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  1. It's worth around what you get for high alching it
  2. Yeah and then some people get them in less than 200 chests
  3. Fixed the guide, it was not working at all before 🙂
  4. Ely Home Map Icons on the map and what they mean - Father Aereck, manages gravestones - Mandrith, manages loot beam - Scoreboard, click here to see the current leader board for boss kills - Gnome stronghold dungeon where you can find: bloodvelds, hellhounds, fire giants, abberant spectres and ankou - Diango / Donator store, where you can claim your untradaebles that you've lost - Nurse, heals your hp and stats - Voting rewards - Crystal Chest - Wizard Distentor, takes you to runespan - Essentials shop / PK store - Combat gear - Bank - Slayer master - Bot control panel, where you can summon your bot - Thieving stalls - Altar, Chaos altar to switch prayers, spellbook and regular altar to offer bones - Aura and Title shop - General Store - Potion Decanter - Magic store - Food and Potions store - Dungeoneering tutor, reclaim your ring of kinship here - Summoning store / Training (You can also use ::tele summ for better training area) - Range store - Pet Manager, reclaim your pets here (when you release a pet it goes to this npc) - Sanfew, herblore secondaries - Bobs axes, he fixes your nex/barrows gear - Obli, skilling supplies, skilling gear - Makeover mage, changes your characters appearance - Gambling area (can also use ::tele bet for a bigger area) - Sawmill, construction supplies, plank making - PoH portal, takes you to your house / firends house - Hunter shop, has a portal to the hunter area
  5. Very nice guide! Thanks for the contribution 🙂
  6. I like October & November the most, was a good year. Here's to many more!
  7. UPDATE Added some missing guides. We're still missing some skilling guides, all guides are appreciated and will be added to this list 🙂
  8. Kari

    F Keys

    Nice idea, support
  9. Support, always liked this feature
  10. Great work team, happy new year 🙂

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