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New Group Boss for players of all levels, live now! Bork-ini featuring drops such as: Mystery Boxes, tons of Skilling supplies, limited-time cosmetics & more!


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  1. Masoud


    Brave of you man. Like I told you, just keep your head high!
  2. This might be a nice idea, but I don't see mining being a top priority to work on ATM.
  3. Masoud

    Robust Glass

    You can already do that in-game. Please check if your suggestion is in-game before you post every idea you get.
  4. Yeah I don't see this being a very good idea either.
  5. Great achievements so far! Way to go!
  6. Great Idea, would totally help out. And +1 restrict for Ironman.
  7. I don't know you bro, but i wish you all the best and you are more than welcome to come back any day of the week 🙂 We'll take you back with open arms!
  8. Well haha this is my topic I have a few...: 1) Corp, 280 kills dry 2) General Gra'ador 201 kills dry 3) Commander Zilyana : About 200 kills dry 4) Kraken : 291 kills dry 5) Anomalies : 3,000 fucking kills dry (Still salty about that) 6) New ruins boss, There's no official KC as I noticed, but i spent 5 hours on stream with kao and several hours alone there, still dry. 7) Skotizo : 111 Kills dry (for pet) Welcome to my World.
  9. Welcome! Pretty sure you're gonna fit just right in this community. Like every other communit we have some retards who like to insult everyone etc... But at the end of the day, we're all retarded friends who enjoy each other's company. At first maybe you'll find it hard to find many friend because of the fact that you're new and no one knows you yet. But believe me if you stick around and always talk and interact with people you'll make good friend straight away! Hope you enjoy your stay here ❤️
  10. I agree with your suggestion. But one problem, I NEVER thought slayer helm is useless, it's basically the only helm I use, and spending points on it is more than satisfying. Slayer helm is the most useful Item in-game tbh. But other than that yeah, totally agree with the suggestion, already talked to devs about it and they said it'll require alot of work, but it will be done eventually.
  11. Damn nice progress. I hope you don't kys before getting 5B. Good luck!
  12. Congratulations mate! Been an awesome year I suppose!
  13. Masoud


    *Insert Salt Bae Emote*

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