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  1. Support, But only the regular version!
  2. Jake


    Could you please make me one! Feel free to message me on discord so we can sort out the details.
  3. Love the second last one! BR Auras are so time consuming to get. Great job lads.
  4. Hey Lads n' Lass, Today I give you all an idea that has had a fair bit of support ingame when mentioned already, and as stated by Chimpanzee half of it is already ingame. #CHIMP4MODBTW The Idea: The addition of Crystal Tools (Hatchet & Pickaxe). The Plan: As of current Zulrah drops a Crystal seed which has no use. The plan. Give Vorkath that Crystal seed in its drop table; then enable players to gather 500 of each respective event resource (Stardust for Pickaxe, Kindling for Hatchet). After all that, Players would be able to travel to Llyeta (an elven
  5. Well, cya blink. Easy Clear!
  6. Might pop online! Checkout this new ironman update Fingers crossed its a good one boys!
  7. Great beginners guide Kyle! Keep up the great work bro.
  8. No fucking way! @Vegemite called it hahahaa! Sick updoot boys, cant wait to test it.
  9. UPDOOT! Finished 99 Firemaking! Working on bossing and Dungeoneering are my main focuses.
  10. Just finished 99 Construction! The end is neigh! #maxsoon
  11. Corp I understand, but what other places are we talking about?
  12. Could we maybe bump it up a few more notches then? its seriously lacking some juice...

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