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  1. Jake

    boss hiscore

    Would love this! Huge support
  2. Jake

    New Boss's

    Until they added it to $5 Donor boxes... now everyone has primal rapiers etc. Definitely disagree with adding primal ingame though, should remain a donor item. -1 Support.
  3. Jake

    zanyte shards

    +1 Support this!
  4. Ruins of Graetoria is great for all players with a combat level of 80+ Offering a range of training opportunities from Melee -> Mage, aswell as offering some very unique end game content that all players can enjoy! Great job Ely Staff... Ill say it again "Ely - The Greatest RSPS"


    1. Kemi


      is pretty neat yes staff did a job

  5. Very nice! Keep up the good work kari bb ❤️
  6. Well well well! Here we go again! #ADDICTED Great job lads 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work ❤️
  7. Jake

    Howdy Ya'll

    Welcome to Ely RSPS. Glad to meet you 😄 Enjoy your stay!
  8. You love it when im mean to you!
  9. Going very well so far bro! Keep it up!
  10. Honestly, what do you know? :3 +1 Support
  11. Good to have you back mate!
  12. Was thinking about adding this aswell 100% agree!!
  13. Sick update Lads. FUCKING HYPED FOR RUINS!!!
  14. Can you tell that this is my first ever ironman? Sorry Papi ❤️
  15. Hahaha, We will see. I hardly have the time either! Just got this week off, so decided to GRIND

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