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  1. Grow a pair and use another spot lol. As the humble words of a runescape player apply here: Hop nerd Crying on forums because you're too lazy to type ::tele and move elsewhere is hilarious.
  2. Kaotic

    Baby grae

    Suggestion: Challenge Mode Grae, Half the Health 3x the damage
  3. Will you be available at this day & time: Always In-game Username: Kaotic Discord Username: Kaotic#6969
  4. Ive suggested this before +1 doe
  5. This is fire. Cant wait to dominate the new ironman mode
  6. The GE really doesnt like OSRS items, I'd refrain from chucking them on there bc if they null theres no getting them back without staff. Unluggy
  7. Couldnt support this if you paid me.
  8. Ive been gud, Business be boomin

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