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  1. I could support additional powers to Event Managers. Given that a lot of the time many players are standing around unless it's the weekend, mid-week events could be something to break that spell. Even if it was a further variety of bosses/minigames involvement, it would be an incentive to bring the community together again to complete goals and interact.
  2. I agree that the pet being obtainable would be a major feature to making Nex more interesting, especially for those who hunt the Collection Log completion. I personally would like to see the ramp fixed: make it so that you can't bypass the doors Frozen Key requirement to instantly drop into the lair. On the topic of the Frozen Key; limit it to five uses for 5M an attempt at Nex to further increase the gold sink. Minions could definitely use a fix too to make the boss function correctly, these could also do with a few drop reworks of some better class Skilling items so that those who don't obtain a drop from the boss in a mass can walk away with some loot. Nex could do with an addition of drop (s) that are a 1/1 similar to Graetoriax always offering gold. Given that supplies can add up over time with the addition of the Key, unless you pull a Nex item then the boss is a major loss in both gold and time which puts a lot of people off fighting her. Completely agree with the Damage Cap. Whilst the kills are pretty standard as of right now (10+ minutes depending on gear/team size), it is rare to find a team that want to do Nex outside of an event. This would make this boss more bearable to solo.
  3. As stated above, Ironman is an individual game mode and I feel it should stay that way. I'm aware that OSRS allows for the likes of CoX and ToB to be completed with others, and if these were added then I would consider supporting for those variants. The idea of allowing Ironman accounts involvement with other bosses is something that, as Boats noted, should be strictly for Group Ironman.
  4. There's quite a lot of good suggestions on here, some I also don't agree with so I'm going to go into a small analysis of what's been listed so far. Open 1,000 Crystal Chests - Very much within reason by the time you reach Completionist standards. Obtain all Castle Wars cosmetics - As much as I love Castle Wars, I know many others do not (especially in it's broken state). I personally would adjust this to be between 50-150 Castle Wars victories. Obtain all Pest Control items - Incredibly reasonable, especially given how quick this can be achieved on a Saturday. 50% Collection Log Completion - Again, by this point of your account you have endured lots of bossing and this can be boosted with Clue hunting. Obtain World Master Cape (1,000 hours playtime) - I don't see the relevance of this given that there is no achievement here. Without a logout timer your hourly playtime is irrelevant. Obtain 200M exp in all skills - This is a no support from me. Completionist Cape (t) should revolve around secondary content. I get the appeal of this to some, but not everybody is going to invest their time into this. Potentially adjust this to one 200M skill achieved or 1B total experience to leave people a post-completionist task to do. Must have Regular Completionist Cape - Would've assumed this was obvious as it is a step up. Obtain the full voters set - I don't even think I know what this is so can't give my opinion. Obtain all Dominion Tower Gloves and Weapons - This is something that fits more into the Collection Log Completionist, I;m on the edge about this one but don't really mind it. Complete 300 Clue Scrolls - Personally would prefer this to see 100 of each variant with some drop rate adjustments (100 Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite). If not, people are just going to end up ransacking one type of Clue and avoid the rest of them due to drop rate purposing. Buy ALL rewards from Dungeoneering - I fully support this as long as there is a trackable system. A suggestion for this would be to add the Dungeoneering store as a sub-page in the Collection Log to track everything from there. Create a Dragon Platebody - I like the idea; bring some life back to Tormented Demons post Completionist requirement. In this case, I would set all of the lumps to untradable so that people have to grind the boss (my personal opinion of this) to stop the rich just paying off this step instantly. Create an Armadyl Battlestaff - Similarly to the Dragon Platebody, untradable shards so that players have to grind this. Create a DFS - Pretty standard requirement, but I support it. Create a Godsword - Quite simplistic, I would adjust this to creating a Godsword set. Create a Blessed Spirit Shield/Create a Tier 75 Spirit Shield - I see no harm here, support. Minimum 25 Nex kills - I'd personally increase this, Nex isn't difficult and needs more attention. Create a Full Slayer Helmet - No harm here, support. Learn all Slayer abilities - Support, would like to see more added over time to increase the difficulty of this. Buy all Skilling items from the Skilling Points shop - I'm going to re-refer to a previous suggestion located below. This would then be more revolved around unlocking each individual Skilling item instead of purchasing and could be tracked via the Collection Log (NOTE - This would require a complete reset of Skilling items). Donate to the Well of Goodwill (minimum 10M) - The idea is nice, but the number is low. Make a 500M minimum (potentially 1B). This will slowly remove gold from the economy and it isn't a difficult task to obtain that much gold. Complete the 2 available quests (non-seasonal) - Support, but would like to see a LOT more quests implemented than two to make this more challenging. Complete all achievements - I support this idea, but with the implementation to a full rework of the Achievement System to make tasks and challenges similar to those shown in RS. A full rework would be more challenging and involve actually achieving goals over repetitive tasks for a set number of rounds. This will be a write up that will be conducted in the future if it gains attention and support. Earn 25,000 points in the Runespan - This is an idea that could potentially tie in with the Skilling Points adjustments; in which you would be forced to buy all of the gears from the RuneSpan shop (as and when it is fixed). Create a Draconic Lance - Not a difficult task, but I'll support it. Complete Monster Carnage - No real issue here, only suggestion would be increasing the number to make the minigame more active again. Obtain at least 1 skilling pet - I personally feel that pets should be left to Collection Log Completionists over an actual rule of Completionist (t), on the edge about this one. Unlock 150 music tracks - If there is a system that makes this feasible without the needs of staff commands to teleport then I support it. I know we previously had a thread on the forums regarding Completionist Cape (t) which is now linked below for cross reference/additional ideas.
  5. That's some insane RNG, congratulations!
  6. Can't see any harm in it, support from me!
  7. I agree with @Nicky here, having this area as multi-combat wouldn't change much as there's better spots to mult-combat throughout Ely. Not entirely sure on the rates for Clues here, but could be beneficial to buff the Easy Clue Scroll to make a farmable method for Completionists.
  8. You've got my support here, it'd be a nice start to revitalising the Wilderness and could easily roll into more content down the line.
  9. Glad to see some steps being put into this, was an honour to be a part of the gay brigade again Revamp Ely into what it should be!
  10. What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely has been on the decline for quite some time. As hard as it is to say that it is a fact. The regulars have nothing to do and the new players just aren't staying. Whether that be an issue linked to Player Counts, Content, or just not a fan of how we act as a community is something we just don't know. Whilst there is a complete understanding of the real life scenarios involved with Developers (and anybody in general) having full time jobs, without consistency of content Ely will not bounce back. We're currently being kept alive by the regulars and the Monthly Exclusive Boxes, but that is not a business model that will continue to thrive and keep Ely going. As noticed with some of the recent Boxes (January especially) the Boxes are staying in there for quite some time. Ely has been my home since it first started; following Lation across sources and watching this source grow has been fantastic. But in the current state of things and the limited desire for any players to actually play the game, I can't see it lasting for much longer. What makes you come back to play everyday: Truthfully, nothing. Even as a Moderator and as a regular, Ely is rapidly becoming a last resort to fill my boredom. As others have noticed, maybe its repetitive habit, addiction, the thrill of calling Kemi a nerd on a daily basis? As somebody who would never usually AFK, I spend all my time on Ely doing it now because of lack of interest which is sad. Any time I spend in-game is talking to friends I have here, but it is becoming more difficult to see when anybody is online nowadays. What would you like to see in the future: There's plenty of things that Ely could do that would motivate a lot of players. Me personally, a fresh start. Whether this be in the form of an OSRS variant, a complete reset of the Economy and Levels or a subsidiary server that's focused more on developing a more realistic Runescape-esque game (Quests, Minigames, DnDs, Adventurers Log etc). I think what Ely truly needs is content to motivate and link it's sectors. Right now, it is far too easy to complete and becomes a repetitive task. Any comments or issues that are currently concerning: Whilst I understand that everybody is busy with real life and that Matt and Lation have some things planned to revitalise Ely, it's concerning that it may be a bit too late. It does get joked about quite a lot but Ely is incredibly limited with the Updates that actually occur (and whether or not they're even wanted in-game). It is rather concerning that it has taken this long to realise that another Developer is required given how long Ely has been going on for. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again: Take this from someone who was here from day 1, left and came back. I initially returned to Ely because not only did my time free up, but I noticed in my absence that a couple of new updates released. The main thing that brought me back was seeing all of the old familiar faces from the beginning and the warm welcome home, but many of those faces have left and I don't actually know if anything could bring me back to playing full-time again. What made you part ways from Ely: Initially, it was a timing issue. My schedule was too busy and I didn't have the time to log in and grind all night. That is slowly becoming the case again but it is moreso down to the lack of motivation to actually do anything in-game. Any time I spend in-game now is just stockpiling gold for no reason other than I'm bored. Quite a long read but hopefully you'll have got something useful from it. Ely will always be a home for most of us, but with no considerable change very soon I truthfully see it's decline speeding up.
  11. I'd personally be fine seeing a recolour of the standard Veterans Cape depending on the years you've achieved, saves time with model adjustments and is symbolic. No support on any other benefits to them though, they should be purely cosmetic items and offer no gain.
  12. Been a while since the last one, so bump on this.
  13. Some horrific rng, but an amazing outcome at the end. Well done nerd!
  14. Very nice guide Nelly! Should help fill the gap in the market and hope to see more people grinding this boss!

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