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  1. Singular thank.
  2. Some incredible progress made in such short notice, just a shame on how it all ended. We learn from our errors though and I wish you the best of luck with the next one!
  3. Welcome to the Forums Kanixa, enjoy your stay at Ely!
  4. Plenty of changes, glad to see a major QoL update like this! Keep them coming guys!!
  5. Given the fact that it is a wilderness boss, I could agree with it being removed from KBD as well. From what I recall, drops are now noted at KBD anyway so there is limited use to needing the ::bank feature at this boss apart from resupplying. I could support removal from KBD with the addition of other bosses deemed mid-tier and the current skilling locations being left included.
  6. To be perfectly honest, I see no issue with allowing ::bank at bosses regardless. My understanding would be that it was originally removed to avoid donators from camping bosses so others could not fight them, but with Death Clocks in place I see no problem with people using it at specific bosses. Cases such as Nex, Graetoriax and Harbinger X'Rul I can understand as they are supposed to be difficult. But taking into account the likes of KBD, Godwars, DKS these are places where in my personal sense, it would just be used to bank my loot so I don't have to bother teleporting in and out of instances all the time. Similarly with the use of ::bank at the Blood Altar, it isn't afkable in comparison to RuneSpan and removing it would be ridiculous with the likes of the Donator Zone Gold Deposit being allowed when it is consistently botted. Personally, see no issues in allowing it at bosses. $500 isn't cheap after all.
  7. This needs switching to the Graetoriax drop table and removed from KBD.
  8. I'm stuck indoors, so the gains are well. I miss the pub.
  9. Will break this down into three parts: Wintertodt - I completely support Wintertodt as an alternative method for skillers to train Firemaking. This would be beneficial not only as an alternative, but as a new method for Ironman accounts to obtain supplies and could turn into a rather unique money-maker. Would be nice to include the Phoenix pet as an option for Firemaking too given the other skilling pets that are in-game. Phoenix Summoning Familiar - This one is more of a bug report, but I see no issue in it's addition. Not majorly important right now but I'll support it. Phoenix Lair D&D - Another rather unique event. I'll support the addition of daily D&Ds, could lead to more down the line and give people another reason to run content daily. I also do support the pet, people love pets.
  10. Goals are coming along well, keep up the progress!
  11. I can't see any issues with this, would be beneficial to those who want the added safety in their inventory. It's support from me.
  12. I dread to think how many hours of my life I've wasted on these forums and knowing that kinda info would haunt me. While it would be interesting to know, as noted above it is quite an irrelevant statistic to know due to the sheer factor that the forums can be left on idle in the background. Afraid for now I can't support this, it would take attention away from other aspects that would be deemed more vital.
  13. Another very detailed guide, keep up the fantastic work Zelda!
  14. Definitely risky business on a HC, props for going ahead with making the video! Looking forward to the upcoming kills.
  15. Fantastic guide Kari, well structured and straight to the point!

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