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  1. This issue was resolved a while ago.
  2. Try to disable bloom and alternate between OpenGL and DirectX graphics options to see if the issue resolves. If not delete your cache and re-download it.
  3. Provide us with the approx date/time this happened to a staff member via discord and we can return your lost items after verifying them through death logs.
  4. Not sure what "Man" npc you tried but a "Matt" or a "Lation" npc should work as well. I added some more "Man" NPC ids to hopefully address it.
  5. Try changing your default graphic setting between DirectX and OpenGL. Also consider turning off bloom as it can cause issues sometimes.
  6. Looks like instance glitched. Probably happened under rare circumstances.
  7. This will happen when your money pouch is full.
  8. Be more specific, what is the item name?
  9. Matt

    More Coxs

    Since most is sorted, gonna archive this for now.
  10. Since most is sorted, gonna archive this for now.

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