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  1. Issa good idea from Mas, for once If it's easier for the dev bois, I'll settle for wildy options at the current slayer master instead of a dedicated NPC
  2. Smith up some bolt tips and cut some gems, ezgame
  3. 1. Well of Goodwill should exclude iron bois, feels wrong having it benefiting irons. 2. Vote rewards, other than SMBs, are completely fine imo, unless you feel like removing the darts from patrons' ironman accounts. TBH not too bothered by SMBs either if they are "locked" between criteria like being maxed etc., at that point the benefit from them is pretty much diminishing.
  4. Am not much of a planner, but I'm hoping to get started on further education, like getting started on a business degree from uni. Other than that I'm prolly just gonna work and hopefully move out soon-ish. But we'll see how much actually happens
  5. Good to have you in the race Feathers
  6. Kemi

    2019 Secret Santa

    Count me in as well pls
  7. Fordan encouraged me to take part in this, so I stole his thingie so I dun gotta write it myself Will copy over when he types out more Bosses
  8. Just came to think of this snippet of a conversation from a while back, Brave makes me not all bad
  9. Downloaded Brave a while back, and since I've only used chrome for voting on here, is good browser Also nice that we're verified, think I've only seen one verified YouTuber, and that's about it
  10. Kemi


    When it becomes availible in Denmark, I might check it out, based on how people elsewhere will have reacted to it
  11. While talking to Jordan about bank calculations, I had the idea of making a spreadsheet that can do it with more or less minimal effort So that's exactly what I did, or at least tried to With help from Jordan's price guide + a bit of testing by Jordan as well It's made in excel, which was easily thrown into Google Sheets and played with cooperatively. Here I go providing both Google Sheets link, where you can just make a copy of it and add to your own Drive (Let me know if you can't), or if you should be lucky enough to have a program that can read and edit Excel files, then that's an option as well. So if you've been wondering what your bank is worth, well then this is a pretty good shot at finding out https://drive.google.com/file/d/13955BHpn2UQNnd6wkEfOgq7XeMHZr8lg/view?usp=sharing Ely Bank value calculator.xlsx

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