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  1. Owner Lation - Bossman. Matt - Da oder bossman. Developer Splash / Hardcore - u da bossman. Charlie - who are you? Administrators Kari - yo like what u do tho? im fr wanna kno haha. Server Moderator Nelly - like bro... ily Goddess - bruh. stap hatin me. appreciate the work u do on that pg yo. and the help ingame. Event Manager Will - ay boost me XD. U awesome Support Ryster - where u go tho? Winter - main bae here
  2. Heyaa. So Ive been struggling with some bank space as have others and realized there is a way we can help make some space. There are people who like to keep certain items but sadly cant move them to an alt or sell them. This can resolve bank space and sort of increase some fashionscape in the game. The items don't need a set price so it would be up to the players to buy/sell upon agreed price. I do realize some items are made to be untradable but these i think can be changed. Ok here we go. -Darkmeyer Torso, trousers, boots -Grain -Mudskipper Hat -Zombie Mask, shirt, trousers, -Toy Kite -Golden Hammer -Jester Hat -Swagger Stick -Curled Horns -Mime Mask, gloves, -Frog Mask -Beret and Mask -Bobble Scarf -Vile Horns -Pirate Hat and Eyepatch -Top Hat -Double Eyepatches -Dragon Ceremonial set -Dragonbone Sets -Lederhosen Set -Wooly Scarf [Can't find item] -Long horns -Wooly hat [Can't find item] -Disciple Set [No, Whole point of this was to trade the dye if you wanted to sell it.] -Skeleton Mask -Black Tricorn Hat -Bobble hat -Chicken set -Tri-Jester Scarf -Jester Scarf -Camo Set -Witchdoctor set -Investigator Set [This is a clue milestone reward, so no.] -Flaming Skull -Bone Brooch -Zombie head -Attacker (any level) -Dark Bow (colored) -Abbysal tentacle (whip) [ No, this has potential to cause abuse issues] -Abbysal Vine Whip [ No, this has potential to cause abuse issues] -Dragon Armor (or)(sp) are untradable as items. need to seperate to trade. [ No, Disassembling is already a feature.] -White Afro -Nurse Hat
  3. 1: So Idk when this started happening, but xp lamps stopped working. They give out this message.... 2: Pressing world map gives out this messsage..... 3: Im Not sure if this is a bug, but insta dart doesnt kill Queen Black Dragon instantly. Lost 2 Darts on it. Unless the insta dart doesnt work on it [instantly kill it].
  4. Merry Christmas @Ghostdoggie
  5. tell me how it works and im in
  6. Lation - Bossman! Matt - The quiet bossman. Developer Luke - The forgotten mod. Play more dude. Splash - Eh. As far as i know busy guy. Dont see him on alot lately. les go fk grae together again. Administrators Kari - Very Helpful! Glad to have you! Global Moderators Kemi - Kemi is bae. Helpful with questions whenever hes online. Always there to assist. Server Moderator Jordan - Jordy is rich af but also helpful. Can be nice and also an ass. But still nice to have you around. youre very helpful. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Enz is like there but not there. like me. always afk. but when hes actice he can be helpful and hes cool. Support Callum - Helps with more than just ely. Good friend, great support. Make him a mod. He deserves it. Ultsonofares - I see he always helps around when hes on. Always very fast and on point. keep up the good work. PS: I think some Mods shud be more active and actualy join the players and do stuff
  7. Make it non afkable. kind of the idea
  8. Well then the idea would be to make it a little more difficult to fight maybe? It is just a suggestion. There is more that can be done to make things less boring. because i do find it pretty boring to afk at one of the biggest bosses in game, with one of the best armor drops and just get the stuff. its technically easy to obtain. Make it tougher.
  9. Username: IdanikI Suggestion: adding/updating the graetorix boss/set. So lately Ive been watching how the majority of people are picking armor such as torva over graetorian armor. It is most likely because torva has a health boost. Graetorian armor was pretty hard to obtain. Now its all over and not everyone wants it. but everyone does want to sell it. Prices for the armor are not really dropping but at the same time people want to sell it or trade it in for torva. Looking at the stats of both armors graetorian is "better" but only due to the fact that is has more parts than torva. Torva on the other hand has a major health boost and people rely on that more. Graetorian armor is the servers speical armor so making it more special and rarer would be alot more interesting. I know there are more items like the bow incoming but i was to suggest to add items to the set. It would be nice to have a graetorian sword with decent stats on it to make it a bigger idea to the set itself. Can also add boots and gloves and maybe even a cape but make is harder to get. And once you get the full complete set you get an hp boost or some sort of boost. only with the full complete set. that way people will be more interested in it.... In my point of view.
  10. this is an AMAZING idea!!!!!!!
  11. Ingame username: IdanikI Description of Bug: Sof Tickets Come out empty at times even though it lands on an item. Screenshot: Detailed Explanation: ?
  12. Owner Lation - Busy Guy! Helps when hes available. Fair Judge. Thanks Matt - Always carries A huge gift box. Seems to always be busy so doesn't talk much! Developer Luke Not online much lately. RIP Splash- Very Helpful when hes online. Fun guy. interactive and positive! Sell me that sword!!! Ill pay!!!!! Administrators Kari - Most active I believe. Available for help most of the time. My lucky charm tbh. Global Moderators Nick - Cool dude. helpful. always on his alt tho. Loves rubber chickens! Server Moderator Kemi - Finaly Kemi up here! Helpful and active!! Always there to give suggestions and advice! Forum Moderators Enzyme - helpful Support Callum - Great addition to Ely Staff! Knows a great deal of things and helps alot!!
  13. Personally i think he does deserve another chance because i have gotten one myself. I don't know what other things he has done before this to say more about this. On this point i agree with Kari. Resetting herb level to 3 & etc. Kaotic is a great guy and is very helpful in many things! Give him another shot.

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