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  1. Just figured I'd upload some pics for nostalgic purposes. If you have more feel free to contribute to the thread.
  2. Matt

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    Heyyyyyyyy 😊
  3. 1) NPC Kill log fixed. 2) Pet Rework: If you've unlocked a pet and it's not in your bank or inventory it will go to pet manager. You can also release the pet from your inventory to save inventory/bank space and it'll go to pet manager. Enjoy.
  4. How about a limit of 150 per week throughout the month? This gives everyone a chance to get them at the start of a new week if they do sell out.
  5. Common Problems and Solutions 1. My client will not run Solution: Try the executable version - Download here and download 64-bit Java if that also fails to run. 2. Launcher/client fails to update Solution: Run command prompt as administrator, paste in (without quotes): "setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" and press enter. 3. Common crashing, especially when teleporting Solution: Download 64 bit Java & try switching your graphic settings ingame to DirectX. 4. If Launcher won't load or your on Mac/Linux Solution: Download the client without the Launcher, however this client will not auto-update. If nothing here resolves your issue, please contact support via the home page or join our Discord here and contact a Staff Member.
  6. Matt


    Doge preset system added to a button under squeal of fortune tab.
  7. Make sure you are on client 1.8.8. It may not have updated properly, if so type Windows Key + R and paste %HOMEPATH%/.Ely/ Delete the Client.jar file and re-run Ely.
  8. It's as simple as pressing ~ to open up the console and typing: modelcolor # Replace the # symbol with the id of the item you want to recolor and it will cycle through each color and replace it with the color you choose. The part you are recoloring will turn pink. Once you select the color the pink part will change to the color you've selected. If you want to maintain the original color simply press the x on the color window to skip it. Once you are done recoloring the item and you like how it looks open up your console and send us a screenshot (F12) of the modifications you've made. We recommend you only recolor older revision items with less colors. Some of the more complex items have 100s of colors which recoloring using this system is not ideal. If you'd like to recolor an item in the donator shop as a custom for yourself, it will cost $100 + the original price of the item. If the item is just a recolor of a random item in game price will usually be $100 but vary depending upon the work required to duplicate and recolor such item. This feature was intended for both donators and players that have cool ideas for new content to be added to the game. If you come up with a cool idea and a recolor, submit it as a suggestion and your recolored item may just be added to the game if we like your idea! Enjoy!
  9. I do not support separate donator zones. I believe it is important and better for the community to keep all donators together rather than split apart.

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