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    Due to unfortunate circumstances, we've had to repost the price guide. I have done my best to put together the prices from what im aware of under short notice. If you see something that isn't right, Please send me a message on discord or let me know in-game and ill fix it right away. Thank you for understanding. Lots of Love, Kao ❤️ EXCLUSIVES COSMETICS SCROLLS AND BOXES SUMMER SHOP NEX ITEMS GRAETORIAN ARMOUR RUINS OF GRAETORIA ZENYTE JEWEWLERY THIRD-AGE SETS SPIRIT SHIELDS GODWARS ITEMS GLACORS ITEMS MISC COMBAT ITEMS DAGANNOTH RINGS CERB DROPS ZULRAH ITEMS BARROWS ITEMS PVP ARMOUR SKILLING TOOLS SKILLING ITEMS CRYSTAL KEY REWARDS SOF REWARDS CLUE SCROLL REWARDS SEASONAL ITEMS
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    Guide to killing harbinger xrul THIS BOSS IS INSTANCED SO DON'T BRING ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE ::Tele ruins Starting out with GEAR so you can bring up to 3+1 (protect item prayer) of you're best items that you will want to keep on death then I'd suggest the rest untradeables, also being on task is very helpful for killing harbinger IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO BRING A DIVINE TO REDUCE INCOMING DAMAGE AND REDUCE THE SPECIAL ATTACK FROM HARBINGER FROM 600 TO 420 this is an example of low risk gear setup with protect item ON bandos godsword is for lowering defence on harbinger, can also be swapped for a dragon warhammer Next will be inventory setup An inventory like this will be just fine, but you could swap out some rocktails for more brews, or play around with your own setup to figure out what works best for you Getting your killcount and altars To start your joruney to the killing harbinger xrul you need to get your killcount so head over to ::Tele ruins and talk to General Grisis who will give you two options of rooms to work towards your killcount in So if you are soloing its 10 killcount to enter the boss room, for duo you need a total of 20 killcount split between you and your partner (so 10kc ea person in that party) Altars so when you enter either the east room or west room you can see an altar in the center of each room these altars give you boost effects that are beneficial in the fight against harbinger xrul East room West room So the east room effect is your combat stats are boosted to 150 West room effect is you are able to boost your hitpoints to 2000 Lastly, The FIGHT So once you've got your 10 kc and activated the altar for your boost and boosted up to 2000 hitpoints. Enter the boss room through the north barrier and turn on your prayers Activate the fight by clicking on the portal on the north side of the room you will keep protect from magic on at all times until the boss starts with the raining of fire, similar to grae then switch on protect from ranging once this attack occurs so you aren't taking full damage from these attacks Next is the special attack from harbinger, which will come across the floor in purple, make sure you have divine on to only receive a hit of 420 as opposed to maximum hit of 600 from this attack without divine And finally the void drake, which will spawn from harbinger at roughly 3000 hp. Try and finish him off as quick as possible to avoid unnecesary damage and finish the fight quicker ===== One last note for anyone wanting to train prayer with void bones bring your bones bones and pestle and mortar to this altar @ ::Tele ruins - -use your bones on the altar to bless them blessed void bones -grind your bones up with a pestle and mortar to get the paste Ground void bones -then scatter your ground void bones to get your prayer xp - - Hope this guide helped, Goodluck with the grind! -
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    Usually I wouldn't make a thread just for a small change or two but due to ending up with quite an extensive list of changes I decided to post a thread on these changes to keep those who are not in our Discord up-to-date on the following changes: Collection Log Updated - Added Zulrah & items - Added Verac's Skirt - Fixed Black Mask ID - Added KBD, KQ & Abyssal Heads OSRS Items - Toxic Blowpipe venom now works as intended - Trident of the Swamp venom now works as intended PvM Shop Change - Replaced Prayer Renewal potions with flasks in Prayer Renewal Pack Drop Announcements - Removed "Smouldering Stone" from drop announcements - Added all Zulrah items to announcements Celestial Gear Adjustment - Robe bottoms now have a Mage bonus of +29 - Robe top now has a +39 Mage bonus Training Zone Update - NPC's no longer follow & attack the player when task changes - Barrow's gloves now purchasable from Training Zone shop exclusively - Achievement progress interface no longer overrides Training Zone's Misc. Changes - Fixed OSRS Goblins drop table - All Zenyte items now have a higher GP value & proper examine texts - Grae bow changes have been reverted Be sure to check out our brand new Store! ⬇️
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    I think some of it is overpriced. Wait, hang on. It's all overpriced.
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    With the current decade coming to an end and the roaring 20's coming swiftly I ask you this: What goals or ambitions has everybody got that they would like to achieve in the upcoming year? Me personally, with my Masters Degree completed I'm planning on fully pushing myself into the world of film and television and beginning the hunt and grind for my dream job.
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    For what it's worth, the thresholds are only for pets and not for other unique drops. It wasn't completely clear if that's what you meant or not, so I wanted to address it. As to the second point about a standard ratio - are you saying that the kill count needed for each boss to trigger a threshold should be the same for all? So for example, 500 kills would hit the threshold for both Nex and and 500 kills would do it for Dagannoth Kings? Or are you saying that a kill threshold would lower the chance of a unique item the same between one boss to the next? For example, 500 kills for Nex would increase the chance of a Torva plate by 15%, just as 500 DK kills would increase the chance of a ring drop by 15%? Either way, there's a problem with having an across the board threshold for everything since getting X kills for one boss isn't going to be the same level of difficulty or time needed as others. Per my examples, you could have several thousand kills at Dagannoth Kings by the time you could get 500 kills at Nex. A few more questions to consider Would the threshold be applied to all drops for that particular boss? or would each item have its own unique drop rate change? Would it get reset after a drop is obtained? If not, wouldn't there be a problem where people who have much higher chances, and therefore items more quickly, cause those with lower thresholds but get a good drop to be denied a decent price for it? Basically, would there not end up being an inflation problem? Would 'Threshold leeches' be permitted? That is, where someone with a high threshold comes along with a party and gets the kills but allows the others to pick up the items?
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    oi oi oi oi oi oi missed u guys
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    Cannon will end up being disabled at Corp and multiple other locations if reverted.
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    Tis no more format GG
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    Regarding this topic - I recently looked into this (Matt & I) and we are looking at other options than a band-aid patch/fix for this. At the moment looking at a re-write of the decanting process to allow more flexibility overall/potions/flasks - etc. With that said, I have no time frame or ETA but just know thats on the table at the moment.
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    Finally, gz! But yea thats some shit rng lmao
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    Some horrific rng, but an amazing outcome at the end. Well done nerd!
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    Damn good job bb ❤️
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    If you have forgotten or need your in-game password reset, please do the following: 1. Private message @Lation, @Kari, @Splash, @Luke, or @Matt. 2. Do so here on the forums, or do so in Discord. Click here to join. (Joining Discord will provide a faster response) 3. Please include your in-game & forum name in your message for a password reset request. 4. We will take care of the rest! We do not have an automated system for resetting in-game passwords to protect our users. We verify account ownership with the player requesting a password change to reduce risk. Thank you.
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    This item will become available in the next gameplay update!
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    Very nice guide Nelly! Should help fill the gap in the market and hope to see more people grinding this boss!
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    Been an awesome year, Keep it up guys 🙂
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    Yoinker boinker! good shit
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    +1 this is kinda cool
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    I love the changes. I haven't spent many of the points I have donated for yet and I was unsure about what to get, but this gives me a lot more options which is nice.
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    nice and pay to win gg, happy new year 😄
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    The boosts in current day RuneScape are different and have changed due to the Evolution of Combat. As you can see from this screenshot from a 2012 video, https://gyazo.com/883b669a58b67386d1457198bd54eb6d magic is supposed to provide a +7, while range is +23 and melee is +26. There is nothing wrong with the overloads.
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    Cerb boots shouldn't be in store then, yea? Interesting changes. I'm interested to see how they play out. gg's happy 2020
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    this is insane @@@@@@ good job fellas
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    I went and saw the new Star Wars movie today - the last in the story that began 42 years ago with Episode IV in 1977. Naturally there will be spoilers, so if you want to avoid any, I recommend not continuing. WARNING ::SPOILERS BELOW:: WARNING I found the beginning of the movie started very fast. It jumped right into Kylo searching out the maps to the sith world without having the audience really be exposed to what was happening first. Then, all of a sudden, he's there and speaking to Palpatine. It wasn't bad, but the lack of build up kinda had to make you start paying attention right away. My cousin told me beforehand that they jumped around a lot throughout the story, going from one 'team' to another fairly rapidly and I agree. There was a lot going on, so it was somewhat unavoidable. It got jarring near the big fight scene at the end - to the point that I kind of forgot about what Finn was supposed to be doing. I guess that just means I have to watch the movie again on Disney+. The overall plot of the movie was decent. I think it was less predictable than the last one and so it kept me engaged, not really knowing where it was going to go. I liked that there were a lot of planets with their different challenges and circumstances to deal with. The choices each character made felt like there were consequences to go along with the choice. It was something I felt was lacking in the last movie. I was very impressed and happy with how they handled Leia throughout the movie. I knew that she was going to be in it using footage that was filmed throughout the first two movies, but still wasn't expecting what they managed to put together. I always liked her character, probably my favorite story line throughout the series. There were't too many strong female leads when the original trilogy came out and she was never portrayed as someone who was helpless, but instead a strong leader type. Becoming a general of the resistance and continuing to fight for what she believed in was only natural and how she sacrificed her life to save Rey and Ben may not have been the exact send off that they were planning, but it was a strong one nonetheless. I like how they explained that she went through some basic jedi training after the end of episode VI to explain how she was much more attuned to the force than she ever demonstrated in the original movies. I think most followers of the series expected Ben to switch back over to the light at some point. Personally, I was hoping he would stick around after so that he could be in future movies with Rey, but I understand that he was the center of A LOT of destruction and him just being allowed back into society probably would have been a difficult sell. Plus, Adam Driver is a pretty big star and so giving him more options than being committed to future movies is probably for the best - that way they can make them either with or without him. I remember when the first movie came out there were people saying that Rey was a Palpatine, but it was a stretch. I can't remember if he ever was shown as having children in episodes 1-3, but if not then that could have used some more explanation in my opinion, but that's alright. Daisy Ridley did a great job at displaying the conflict and turmoil that was holding Rey back. It was deeper and darker than Ben's was, I think - especially since she didn't know where it was coming from or why. I wasn't a giant fan of the 'fight' she had with herself appearing as a sith lord, since I think that scene was merely for trailer bait, but it was over fast so whatever. I also didn't fully grasp the part about Ben and Rey having a once in a thousand generation that allowed their life force to restore the emperor - might be another part where a re-watch is necessary. As for the other characters, their parts were good. No serious complaints. The movie was heavily focused on Rey and her path, so it's expected that the others didn't get as much development. The exception was Po, but a lot of his development happened in the time between the last movie and this one I think. He was displayed as having much more confidence and strengths compared to how he was before. They left a door open to a stand alone series with him, either a prequel or a spin off - probably not for a while though. My biggest problem with the movie was the copypasta from Avengers: Endgame they did with the reinforcements at the end, but I'll get over it. Overall, I'm happy with how the movie and series ended. I'm excited with what they can do in the future too. I'm picturing myself far in the future watching the next generation dig up the buried lightsabers and wondering how I'll feel about it. They have to give it some time though. Starting the next series in two years just doesn't seem like enough time to allow a post-war world to develop. 10 years is probably more realistic. They can do spin-offs and series in the meantime I'm sure. Prediction: The last episode of The Mandalorian will have the baby yoda being delivered to Rey. That would be 🔥FIRE 🔥 Thanks for reading my 2am ramblings. If anyone wants to talk about how they felt about it, I look forward to those replies. Also, no spamerino Boats, pls..
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    I agree with a lot of your points, and overall I enjoyed the movie.
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    Hello all this guide in not a guide for efficiency but EXP of all pouches that can be made in-game To start summoning off you will need to run to the South-West from the bank to the building which you can find Pikkupstix. He will have all the Items Required to start summoning. After this you can either run down the Trapdoor in the bulding or you can go to Skilling teleports and on the second page you will find the summoning teleport. This will take you to the Summoning obelisk in Taverly. This very bad picture I did in paint shows you where to go from the bank. These graphs below shows the Exp per pouch for each familiar Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms Extra Notes: At level 43 along with Spirit Coraxatrice all other Spirit pouches at that level that req a Egg are same Exp. also anything that can't be Bought are items that have to be bought by players or made yourself. Runecrafing Guide: http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?781-Runecraft-Runespan-Guide Herblore Guide: http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?572-Herblore-Guide
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    Im starting off 2020 with a brand new house, taking a huge step into adulthood at 19 😄 I've also met a girl who is great, hopefully this year may be the one I actually date someone 😮 I'm hoping to take Chaos to another level and start earning a solid profit off of it this year, will definitely need a lot of work though. 😉 *edit, crashed my car 29/12/19 - this year is gonna fuckin suck*
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    for me, starting a new different career within the heating and cooling industry has opened my eyes. This wasn't my initial first choice as a career, as i wanted to pursue a career as an Electrician (with no luck) and now I'm unsure if i want to get back on that horse and try to find someone who will take me on again, or stick with the company I am with now. none hte less, got a whole year ahead of me so I can try to figure something out. very cool career choice callum, wish you the best of luck!
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    Support, would give us more crafting methods and a new way of making a little gp
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    Good stuff boys! Looking forward to test out Zulrah and die but not to worry, my items will be safe! Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Better than a master farmer 🤷‍♂️
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    Not if It's insane Ely cannon. If It's current cannon, sure.
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    I'd say maybe not revert it to what it was, but maybe nerf a bit little bit? maybe somewhere inbetween?
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    No. It feels underperforming because you got used to it being op. And the biggest issue was literally caused because the cannon was bugged
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    Update: I have in fact met splash a.k.a. Hardcore. Though it was brief, he was also nice and his hard work on the server has not gone unnoticed. Good Job!
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    You know when all your friends are good at something and you just fucking suck. That's me
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