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  1. This is a must have for any successful server, its a +1 from me!
  2. That's the Ibans set in the Skilling store.
  3. Support from me, while you can mass train range in areas where you can use a cannon, Chinchompa's open another method up for this. I'm not 100% on the shops selling them. Personally I would keep them unlisted, increase the spawn regions and have them obtained through catching or other players only (potentially some in the Crystal Key chest) as this would be the beginning of making Hunter a profitable skill.
  4. I'm always happy to support anything that's an extra grind, and pets are a massive bonus on that. I wouldn't restrict this to a specific Impling (can only be obtained on Kingly for example) but make it possible to obtain across the entirety of Puro-Puro with each imp having a different drop rate for the pet. As for the pet itself, either a transmogrification option to change it to the impling of your choice, or set it to the community favourite.
  5. This is fantastic, will always support something that extends the grind for those willing to put in the hours! What Defence level will it need to equip...
  6. So Gargoyles are still a mess. They all still attack you at once and you are unable to choose which Gargoyle you would like to attack in the event of a Superior, leading to it despawning. They have a habit of pathing outside of the walls at the Ancient Cavern, haven't confirmed this at other locations. https://prnt.sc/ummstv
  7. Callum

    The Decanter

    Another day, another suggestion. And this time we're going to focus on a useful yet broken part of the game; the Decanter npc. As always, this'll be multiple suggestions split into sub-sections in more detail below. Create Unfinished Pots for X Amount of Gold: A feature heavily used in OSRS at Nardah, the NPC Zahur will take any Vials of Water and Clean Herbs that you have noted in your inventory and exchange them immediately for X amount of gold. This would be a fantastic way to get bulk Unfinished Potions whilst also serving as a small gold sink. More information about Zahur l
  8. Adding onto this, would be great to get FC's looked into as well to avoid any Attempting to Kick/Ban messages from moderators which I believe is tied in with the Friends/Ignore lists.
  9. Didn't even check to see this wasn't there. Support from me.
  10. Once again, we're back here asking for more updates. Who'd have guessed. So this time, we'll focus on Construction, something that is primarily used only for a Gilded Altar and completely useless after that. This will have multiple suggestions included listed in more detail below. The Costume Room: Something that's been requested time and time again. With the recent addition of Ironmeme and the sheer quantity of players on the mode, what better time to get this update planned than now. Bank space is incredibly limited as it is, and without the option to store Clue Scroll items o
  11. No support, that's what Clue Scrolls are for.

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