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  1. In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: Currently I am suggesting one of two methods listed below revolved around the Tokhaar Kal (Kiln Cape): Either the option to have the cape in its old form from its release back in RS2. A separate item added to Har-Aken's drop table to not only include more drops for the boss, but as a potential incentive for the Collection Log to obtain multiple styles. Who/What Does This Benefit: It benefits the niche audience who are not only looking for more excuses to PvM, but prefer the older styles of graphics. Any Additional Information: The current style of the Tokhaar-Kal works incredibly well with the New Items Look mode (post graphical update) although it also moves across to the Old Items Looks and is completely out of place with any form of outfit that was made in that era. Just by having an alterative, it would give variance and allow those who never enjoyed the New Item Looks to have that variance they desired. As briefly stated above too, the Fight Kiln drop table is one of the easier ones to complete within the Collection Log due to requiring two runs of the caves to obtain every reward. Adding an alternative would make this Minigame more used even if just for another wave; with could potentially link into the droptable being expanded further to include a Har-Aken pet drop! But we'll save that suggestion for another post.
  2. In-Game Name: Callum. Description of Bug: Upon dying as a Hardcore Ironman, your account will automatically be altered across to an Ironman account. Whilst this is standard, the position you died at on your HC is no longer tracked with a death marker on the HC Highscores. This is a feature that used to work in the past if you check the Highscores, yet at some point stopped working altogether. Can This Be Recreated: It can indeed. I haven't seen any recent HC deaths that have kept their position on the Highscores with a death marker. Any Additional Information: After recently losing my spot as the #1 Hardcore Ironman Legend account, it is rather annoying to see that progress not tracked as a marker for others to try beat in the future. Instead, the rank is immediately handed over to the next alive player with no record that the account ever had a HC status.
  3. After a few long months of grinding away, Virtus has finally fallen. https://prnt.sc/p66t94 Overall Playtime: 373 hours. Achievements: First Maxed Hardcore Ironman Legend. 7 unique pet drops (including Corporeal Beast). 11 requirements left to Completionist Cape. Plenty of boss drops (Bandos, Armadyl, Corporeal Beast loot etc). Final Bank (Post-Death): Rares: https://prnt.sc/p673ic Fashionscape: https://prnt.sc/p673kd Clues/Junk: https://prnt.sc/p673m5 Weapons/Dungeoneering: https://prnt.sc/p673o6 Armour: https://prnt.sc/p673qy Collectables: https://prnt.sc/p673tj Skilling: https://prnt.sc/p673v6 Drops: https://prnt.sc/p673y2 Food/Potions: https://prnt.sc/p67400 So, what's next? Time to do it all again.
  4. These events helped a lot on the road to max cape, were also handy for regular players to sell some sought after materials. Highly recommend these events, especially to any irons out there!
  5. No harm in supporting this, would be nice to see the system actually being used.
  6. Love the idea of Rooftop Agility, whether it be the OSRS courses or a custom rooftop. Support from me!
  7. Callum

    Bank Space

    In-Game Name: Virtus. What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting an increase to the overall bank space allocated to players in-game. Who/What Does This Benefit: Literally everybody. Any Additional Information: As of right now, the bank is limited to a total of 468 spaces. This is 68 spaces over the standard spaces allocated to F2P members of OSRS; with members exceeding 800 with the usage of Twitch Prime etc. Bank space has always been an issue for players, with many reverting to alternative or 'Bank of' accounts to store their collections or spare items. Whilst this can be a work-around, it requires more effort on the players behalf and, as guessed, is completely irrelevant to Ironmen who would not be able to re-add the items to their accounts. Given the addition of the Collection Log and the increase in people re-grinding the majority of the content, now would be the best time to implement increased bank space so that people can actually collect sets such as Clue Scroll armours without the worry that they will have to get rid of something important to them.
  8. Bump for the Rune Pouch ❤️
  9. I love the idea of weekday events! As someone who spends most of their weekends working due to my industry, I miss out on pretty much every event nowadays. But as it's been noted above, some of them are quite unrealistic. Also instead of completely doubling everything for an event, maybe a 50% increase would be more beneficial to keep things stable (If you originally get 40 Charms from a drop you'd get 60 to not make the event overpowered). One thing I'd suggest for mid-week events would be more for minigames, but specific days for specific events (could even be a week long process that alternates minigame daily). This would bring around a revitalisation of the minigame scene in Ely and push people towards grinding these out (potential linkage into Completionist (t) requirements down the line for die-hard players). Overall, I like the concept. I'd just rework the daily events slightly so that they're not overpowered or making the game easier than it already is.
  10. With what you have to go through to get them, they should definitely be BIS. It's a support from me!
  11. Use the format please located here - But as previously stated, you can kill them it just takes a bit more power to it. The bracelets on the other hand are a bug.
  12. In-Game Name: Virtus. What Are You Suggesting: The implementation of an AFK timer that will notify you if you have been inactive for a specific amount of time within that session and proceed to kick your account if you do not re-enable activity. Who/What Does This Benefit: Everybody who logs in-game. Any Additional Information: In the current state of the game, we have an average of roughly 15-25 players logged in-game throughout the day; raising or dropping between peak times. Many of our player base has playtime hours logged on their accounts within the thousands which, whilst an impressive feat, is unrealistic. Playtime on accounts should symbolise how long you've spent playing the game, not forgetting that you have left your account logged in to check back and realize you have many missed messages from players asking of your whereabouts. The amount of players AFK at home consistently can be a positive and negative effect, listed briefly in detail below: Positives: To new arrivals, it looks like we have a large player base on at all given times. People get to increase their overall hours spent in-game. Negatives: New arrivals are soon to realise that of those 15-25 online, only a handful are active in welcoming them. In the event of a staff member being required, players have absolutely no idea as to whether that member of staff is active in-game right now or not even at home/asleep. Overall, there is no real benefits to not having this in-game.
  13. Congratulations ❤️ Now do it properly as an Ironman
  14. I'm always happy to support graphical updates, especially the option of having more instances of Fashionscape added in-game that's plausibly obtained.
  15. The Grand Exchange should be limited to tier 50 items (at a push and skill dependant) to allow people to being the skills whilst avoiding overpowered experience rates from the higher required items. This would not only fill the gap in the market of people demanding items to train skills, but would keep the playerbased economy standpoint that you're attempting to get with the removal of the GE. For example: Herblore supplies should be limited to auto-buy on herbs up to Irit (Level 40). This gives a basis to the skill with reasonable experience rates (it is an RSPS after all) and leaves the market open for those who want to make gold from selling Avantoe and above (essentials for Super/Extreme potions). As a whole if whitelisted items are being added, each skill needs to be assessed individually. Anything included needs to be ensured that its not overpowered or an easy 99.

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