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Runecraft/Runespan Guide

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Hello all, I have decided to make this guide for both runecrafting and runespan in hopes to help everyone with there runecrafting grind.


To start runecrafting you will need rune essence or pure essence. I recommend pure essence since you can get multiply runes per essence at certain levels unlike their counterpart rune essence. The best way to optain pure essence is buying them at the grand exchange for 98 gp per essence. Inadditon many monsters around ely also drop pure essence.



To start runecrafting you will need to go to the Teleports tabs found next to the music tab ingame. Then click the third option (Skilling Teleports) Followed by the fourth option (Runecrafting). Inaddition a faster way to tele to the abyss is by doing the command ::tele run. Which is the short version of ::tele runecrafting This will take you to the Abyss.

Here is a map of the abyss which shows which rift corresponds to which runecrafting altar.




Below you will find a "table" in which it shows each Rune with its Req level and how much experience you will recieve per one rune, inventory, and if you where to use pouches.


Small Pouch requires 1 runecrafting and holds 3 essence.

Medium pouch requires 25 runecrafting and holds 6 essence.

Large pouch requires 50 runecrafting and holds 9 essence.

Huge pouch requires 75 runecrafting and holds 12 essence.





Runespan is a runecrafting minigame

Now before getting to the tables for Runespan as you go to the next floor it seems as if you get less experience for siphoning the same creature on a lower floor. This is true however the rate of whch you siphon the creature is increase and therefore makes it more balanced or atleast what I can tell. This proof of this can be find in a bug report thread I made found Here.


Low-Level Floor



Mid-Level Floor


High-Level Floor


For the high-level floor I've made a picture to show where each Esswraith can be found across the floor.



PS. Sorry for the mid-level table not actually being in a table. When I make them they show up in tables all nice and presented. I can't seem to fix them. Also because i'm a patron silver donar I get 20% exp bonus. I've done my best to try and work the exp out to their normal rate. Sorry inadvance if there not 100% corrent.





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As a lover of Runecrafting, I congratulate you on making such an in-depth guide. Might a make a suggestion though - include which island is the best to train RC at when you are 90+ (the one with 2x soul esswraiths). Otherwise, amazing guide; well done.

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