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  1. Honestly one of the best updates to hit ely in its entire existence! I'll tell ya after 500 floors of consecutive DOM tower you definitely end up insane (look at me)... Removing these cutscenes actually wants me to start another HCIM now! As for bug fixes within CoX that's just awesome and the nerfs and buffs of particular weapons; However what I am perhaps most excited about within this update is the addition of skilling rewards from actually participating in the skill itself not as a bi product of skilling points. Clues scrolls and coffers were an excellent choice. As for the rework of monsters throughout Ely, that has been a long awaited and very relevant step in maintain that ely be the greatest RSPS out there! Huge thankyou to @fm das @Matt @Xenith @Iso for all you have done, Ely has always been for the players. And this update is exactly that...
  2. Hell yeah man! Keen to see how this plays out
  3. Congrats on maxing mate! What’s the next goal from here on after?
  4. Jake

    Quest Bug

    Players who didn’t complete “The Christmas catastrophe” quest when it was released can no longer start or complete the quest. Meaning they will never be able to complete the questing section of total completion. Could we either remove the quest or fix somehow (maybe add a different npc) please.
  5. The "Monsters I" Medium category for the achievement diary is broken, Players cannot gain Brutal Red Dragon kill count because it is spelt "Brtual Red Dragon". Fix please xx
  6. This is actually a sick idea! Love it mate. give us a yell if you ever need the fp
  7. Deviant spectres within the catacombs do NOT count toward aberrant spectre kills for slayer. This should however be the case as in OSRS.
  8. Haven’t used this one in a while “+1 Support”
  9. What a great person Askbrown has turned out to be! here's to you mate:
  10. Currently as it stands, completionist cape (hooded) does not posses the features that comp cape does. Examples below: Pls fix when you have time

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