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  1. Lucien only has 150 HP...
  2. Absolutely love this! Great idea, and a beast way to tease what donor rank perks have to offer. Job well done
  3. Lucky Items in "Diango's Item Redemption" are lost forever if the redemption screen is full... AND BEFORE I GET, Just trade to a different account "Blah blah blah"... YOU CANT TRADE ""UNTRADEABLES"". I've lost 2x full void sets, Lucky divine, Lucky arcane aswell as chaotic kiteshield and numerous other things.
  4. Welcome to Ely matey! Looking forward to seeing you ingame.
  5. The amount of sweat is disgusting
  6. Can No longer "cast alchemy on untradable items".
  7. Let me just start by saying, This update was great for the Ely, finally a step in the right direction for fixing and tweaking the combat system! During this Update Alot of Area's, Npc's and spells were fixed and corrected to ensure the original mechanics of the game are as so. This may have lead to some weird changes in what you may have become confortable with. (Great job staff!) This is a list of Changes that were made during the recent update "Major NPC & Magic Overhaul" that differ from how original mechanics should be... (Note this update was amazing, just a few hickups): Unlimited runes Perk for donators does not work. Zulrah Boss has a few "unintended" issues; Namely: Phases switching is too fast, Attack speed very fast. On the good side however, minions and clouds now deal appropriate damage... Few areas that used to have problems with "agression" e.g Saradomin GWD Kc rooms are now fixed. However a few are not (Tormented demons, all aggro on you at once). GWD Bosses feel as though they may have been nerfed. (However im lead to believe this is due to OSRS stats being implemented). KBD Drop table bugged (apparently dosent drop any loot at all). Dung Monsters Bugged. (See cordo's Post below) When teleporting away from combat, players sustain all damage taken from the time of teleport. (Should be immune). High and low level alchemy do not work on Untradable items. (This was a common way of making sustainable cash through bossing). Players experiencing difficulting teleporting using spellbook teleports. (see Mate's post below). THIS IS A CONTINUING THREAD, PLEASE LEAVE OPEN!
  8. Great job lads! Looking forward to the upcoming events.
  9. Bug: Armadyl Cbow for the female model shows as a Rune Cbow.
  10. Bug: Crafting Achievement Broken (ONYX) Summary: After finishing up crafting 18 onyx into Rings and Amulets for the achievement I was suprised to find that the achievement was not completed (or even started as a matter of fact). Its not the fact that the achievements itself isnt working, more the fact that the items produced when crafting are the wrong item id's... When trying to make the rings, they turn straight into onyx ring (i) --- (Should be Onyx Ring) When you try to make the Amulet, you can make the first part (unstrung)... but as soon as you add the ball of wool it turns straight into a Fury. (Should be Onyx Amulet) Both items are supposed to be made into their normal forms first then, level 6 enchant is cast upon them to make enchant into fury etc..

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