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  1. 3 Pets and 2 99's this week so far! LETS GO
  2. Jake

    SoF spins

    Full of good ideas this guy!
  3. Thought so! Great update!!!
  4. Good news!!! What is meant by cannon rate fixed though? Aka slowed?
  5. So because Jordan is the richest, he controls the eco? Seemslegitman
  6. Yeah mate! The more the better. Hate seeing Ely empty 😜
  7. Pretty neat idea! How does the rank work exactly? Is it like a veteran?
  8. Officially back on the train... After 5 months of no progress! Lets the gains begin 😛
  9. Jake

    Cave Horror

    Thanks heaps Vinc, Problem has been known for ages now. Should be swapped over ASAP. Keep posting any bugs you find!
  10. Love the idea Kyle! Some of these events seem abit op, but could definitely be changed. +1 support.

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