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  1. Completionist cape is already very easy as it is, I don't see a reason for making it easier for any gamemode. If ultimate ironmen can comp, you too can comp on hcim, or you probably should be playing a different gamemode.
  2. Kemi


    new phone who dis
  3. Preventing a player from taking the kill? Easy, don't eat for half an hour, kills are usually protected since a regular player can't attack something that an iron is in combat with, take dungeoneering as an innocent example. Crash a regular player? Kinda hard for the above mentioned reason, as it also acts in the opposite direction.
  4. I most definitely am not. If you crash an iron? You're a dick, but you're well within your rights to crash someone, no matter their gamemode. I'm not gonna speak for affirmative action for irons because else they'd be at a disadvantage, that's the mentality of a lil bitch tbh.
  5. It absolutely is fair that an iron can be "totally getting fucked", if there's no instance? Too bad, wait till noone else wants to kill it. There is an instance? Use it. Your mindset here is absolutely catering to ironmen. As for the risk of instances? It's the cost of convenience, deal with it.
  6. Well the info is already there, just not in the GE. If you look up any item on the wiki, you can see what prices it has been sold and bought for on the GE. I would assume this could be integrated back into the ingame GE, if an interface editor was available
  7. If dominion tower was to made easier (timewise, aka faster), I feel like daddy @Kari is completely right in, death = reset. Whether that is removing Kalphite Queen and Nomad (pain in the balls bosses) or the cutscenes, as to keep some balance to it, and not just completely ezscape. In general in favour of a dominion tower rework, as it's currently quite shit content that you just go through for gloves and then it can fuck off right after. Though a change probably won't affect that mentality, but it might make it less painful, possibly even slightly enjoyable.
  8. Well benefits should've never affected irons in the first place
  9. Congratulations @Callum on achieving woodcutting
  10. Very nice guide gamer, quack
  11. Yea you might seem as a dick for killing someone at the wildy course, but it's in the wildy. Would suck to be the one losing them, but that' s wildy for ya. Support for some kind of delay during combat
  12. Yea the tunic is a bit shit, could use a buff on that attack stat
  13. Callum with the qol suggestion, support In the mean time, remember you can put the command in console and just tab it - Especially nice when grinding skotizo or the like, where you tele a lot
  14. Googled something along the lines of "king fox server", found Ely, tried it out, and got stuck (didn't find what I was looking for though )

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