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  1. Bumping this for priority - Can either stay in suggestions or bug reports since it fits into both.
  2. I'm suggesting that the timer between sales at the general store be adjusted so that items that are sold to the general store disappear a lot quicker (and in bulk instead of slowly reducing stock numbers to 0) than they currently do. Right now, one item stock goes somewhat quick, although if a stack of items is sold then this takes time to remove and fills one of the very limited slots available to sell items to (which could also do with an increased amount given that you can barely fit any stock in the shop). This current style also isn't helped by the fact that the general store is universal across players, so if multiple people are selling items then this process becomes painstakingly long. From what I recall, shops on Ely have limited store space to have items in. For this, I would advise removing/re-homing a lot of the standard items within this shop (all the skilling tools etc) so that this can be exclusively for players to sell items to.
  3. Regarding this, I support the addition of a storage container being added similar to the Rune Pouch where you can store Clue Scrolls whilst out on slayer tasks/boss trips etc as they do fill up your inventory, although I would only support this if the pick up system stayed the same. There's no reason to have Clue Scrolls auto pick up, picking them up manually is fine and not that difficult (you could make it so that they automatically go into this new container, but even that's a push that I'm not 100% sold on). If Clue Scrolls became automatically picked up, we'd have a similar situation with Blue Dragons where people would just camp them all day with a cannon. Automatic pickups is a 100% no support from me.
  4. This suggestion will definitely annoy anybody who holds a current record, but I'm going to request it anyway. I'm suggesting that we reset the current Boss Kill Record for the fastest boss times in-game. Whilst some of these are potentially quite recent and legitimate, the majority of these times were obtained when the DWH defence reduction bug was still in place on the server, meaning that these records did not have to choose between attacking with a primary special attack weapon for immediate damage or using a defence reducing weapon to increase the overall damage. Given that these bosses were at the lowest defence possible when records were obtained and that this bug has now been fixed, these records will ultimately never be beaten.
  5. Some impressive loot there for 1,000 kills! What setup were you using and how many kills an hour on average?
  6. I support this idea, would be nice to have some more mage variation in-game. Also, this is already in Pending -
  7. I like the idea of it, would be good to have tasks to complete first thing upon logging on.
  8. No support to any of them, ironman accounts were made independent for a reason and I see no benefits to changing things back to the way they were apart from making a few lazy people happy. Ironmen know what they're signing up for when they choose the mode, if they want the well and SoF then they can quite easily go back to easyscape. Regarding the SoF, the only way I would support this is with a full overhaul where any items obtained are solely cosmetic. I don't support the addition of Lamps, Lucky Items, Supplies or anything else that could make the game even the slightest bit easier.
  9. Support to this, having the Slayer Helm damage would benefit against Nomad and that cutscene takes far too long.
  10. Add Forlorn weapons to the list so ironmen can also upgrade their Primals.
  11. No support to auto pickups, it's not hard to pick them up. Only adjustment I'd make in regard to this is to adjust the Game Filter to list Clue Scroll drops when the tab is set to Filtered. You could also adjust the value so that these appear as coloured text drops instead of white which blend in with low tier drops to help find them on the ground.
  12. I support either this or the addition of notable tanning, either would be beneficial not only to irons, but everyone in general.
  13. Will definitely be there! Once again, another fantastic event!
  14. When doing Dungeoneering, everything runs smoothly and is well balanced for both solo and teams, except the boss Blink. Currently, it's incredibly overpowered, can easily two hit you (through any prayers might I add), has far too much health and can easily wipe an entire team of five people in max level gear multiple times. My suggestion is to nerf the boss a bit to make this experience a bit more fair.

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