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  1. Support, especially the changing out Rocky part, it's beyond horrendous
  2. Support, only know of 2 players that have actually "done" BR to level up their auras, and those two are ultra sweats
  3. Support, fewer bug abusing nerds then
  4. Sign me up father IGN: Kemi Discord: Kemi#9857
  5. HAH Clar, look at that tentacle
  6. Permanent Ava's effect not a thing for irons, can't speak for goliath gloves, haven't noticed
  7. Support Could be cool if the amount to pay was based on the items' value, let's say 5-10% of the examine value, capped at like 50m per item + a cap for the total value, kinda like OSRS, so that it's still punishing to die in an instance. Though this could require items' examine values to be altered a fair bit I guess.
  8. My guess would be a large, possibly red, dog
  9. +1 support to later bigger legend boost
  10. Well that does sound like it works, try go killing kbd and actually look at the amount it gives
  11. Eh, there's already a bank relatively closeby in Oo'glog and I don't feel like there should be "physical" changes to cater to a restricted gamemode. Can get behind adding the empty flasks to a store though
  12. fucken yes no more rsi from decanting overloads
  13. +1 for the top eelie simpleton

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