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  1. A Crystal Chest Update, Bug Fixes & More Forinthry brace now fully functional (Obtainable from Skeletal & Zombie Hand NPCS) Repel option grants immunity to revenant damage for 1 min & removes aggression for 1 hour --- Crystal Chest Update --- 50% increase of quantity on the following: Dagannoth & Dragon Bones Red & Green D'hide Addy & Rune Bars Teak & Mahogany Planks Uncut Dragonstones Added the following items: Dragon Dart Tips (300-500 quantity) Dragon Arrowheads (300-500 quantity) Black Dragonhide (20-30 quantity) Coins have been increased from 500k-1M to 1M-3M Removed Big Bones & Babydragon bones 2-Year Anniversary To celebrate our 2 year anniversary we have added a new Aura EVERYONE will receive if you login anytime from now until the 30th! Everyone will also receive the Vote shop Ely Cape for free! Thanks for everyone who has been with us & is a part of this community. Zulrah has been added to Boss Tasks You can now create & edit presets at the proper home (Edge) Fixed fletching of Iron & Steel (unf) bolts to finished bolts with feathers Overload packs now give noted Ovls & can open many packs at a time You can now put Saradomin Brew Potions into Flasks The Edgeville bookcase required for a clue has been fixed
  2. Also "Lation's Partyhat" - no idea who has it but only 1 of those exist
  3. This is pretty interesting to see, ty
  4. So back to the main question, is it worth the development time to add these? Is there any significant advantage to adding these, even for fletching? I am asking this question on a community level - not just directly to you. And you've twisted my words a bit, i did not say they were relatively low XP yield, i said there is little to no XP advantage (implying over current methods). As mentioned, I'm looking for community response. Not just you yourself - is there a benefit to these overall, etc?
  5. So I've done some looking into the broad bolts thing - and i think it requires more discussion. Broad-tipped bolts are only as good as Addy(OS)/Rune bolts(RS3), with nothing special about them except a "cheaper" alternatives to said bolts. As it stands I don't see much use of addy & rune bolts in-game except very early on considering how easy it is to just craft x10 better bolts. So do we want to spend development time on adding another low-tier bolt that practically already exists? There appears to be little to no XP advantage to crafting these as well. This is another thing I've looked into - the fletching animations that we are supposedly missing. After some research (and watching multiple videos of actual RS during the time period our revision exists in) there is no actual animation for adding tips to bolts, making headless arrows, etc - things of that sort. The animation wasn't added until the more recent revision, RS3 came out. Found this very odd but what made me discover it was the searching & searching of all animations within our revision for these specific ones and couldnt seem to find them so I looked to RS in this time and yeah - didn't even exist then. (side not: the anim you provided doesnt exist on our end) So back to the main question - is it worth spending the time adding these bolts to the list of craftable items or leave as is?
  6. While I cannot provide an actual figure, gems will crush as normal on normal accounts. However the minimum donor rank, "Guthix" and above you will no longer crush gems altogether.
  7. New Additions, Bug fixes & More As mentioned in the previous update -- I would have a follow-up to that one. Here it is. Enjoy! Catacombs is now a multi zone Bronze Patron unlimited prayer benefit glitch has been fixed NPCs in Training Zone are no longer aggressive when task changes Collection Log Black Partyhat bug has been fixed Monster Carnage when inventory is full & you get rewards they will now send to bank instead of floor Captured Leprechaun now goes to Pet Manager when released Prayer Flicking has been made more accurate & responsive Exclusive boxes will now drop at 8PM EST / 12AM GMT Our client no longer dumps your saved information in any active window You can now customize your F-Key settings You can now Check-well by clicking on it at Home Potion times are now live There is a lot of really big fixes here & some awesome QOL-additions. We hope you enjoy these changes - let us know below!
  8. Thanks for the in-depth report - this helps in figuring out the issue.

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