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  1. Oh alright! Support then, could be a nice addition
  2. Are you aware that this is the gem storing bag and not the one with gems in it? Because the gem storing bag is already in game with dungeoneering
  3. Free daily alchs to save @Callumsome runes sounds like good idea yes
  4. Degraded pieces of equipment don't work for set achievements (Such as Nex armours and barrows)
  5. As much as I'd like a new neat cape, I gotta agree with Nelly. A cape (or any tangible reward) is the wrong motivation for going for max experience imo.
  6. Enlightening message For the suggestion of effigies, yea support for getting them fixed and readded instead of large xp lamps
  7. Support, especially the changing out Rocky part, it's beyond horrendous
  8. Support, only know of 2 players that have actually "done" BR to level up their auras, and those two are ultra sweats
  9. Support, fewer bug abusing nerds then
  10. Sign me up father IGN: Kemi Discord: Kemi#9857
  11. HAH Clar, look at that tentacle
  12. Permanent Ava's effect not a thing for irons, can't speak for goliath gloves, haven't noticed
  13. Support Could be cool if the amount to pay was based on the items' value, let's say 5-10% of the examine value, capped at like 50m per item + a cap for the total value, kinda like OSRS, so that it's still punishing to die in an instance. Though this could require items' examine values to be altered a fair bit I guess.
  14. My guess would be a large, possibly red, dog

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