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  1. Haven't used his service, but I'll vouch for Masoud any day of the week
  2. While talking to Jordan about bank calculations, I had the idea of making a spreadsheet that can do it with more or less minimal effort So that's exactly what I did, or at least tried to With help from Jordan's price guide + a bit of testing by Jordan as well It's made in excel, which was easily thrown into Google Sheets and played with cooperatively. Here I go providing both Google Sheets link, where you can just make a copy of it and add to your own Drive (Let me know if you can't), or if you should be lucky enough to have a program that can read and edit Excel files, then that's an option as well. So if you've been wondering what your bank is worth, well then this is a pretty good shot at finding out 😉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13955BHpn2UQNnd6wkEfOgq7XeMHZr8lg/view?usp=sharing Ely Bank value calculator.xlsx
  3. Yes pls, big disappointment whenever the grand exchange clerk tells you that Betting/Duel arena is the bonus minigame for the Saturday
  4. End the mistreatment of Eternal Boots, and make it less sad to get that crystal as a drop from the three-headed dog
  5. You haven't really added anything of value either, no new items or anything. You've written out some inflated values that you wish were true. Cannon and Adze spring to mind here. As well as some items, Rocktail and Dragon hatchet that wouldn't be worth even considering trading at these prices, as rocktail sell for more at the general store and you can alch dragon hatchet for 8.5m. To your credit, partyhats should be worth more than the official price guide states. ps. Armadyl battlestaff being outclassed is irrelevant as it's basically solely used for the Storm of Armadyl spell, making it the bis for this niche scenario.
  6. Kemi

    Bank Show Off!

    Idk how you've managed, but it looks worse than my bank, I'm impressed
  7. Kemi

    skilling shop(s)

    I'd say yea, restrict it for ironmen, as those are some of the "difficult" skills for ironmen, keep the ironchallenge
  8. have you tried like, not standing afk at home? that might help a bit bud
  9. Think my longest was 283 Cerberus, both time and amount of kills, was good time.
  10. u r 1 big nerd, is nice to see your progress
  11. Changes to pet manager, and saving bank spaces in the process, I don't even have anything to complain about
  12. Whoa all them replies. Well, an alternative hunter method would be real nice, as butterflies sure do get old quick Gonna have to find a new skilling set for it tho ;)
  13. special needs aussie, gz <3

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