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Here is my Q&A forums guide 

I have made this thread to help you to use and understand the forum ( for new players ūüėĄ¬†)¬†


Question number 1

I just made a forums account but i want to add a profile picture & cover photo but i don't know how? 



Profile Picture 

Go to your profile page by clicking on the picture next to your name 


Then you have to click on the square next to your profile picture 


After you do that you need to click on " choose single file" and then you can upload a picture from your pc 



Cover Photo 

The same thing go to your profile page, you will see there a word "Cover Photo" click on it and then you have to upload a picture from your pc 





Question number 2 

I think my forums password is weak how i can change it?



Go to your "account settings" you can find it by clicking on the arrow next to your name in the top of the forums



Make sure to make it very strong so you can protect your account 



Question number 3 

I want to make my activity on the forums rise, how i can make threads and posts? 




You need to click on the word "Create" next to your name in the top of the forums and then click on "Topic" 


But make sure to post it in the correct section! 



You can go to any thread at any section on the forum and then click on the box in the bottom of the thread and type your words but remember to be careful with your words 





Question number 4 

I want to upload a signature but how? 



You have to go to your "Account settings" and then click on signature on the side

and then you can upload a picture from your pc 





Question number 5 

i want to add a picture to my topic/post but i don't know how? 



You need to use a program to upload a picture, i'm using Imgur 

go to Imgur and then click on choose photo, once you have done that you need to choose the picture that you want to upload it from your pc 


Then you need to click on "get share links" and then you have to copy the "bb code forums) after you do that you will go to your topic/post and paste it in there 




But think before you upload the picture! (choose carefully) 



Question number 6 

I see sometime word that i can click on it like this one " Forums " but how i can do that? 



That's called adding a link into the word, to do that you have to copy the link that you want and then go to your topic/post and select the word that you want and then click on this: 


and then paste your link, but don't post any link (read the rules before)! 



Question number 7 

I'm new in here, where can i find the rules?



You can type in-game ::rules or you can go to the section that called "knowledge base" on forum 


Also you can find there many important topics like: 

* Commands topic 

* Donator ranks & benefits topic 

and many other important topics 



Question number 8 

How i can vote for the server? 



You have to go to the website and click on the word "vote" after you do that, you have to vote on the sites and the tickets will be added into your bank in the game 


And you can spend them at the "vote shop" all you have to do is to type ::Shops 



Question number 9 

I think i saw a glitch/bug in game and i need to report it but how? 



You can speak with the owner or you can go to the forums and go to "player center" section and make a topic in there 


Also you can make an appeal there if you got banned, and you can report a player if he/she breaks the rules 



Question number 10 

How do i join the Discord?



There is a box called Discord in the right side of the forum click on it and you have to make an account in there so you can join us


Join now! 














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