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  1. Absolutey needs to happen!!!!
  2. Ofcourse they'd stay there! Just if you are to get them without a donor perk, you should have to work for them... Also Wildy Slayer would be another mint way to populate the wild.
  3. Okay then... Glad that's settled. Just note I wasn't trying to undermine the integrity of the server's donor system; merely point out that not everything ingame has to be "locked" behind something. Hence this may be the perfect opportunity to start releasing content as rewards from Achievements and/or Quests. Therefore keeping people ingame longer aswell. @LationDon't worry mate, I know thats not aimed at me personally LYfam
  4. Like most perks on Ely, they are always locked behind some sort of pay wall... Which really isnt fair to those players who struggle financially IRL. If this idea were to be implemented i'd suggest its after a lengthy and grindly set of achievements, and made to be an item that you constantly have to recharge with ingame gp E.G.(10k gp per charge) maxing at 1,000 charges. This was it also acts as a money sink for the game aswell, which is always needed... Personally I'm not fussed with the idea of it as; well stated by @DevilSkag there are 3 other perks which allow for automatic collection of Ckeys, Charms and GP. However really believe that it should be earned.
  5. Jake

    holy shit

    I have absolutely no clue what im doing here...
  6. Yeah that is the same shop! ‘‘Twas a great server too
  7. Hi Guys and Girls This is a suggestion post/Feed that could use alot of feedback from the community in regards to the wilderness, so PLEASE comment below Guide: = Wilderness Ticket/Token. As such, I recently completed the Examiner's Apprentice Quest granting me access to the Wilderness Resource Area! (GREAT USE OF UNLOCKABLE CONTENT BTW!!!) Although; upon endeavouring into this area for achievements sake, I was quick to realise there is a few major flaws with the whole area, aswell as having absolutely no incentive to train in such a risky situation (thanks Vegemite ;), other than a couple of achievements. First off: Pond doesn't work at all, completely rendering the fishing skill impossible to train here... This needs to be fixed and/or modified; could be filled with so many rare fishing spots such as: Fury Shark's, Tiger Shark's, Lava Eel, Cave Fish and ofcourse Rocktail. And will also incorporate a wilderness spot for Fishing Brawlers... (I bet most players wont have even heard of a brawler or know what it does). Secondly: Addition of Coal and Gold ore deposits within this skilling area. And removal of the ones from regular skilling area. (This ensures that either way ore deposits are locked behind some form of content or Payment Method). And will also incorporate a wilderness spot for Mining Brawlers... Thirdly: Addition of Draconic Jadinkos to this area! This would add another skill to train within the Resource Area, aswell as a potential new animal to hunt! The Draconic Jadinko requires a Marasamaw Plant "box trap" to catch and will take more time to obtain than conventional training method's, although could give noted skilling supplies aswell as per catch. This method will also incorporate a wilderness spot for Hunter Brawlers... Finally: After all those new suggestions an little fixes are complete, some of you may be thinking. "But there's still not enough"! Perfect because what's next will really have your mouth watering. In a last effort attempt to maximise profitability and even out the RISK > REWARD of training within the wilderness. Wilderness Rewards! I'd like to rejuvenate the idea/Suggestion I made back in 2018 of implementing "Wilderness Tickets/Tokens" to the game. Wilderness Tickets or Tokens would be gathered from actively playing within the wilderness, this could be from either Skilling (at the newly refreshed Resource Area or Agility Course), Bossing any of the many wilderness bosses we have, OR being "THAT" guy... You know... A PKER! These newly found Wilderness Tickets/Tokens would inhereitley be given to a player after each log they chop, or fish they catch, Player they kill or Boss they slay. The tokens will be kept on the player until banked outside of the wilderness. Wilderness Reward Shop Here is where I need community input. Ofcourse the Wilderness Tickets/Tokens can be used at the "Wilderness Rewards Shop" Located conveniently at the house north of bank at home. But what that shop contains is up to you guys, the community. Below you'll find an example shop, ofcourse there will be no Chaotics or Scrolls in the shop! so disregard those... Thankyou all for taking the time to read this post. Please take the time to leave constructive comments below! Lets get this ball moving people! For a server thats 3 years old we need a wilderness scene BADLY. I know its a long one but its the start to rejuvenating the wilderness a place where no donor, ironman nor normal player is safe... Yours thankfully:
  8. Huge agreement here! Not everything ingame is intended to have multiple uses... However in saying that, one does obtain many shards that are otherwise wasted. Maybe instead of using them on prismatic chest we could trade 50 shards in for a whole totem? Just a thought...
  9. If you go into the equipment stats tab, and weild it through there, you'll be able to wear it!
  10. Ely is a server that really takes time to care and listen to its players, and it's very evident through the way weekly updates continue to impress the playerbase. Huge thanks to Lation & Matt for continously fixing and fine tuning the game we all love. Im sure im not the only one, but it makes me so proud to be part of a community such as this. 4 LYF
  11. This needs to be fixed! +1 Support

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