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  1. I know of a lot of players that have gotten 200m at the blood altar, and I've never seen the rc pet, so I'm not even sure it's obtainable at all. I may be wrong, but I feel like I've seen the agility pet somewhere sometime. I 100% support everything in this suggestion.
  2. I'm all for adding more stuff to the boxes and make them worthwhile, but I can't support being able to "trade" them from an eco account to an iron man. We redid iron man with the purpose of "standing alone" and if you have an eco account that's filthy rich and you can purchase loads of boxes from other players it takes away from that. Now I know these boxes are from donating and all that, and there really is no harm in your suggestion but in my opinion iron men shouldn't get any help.
  3. Locking this and archiving as it's not needed due to the helm being sent directly to diango (donator shop guy) in the edge bank upon death.
  4. Great update! Finally more space to store all my pointless shit
  5. Kari


    I agree, a lot of drops serve no real purpose and there's lack of better drops from a lot of monsters. I'd like more thoughts on this though.
  6. Can we get some feedback on this please
  7. I've always been behind revamping the minigame to be honest, but considering how much effort and time that could take I could get behind your suggestion. However, battle royale would need some new rewards then, any suggestions?
  8. I agree, there should be ways for iron men to get the imbued version, support.
  9. Support from me. I'm moving this to pending as it's got nothing but support and has been open for a very long time.
  10. Is that how it works on osrs? If so, I don't see any problem with adding that, support.
  11. Support, it can be quite annoying to read the chatbox in some situations, for example when you're in snowy areas or bright areas
  12. I think this a pretty cool idea, although I don't really think many people will use it so I don't think it's worth the effort, no support from me
  13. Another 10k opens?!?! You guys are mad Sucks that you didn't get h'ween, but still pretty cool to see another thread that shows what you could expect from the chest.

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