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  1. Free shit! Lets gooooooooooo!
  2. Oh alright, Good to know.
  3. I thought you didnt need to light the burners?
  4. Unblock me, I'd like to look paste our beef and use your service.
  5. This is cool, Support
  6. Kaotic


    That is so fucking cool thankyou!
  7. Kaotic


    Something incorporating my chaos logo would be awesome!
  8. Kaotic


    I would love a sig if possible!
  9. Holy shit, Well done you beast.
  10. Grow a pair and use another spot lol. As the humble words of a runescape player apply here: Hop nerd Crying on forums because you're too lazy to type ::tele and move elsewhere is hilarious.
  11. Kaotic

    Baby grae

    Suggestion: Challenge Mode Grae, Half the Health 3x the damage
  12. Will you be available at this day & time: Always In-game Username: Kaotic Discord Username: Kaotic#6969

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