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    Introducing: Global & Personal NPC Kill Records You will now find a new Leaderboard at home, East of the bank! This board will post & record the fastest Boss kill records! Whoever holds the latest & fastest record will be shown on this Board along with the Boss Name & time it took. If someone beats your record for a specific Boss; you will be replaced. Hold it down, boys - get those records in! This Leaderboard currently tracks kills for the following: All God Wars Dungeon Bosses Corporeal Beast Chaos Elemental Kalphite Queen King Black Dragon Nex Tormented Demons Dagannoth Kings Cerberus Graetoriax the Unbroken Skotizo Kraken & Ruins of Graetoria Boss Personal Kill Records On top of these Global Boss records, every single NPC you kill will now feature your own personal records. This includes everything from Rock Crabs to Nex. It will display your kill time in console, unless you set or beat a personal record which will then display in your chat box! Great way to keep track of your number of kills & how efficient you can be. Are you curious what your current record is for an NPC? A new command - "record" can be used that will display your personal record on the last NPC you killed. There are a few exceptions in which your kill record time will get voided. First is if you use an Insta-Kill dart - your time will not be recorded. Second is if a second player attacks the same NPC you are fighting - your time will be voided. Lastly, Admin accounts are not recorded Globally; only personal records. Discord Update We have added a new command that can be used in Discord! !activity [username] We've also updated all other commands such as !stats [username], !drops [npcs] & so on! Few Changes Ruins Duo partner instance bug corrected. Battle Royale Mysterious cape bug has been fixed. Enjoy!
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    23/08/2019 - Misc updates & Slayer task extensions What's up boys, It's been a minute. Here's a few recent changes to the game that have been made over the past week, We are still working on a few things for you guys to enjoy and hope to release them in the near future! In the meantime it'll be small fixes like new autobought items on the GE. Slayer task extension You can now bribe the slayer master to extend your task! The cost will scale depending on the task difficulty you chose, and how many kills. Happy hunting! Other changes: - A new warning has been added to all instances, Alerting players of the risk. - A Few items have been made tradable such as torches, And bandos helmet. - The Completionist hood now has stats again. - Cannonball packs have been added to the PVM Store at the cost of 20k PVM Points. - Kill log is now functional again and will start to track new NPC's. - Pets obtained whilst having a follower already summoned will no longer disappear. - Fixed some broken items - Fixed some misc bugs We'll be back with some more updates very soon. See you all then! Make sure to join our discord to get all the juicy news!
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    Training Zone Welcome the brand new Training Zone! This is a new area with a hyper-focus towards the new players that join daily. Inside this Zone you will be presented with a new interface which will keep track of your total kills, points, task, time left & your next reward. Kills: your total number of kills on task in this zone. Points: your total amount of points earned. Task: your current assignment. Time left: how much time is remaining to kill the selected NPC. Reward: what you will receive when you achieve X number of total kills. When you teleport to this zone you will immediately be given a task. These tasks are time based therefore you are to attempt to kill as many of the assigned NPC's as possible within the time frame you are given (60 seconds per task). The point system is simple, it is the combat level of the NPC you are assigned, divided by two for every kill. Every NPC you kill on task will be added to your total kills & you will be rewarded 4M GP every 50 kills. You are free to kill any NPC in this area at anytime however if you kill an NPC that you are not assigned you will not receive points or count towards total kills. You will find "Taskmaster Vannaka" in this zone next to a Bank Chest. You may talk-to the Taskmaster at any time to reset your current assignment if you so wish. The Taskmaster also hosts his own shop which accepts the new Training Zone Points currency. This shop is geared towards getting new players setup in Ely faster & in a much more engaging way. This new shop also features a brand new item for everyone who may have no need for the Training Zone at this time, the Ring of Wealth (i)! This ring will give any player wearing it, while on a slayer task a chance at receiving a Vecna Skull as a drop. When you are given a task in the Zone you will find an arrow on the mini-map directing you to the current NPC you are assigned for easy navigation & faster kills. Collection Log Introducing a fully featured Collection Log! As you progress throughout Ely you will surely fill your Collection Log with many notable & miscellaneous items from everything such as: Rare Boss drops, all Pets, Clue Scroll items, Minigame rewards & much more! You will now be able to view what you have collected, what you have left to collect & the quantity of items you have collected already. We are extremely excited to bring this to all our players to increase the engagement players have with Ely on a daily basis & something more to aim for and show off among others. You can access this new collection log by visiting the "Task System" tab (where your Achievements are) and clicking the "Logs" button - you'll be presented with the option to open your NPC Kill Count log, or your Collection Log. Clue Scrolls Rework We bring you yet another incredible content update in this patch. We have reworked our current clue scroll rewards system! Our goal behind this project was making clues more worthwhile to do instead of just getting them done for that Completionist's Cape. A lot of junk items have been replaced with more useful items and the rates have been increased across the board. Along with the increased reward rate we have introduced a few new items into the Global Rewards table for you to obtain. Dragonbone & Dragonbone Mage sets & the Black Partyhat! Here is another reason why the Collection Log is a great addition; you can view any rare item you can receive by opening & viewing the respective category! This includes every clue scroll difficulty category as well as the global rewards table! Practice Instances Have you ever wanted to just practice on a Boss? Find out which is the most effective load-out against one? All without the risk? You can now do this with the introduction of Practice Instances! Our players now have the option on any instance clock that is available to create a "practice instance" to check out a Boss and attempt a fight without any risk of losing items! New Draconic Visage's & Dragonfire Shields Brand new Draconic Visage (Magic), Draconic Visage (Ranged) drops from King Black Dragon! These visages can be used on an Anti-dragon Shield to create brand new variants of the Dragonfire Shield to provide beneficial stats in their respective categories! New Colored Slayer Helms Along with the introduction of all these new items we have also introduced new Slayer Helm recolor options! New Abyssal Head, KQ Head & KBD Heads drops now available from their respective NPC's. You can use these Heads on a Slayer helm to get a brand new color! Skilling Shop We have introduced a low-tier basic Skilling items shop into the following locations: Citadel & Skilling Area. Donor Store Package Bonuses We have increased the amount of EPoints you will receive when purchasing larger EPoint packages! Bug Fixes & Changes Ganodermic Beats now drop Mycellium & increased drop rate on Gano Flakes. Items made tradable: Yo-yo, Rainbow Scarf, Cavalier & Mask and Christmas Sleigh. Using a cannon against an NPC will now void your record kill timer. Rainbow Scarf model is now fixed. Anguish model is now fixed. Cavalier & Mask model now fixed. Void Bones now work properly. Cannonball packs are now available in the PvM shop. Teleport tab icon has been updated. Presets manager now has a dedicated tab. Kraken now drops "Rune" bars instead of "Runite." Eternal boots are now best in slot. Ironman & all other in-game chat icons no longer have a shader on them. New chat icons are Developers & some Patron ranks. Medium Casket reward from Monster Carnage ID has been corrected. Tanner dialogue is now correct.
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    This might be a really dumb idea. But what if it was a new game mode. Where the people who want to flex “what they’ve done” have the option to prestige. Then it’s a whole new highscores for people who want to do that and the people who have grinded for their current rank aren’t affected.
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    I want to die, Please dont ever do this. I did it so you dont have too, Was not worth the meme. Leave a like for your friendly neighborhood rep whore xox Time Taken: 12 Hours Cannonballs Used: 64572 Soul Left: None Torva Platebodies Broken: 2 Loot: Total Value: (Estimated) Keys: 930M Whip Vines: 3.5B GP: 57M TOTAL: XP GAINED: Defence: 89,763,750 Slayer: 96,222,825 Range: 81,034,987 KC After: 3,876
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    Hello, After some difficulty in my life i turned to Ely it became my home, i miss it and once i can figure on how to download the client i will see you nubcakes online. My love Hades
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    In-Game Name - Callum. What Are You Suggesting - I am suggesting the addition of the Rune Pouch: a single inventory slot item that has the potential to store a maximum of three rune types; freeing inventory slots to increase the quality of life whilst completing actions within Ely. Who/What Does This Benefit - Overall, this benefits everybody. Whether you are out on a Slayer task wanting to alch miscellaneous drops (Rune etc), gathering rune drops from PvM monsters, training the Magic skill in a levelling fashion or using the style as a method of fighting a boss. The Rune Pouch holds countless benefits and can be a way at pushing people towards using Magic as a primary skill instead of focusing solely on Melee. Any Additional Information - We've already got some OSRS additions on Ely in the form of bosses (Kraken, Cerberus etc), so why not further the reach and include some of the more useful and requested items. If this does gain support and is pushed towards inclusion, other items will be suggested in the future (Seed Box, Looting Bag, Advanced Skilling armours etc). For more information about the basis of the Rune Pouch, here is a link to the OSRS Wiki - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Rune_pouch
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    This would be awesome, But expanding on that idea; - Says his pot above his head and interchanges dialogue to say the time left for lottery - Announces the winner of the pot - Add a announce to randomly say the current pot But definitely think this could be a cool idea, Hes so unused and quite frankly could be a ton of fun
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    Increases pet chance if you hand in maximum quantity. Nice guide vinc, defo worth doing for any type of Ironman!
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    could just add a system that marks someone inactive after x amount of time and after that doesn't count for in-game time and disqualifies them for the lucky player spin until they become active again since they take up those spaces which negatively impacts the experience.
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    You haven't really added anything of value either, no new items or anything. You've written out some inflated values that you wish were true. Cannon and Adze spring to mind here. As well as some items, Rocktail and Dragon hatchet that wouldn't be worth even considering trading at these prices, as rocktail sell for more at the general store and you can alch dragon hatchet for 8.5m. To your credit, partyhats should be worth more than the official price guide states. ps. Armadyl battlestaff being outclassed is irrelevant as it's basically solely used for the Storm of Armadyl spell, making it the bis for this niche scenario.
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    There are a few exceptions in which your kill record time will get voided. First is if you use an Insta-Kill dart - your time will not be recorded. Second is if a second player attacks the same NPC you are fighting - your time will be voided. Lastly, Admin accounts are not recorded Globally; only personal records. Read bro
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    After a few long months of grinding away, Virtus has finally fallen. https://prnt.sc/p66t94 Overall Playtime: 373 hours. Achievements: First Maxed Hardcore Ironman Legend. 7 unique pet drops (including Corporeal Beast). 11 requirements left to Completionist Cape. Plenty of boss drops (Bandos, Armadyl, Corporeal Beast loot etc). Final Bank (Post-Death): Rares: https://prnt.sc/p673ic Fashionscape: https://prnt.sc/p673kd Clues/Junk: https://prnt.sc/p673m5 Weapons/Dungeoneering: https://prnt.sc/p673o6 Armour: https://prnt.sc/p673qy Collectables: https://prnt.sc/p673tj Skilling: https://prnt.sc/p673v6 Drops: https://prnt.sc/p673y2 Food/Potions: https://prnt.sc/p67400 So, what's next? Time to do it all again.
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    Username: Kyle Suggestion: I would really like to see more ways to train agility in-game, in the form of rooftop agility courses! I suggest that they start at level 60 and every 10 levels after that, another course with higher xp rates, ending at a level 99 course for the Agility fanatics out there (Kemi). I don't suggest we use the same courses as OSRS, because people who play it already grind those same courses enough. I'd like to offer the following locations as course areas: Level 60-69: Above Daemonheim: it's a really cool looking area! Level 70-79: Above Rimmington. It's a dead content area right now but I like the way it looks, and there's a lot of buildings to put a course above. Level 80-89: Above home (Lunar Isle). This location would be close to everyone else and all the shops/grand exchange if you needed something from it. Overall an aesthetically pleasing area. Level 90-98: Yanille (Again, an unused and otherwise dead content area). Level 99: Skilling zone (This cuts down on the developers having to find extra places to put content / make room for it and also incorporates the skilling theme of the area into the course) Optional (from a marketing standpoint and for the financial good of the server): A donor-only agility course over the water at donator zone. This would be awesome and maybe even encourage people to donate for even better xp rates, similar to the stalls there yielding more xp than the ones at home. Why, and would this benefit?: The reason I suggest this is because Agility is currently one of the top 3 slowest skills in the game, and I think I might be right when I say that the general consensus among the playerbase is that Agility is a pretty undesirable, and not fun, skill to train. Overall I'm really excited to bring this suggestion to you guys and I hope you like it as much as I do. I think it might give some more variety to the skill in general and give you some more content to work with besides the 3 normal courses. Let me know what you think! Note: This content could be polled to see what kind of support it would pull, especially from people who don't have forums accounts to leave their opinion with. -Kyle
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    Since this is perm now, accepted.
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    In-Game Name: Virtus. What Are You Suggesting: The implementation of an AFK timer that will notify you if you have been inactive for a specific amount of time within that session and proceed to kick your account if you do not re-enable activity. Who/What Does This Benefit: Everybody who logs in-game. Any Additional Information: In the current state of the game, we have an average of roughly 15-25 players logged in-game throughout the day; raising or dropping between peak times. Many of our player base has playtime hours logged on their accounts within the thousands which, whilst an impressive feat, is unrealistic. Playtime on accounts should symbolise how long you've spent playing the game, not forgetting that you have left your account logged in to check back and realize you have many missed messages from players asking of your whereabouts. The amount of players AFK at home consistently can be a positive and negative effect, listed briefly in detail below: Positives: To new arrivals, it looks like we have a large player base on at all given times. People get to increase their overall hours spent in-game. Negatives: New arrivals are soon to realise that of those 15-25 online, only a handful are active in welcoming them. In the event of a staff member being required, players have absolutely no idea as to whether that member of staff is active in-game right now or not even at home/asleep. Overall, there is no real benefits to not having this in-game.
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    Forget the prestige. Get 5b on legend mode my dude
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    200m Firemaking done, wasn't too bad tbh, used a total of around 46.5k magic logs I believe. Used the remaining ~500 logs for a little bit of fletching xp. Then got all my Crimson and Blue charms out of Item Redemption and used those along with the ones I got from FM to get me around 53m Summoning, used Voting Tickets on that. My plan is to only use the voting tickets on skills that require a lot of resources that are annoying to get, like crafting and smithing. Currently working on fishing but idk if i'm going to go for that one next, might wait and see what the next update will provide, currently with the full fishing outfit on i'm getting 1,244 xp per shark which would make it around 150k sharks to 200m fishing. Sounds like shit so we'll see. Might just do Runecrafting and get 200m before Kyle 😉
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    Do rewards get better if you have more? I thought it was just the drop for every kindling/stardust you have? nice guide
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    Username: Kyle Suggestion: Add weekly and monthly hiscores to show how much people have gained overall and in certain skills. I'm not sure how the current API works for tracking this stuff but it would be really awesome to see it implemented. This could even lead to competitions for rewards in the future. Why, who would benefit?: The server has been out for almost 2 years so it would be nice to add something to the competitive side of things. Anyone who skills regularly would benefit. Thanks for reading!
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    I really like that idea, support from me
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    Username: Kyle Suggestion: Ely is a growing community. A bigger playerbase of active people is never a bad thing, and incentive to play is paramount to achieving high player counts. I've been thinking over the past few days about what we could do as a server to encourage play Monday through Thursday, and not just give incentive to play on the weekends for the events. With that being said, here's my suggestion: weekday events! I've come up with a tentative list that includes several things that could be a part of our Ely gameplay Monday through Thursday. I came up with more than 4, and I think if it gets enough support, we could vote on which ones get added to the game. We could even have 2 events per day if you guys think it would increase player activity! Below is the list. Please comment which ones you DO and DON'T want to see added to the game. Also, make sure to leave feedback and constructive criticism if you deem it necessary. Thanks for reading! Note: These aren't in any particular order, I'm just doing it this way for aesthetics. Monday: Double charms drops! All monsters will yield 2x their normal charms drops in all applicable situations. Monday (2): Double skilling points day! Today you will earn 2x the normal amount of skilling points. Great for easy game mode! Tuesday: Double slayer points! If ,you're a casual or everyday slayer, this is the event for you! Grind out those points before the day ends! Tuesday (2): Donor trial day! Every Tuesday all non-donors will have access to the donator zone to give it a try and see if they would like to donate! Wednesday: All drops are noted today! This is advantageous for players who slay, boss, or just in general kill monsters that have annoying non-noted drops! Wednesday (2): Today you will see increased spawn rates for the Wildywyrm, Shooting Star, and Evil tree public events! Get grinding. Thursday: Increased pet chance day! Get out there and get yourself that skilling/boss pet you've always wanted today! Thursday (2): Fuck my life couldn't think of another one that people would like so this is just a placeholder. SUPPORT THIS FUCKIN THREAD! Why: Why the fook not? Everyone would benefit and it would make weekdays suck less ass!! Credits to Merlin for the public event suggestion: Please support! Love, Kyle (Kaotic and Masoud's dad)
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    Pls don't roast, but dont you think noted drops are kinda OP for some places? Maybe like Callum said and have it be a chance for noted drop. Can even be a high chance, but still makes you bank occasionally. Also yea, just like Callum said, 50% increase or stuff is better than 2x imo. I think it good idea though 🙂
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    I love the idea of weekday events! As someone who spends most of their weekends working due to my industry, I miss out on pretty much every event nowadays. But as it's been noted above, some of them are quite unrealistic. Also instead of completely doubling everything for an event, maybe a 50% increase would be more beneficial to keep things stable (If you originally get 40 Charms from a drop you'd get 60 to not make the event overpowered). One thing I'd suggest for mid-week events would be more for minigames, but specific days for specific events (could even be a week long process that alternates minigame daily). This would bring around a revitalisation of the minigame scene in Ely and push people towards grinding these out (potential linkage into Completionist (t) requirements down the line for die-hard players). Overall, I like the concept. I'd just rework the daily events slightly so that they're not overpowered or making the game easier than it already is.
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    Overall support in general, Just don't agree with some events.
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    Souls gone, never to be seen again
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    End the mistreatment of Eternal Boots, and make it less sad to get that crystal as a drop from the three-headed dog
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    A very well needed price update! with great help of an elysian (Masoud) 😄 Normal Phats from 750-800M > 1-1.2B Set monthly boxes to 500-600M each Primal Hatchet/Pick from 400-500M > 250M each Primal Longsword from 1-1.5B > 1.9-2.2B Primal Rapier from 1.5-2B > 1.7-2B Nex Sets from 1-1.5B > 1-1.3B Armadyl helmet from 50-100M > 50M Amardyl top/bot from 100-150M > 75-100M Bandos helmet from 100-150M > 250-300M Bandos top/bot from 100-150M > 80-130M Glacor boots from 100-200M > 150-200M Prims and Pegs from 1B > 1.5-2B Dharoks from 25M per peice > 25-50M per piece Vote tickets from 2-5M > 5M Agility tickets from 500K-1M > 2-4M Skilling items - Yew logs from 15K > 15-20K Teak planks from 10k > 20k Rune bars from 50-80k > 60-80k Adamant bars from 30-50k > 40-50k Added fayrg bones - 75k Added Frost dragon bones - 150-200k Added black dragon leather - 20k Added dragon dart tip - 1-2k Added dragonstones - 50k Will be adding all new items tomorrow + more skilling items! Leave feedback and whatever you think needs changing below, only way this is going to work 😄
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    Use the format please located here - But as previously stated, you can kill them it just takes a bit more power to it. The bracelets on the other hand are a bug.
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    Actually that was nothing compared to this, I have never put myself through more torture
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    I think most people that would remember me would remember me as Tony. I played the old server (idk if im allowed to mention names).. But i remember you Kari.
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    Can't really fix it if we don't know what's broken
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    After cutting 47k magic logs and switching to ivy for awhile I finally finished 200m woodcutting! Woot. Now working on 200m fm, dunno whats after.
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    I agree with Kari here, a lot of the game modes don't have competition so theres still room for competition in certain aspects. Try out legend mode or even Ultimate Ironman, two of the most not played game modes with lots of room for competition and a bit of a grind.
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    Another server I’ve been on let’s uou exchange grimy herbs, vial of water, and coins for unf pot. Kinda nice
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    Reputation is earned when making threads & posts that are up voted with a Like, Thanks and/or Haha reactions. Each reaction (with the exception of neutral Confused & Sad) adds +1 reputation. Your total reputation will correspond one of these ranks on your profile.
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    Somewhere in Ely wanders an old one.. One which carries a fabled and sought after loot. While not honorably obtained it shall be recovered in the same manner. Only the wise will find & obtain, then hope of one day returning what rightfully is not theirs. At one point in time this one may have committed something unspeakable but still walks free. Maybe you should keep what is found to serve justice.. ..but is it worth it?
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    I would love to see this in ely. PS. Looting bag / seed box is already in the game 😉
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    As most of you can tell, I haven’t really been on much. Got on the other day, and lost a good chunk of my bank to Alex, GG. No I’m not quitting because of that, but I just don’t have fun playing RSPS’s at this point in time. I also want to start spending more time with my family and getting myself back together. Most of you know the shit that’s happened in my life this year and some of you bois really helped me through it and I am much grateful. There are a few other things that I won’t talk about that have lead up to this, but for now, farewell. I’ll be on discord a lot so if anybody wants to hmu they can, I’ll also be in ElyChat on OSRS if anybody plays OS. potatocheese has logged out.
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    Hello all, After starting playing again and seeing how the game is now, including metas, BIS items, etc, I've decided that the current price guide is just a little outdated. With that being said, here's a completely ripped off template that I got from Jordan's thread. Thank you in advance Mr. Jordan. This is just a GUIDE and the justification I give for each item's price might not match your own. THIS GUIDE IS PRIMARILY AIMED TOWARDS COMMONLY TRADED ITEMS, AND NOT COSMETICS.I think a lot of new players are being pointed towards an outdated guide for prices, so making this new one feels like the right thing to do. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism, but do not berate this thread just because my opinions might not be the exact way you feel about certain items. Thanks for reading. Custom Items - 10B (These go for different prices depending on the custom item) - Completely fair price; most people never intend to sell their customs anyways. Sleigh - TBD Christmas Scythe - TBD Giant Present - TBD Scythe - 2-3B Fiery Cape - 4-5B Fiery Corruption - 4-5B Fiery Divine - 5-10B Demonstrand Helm - 750M-1B Demonstrand Top - 750M-1B Demonstrand Bottom - 750M-1B Fiery Partyhat - 10-15B Rainbow Partyhat - 7-8B Black Partyhat - 8-10B Blue Partyhat -1.75B Minimum, solely for the facts that it is never sold, and is the most expensive "buyable" partyhat. 0 have been sold on the Epoints shop. White Partyhat -900M-1.2B: Slightly more common than a red phat but have been sold more on the online sho Red Partyhat - 950M-1.25B, 0 have been sold on the Epoints shop and these are almost never traded. Green Partyhat - 750-800M Yellow Partyhat - 750-800M Purple Partyhat - 900M minimum, least common partyhat from Christmas crackers, as well as a grand total of 0 have been bought from the Epoints shop. Black H'ween Mask - 2-3B White H'ween Mask - 1-1.5B Red H'ween Mask - 200M Blue H'ween Mask - 150M Green H'ween Mask -100M Anti Santa Hat - 1-2B Reverse Santa Hat - 1-1.5B Black Santa Hat - 300-400M Santa Hat - 200-300M Anti Santa Legs/Top - 300-400M (Per Piece) Full Santa Suit - 100-200M (Per Piece) Anti-Christmas Ghost Set - 300-500M (Per Piece) Easter Ring - TBD Amulet of Fiery Fury - 500M-1B Monthly Boxes - TBD Christmas Mystery Box - TBD Super Mystery Box - TBD Mystery Box - TBD Summer Shop Amulet of The Damned - 500-750M Primal Gauntlets - 50M Maximum: these gauntlents are easily outclassed by lower-tier armor. Primal Boots - 500-600M Primal Pick/Hatchet - 100M-200M maximum. After extensive testing I can safely conclude that the difference these provide compared to Dragon-tier tools is negligible and doesn't warrant making them cost half a bil. Primal Longsword - 1-1.5B Primal Rapier 1.5-2B Primal Body/Legs - 900M-1.2B maximum. These armor pieces are the best melee tank gear in the game. Slightly lower price than torva due to the lack of health boost. Primal Shield/Helm - 850M for the helm, primarily because some people will be using other items that are strictly better, such as Torva helm due to the life boost, or a Slayer helmet if on task, etc. Still great tank gear, so it retains a high price. 450M for the kiteshield due to Divine being in-game. It pretty much makes having a Primal shield useless. Primal Maul/Primal 2H - 1-1.5B Cele Hood - 900M minimum. Lower price than Pernix due to lack of life boost, but also offers BIS mage bonus in game, which makes it deserving of such a high price. Cele Top/Bottom - 650-750M due to the bottoms being outclassed by even Ahrims armor. Seller's discretion. Cele Gloves/Boots - 50M max for the gloves. Spellcasters are strictly better and free to obtain. 550-750M for Boots. Boots appear to be the second BIS in game, right below Eternal boots. Cele Staff - 950M-1.2B - Provides bonus magic damage. Highest tier mage weapon in the game besides the Hellfire staff, which hasn't dropped yet. On top of that, this weapon is the best mage DPS in game while also being 1-handed. Assassin - 300M Per Piece Assassin Sword - 300M Per Piece Nex Items Torva Full Helm - 1-1.5B Torva Platebody - 1-1.5B Torva Platelegs - 1-1.5B Pernix Cowl - 1-1.5B Pernix Body - 1-1.5B Pernix Chaps - 1-1.5B Virtus Mask - 1-1.5B Virtus Robe Top - 1-1.5B Virtus Robe Legs - 1-1.5B Zaryte Bow - 900M Minimum. Due to no Recurve bows being in-game right now, this bow provides the best 2-Handed ranged DPS in game, on top of the fact that it is an extremely rare drop from Nex. Graetorian Armor Graetorian Casque - 900M-1.2B Pendant of Graetoria - 600-750M Graetorian Platebody - 900M-1.2B Graetorian Striders - 900M-1.2B Graetorian Defender - 400-600M Dragon Warhammer - 500-750M Third-Age Sets Helm - 250M Body - 800M-1B Legs - 800M-1B Kiteshield - 250M Hat - 250M Robe Top - 800M-1B Robe Bottom - 800M-1B Amulet - 250M Coif - 250M Body - 800M-1B Chaps - 800M-1B Vambs - 250M Spirit Shields Arcane - 400-500M Spectral - 200-300M Elysian - 400-500M Divine - 700-800M: Left this price alone but could definitely change in the future. It's used by a lot of people and has one of the best passive effects in game, as well as having great defensive stats. Spirit Shield - 25M Blessed Spirit Shield - 75-100M Holy Elixir - 50M God Wars Items Armadyl Helmet - 50-100M Armadyl Chestplate - 100-150M Armadyl Chainskirt - 100-150M Armadyl Godsword - 100-200M Armadyl Crossbow - 100-200M Bandos Helmet - 100-150M Bandos Chestplate - 100-150M Bandos Tassets - 100-150M Bandos Boots - 20-30M Bandos Godsword - 50M Saradomin Godsword - 50-100M Saradomin Sword - 20-30M Saradomin Murmur/Whisper/Hiss - 75-100M Each Subjugation Top/Bot - 50-100M Each Subjugation Hood/Gloves/Boots/Shield - 25-50M Each Zamorak Godsword - 50M Glacor Items Steadfast Boots - 100-200M Glaiven Boots - 100-200M Ragefire Boots - 100-200M Armadyl Battlestaff - 200M maximum. Even though it does take time to collect the shards necessary to make one of these, it is easily outclassed by other staves. Combat Items Dragon Claws - 200-300M Abyssal Whip - 10-20M Whip Vine - 20-30M Abyssal Tentacle - 100-250M Heavy Ballista - 500M (100M Per Piece) Dragonfire Shield - 40-50M Fury (or) - 50-100M Staff of Light - 50M Trident of The Seas - 250-500M Berserker Ring - 40-50M Archers Ring - 30-40M Seer's Ring - 10-20M Warrior's Ring - 20M Serp Helm - 1B Dark Claw - 200-300M Black Mask - 50-100M Focus Sight - 100-200M Hexcrest - 100-200M Amulet of Torture - 2-3B Necklace of Anguish - 2-3B Tormented Bracelet - 2-3B Ring of Suffering - 2-3B Ring of The Gods - 100M maximum. This ring is complete trash and is only worth 100M because it's a summer shop exclusive. Don't buy this. Treasonous Ring - 500-750M Tyrannical Ring - 300-400M Cannon Set - 250M (Per Piece). I know, I know. But really, the only 2 ways to get this are by grinding slayer and getting lucky on SOF. They're in high demand too for people who train slayer and boss at certain places. I think these prices are fair on a per-piece basis. Primordial Boots - 1B Pegasian Boots - 1B Eternal Boots - 1B Coloured Staff of Lights - 200M - 400M Dragon Set (or) - 50-100M Per Piece Dragon Set (or) - 50-100M Per Piece Barrows Items Dharok's Set - 100M - 25M Per Piece Ahrim's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece Karil's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece Guthan's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece Torag's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece Verac's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece PVP Armour Morrigans Coif - 10-20M Morrigans Leather Body - 10-20M Morrigans Leather Chaps - 10-20M Statius Full Helm - 20-30M Statius Platebody - 20-30M Statius Platelegs - 20-30M Statius Warhammer - 100M minimum. This item's spec lowers the defense of bosses and basically offers you a dragon warhammer for 1/7th of the price. I personally use this item frequently at Nex. Using special restore potions, you can spec 3 times with this weapon before waiting for it to recharge. Very good item to have for PVMers. Vesta Platebody - 20-30M Vesta Platelegs - 20-30M Vesta Longsword - 20-30M Vesta Spear - 50-100M: Believed to be the best spear to use at Corporeal beast. Not many are in game, and the Draconic Lance is not confirmed to be considered a spear there. Zuriel Hood - 10-20M Zuriel Robe Top - 10-20M Zuriel Robe Bottom - 10-20M Zuriel Staff - 10-20M Skilling Items Inferno Adze - 150-200M: it is currently the most expensive skilling points shop item, and on some game mode that amount of points would take several 200m's to achieve. Deserving of a much higher price than what it was originally given. It also provides the ability to train 2 skills at once. Agile Top -25-50M Agile Bottoms - 25-50M Boots of Lightness - 25-50M Lumberjack Set - 100-150M Black Ibis Set - 100-150M Gold Mining Suit - 150-200M Flame Gloves - 50M Ring of Fire - 50M Magic Secateurs - 25M Yaktwee Stick - 10M Odd Lamp - 12.5M Cooking Gauntlets - 10M Dragon Pickaxe - 5M: Insanely devalued after last month's mystery boxes came out. Not worth 10M in my opinion. Dragon Hatchet - 10M Voting Tickets - 5M period. You only get 9-10 every 24 hours and you are sacrificing your own chance at bonus XP by selling these. Only a limited amount can enter the game at one time anyways, so I believe 5M is fair. Agility Tickets - 2M each: I know this is going to be controversial but due to how slow agility is, and how few people actually train it past 99 (Kemi), I think it's safe to put these at 2M each. Vote tickets take less time to acquire and they cost more than double that. It's fair I swear. Skilling Supplies Magic Logs - 20K Yew Logs - 10K Watermelon Seeds - 50K Magic Tree seed - 1-3M: too commonly dropped to be worth 5M each. Yew Tree seed - 1M Living Minerals - 1K each, ridiculously fast to mine (you get like 15 at a time) and easily available to any donor. Let's face it, the majority of the server is donors at this point. 10K per mineral was a crazy price. Teak Logs - 4K each. They haven't been made into planks yet and the previous price guide had them listed at the same price as mahogany logs. Teak Planks - 10K Adamant Bar - 10k each. 1 hour at aviansies nets you close to 1000 bars, or more, if you're lucky. They come very fast from slayer and other PVM as well. Rune Bar - 20k each. Doesn't provide double the experience of adamant, but takes a lot longer to gather them unless you buy bar packs. Mahogany Logs - 15K Mahogany Planks - 20k Raw Rocktail - 15K each. Skilling should be profitable, but due to how fast you can catch rocktail, I would suggest this price. I understand that they are the best 1 click heal in game, but donating $5 allows anyone to fish them insanely fast. Cooked Rocktail - 7.5K Dragon Bones - 50K Ourg Bones - 100K Dagannoth Bones - 200-300k Cosmetic Items/Event Items Anti Chicken Head - 200-250M Anti Chicken Wings - 200-250M Anti Chicken Legs - 200-250M Anti Chicken Feet - 200-250M These aren't stable atm, just prices I've seen being traded for! Burnt Rubber Chicken - 200-250M Eggsterminator - 100-200M Squrriel Ears - 100-200M Egg on face Mask - 100-150M Chocolate Egg on Face Mask - 100-150M Easter Carrot - 50-100M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ale of The Gods - 10-15B Christmas Ghost Hood - 3-5M Christmas Ghost Top - 3-5M Christmas Ghost Bottom - 3-5M Candy Cane - 3-5M Salty Claws Hat - 3-5M Christmas Wand - 3-5M Wintumber Tree - 3-5M Snow Globe - 3-5M Web Cloak - 5-10M Bunny Ears - 5-10M Rubber Chicken - 5-10M Golden Hammer - 5-10M Fish Mask - 5-10M Gilded Armour - 50M Basket of Eggs - 50-100M See-no-evil Monkey Hat - 50M Goblin Hat - 50M Book of Faces - 50M
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