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  1. Support, sounds cool
  2. I would love to see the DZ revamped. I don't think it would be much trouble to fix things up a bit and make it a more ideal place to skill.
  3. Kari

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - As always a great owner. I do however have to say that we do not see you as often as we used to, and I for one miss the community interaction from you. Matt - I know you're really busy with stuff right now, so there's not much feedback for me to give but you have always come through. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Still Ely's #1 Model - I would love to see you more ingame/discord Administrators Will - Great guy, solid staff when you're around. I mean no offence, but I have to agree with what Boats said in his feedback. Server Moderator Chimpanzee - Can't really give feedback, not around at the moment. Xenith - You are perfect, doing good. Event Manager Satoshi / fm das - Best event manager ever. I didn't know where this position would lead when we created it back then, but what you have done is way beyond what I could have imagined. Support Ishan - Love the man, no hard feelings but I don't think support suits you. Owl / Kutanaga - Good guy, helpful and friendly, could see you as a mod. Sir enic - Doing great so far, helpful and very nice to most people. Keep it up. I think the staff team could use a few extra hands, but overall it's doing fine. The server is doing alright, and I know that some of you have a lot on your plate right now and Ely may not be your number one priority but I think Ely needs some help.
  4. Great to see some sick statistics! Happy 4 years Ely!
  5. Hello friends, When you change the color of the friends chat text, it will also change the color of the help chat text to the same one. It would help a lot if they could be set individually. xoxo Kari
  6. Hey friends, As some of you know I've recently decided to destroy my mind by completing the achievements and in doing so I've found a fair few that are kind of ridiculous and I'd like to suggest some changes to them. I've written up the changes I'd like to see in the spoiler below. Please let me know what you think about these and if you'd change anything about them. Also REWARDS WHEN??
  7. It's impossible to complete the "Steal from Man 100 times" achievement from Skilling, Support III easy tasks as you can not pickpocket man.
  8. Support pls do this yes.
  9. Boats brings so many great ideas to the table, and this sure is one of them! I wholeheartedly support this fantastic suggestion and hope to see it implemented in the near future.

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