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  1. What is up gUyS! My name is Kari and today I'm suggesting a NEW! item: Sirenic Blood Bow Similar to the Sirenic God bow worn by my good friend Gravity below, I'm suggesting either the addition of a sirenic blood bow, or the ability to combine an elite sirene blood shard with a graetios recurve bow Let me know what you think down below in the comments and don't forget to smash that like button!
  2. I think I remember someone suggesting this before regarding the seasonal bosses, and I'm all for it. Support.
  3. First, I'm not sure if you're only doing slayer monsters and such and if you're only updating drop tables to the osrs ones, but I thought I'd post a few ideas I've had. Nex's drop table is a mess, so it would be nice to get some drops that make up for the time it takes to kill instead of 5000 unnoted herbs and potions Cerberus - I'm not too sure about this one, as I don't pick up any of the drops but I feel like they're somewhat crap. Next I think, if anyone is going to be reworking tables, it could be worth mentioning early game bosses such as godwars and kbd. Now I know they have their respective drops and all, but I feel like we could do something with them to boost early game money making - Introducing more alchables, bigger gp drops and or higher tier skilling supplies maybe?
  4. Kari


    UPDATE I got this a bit wrong, so my old answer will be hidden in a spoiler tag. My answer is: 26 Here's the scenario and a brief explanation: There is a large force of rats standing across from me, on this open dirt field. It's a bit cloudy, and no rain. I charge towards the army of rats, wearing my boots I kick and stomp, defeating like 10 of them. Confident in my fighting ability I get cocky and try out a flashy kung fu move I saw in a movie once, (you know the one you like jump, kick, jump and kick) not realizing the rats aren't tall and I'm just kicking air, I decide to go back to the stomping. After defeating a few more rats I get tired obviously and the rats notice this and decide to charge at me all together and overpower me - I'm defeated. Hope these answers satisfy you, Boats.
  5. Kari


    Before I answer, I'd like a little more information on this; Are said rats experienced in hand to hand combat a. Am I allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs b. If so, are the rats allowed the same drugs Will the fight take place in a set combat arena or can I choose a place It says hand to hand combat, so I take it there are no weapons allowed Is this a fight to the death Thank you.
  6. Nice. Looking forward to your posts about killing 5k of everything else
  7. I like the proposed idea for a "clue pouch", I'd rather we add that than an auto pickup option to be honest. - Support
  8. That's a lot of kills and nice loot
  9. Support 100% I often find myself logging in ready to play but having no idea what to do, these little tasks would motivate me to start doing something while I figure out what to do next!
  10. Support I wouldn't be opposed to legends having this boost, but I'd suggest scaling it down for legends. They'll still get some xp boost but that way it could be a bit greater for defaults/easy accounts :)

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