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  1. Great beginners guide Kyle! Keep up the great work bro.
  2. No fucking way! @Vegemite called it hahahaa! Sick updoot boys, cant wait to test it.
  3. UPDOOT! Finished 99 Firemaking! Working on bossing and Dungeoneering are my main focuses.
  4. Just finished 99 Construction! The end is neigh! #maxsoon
  5. Corp I understand, but what other places are we talking about?
  6. Could we maybe bump it up a few more notches then? its seriously lacking some juice...
  7. Update!!! 99 fishing, cooking and Smithing all achieved. Also obtained Arma hilt from kree. Lots more to come soon!
  8. Jake

    2019 Secret Santa

    I'm a real broke ass bitch atm since I haven't played on Jake in literally a year! Enjoy @jabbadabba Merry Christmas MFers
  9. Great ideas, but we have heard these too many times, the staff want definitive plans of what to implement into the shop reworks, and even a plan of how wilderness skilling may work. Great suggestion, but more detail!!
  10. Very useful research here Kyle! Prayer is of course not a hard skill to train; but as a legend account can become very worked out due to the time it takes to collect bones. Support the cause +1.
  11. Congrats fellas, big boy responsibilities now!
  12. Jake

    2019 Secret Santa

    well shit, if youre not in it, you cant fucking win it! COUNT ME IN BABAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

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