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  1. Lation does have some game knowledge after all...
  2. Yeah would be cool why not.
  4. Masoud


    I understand. But lamps give xp in one skill, while effigies give xp to different skills in the same effigy. Could be sweet.
  5. Masoud


    Adding Effigies to the game would be very nice and would help make the pain of training agility/mining/smithing etc.... get reduced. Plus, it would be a nice item to add to slayer monsters drop table as it would be fun actually getting something from hard slayer tasks instead of only hunting boss task for rewards.
  6. I suggest that we can add a wilderness slayer master that can assign wilderness normal/boss tasks for bonus xp. For instance, hellhounds through Wilderness slayer master (To be strictly killed in wilderness) Give 1.25x xp as normal ones. Same goes for most NPC's that are in the wilderness. And This way helps bosses like Blink , Chaos Elemental and maybe KBD get more recognition. Aaaand it would make wilderness a bit more fun and active. Thanks for hearing me out. Peace out
  7. I mean it's not that urgent but OK :s
  8. Suggestion : Adding Some kind of crystal that you can save up Minions KC in for later use in the pre-boss room. How it benefits the community : A lot of people, including me, Avoid doing Ruins because the amount of time it just takes to reach the boss, which dies in 2 mins max, So If I can camp the minions for like few hours and get 1k kc, it would make farming that boss much easier and tolerable. Thanks for considering . Masoud IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU'RE AN AWESOME PERSON

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