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2019 Secret Santa

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Hello friends. Last year there was secret santa. Was a really fun community get together, so I want to do it again this year. 


Respond to this thread if you want to be in. I will draw names some time next week, will let you know when later.


No max or min amount, so you could get screwed. That's just something that could happen.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Reformed Boats out

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Names are officially drawn!! I will be reaching out via PM on either discord, forums or in game to notify you of who you have. 


Rules are as follow:

1. You must get the person who you have any gift, no matter how big or small.

2. Don't tell the person you have them until you are gifting the item

3. Please post a picture in this forum thread with what you traded to the other person so we can make sure everyone got their item!

4. Please complete by December 26. Can start gifting whenever!

5. Have fun bois

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