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New Group Boss for players of all levels, live now! Bork-ini featuring drops such as: Mystery Boxes, tons of Skilling supplies, limited-time cosmetics & more!


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  1. I'd say yea, restrict it for ironmen, as those are some of the "difficult" skills for ironmen, keep the ironchallenge
  2. have you tried like, not standing afk at home? that might help a bit bud
  3. Think my longest was 283 Cerberus, both time and amount of kills, was good time.
  4. u r 1 big nerd, is nice to see your progress
  5. Changes to pet manager, and saving bank spaces in the process, I don't even have anything to complain about
  6. Whoa all them replies. Well, an alternative hunter method would be real nice, as butterflies sure do get old quick Gonna have to find a new skilling set for it tho ;)
  7. special needs aussie, gz <3
  8. Already got dibs on the ban
  9. Nice guide as always big boi, almost can't wait for vid ;)
  10. Kemi

    boss hiscore

    Sounds good to me, +1 support thingie
  11. Hah @Callum got info kiosk'd
  12. wait support is 2k, how am i support?
  13. is true am broke and selling myself

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