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  1. I fully agree with this statement.
  2. I'll support it, seems like an interesting idea.
  3. I think the current ones could definitely use a buff. Shooting Star could be a mixture of both Ore and Bars so people have instant access to Bars for Smithing and additional Ore to work with if they were to want to continue. I'm not entirely sure what could go with the Evil Tree, potentially some Dragon Dart Tips/Dragon Arrowheads since they are currently only obtainable from the Crystal Key Chest. Personally, I would like to see some cosmetic items added to a random drop table from both of these DnD's. Since we've got skilling armours already for experience, these sets could have a speci
  4. As of right now, the Wilderness is quite a safe space to be in due to the untradable items always being safe. Not that long ago, this rule was adjusted due to the fact at Nex items protected in the Wilderness and it was incredible OP. With that change, I'm requesting a full adjustment to the Wilderness system so that untradable items are no longer safe, and when dropped, will drop as a monetary value to whoever got the kill. Why the sudden change? The Wilderness is a dangerous place. If you go in there, you're expected to put your items at risk. In its current state, you can enter in a fu
  5. This suggestion builds upon the Evil Tree and Shooting Star DnD's in-game already. For this, I'm requesting two new additions, a Grand Tree and a Meteor drop every 6 hours. So what makes these different to the current ones? They'd have a LOT more Stardust or Evil Tree Kindling, meaning that multiple players can attend the event and it not be over in roughly 5 minutes (exact amount of Stardust and Kindling could be up for debate to ensure this isn't an overpowered training/money maker). The issue with the current ones is simple. Every three hours, these events drop and have a TOTAL of 50 o
  6. Fantastic updates as always, look forward to more in the near future!
  7. Definite support to this, would be interesting to see people chase the top spots and see who holds the current titles. Can definitely get behind this too, most of the information is already linked through the Collection Log highscores so it'd just have to be transferred in-game.
  8. I can see your point in this. My recommendation to this would then be to adjust the privileges of the Event Managers exclusively so that they could handle these boxes at the end of the given event if an Ironman was to win them.
  9. I'm always down for more skilling cosmetics, not only is there bonus xp but FASHION too! Going to leave this here as Skilling Outfits has been requested before:
  10. As someone with an average amount of Cosmetic Boxes opened, and being an Ironman, I can tell you now that a lot of the rewards are ridiculous. The concept of paying $2 for Elegant or Villager items is quite absurd given that most of these items have an alch value of roughly 100 gold. Whilst this is all a gamble, my personal view on this is that for the monetary value against the general and common rewards obtained, the items are slightly lacklustre and could use an improvement. The purpose of this thread is to throw a few ideas into the hat on both how to improve the boxes in their current sta
  11. If you've ever gone for a skilling pet, you'll understand the torture of a grind that it is. One of the primary issues with this is that it can be confusing understanding what instances you can actually get the pets in (take Ivy at Edgeville bank for example, it was confirmed that the pet can't actually be obtained there). For this, I'm suggesting skilling pets become universal to everywhere that xp in that skill can be gained. Being here since day one, I have NEVER seen the Runecrafting pet achieved by anybody. This could be due to the fact that the majority of players use RuneSpan over
  12. I'm not 100% certain if this is a bug or not, but the attack speed for Tormented Demons seems questionably high. This is particularly noticeable with Melee, where multiple attacks can be hit instantaneously to the point where even tick eating may not save you. It's also been noticed that Protect from Magic does not actually negate the damage from their attacks. If the entire attack style could be reviewed, that'd be swell.
  13. As of right now, Large XP Lamps are a rare drop that can be quite hard to spot unless you've opened the console or receive a drop without Coins in the pile. My suggestion is removing the Lamp drop and replacing it with a Starved Ancient Effigy and including each different stage of the Effigy with the correct levels. Why the Effigy over a Large Lamp? Not only does it gain additional xp by claiming each individual stage, but it also acts as an incentive to train or prioritise specific skills to be able to unlock it instead of just selecting one skill and throwing every Lamp at it.
  14. As the item is untradable, it will be kept and go to Diango on death, thus not needing a higher value.
  15. Callum


    I'd like to also add Grae to this, it seems after every update some bosses defence skyrockets.

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