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  1. Kari

    holy shit

    What the
  2. Kari

    holy shit

    I hate this
  3. Kari

    Typing Test

    Beat my last one at least I even get worse score for icelandic lmao
  4. Nice video, keep it up
  5. Yasss now I can finally sit at home and see EVERYTHING! Great job guys
  6. In my opinion, we have a good system for gambling and I see no reason to change that. With that being said, I used to gamble a lot and back in the day it was always done via players and it was great fun, but as Lation has already mentioned it would be more of a hassle than not. If we were to implement player based gambling, the only way I see it not draining all of our (staff team) time is if we would make it a rule that gambling is at your own risk and the staff team will not help in any cases of scamming, which is not something I'd like.
  7. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos
  8. Some nice goals there, good luck and have fun with these
  9. Support, blink is a bitch in dung
  10. Hey, welcome to Ely! I hope you'll enjoy playing and waste a lot of time with us
  11. Sounds fun, will be interesting to see what you accomplish in a month
  12. Hey guys, as you all know we released completely reworked achievements a while back, but we've yet to release rewards for said achievements. I know, it's been a while but to be completely honest with you, it's mainly because we have absolutely no idea what these rewards could be. So what this thread is all about, is to ask you, the community for ideas on what you would like to see as rewards. The rewards will be for each category completed - It would be nice if these rewards would somehow relate to the category but we're open to all suggestions, from items to perks and passive effects. Let us know below what you would like to see!

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