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  1. Hello everyone! As said in the title, I'm selling fight Kiln services. If you are going for a comp cape or just fancy unlocking the cape in the Collection log, then I am your guy. It's easy and simple : All you have to do is have the Suiting levels to complete the fight kiln, preferably 99 HP, Mage Prayer and defence. All the other items I will provide. I've been doing this for a while now and I've already sold over 5 Kiln's, and people can vouch for me. If you're interested in purchasing such services Shoot me a pm on here on in-game, and I'll provide you with pricing and Other info you may need.
  2. Great work! Glad to see work getting done again!
  3. Masoud

    Elys Elite

    If you wanna join then ask one of Us Ingame or on discord and we'll send you invite link.
  4. Masoud

    Elys Elite

    You refused to mention that I am a mod because of my sexual prefference. Still, leggo boys!
  5. Thanks for the updates , looking good. This post was needed since no one knew anything about what's going on in the updates or the development team. Thanks for giving us some information about what's going on 🙂
  6. To be Honest, I don't see any negatives to this suggestion. Plus, it really could benefit players who like to skill and like the prestige system. As I only see an upside, I see no reason why I should Say no to this suggestion. You got my support. +1
  7. Big rip my man.. Stay strong ❤️
  8. This could become very interesting. Support from me.
  9. Hope you figure everything out and sort yourself out 🙂 Catch ya on discord 🙂

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