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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally done! I've finally managed to achieve at least 1,000 kills on each of the 4 GWD Bosses! As many of you know, my Journey first started when I went 1500 kills dry for the bandos pet. After that, I've decided to go on and be the Prince of God Wars and achieve 1,000 kills on each one of the 4. Following, here are the loot tabs of each one (Sadly, many kills were done before Collection log was introduced, so here's a rough estimate) : Armadyl - Bandos - Zamorak -
  2. More stuff to grind, Very excited for this! Huge from you guys!
  3. You guys keep surprising me with more and more small stuff that has a huge effect on the game but they're barely visible. Since I've been back I've been really enjoying these frequent updates this is amazing. Me likey
  4. Would be a nice addition and would give some people more motivation to get on with boss kills. Support +1
  6. I'll just try to forget the fact that last year Lation gifted me a rope and a chair to kill myself for christmas. @Lation Count me in. Masoud
  7. Absolutely support this. If you're doing wilderness agility you should know the risk, and if a pker gets you, he should get the loot he deserves.
  8. This is a very nice idea. Gives more uses to the skilling points. Defo support!
  9. Great updates! I really like the new voting shop and those misc fixes are really nive! Way to go fellas!
  10. Masoud

    Stepping down

    It is so sad to see you go man I'm gonna really miss you :( make sure to keep in touch on discord and hop on from time to time <3 Hope you succeed in your future project and have a hella nice life love ya bro

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