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  1. Loving it! Everything is much smoother and cleaner
  2. Kari

    Bank Show Off!

    Safe mode probably
  3. Honestly, we haven't really made any forum rules/guidelines so far. I'm gonna let this one be as it is, and maybe in the future we'll do it differently.
  4. I'll start this. I am disappointed, but I do however get why you'd do a stupid thing like that. We have always been forgiving and believe in second chances (sometimes 3rd and 4th...) This is not your first rule break, but I am not going to go into much detail about that except to say that it was serious enough to warrant a ban upon next rule break, which you got. With that being said, I do believe you when you say you won't do it again and so I am willing to give you another chance, given that your herblore level will be reset to 3 and your account stays banned for a week upon the accept of this appeal. Now I would like to get the Staff teams opinions on this and the communities, so I will ask you all to give your thoughts on the matter.
  5. Ely Rules NOTE: These rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. It is your responsibility as a player to keep yourself up to date with the rules at all times. Ely RSPS rules are non exhaustive. Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as they see fit. If you feel as your punishment is not deserved/fitting, message an Admin+ General and in-game rule Rule 1. No inappropriate content, language or behaviour, such as but not limited to: (Spam, Flame, Harassment). a) English only in friends chat and be nice to each other. Do not go out of your way to harass or flame another player. While we do allow name calling to a certain degree, we do not allow constant harassments, name calling, falming etc. b) Active debates between players are allowed. However, if it escalates in a way it affects other players ability to speak & use the Friends Chat to talk and/or ask questions, it is expected to move that escalated conversation to Private and/or Public Messaging. Rule 2. Advertising. Do not advertise other servers, inappropriate content or post links that are not related to Ely ingame. Rule 3. Account / Staff Impersonation. In NO way, shape or form is impersonating an Ely player or staff member allowed. Rule 4. Punishment Evasion. Evading a punishment by any means is NOT ALLOWED. If punished, you are expected to serve out the punishment, or appeal it on the forums for a re-review of your individual case. Rule 5. Third Party Software / Botting / Mouse keys Ely has a strict NO THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE policy. We believe that the best way to enjoy the game we offer, is to play it yourself! This also includes ANY TYPE of botting/macro/mouse keys use; no animated game-play of Ely is permitted. NOTE: Staff members reserve the right to punish you for suspicion of the use of any third party software. Rule 6. Threats to the community and playerbase. (DDoS, Phishing, etc.) Any attempt of threatening a user or the server with any form of software e.g: phishing links or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), is NOT ALLOWED. Rule 7. Bug Abuse. If you find a bug in our game or on our forums please report it immediately to a Staff Member. Do not leak this information to the community. Any form of Bug Abuse will result in relevant punishment regarding its severity. Rule 8. NO VPN Voting. Using a VPN to vote is not allowed. You can recieve up to 9 vote tickets every 12 hours. Rule 9. PVP (Player VS Player). Player vs Player is a part of the game, which is encouraged by staff. Keep in mind, you enter the Wilderness at your own risk. However, if you are caught attempting to lure / successfully luring other players or Multi-logging accounts punishments will apply. NOTE: Do not attack a staff member in the wilderness if he's there on "Staff Business" Rule 10. Account Sharing. Ely allows accounts to be shared between players, BUT this is at your OWN RISK, sufficient evidence must be submitted to show that both players have agreed on the ability to share the account. No Staff will be involved in the recovery of account sharing related scams / hacks, etc. Rule 11. Multi-logging Accounts. Ely RSPS allows for the use of multi-logging for most activities, HOWEVER there is to be NO multi-logging at any Bosses, Player hosted events or In the Wilderness. Rule 12. Real World Trading (RWT). Ely does NOT allow any type of real world trading to occur at any time. Rule 13. SafeSpotting Bosses. Ely does NOT allow the safespotting of any monsters, unless they exist in the real game.
  6. You're free to make an introduction even though you've been here for ages. No need to pretend to be new 😞 Anyways, welcome to Ely!
  7. Kari

    Bank Show Off!

    I'd post a pic of my 1.5m balls if I were home
  8. Granted but you'll always get peahat
  9. Kari

    Schools sucks?

    I totally forgot about this thread, rip lation and his thread. But nah in all honesty, school isn't for everyone. I haven't finished school yet, not because I can't be bothered with it as I've tried multiple times to go back to school, even tried some online courses. Don't get me wrong, I think people should at least give it a chance, maybe you won't get far but that's alright. I'm not 100% on the system in America but here in Iceland it won't cost you a fortune to get education (in most cases) so I can't exactly comment on the debt part.
  10. Good stuff! Keep em coming
  11. Cheese ❤️

    1. Nicky


      Pineapple ❤️

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