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  1. Hi am Kemi. You probably haven't seen me ingame, am very inactive but play every now and then. I have a weird fondness of agility and math, probably been dropped on my head or something. Am big nerd, kay bye.
  2. K'ril is making me wanna k'ill myself

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    Owner Lation - Quick to help and chat when he's not afk. Big nerd though. Matt - Haven't spoken much with this guy here. Developer Luke Splash Cool beans developers. Administrators Kari - Quite possibly the most active admin I've experienced. Global Moderators Nick - Pretty active I think, haven't spoken to a lot though. Server Moderator Nicky - Don't see a lot, but has been helpful when online. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Fun guy, good at afking. Hear he's good at keeping forums cleanish, only gotten one spam message since joining so it must be true. Support Jordan - Nice guy, helped me a bunch even before becoming an info kiosk.

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