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  1. Absolutely support this. If you're doing wilderness agility you should know the risk, and if a pker gets you, he should get the loot he deserves.
  2. This is a very nice idea. Gives more uses to the skilling points. Defo support!
  3. Great updates! I really like the new voting shop and those misc fixes are really nive! Way to go fellas!
  4. Masoud

    Stepping down

    It is so sad to see you go man I'm gonna really miss you :( make sure to keep in touch on discord and hop on from time to time <3 Hope you succeed in your future project and have a hella nice life love ya bro
  5. I'd like to see this happening NGL.
  6. Masoud

    3rd age

    Defo support having a third age longsword/wand would be amazing!
  7. Yes defenitly agree with this! Support!
  8. Masoud

    Vote Shop

    I think as it is the vote shop is pretty decent except for some items such as crystal keys, 500k cash, Robin hats etc...these item could be replaced by a mystery skilling box for an example. People can claim there votes for 50% xp boost for 10 minutes, so if they dont want the xp boost it's reasonable to sacrifice it for some skilling materials. Idk if most of you will agree with me on this but I just thought it would be a cool idea to throw in, especially after the complaints of many skilling items being hard to get after the GE removal.
  9. I'm saying that adding it to the donor store didn't affect it at all. Have you seen rise in its usage or drop in its value since adding it to the donor store?
  10. I dont know about what devaluing you're talking about, this item is barely even traded and has no set value. No support from me.
  11. About bringing the old nieve cave back I can't support or come against because I don't even know it and wasn't on rs back then. But about the occult necklace, YES. I'd love any items that are mage based to come in game.

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