himself above anyone, which make the server more fun to play and gives the server more of a family vibe, love the dude πŸ™‚ Matt - Haven't really had any interaction with him, so can't really give any feedback 😞 Developer Luke - Great chill guy, doing great job with the developing and maintaining the server. Splash - Splashy boy is awesome doing great developing job too and always active behind the scenes. Administrators Kari - Kari gurls name, very chill and supporting and keeps everything running smoothly. Global Moderators Nick - I don't think I've ever met Nick, so can't really say anything, hope that changes in the future πŸ™‚ Server Moderator Kemi - Kemdog! he was one of the first people I met on this server, great person, great staff, great sense of responsibility and an awesome human in general. He helped me a lot starting out and took me under his wing with showing me the ropes and everything. In my opinion it's the most deserved staff update I've ever seen! Great job man! Forum Moderators Enzyme - Enzy is a great guy, been spending a lot of time with him on discord and in-game, pretty chill and always helping out wherever he can, very trustworthy and supporting, it's always awesome to see him around and hang out with him :_ Support Callum - Callum is very great addition to the staff team, he's always helping around and brings a very positive vibe to the server. I respect him very much and wish him all the best in the future ❀️
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    Welcome to the first expansion on the famous Graetoriax the Unbroken dragon.. Ruins of Graetoria! From A to Z this is completely custom content from the entire dungeon map, to the NPC's, to the items & all the way to the drops. When you enter the Ruins (::tele ruins) you will be entered in a lobby where you can proceed either as a solo player or partner up with another player to take on the Boss as a duo. The Boss will have different stats that reflect whether there are one or two people fighting it. You can choose to take the left or right path to get towards the Boss room. You will have to kill 10 of the NPC's (20 for duo's) in the room you choose to progress in the Ruins.. You will find an Altar on each side of the dungeon, you may find these helpful to make your way to the Boss.. This Boss fight is one unlike any you have ever seen.. it may require you to attempt it a few times until you find your method of taking down this fella. There is a ton of new items you can expect, and we will not spoil these all for you. We encourage you to go & explore the ruins for yourself and experience all of this first-hand. However we will inform you of a couple things you will find as drops from the NPC's & Boss in the Ruins.. Void Essence can be used on Proselyte gear to improve the tier of the gear overall. Corrupted Bloods can be used on the Zamorakian Spear to improve the tier of this item & functions at Corporal Beast as normal. In regards to the rest of the Ruins.. this is up to you to discover & find out for yourself.. Good luck & have fun! Introducing: Easy Mode (x250) & Legend Mode Update We have finally introduced easy mode into Ely! This has been a long discussed addition & today we're happy to announce it is now available! Easy Mode now features it's own section on the HiScores and comes with a 25% reduction in drop rates compared to default (x50) Legends Mode After a REALLY long time discussing it, polling it, talking back and forth with everyone we could over the past year or so, it's become clear the general opinion was Legends should in fact receive a drop rate boost. Due to nearly every other RSPS offering this, a lot of other players expect this when choosing a harder game mode. So with that said.. Legends now receive a 5% boost in drop rates compared to defaults! We really hope you guys enjoy this update as much as we did putting it together over the past many months. Drop your thoughts, opinions & feedback below!
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    Hi there, welcome to the first edition in what I hope to be a fun series of drop table reworks. Todays changes will be tackling the Kalphite Queen and how bloody useless this NPC is. I'm going to start off by listing the current drop table and then below that I'll list the reworked drop table. This is what we are dealing with.. It's quite frankly all garbage. The only reason to even kill is for the pet... As you can see, a lot has changed! I'll explain a few of the changes. I removed a lot of pointless drops, such as the Oyster Pearls. Filling drop tables is good but there's no need for utter garbage to fill them. The Rune drops have been changed to noted drops and the quantities increased to 10; ensuring even if you don't roll something good you get a bit of GP for your efforts, alongside the now guaranteed 1-2m gp per kill. The Elite Clue is now a guaranteed drop, I think KQ will be the only NPC that has this? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel It's a good change. I've added the Uncut Onyx as a rare drop so that if players do not feel like grinding 99 Slayer for Soulgazers or farming Fire Capes for Tokkul, there's an alternative. The gems were made noted and increases in quantity, as well as a few other skilling items being added including Yew/Magic seeds and Dragon Arrow Tips. The White Knight armor is now available in-game through Kalphite Queen, allowing people to hunt down the gear if they wish to use it for Fashionscape purposes (it honestly has no use beyond that, but I thought It'd be nice to include some items that people may at some point in time want to wear but can't get). The most noteable change in my eyes is the inclusion of an exclusive item to hunt from the Kalphite Queen, as the Dragon Chainbody (made more common) and Dragon 2h Sword just weren't cutting it. KQ now drops the Primal Spear at a fairly reasonable rarity, giving reason to hunt this beast whilst on or even off of a Slayer Task. Oh, and there's a White Afro too. Afro's are cool. Hope you enjoy, the next boss to be reworked will be Chaos Elemental! I forgot to mention a couple of huge things, guaranteed noted Ourg Bones and the only source of noted Tooth/Loop halves!
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    1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? I don't remember the exact website but I found it off one of the vote-page sites 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Unlike some, it's not cluttered with ugly custom things. All of the customs I've ever seen on Ely are tasteful and neat. The time it takes to gain xp and level up is very nice (on normal). It's a little grind but not too easy that you get all 99's instantly. I enjoy the smaller community (though bigger would always be cool too) because everyone seems to have a fairly good relationship with others. People joke with each other all the time. The home in Ely is a nice simple hub for people to hang out and afk. No but seriously it's a nice simple place that's not cluttered for people to hang out and chat... do some skilling, buy/sell in ge (which btw I love the ge) or whatever. I enjoy that this server isn't forcing players to feel like they have to do certain things. I've noticed some servers are focused on bossing, raids, pvp, gambling, etc. Ely is very neutral and allows players to have the freedom to do whatever they like whenever they like. I also enjoy the newer giveaways on Discord. It's a fun way to get players a little active and hope they win something big. I've never been one to gamble much or at all but knowing that just by entering a drawing you could win something cool is really awesome. No risk of losing anything. I also enjoy the staff very much. They've all been very helpful and nice whenever I've spoken with anyone. I could probably list more things I enjoy but I won't make this wall of text longer than it has to be. I will say lastly though that Ely over the years has definitely been my absolute favorite server to have ever played on. I've tried quite a few over time and nothing competes. It just surprises me more players don't play Ely. They don't know what they're missing. 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? I love the new Easy mode addition. Especially for new players that want to get right into the nitty gritty without spending too much time on one skill. I don't really like the prices of some things in the shop. I understand the more op the armor or cool the custom is, it should cost more. But paying over $100 for a set or a single custom seems a bit.... much. I'd love to have some customs but I would never pay that much for one. I know people that currently have a lot of customs would probably be against the idea of lowering the $ of customs since it would devalue their bank.. But it's just my opinion. I love that this server has achievements. I've always loved them on consoles and stuff. The only thing I dislike about them are the rewards. Whenever I go to claim a finished achievement, I get like... a few potions. Like..... wut. If I work that hard to get a ton of xp in a skill to complete an achievement I should get something worthwhile. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? I don't know how this would work but more ways to make money without destroying the economy. I really loved when Ruins first came out and I got some good drops, sold, made bank. I think more additions like this would be really cool to incorporate new items into the game. It seems like for brand new players thieving is always the go-to to make money. Which is good and all but once players get 99 they typically stop there. So how else to make money after that? Sure, there is bossing, gambling, etc. As a player that almost only does skilling I've been fairly limited on what I could do to make money. That's why doing the Ruins to make money was pretty cool. There was the bit of suspense from knowing if you die you lose all your things but at the same time, the enemies weren't too difficult or anything that it made me feel unsafe. What I'm getting at is that I think maybe in the future more regions could be made with different skill levels for new players and anyone else could go to and make money fairly easy. Nothing too op of course. Also side note, please never add pikachus to this server. I'll shoot myself
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    With ruins right around the corner (hoping to be done by next Wednesday), we've decided to not hold out on some important bug fixes that we hope you will all enjoy! Hexcrest, Focus Sight, Amulet of Ranging and the Skotos pet will now correctly announce as rare drops to the server. Tormented Demons have had their Attack Speed dramatically reduced, making them an NPC you might actually be able to kill now! Tormented Demons and Astea Frostweb now correctly show that they are protecting from Melee. Leather Crafting mesages will no longer appear when you have the game filter on (sorry Jordan!) Kree'Arra is now classed as an Aviansie and as such, when on an Aviansie task, killing Kree will lower your remaining kills and reward you XP (only the xp as if you had killed a regular Aviansie though, sorry!) The first Slayer Task new players will receive has been changed from Hill Giants to Rock Crabs, offering players an easier entry point into the Slayer skill. The ::topic command is fixed, although by doing this, we broke all of the other commands in-game. We're hoping to have this fixed alongside the release of the Graetorian Ruins, we appreciate your patience. You can no longer purchase items from the Summer Shop as an Ironman. Herobine removed. Standing on an object at Graetoriax no longer protects you from his missile attack. NPC Kill Counts are now correctly tracking your kill counts. Ely Cape requiring 99 Magic has been removed Economy breaking money making method patched (thanks Jake) One final goodie we have for you today is the ability to see what an NPC has dropped! This awesome new feature is inspired by the Lootshare system and how it shows you what drops you are receiving. We've put it in the console so that it doesn't spam up your chat box if you're killing a lot of NPC's (for example barraging a pile). You can toggle this on and off by typing "showdrops" into the console. Ruins is just around the corner and It's going to be big. We hope you enjoy these changes in the meantime, Ely Fam!
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    Reputation is earned when making threads & posts that are up voted with a Like, Thanks and/or Haha reactions. Each reaction (with the exception of neutral Confused & Sad) adds +1 reputation. Your total reputation will correspond one of these ranks on your profile.
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    Somewhere in Ely wanders an old one.. One which carries a fabled and sought after loot. While not honorably obtained it shall be recovered in the same manner. Only the wise will find & obtain, then hope of one day returning what rightfully is not theirs. At one point in time this one may have committed something unspeakable but still walks free. Maybe you should keep what is found to serve justice.. ..but is it worth it?
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    Username: P v M Suggestion: give zanyte shard items bigger prices , currently its 201k for suffering and 202k for torture, make it same as primal etc , so its easier to keep it on death Why (how will it benefit players overall): can use better gear for pvming where u risk shit
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    DEMONIC GORILLAS TIPS ::tele gorillas gorillas can be a tricky monster to master but I'm going to give you some tips on the most effective methods to kill them, including the mechanics of how they work - also a small clip of killing them in real time to get an idea Mechanics Gorillas offense -after 3x total hits of 0 (zero) the gorilla hits on you they will change attack styles Gorillas defence -for every 50 damage you deal no matter the attack style they will change prayers (The only way I've found to manipulate this is using a zaryte bow - you can sometimes nearly kill half a gorillas with just the bow) although this happens more frequently with zaryte, it is possible to do this with rune knives When you're getting attacked and you noticed the 3rd 0 has been hit on you - switch to protect from melee because that first melee hit will be unavoidable if it decides to switch attack styles to melee Gear (most effective) these gear setups will be for the most effective methods MELEE SWITCH RANGE SWITCH additionally you could switch lance for primal/chaotic rapier, and for range you could switch out zaryte for rune knives ~~I dont recommend bringing goliaths and deflector switch because sometimes when you switch from range to melee the gloves stun the gorilla and this will cause another gorilla to hop on you and begin attacking, can get annoying~~ Gear (cheaper alternative) these cheaper setups work just as effective starting out and a smaller switch MELEE SWITCH RANGE SWITCH Inventory With this inventory setup this will be an easy 30+ minute trip if you decide to swap out brews for more overloads and renewals Short clip of a couple gorilla kills
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    Nice guide as always big boi, almost can't wait for vid ;)
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    You sir are correct, This is the first question
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    Hello, Luke The answer is yes, this is indeed the first question. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in here. Kind regards, KΓ‘ri
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    IN GAME NAME : nelly SUGGESTION: boss hiscores BENEFITS : I think this would be a great implementation to view globally who has the most kills in different bosses and to bring another form of competition into the game
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    Nelly's guide to 99/200m slayer TASKS : So you can begin your journey by talking to the slayer master @ home just outside the bank = TASK LEVELS AND REQUIREMENTS EASY : NO REQUIREMENT MEDIUM : 30 SLAYER HARD : 60 SLAYER EXPERT (BOSS) : 90 SLAYER AND 110 COMBAT your first task will always been rock crabs ( ::Tele crabs) so you will have enough points to skip the next task if you wish too WILL UPDATE POTENTIAL TASK LIST IF IT'S RELEASED OR ADDED AS AN INGAME FEATURE = SOME BENEFITS FROM DONATOR THAT HELP WITH FOR SLAYER $100 donator = cannon can hold up to 100 cannonballs $250 donator = when getting a task you will get two different tasks you can choose $500 - you will get the ::newtask command you can get a new task anywhere = SLAYER SHOP ITEMS : so there are many items you will need throughout your slayer journey slayer gem : used to check slayer task and get info from the master if you need it mirror shield : for basilisks leaf bladed spear : used against turoths and kurasks broad arrows : can be used against turoths bag of salt : used against rock slugs to finish them off rock hammer : used to finish off gargoyles face mask : used for dust devils ear muffs : used for banshees Nose peg : used against abberant spectres slayer staff : can use slayer dart with 55 slayer Spiny helm : useless on ely but for spiked wall monsters in lumbridge swamp dungeon fishing explosives : used against mogres but I don't think they are required to kill them Ice cooler : used against desert lizards to finish them off Slayer gloves : not much use for them Bug lantern : used to kill harpie bug swarms Slayer boots : used to kill killerwatts Witchwood icon : used to kill cave horrors = SLAYER POINTS SHOP : Cannon -300 points per pieces Slayer spin ticket - 25 SOF spins Dragon slayer gloves - increased damage to dragons Ferocious ring - teleports you to the entrance of kuradels dungeon or ::tele hell = making this item useless to purchase Pendant of slayer - increased xp from killing monsters on task seed box - bunch of random seeds herb box - bunch of random herbs ONE OTHER THING TO BRING ON TASKS IS YOUR BLACK MASK/SLAYER HELMET/FULL SLAYER HELMET FOR INCREASED DAMAGE TO MONSTERS ON TASK = SLAYER INVENTORY : Sloppy inventory but for the more effective way to slay you should have slayer gem, cannon balls, your cannon, spec weapon, and potions (overloads, super restores and renewals), and space for your charms, food also if you are low lvl = MOST USEFUL SLAYER TELEPORTS You can navigate most slayer teleports from the teleport tab in the bottom right tab but there are a few others ::Tele hell ::tele cata ::tele ice or ::tele dung (used for killing skeletal wyverns) = Nothing else to add, just kill the monsters and move onto the next task until you reach 99/200m If I've missed anything let me know I'll add it in as soon as I can
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    Great work, will be interesting to try for some of these drops
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    very interesting upgrade to kq - good to see its not pointless anymore. Looking forward to taking this off block list and grinding it
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    Mod worth at least 3.5. Support is 2k, have you noticed the trend in donors vs their ranks? Comon man you should know this. Kari is Admin and is also the #1 donor, put two and two together will ya.
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    I'm not against the idea of promethium being added into the economy as tier 90 gear that can be farmed/donated for but I don't think primal should be introduced through a NPC. As it is a rather expensive donator item and the supply is limited it keeps the market competitive. Maybe some sort of way to introduce it for the iron community could be explored so the gear is not restricted to people playing on the iron mode.
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    Not going to happen, sorry. Primal will remain a donator method only item, as to not screw over those who have previously spent money on it and so that there are reasons for people to spend their money and support Ely. I wouldnt be against finding a way to balance promethium, though.
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    Username: Oncology Suggestion: Concentrated coal deposit in the donor zone. Why (how will it benefit players overall): This is more of a quality of life update, but currently we have a concentrated gold deposit in the donor zone but I think a concentrated coal deposit will be nice because coal is such a huge part of smithing with the need of multiple coal ore per bar generated and mining one coal at a time is tedious for those of us on the harder game mode. If not in the donor zone then maybe this is something that could be placed in the citadel mining area or the skilling zone mining area.
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    We will, The thing about releasing items is we don't really want to put a base price on them straight away, only when they have a price within the eco. This way people won't value them more selling to gen store than selling to other players. But im sure we can add a few base prices like 50m for each zenyte piece now that a few have come into game.
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    Also add herobine back tf?
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    TOTAL LOOT FROM 200 ELITE CASKETS CLUES LOOT Total loot output - 640m worth
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    Great guide! Really appreciated πŸ™‚
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    Hello, just to verify yes this is the first question. I'd like to congratulate you on your post
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    Username: Enzyme Suggestion: Pop one of those fires that never go out at home where we all stand Why (how will it benefit players overall): So we can Fm and cook whilst talking. Its a very social spot which would encourage more skilling and it would also show new players we aren't just a bunch of talking statues.
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    This is awesome, Great to bring the community closer at home. Less afk more xp πŸ™‚
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    Let me drop a little tease here; collection log is being worked on πŸ™‚ (ignore the raids section, this is still very much in development)
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    Sounds good to me, +1 support thingie
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    ima just go cry in the corner no worries.. gg boys
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    This gon be kewl, Glad KQ aint useless no more. Ty luke ❀️
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    love this! this is really convenient and useful, nice job!!! the dom tower guide redirects to also the 532 ckey redirects to nothing just a blank page other than that everything works properly
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    When you break rules you owe more for the redemption costs + the rank so
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    Giv support and deal ❀️
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    All good my dude message me on discord (or another mod+) to delete it for you when youre ready πŸ™‚
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    Welcome to Ely RSPS. Glad to meet you πŸ˜„ Enjoy your stay!
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    Awesome to hear my man, Welcome to the family! Youre one of us now πŸ™‚
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    Hey man! Welcome to the forums, glad you like Ely πŸ˜„
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    Welcome to the Forums Shelby! Seen you around in-game a bit and glad you're enjoying your time here! 🀩
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    I completely missed this one, thanks! πŸ’•
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    Username: Masoud Suggestion: Polypore staff should last longer in fight. Why (how will it benefit players overall): Currently, using the poylpore for around 1 hour takes it from fully recharged to 0%, Plus, getting the staff itself is not that easy. It is a powerful staff but almost no one uses it because of it's fast degrade rate.So changing the Degrade rate will help increase the popularity of the staff and will encourage people to use it more.
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    I'd have to not support this. As previously stated the purpose of the Ironman modes are to be self-sufficient. It would become a P2W scenario and never sit well with the Iron community. You would annoy a lot of people who not only spent hours to gain a specific item, but also put their status at risk when they could have given the game money. The only way I would consider supporting this would be for the items to be purely cosmetic that can't be obtained by other means yet restricted to zero stat/effect bonuses, any form of combat equipment and its a definite no from me. Again as stated, even if you ruin the game mode for yourself, you de-value the achievements of those playing legitimately. If you want to donate for items then do it on a regular account where people don't mind a P2W environment. Ironmen should not have the ability to donate for any form of item that would give them an advantage over others playing the mode.
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    Good luck Jake, some very nice goals you've set there!
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    Granted, but then you lose the blue party hat to Kyle.
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    this method will increase xp by about 10-15m p/h as opposed to the afk add- logs not too viable of a method due to the limited space and the time it takes for the fires to go out but still kinda neat it works these are the rates you can expect with full attention - 38.7m p/h with the light + add logs 25m p/h with afk add logs
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    Owner Lation - Busy Guy! Helps when hes available. Fair Judge. Thanks Matt - Always carries A huge gift box. Seems to always be busy so doesn't talk much! Developer Luke Not online much lately. RIP Splash- Very Helpful when hes online. Fun guy. interactive and positive! Sell me that sword!!! Ill pay!!!!! πŸ˜„ Administrators Kari - Most active I believe. Available for help most of the time. My lucky charm tbh. Global Moderators Nick - Cool dude. helpful. always on his alt tho. Loves rubber chickens! Server Moderator Kemi - Finaly Kemi up here! Helpful and active!! Always there to give suggestions and advice! Forum Moderators Enzyme - helpful ❀️ Support Callum - Great addition to Ely Staff! Knows a great deal of things and helps alot!!

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