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Troubleshooting Guide

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Common Problems and Solutions


1. My Launcher updates then closes & nothing happens.


Solution: This is most likely tied to an Antivirus software or otherwise similar app running on your PC.
If you have an Antivirus running, temporarily disable it & try again. If it works now, this is your problem.
If you would like your Antivirus to remain active, simply add an "exception" into the settings for Ely.
For one-on-one help, please contact an Owner or Administrator for assistance.


2. Zarpor Hub failed to update


Solution: Run command prompt as administrator, paste in (without quotes): "setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" and press enter & try again.


3. If Mac says "cant be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."




Solution: Follow the steps below:

Go to the Apple icon (top left) -> System Preferences -> then click "Security & Privacy"


Look towards the bottom of that window & you will see the following:


Click the "Open Anyway" option & you'll be presented with this new notification:


Click "Open" & you're all set!



4. I'm on Mac & my client loads to 100% then crashes


Solution: You most likely clicked "Auto-setup" on your first launch. To resolve this issue
open your Home folder, then un-hide hidden folders by typing Shift + Command + . (that's a period/dot).
You should now see a folder named ".Ely" - now just delete that folder.
Now reboot your client & you should see the option again to "Auto-setup" or "Leave alone" - click LEAVE ALONE.
You're all set!

If nothing here resolves your issue, please contact support via the home page or join our Discord here and contact a Staff Member.


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