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  1. This is why #Kemi4Kiosk But I support the idea of Golden Nuggets that can be exchanged for Gem Bags, would make obtaining bolts a bit less tedious.
  2. Sounds like an interesting concept, I look forward to seeing what the result is at the end of the month!
  3. This is a massive achievements, congratulations! So what's the next grind?
  4. Support all of the points put forward here!
  5. I can support all of these, currently they're all neglected due to being useless. Just as a note with the Hexhunter - Adjust the bow to work with standard arrows since it's currently only able to use arrows from Daemonheim, which are impossible to get.
  6. Support from me, points aren't too hard to get and this stone definitely isn't worth more than 200.
  7. By any chance are you using a General Grisis' Tome? If so, it's hidden ability is to not consume Blood Runes and that'll be why.
  8. Support from me, would give people more of a reason to enter the wilderness. Going to leave this here too:
  9. As the title states, I'm requesting changes to the Dragon Ornament Kits. As of right now, the Ornament Kits are generally applied and alched for a good source of gold to flow into the economy, there's one small issue with this: Dragon Full Helmets and Dragon Platebodys. My suggestion here is to add in the Dragon Chainbody (G) from OSRS and create custom items for the Dragon Med Helm (SP/G) and Dragon Chainbody (SP). This would not only add additional items within the Tier 60 range, but it would mean that the Ornament Kits don't end up piled up due to the rarity of the current drops a
  10. I support this, we like alchs.
  11. As the title states, I'm suggesting the addition of a custom item; the Charm Bag. What does this bag do? It stores all your charms in it of course! If you've got the $100 donator perk or the Collector Aura, chances are your Charms automatically pick up. Whilst I know you can turn this off or just drop them, my alternative is to add a custom item that can store them. When bossing, slaying or doing any form of combat (potentially even Summoning itself), Charms take upwards of four inventory slots to hold. This item would reduce that down to one and allow us more space for drops/supplie
  12. Vote X amount of days does not work.
  13. Opening the Crystal Key chest doesn't work as an ironman.
  14. As much as I hate doing Dungeoneering, it's going to have to be no support from me.

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