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  1. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting altering the King Black Dragons lair from a safe zone to a PvP zone as it is intended to be. Who/What Does This Benefit: It benefits the people looking for more opportunities to PvP and opens a new hotspot with slightly more risk to the safe boss it is now. Any Additional Information: As of right now, the King Black Dragon is incredibly afk; having players able to spend hours their with absolutely no risk whilst farming the boss. The zone itself is intended to be a level 42 wilderness zone with an element of risk, not somewhere to camp in max gear for hours on end.
  2. To begin with, please alter this to include the format located here - Secondly, I'm not a big fan of this idea. I know we've just included Drygores etc but feel that adding more RS3 content takes us away from the 718 feel to it and is unfamiliar to the majority of the player base. It's a no from me today.
  3. Side grinds that benefit your account and give you something to do? Sign me up! Would love to see different tiers of Achievement Diaries, things even such as Quests etc. More content that isn't fully PvM based for those who enjoy side goals!
  4. With the beginning talks of PvP and the usefulness of the Rune Pouch, it deserves another bump.
  5. Time for another update, and this time it'll be a boss we're all familiar with: the Wildywyrm. Wildywyrm: A three hour instanced event that is notified globally, the wyrm was a fantastic addition for grinders to push their luck with the table due to the extremely rare Black Partyhat drop. Although, as noted by Gravity, the Wildywyrm has become devalued with the latest addition of Clue Scroll updates; with the Black Partyhat being an offered global reward across all Clues (still incredibly rare). For a boss that is globally notified and offering some difficulty to kill, adjustments to the table to make this boss profitable would revive it as a point of interest due to its limited camping abilities in-game. Add some value to this boss and we'll see it's player count increase dramatically, alongside being another realm for PvP content.
  6. Minor addition to this post with some further insight into small adjustments that might help revive/build this scene. If anybody also has any of their own queries/ideas then feel free to add them into here or a separate topic and I will try keep track of all suggestions and correlate them under one roof. PvP Armour (Statius, Vesta, Morrigans, Zuriels): Some recognizable items within the PvP environment and a 'cheap' yet effective way of not only gaining incredible bonuses, but a fantastic money sink in-game due to full degrading of items in comparison to the likes of Barrows. In its current form, there are two main methods of obtaining any form of PvP item; the Chaos Elemental and Revenants. So for this, I'll be splitting each section into a quick breakdown. Chaos Elemental: Quite noticeably the faster method of obtaining these items, the Chaos Elemental has a drop rate of ranging within 1/300 per item. Whilst this is somewhat feasible, it is a similar rate to the likes of Bandos or any standardised boss whilst having the added difficulty of not only being within the Wilderness, but being in a multi-combat zone. Some adjustments to the rate and the overall boss to make it more difficult would make this a prime spot for both PvM and PvP; whilst also adding in the options of Corrupt PvP items to entice the Pure community. Revenants: Arguably one of the most notable and popular PvP locations in OSRS, Revenants are well known for their chance at dropping PvP items. This on the other hand is countered with the incredibly niche rates at the Revenant caves to date; with some varying into the 1/2,000+ drop rate potential. It is still currently to obtain drops here, but these rates are beyond absurd, alterations to the drop rate within the caves would open it as a primary region to obtain these items; with potential additional drop rates to make this a feasibly 'profitable' area given the risk of PvP.
  7. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: The beginnings to revival/development of the PvP scene amongst Ely, and to start with we'll be running through gear alongside some potential methods of obtainability for specific items within the game that are beneficial to PvP. Who/What Will This Benefit: As a whole, the entire server. Not only will this give the concurrent playerbase additional content to do instead of bankstand at home, but open the initial doors into further development to enhance an entire new sector of playerbase. Any Additional Information: Now I know a lot of people reading this will be thinking the same thing: "We've got plenty of gear options already in-game", "The economy is already flooded with items", "There's methods to obtain the majority already" which would all be correct. But let's look at a few items in particular: Robins & Rangers, Uncut Onyx's, Infinity Items, Dragon Items, Whips, PvP Armours; the fundamentals of pking. A complete rework of the drop tables of these items/methods of obtaining said items would open the possibility to them not only having more economic value, but entice players to use them in secondary situations. So let's look at a few items in particular: Infinity Robe Sets:
  8. You've got my support on this, not only does it mean that you can be more precise with any form of gambling but the tokens also stack and are universally recognised. Would say either Platinum Tokens as a form of extra cash or adjust the ratio of Spirit Shards so that the buy/sell prices are identical for gold storage.
  9. Please incorporate the Format into this post located here - Like the idea of a skillzone in the wilderness, might actually see some players in there then. Vote shop definitely needs a rework too.
  10. Congratulations Masoud, very proud of you ❤️
  11. Glad to see you back on the grind! Might have to restart a new one to try catch up 😉
  12. Callum

    Primal rapier

    A rework on its stats could be beneficial and might make it worthwile to use again, just as long as the rework doesn't make it stupidly overpowered. Its a +1 from me.
  13. Support from me, would be a nice change of pace from the monsters that are incredibly repetitive nowadays.
  14. I like the idea of Primal items being included in-game, but at a set restriction to the item (Similarly to how the Primal Spear was added to the Kalphite Queen drop table). A wider variety of the less sought after Primals could be included in a similar manner to some of the more obsolete bosses, but never including the main items people want to avoid tarnishing peoples donations. I'm all for supporting adjustments to Dungeoneering to include new items and spoke with the developers a few months ago about this, but the main concept there was to limit the items to a tier 60-70 range mainly for cosmetics to not devalue Nex items or make end-game gear as obtainable as Chaotics. Gonna have to say no on this one.

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