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  1. This seems like all little issues that can be patched fairly easily. Appreciate the feedback as the next few months of Ely will likely be focused on QoL and bug fixes. As for forum activity, a lot of people use discord now so the forums is not the primary form of communication outside the server anymore. Hopefully as we grow activity will grow all around. Nice to see you back. Thanks again for the info!
  2. Was fixed when we updated our OSRS item db.
  3. Fixed on Client V3.4.6
  4. Item doesn't appear to double buy anymore and charges system is specific to one item id. Moved to Resolved.
  5. Ely Client V.3.4.0 A new Ely Client has just been released. Your old client should automatically update. Current Plugins Supported We will be improving this client over time and adding more features/plugins in the future. I f you have any issues please PM me on discord. Enjoy!
  6. Something very similar to this coming in the very near future.
  7. Last minute fixes Cannon should disappear when someone logs out with a full inventory. Fixed broken pet models on old item looks. Fixed ganodermic flake / polypore spore stacks. Fixed broken anims on demonic gorillas. Clues from crystal chests Overloads on old item looks. Achievement fixes Claim your prize at Stage 1-11 MC Crystal chest on ironmen. Complete the Fight Kiln in under 30 minutes Purchase a unique aura at Battle Royale
  8. Bank Changes Bank Capacity Increased to 800 Items will no longer be unclickable and disappear with a full bank Bank Pin settings can be accessed from the bank by everyone You can now toggle the default left click withdrawal/deposit amount Note withdrawal and insert/swap mode will now save when you logout Just a small update to the interface and functionality. Hope you all enjoy!
  9. Matt


    Looks great, I'll go with the first one Thanks!
  10. Matt


    Just a character wearing a blue phat and can do owner/developer
  11. Matt


    If you're still doing it I'll take one as the main developer with a blue phat
  12. Matt

    Ironman sof

    This is done next update.

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