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  1. Masoud


    Sorry I was busy IRL and forgot about this thread This is amazing thank you very much
  2. This guy is a legend, did it on my hcim with 92 mage and full blue wizard robes with ancient staff. Hard Vouch for my guy
  3. Masoud


    Looks dope man ty But I was more thinking of a vampire with a theme such as "The Originals" Tv Show. If you could arrange something like that it would be epic
  4. Masoud


    I don't know if you're still taking requests, but if it's possible I'd like one aswell! Would love it if it Could be something vampire related. Thanks in advance!
  5. ye defo support that. Might aswell add that Blowpipe's examine value is 1 gp, and everything protects over it except elite void, which is kind of annoying aswell limiting it's use in the wildy.
  6. 3. After a 5 hours dungeoneering session I went to Django and found 92 marmaros arrows that I can redeem. Now Idea how or why that happened but it did, hope you can look into it. 4. The boss "To'kash the bloodchiller" Is very bugged, once he hits you with the freezing attack, there's nothing you can do. You can't move, or attack or leave dung or do anything, You're basically bugged and the only way to free yourself is by telling a staff member to teleport you home.
  7. An Amazing guide for the people who didn't get to do dungeoneering pre-eoc and have no Idea what they're doing. Keep up the great work
  8. Here's another one, the plants like wildecress etc... that you can pick up in different rooms to make mage armour, You can pick them up infinitly. I picked up 220 wildecress and the plant didn't deplete yet...it makes the whole dung boring with endless cash by selling them it the smuggler. Another one is the binds, at level 120 you're supposed to be able to bind 4 items. Currently I have like 8 items binded
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally done! I've finally managed to achieve at least 1,000 kills on each of the 4 GWD Bosses! As many of you know, my Journey first started when I went 1500 kills dry for the bandos pet. After that, I've decided to go on and be the Prince of God Wars and achieve 1,000 kills on each one of the 4. Following, here are the loot tabs of each one (Sadly, many kills were done before Collection log was introduced, so here's a rough estimate) : Armadyl - Bandos - Zamorak - Saradomin - Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me through this journey , Love you all
  10. More stuff to grind, Very excited for this! Huge from you guys!
  11. You guys keep surprising me with more and more small stuff that has a huge effect on the game but they're barely visible. Since I've been back I've been really enjoying these frequent updates this is amazing. Me likey

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