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  1. Some horrific rng, but an amazing outcome at the end. Well done nerd!
  2. Very nice guide Nelly! Should help fill the gap in the market and hope to see more people grinding this boss!
  3. Locked as the format was not adjusted. Feel free to re-post with the allocated formatting above.
  4. Firstly, if you could adjust this to include the format then that would be appreciated. Locked within 24 hours without a format - The weapon is intended to be more beneficial against dragons, but I wouldn't oppose a small buff to its accuracy to give it more benefits as it isn't used too regularly due to other weapons being superior.
  5. I support the idea of an unfinished NPC similar to the NPC in OSRS located at Nardah. Can be a tedious task making Grimy Potions nowadays. Support again on the decanting of true Potions/Flasks. This has been suggested in variation before and whilst on topic, the links to previous suggestions revolved around Potions are located below:
  6. So far the common consensus of experience mode is varied between 2.5x-5x with the restriction being included that Vote Tickets can't be used on this mode to stop boosting of overall experience in a similar sense to Old School Runescape's restriction of Bonus Experience Weekends. The implementation of this style of gamemode would require a fix of Potion Flask making which currently requires Potions of any dosage to be transferred into Empty Flasks that can be made. As of right now, this is an updated version of the restrictions list that this mode would offer: No usage of Donation perks at all. Shops completely useless unless there is no formal method of obtaining said items (Fighters Torso, Spirit Shards, Pouches, Select Herblore Secondaries). These items could be removed from stores over time and added into obtainable methods throughout the game. No usage of Vote Tickets to increase overall experience rates per hour. No trading between players; with every account limited and locked to either an Ironman, Hardcore Ironman or Ultimate Ironman account.
  7. I do like the premise of skilling points, but feel that they could be repurposed in a sense. I'm currently trying to think of a work around for it but completely open to suggestions on what they could be used for.
  8. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting some alterations to the methods of obtain-ability, trade-ability and options of Skilling armour obtainable in-game. Who/What Does This Benefit: The Skilling community and Completionists. Any Additional Comments: So this suggestion ultimately breaks down into the main four sections all of which will be described below: NOTE: ALL OF THESE SUGGESTIONS ARE ON THE BASIS OF REMOVAL FROM THE SKILLING POINTS SHOP AND ALTERING THE ITEMS TO BECOME UNTRADABLE AS INTENDED. The Obtain-ability Update: So as of right now there are two primary methods of obtaining Skilling armour in-game: Skilling Points and purchasing it from players. The alterations that I am suggesting here would completely remove the usage of the Skilling Points Store (Or have it repurposed) and have the items be randomly obtained either through the usage of a task system (Burn 500 Logs = Ring of Fire etc). In its current form, you're basically given these items for free for just doing anything with choice. This change would make them a more sought out and collectable item. The second suggestion of obtainability would have each item piece have a random drop potential whilst completing the tasks in a similar sense to pets with a reduced rate. The Trade-ability Update: Briefly noted in the notes section above, any of these alterations would remove these select items as trade-able between players. Whilst some might not be keen with this change, the items themselves don't hold significant value within the economy and are not actively traded due to the surplus of items in-game already. This section is more to alter the items as to what they are intended to be. The New Additions: So we're all familiar by now with what Skilling armours are currently in-game and to the select few this may seem daunting but here me out. The additions I am discussing are the addition of the Witch-Hunter outfit for bonus Hunter experience and the addition of either the Wicked Robes or tiers of Runecrafting Robes. Both these additions would not only include new options of Fashionscape, but increase the general demand and popularity of some of these Skilling methods. The Collection Log: This entire sub-section is dependant on the previous ideas being added into the game. The premise would include a Skilling armour section to the Collection Log to give those who enjoy the grind another option to go hunting for.
  9. With the current decade coming to an end and the roaring 20's coming swiftly I ask you this: What goals or ambitions has everybody got that they would like to achieve in the upcoming year? Me personally, with my Masters Degree completed I'm planning on fully pushing myself into the world of film and television and beginning the hunt and grind for my dream job.
  10. Definitely requires a fix, hopefully the boys can get on this soon with the current Magic meta for Zulrah being in high demand.
  11. Legends is a 10x game mode and quite easy to max (only downfall being the longevity and repetitiveness of Dungeoneering) so for a full grind I do personally feel that 2.5x would be a fitting amount to fully keep people invested for a major period of time. Got to imagine that with a vote ticket that would be buffed but potentially 5x might be more reasonable depending on what people are interested in doing?
  12. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: The implementation of a new gamemode. Who/What Does This Benefit? It benefits those who are actively seeking an intense grind where everybody is on equal terms. Any Additional Comments: So you'll probably be asking "What's this new mode?", "Why do we need a new mode?" If people want a challenge then play Legends"... and these are all valid points. But what I am suggesting here is a brand new gamemode where every player is set on equal terms with realistic experience rates to climb the ranks. So what exactly is this mode? The title of Realistic (1.5x/2.5x potential experience rates?) would be a restrictive experience mode where all accounts are limited to that of an Ironman status, in a similar sense to the current Twisted Leagues on Old School Runescape. So what exactly makes this mode any different than the previous modes in-game? The restrictions. Donation Restrictions: In the current form, any account can be benefited with the donation benefits of accounts and get an incredible advantage against others. While this is entirely within the rights of these users for supporting the server, a mode where everybody is on equal terms would truly prove to be a grind and an enjoyable experience for those who seek the activity. This new gamemode could be played with any style of Ironman account to open a whole new array of competition. Shop Restrictions: In the current game, Ironman accounts can benefit incredibly from shops such as the food store, combat stores, training store and so forth. The basis of this mode would restrict the accessibility of these shops to only include items that would be otherwise unobtainable in-game without the usage of stores (Spirit Shards for example for Summoning) so that every item obtained is a true achievement. Experience Rates: As previously noted, this would be the most challenging mode to date. The rates themselves could spur anywhere between x1 to x2.5 to make this a full grind. Why Ironman? Some people might be sat questioning "Why make this mode Ironman exclusive? Why not open it to default accounts too?" and the simple factor of that is that the grind itself is self-sufficient. If the mode was introduced as a generality, it would instantly be hit by people trading items across to gain the best experience rates per hour and ultimately devalue the entire premise of this mode.
  13. Now this is the content I live for. But fantastic work guys, amazing to see the 718 breaking out of its shell further into OSRS and hopefully we'll see more in the future!
  14. So proud of the progress you're making, keep up the good work mate! ❤️
  15. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: An adjustment to the Game Filter option to allow for Unique Item added to the Collection Log. Who/What Does This Benefit: Everybody who is actively gaining new drops/hunting items on the Collection Log. Any Additional Information: In it's current form, the Game chat option of 'All' includes the notification when a new item has been included to the log, with a red text symbolising that item. But the game chat can easily flood the feed when doing activities and become quite a nuisance. I'm requesting that the option be included to get the message when the 'Filter Game' option is selected. Game Log - http://prntscr.com/qe0e2w Filter Log - http://prntscr.com/qe0dva

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