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  1. This has been happening for ages. Seems to happen when you use F-keys with another input, or multiple F-keys, but like you, I'm also not able to intentionally replicate the issue. I got it a lot at a certain point, between then and now only a few times here and there, and once today.
  2. Re-enable Potato seeds to be bought in unlimited quantity. Will be much easier to tell people that are starting farming to just buy potato seeds from the G.E, rather having to explain/show them how to use bagged plants, or waiting around for another player that might have some seeds spare.
  3. Winter here in Australia. But, had 2 weeks off work recently and rode a whole bunch of new MTB trails which is so nice. Back to work now though, want to die again.
  4. In case you haven't seen from other posts, nothing can be added to the skilling shop as it's full, unless things are taken out. Maybe you can suggest just adding these in general, and not specifically to the skilling shop. I'd suggest adding them as rewards from actual achievements. I feel like that would be fitting.
  5. Maybe try the action before posting something like this? Isn't working for me either.
  6. Holy crap I can't believe I'm in agreement with Boats. It's a part of the gamemode, and I'd be happy to crash any regular account just the same. Pay for the instance if you want it. Simple.
  7. +1 support. Just make them not use able in the wilderness at all. Disagree with the 2 per lap. That's pretty OP considering there's not many of us that pk anyway.
  8. I'd personally say it belongs in the skilling shop more than the vote shop (since tickets already have a value) whereas once you get all of your outfits you have nothing to spend points on, and no one really buys the outfits with GP. As for an item to remove, I would say the magic watering can is useless?
  9. Add the new skilling boxes to the skilling point store for 5k ea please.
  10. No sorry, I meant on runescape that's how they were implemented.
  11. There's actually outfits for every skill that came with squeal of fortune rewards. Prayer, smithing, cooking, herblore etc. I'm neutral on this.
  12. Disagree. Not everything needs to be top tier all the time. It's fine the way it is.

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