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  1. Tis no more format GG
  2. Holy hell that is kinda insane, the overall loots from all that - but HUGE GZ on the hween bro, bout time. Now I'm gonna add it to the collection log & you'll have to do it again! YAY hahahah
  3. Regarding this topic - I recently looked into this (Matt & I) and we are looking at other options than a band-aid patch/fix for this. At the moment looking at a re-write of the decanting process to allow more flexibility overall/potions/flasks - etc. With that said, I have no time frame or ETA but just know thats on the table at the moment.
  4. Thank you all for the support ❤️
  5. Legendary job @Kari, thank you ❤️ & GG @Garrett
  6. What are you doing while reading this?

  7. Hey, BlodShot This is quite a stretch from Deltascape. We however are the owners of that domain and this is our only running server at the moment (which I must say it quite the improvement over a server like Deltascape was) so the domain redirects you too here. I am unsure of how many players here actually played Deltascape or not but either way - I hope to see you online & if you do - enjoy!
  8. Done - Smouldering stone & Fight caves
  9. If you have forgotten or need your in-game password reset, please do the following: 1. Private message @Lation, @Kari, @Splash, @Luke, or @Matt. 2. Do so here on the forums, or do so in Discord. Click here to join. (Joining Discord will provide a faster response) 3. Please include your in-game & forum name in your message for a password reset request. 4. We will take care of the rest! We do not have an automated system for resetting in-game passwords to protect our users. We verify account ownership with the player requesting a password change to reduce risk. Thank you.

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