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  1. Disagree. Not everything needs to be top tier all the time. It's fine the way it is.
  2. Potion flasks, noted or not, are only decant-able manually at the moment. It was originally this way in RS, then later changed and had a separate NPC for it. So might've been annoying to code both vials and flasks into one?
  3. In addition to the 'Noted Overloads' suggestion (as well as fixing decanter also mentioned in that post), I would like to suggest to have overload flasks noted also, and to be able to decant flasks as well.
  4. I think it's fair tbh. I've noticed this from the start, but given you can buy frosts with EP and cannot buy dagannoth, it justifies the difference. Dagannoth much harder to obtain quickly.
  5. The boosts in current day RuneScape are different and have changed due to the Evolution of Combat. As you can see from this screenshot from a 2012 video, https://gyazo.com/883b669a58b67386d1457198bd54eb6d magic is supposed to provide a +7, while range is +23 and melee is +26. There is nothing wrong with the overloads.

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