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  1. Good job team! Glad to see some indepth work ❤️
  2. Would be awesome to see some more features included into Dungeoneering. Although a new tiered flooring system would be dope!
  3. Congrats Smarting! PS 101 HUE HUE HUE
  4. Update! 99 Thieving obtained, still working on abby head and more 99's...
  5. Working on red slayer helm, camping Abby Demons for head! Also trying to push my way through the collection log.
  6. Support indefinitely! Would make Cerb a viable grind boss for medium to high level players.
  7. Ingame Username: Jake Description of bug: Black mask does not update in the slayer collection log. I believe this is because the drop we get ingame is a "Black Mask(10)" not "Black Mask". Screenshots, if possible:
  8. Currently grinding my way through mining so slowly! Hopefully some more 99 progress soon 😜
  9. Congrats lads! Well deserved 🤗
  10. Because im over 1/2 way 😛

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