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  1. Lation and I do have the future of Ely in mind and are working on resolving issues now. Since I've taken on a job IRL, we will be finding a full-time content developer. Curious to hear any additional feedback...
  2. Bugs You will no longer encounter NPCs in your instances that do not belong there. Cannon voids record progress. Any void in record progress will now no longer earn PVM points in wilderness. Death Doggy will now respawn. (Cerberus) Can now use arrows in hexhunter bow and effects work correctly. Suggestions Added Demonic Gorillas to Boss slayer tasks. You can now left click a prayer altar when full prayer points and it will allow you to offer bones to train prayer. February Exclusive Box Chaotic Dragon Claws & Chaotic Partyhat These are the two ticket items from the February exclusive mystery box that are both textured and animated! As a bonus you'll now be awarded a guaranteed 5M - 25M as well as a mystery item from ONLY the February exclusive box! Enjoy and Good luck!
  3. Just figured I'd upload some pics for nostalgic purposes. If you have more feel free to contribute to the thread.
  4. Matt

    Oh Hey

  5. 1) NPC Kill log fixed. 2) Pet Rework: If you've unlocked a pet and it's not in your bank or inventory it will go to pet manager. You can also release the pet from your inventory to save inventory/bank space and it'll go to pet manager. Enjoy.
  6. How about a limit of 150 per week throughout the month? This gives everyone a chance to get them at the start of a new week if they do sell out.

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