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  1. You've got my support here, would be beneficial to see people doing something other than bankstanding and this would be an alternative option of skills for some, +1 support from me!
  2. This would be fantastic, would be a great way for post-max cape players to work on something new! This looks amazing! 😍
  3. Callum

    Yo bois

    Welcome to the Forums! Hope you enjoy your time with us at Ely and look forward to seeing you round more!
  4. Looking forward to grinding this boss with some purpose now and the future reworks to come! Great work on this update!
  5. I was at $50 and made it to Global, either someone was anonymously throwing donations at me or something seems fishy here 😟
  6. Glad to see a method for those who don't have the funds IRL to donate to the server, should be a great way of opening a new market in-game! 10/10 great addition guys!
  7. Would be nice to have alternative methods to obtaining Primals, some work into movestyles and droprates and I'd definitely support this!
  8. With the high requirements of Coal when training Smithing (especially Achievement hunting), this would be an incredible feature to see. 100% support on this, make it happens boys!
  9. In-Game Name: Virtus. Description of Bug: Currently, the main gates to enter/exit the Tree Gnome Stronghold can not be accessed. Whilst this is not a major issue, it would be an ease of access method to those who engage in the Elder Evil Tree Distraction & Diversions; making it the fastest route to the Arandar location in comparison to running from East Ardougne. Can This Be Re-Created: This can easily be re-created. Screenshot if Applicable: No screenshot at this current time.
  10. The Fill/Empty feature isn't too bad of a feature, just a bit confusing to those who try to do it without knowing. Rune Essence on the other hand still can't be stored. Just attempted it again with no Pure Essence in the inventory and could not get any into the pouches.
  11. In-Game Name: Virtus. Description Of The Bug: When attempting to load any Essence into a Rune Pouch (Small, Medium, Large, Giant) for Runecrafting, the options for Fill and Empty are currently the opposite way around. Whilst this works for ease of access; it can be a confusing matter when attempting to load any Essence into the pouches. Alongside this, currently only Pure Essence can be loaded into these pouches; leaving the option of Rune Essence out; the traditional ore that you receive from mining the statue within the Donator zone. Can This Be Re-Created: It can, simply try and fill the pouches with both forms of essence and watch the options be the wrong way around. Screenshot If Applicable: Hard to screenshot this I'm afraid.
  12. In-Game Name: Virtus. What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting the ability to be able to craft Overload potions at a 4 dose level instead of being limited to making them with three doses. Currently, Extreme potions can be crafted from 4 dose Super potions, which would be the smartest thing to do to maximise the dosage that you receive from that potion. So let's say you've done that to 96 and now have plenty of Extremes ready to be converted; you would have to drink a dose of each individual potion to be able to make them into Overloads only to then have to re-decant them (Where Overloads can't be noted/decanted using the NPC making it a manual chore) to achieve the potions you want. Who/What Does This Benefit: It benefits those who train Herblore and saves the hassle of having to decant them at the NPC/manually. I do understand that the conventional method of making Overloads/Extremes should be 3 dose potions by RS standards; but with Extremes having the ability to be made at a 4 dose level it only seems logical to do the same with Overloads. Any Additional Comments: As previously stated, the Decanter at home currently will not accept any Extreme/Overload potions; noted or un-noted making decanting these potions into full doses an incredibly tedious task (This section belongs more in the bugs tab).
  13. You've got my support here, an overhaul in general to make sure valuable items are highly protected would be beneficial in general.
  14. Just what I needed for my Slayer task, thanks Lation ❤️
  15. This looks amazing! Can't wait to try this out! 🤩 Big fan of the support coming to Legends mode too! Glad to see some support is given to those participating in the grind 💕

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