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  1. good stuff man, lookin forward to bank reveal
  2. Referral System You may have noticed the recent addition of this sidebar widget on your forums: With this widget you can share your referral link with friends to earn points from every milestone they achieve! Points are rewarded as seen below: You will earn referral points every 100 levels earned. Easy Mode players reward 20 points. Regular players reward 100 points. Legend players reward 500 points. The points you earned can be spent in-game via the Referral's Shop: Bug Fixes Zulrah spawn bug fixed Bosses now re-spawn with
  3. Lation


    Yeah that's the theory I've had for a while, will be looking more into it tomorrow
  4. Lation


    I'm sorry but this had me crackin up On a more serious note - this is something we are lookin into, hopefully will be resolved soon
  5. I love seeing stuff like this, incredible job - really sucks on the 'ween of course, but, nothing another 10k keys cant fix.
  6. Content Additions Armadyl Runecrafting Armadyl Runecrafting is now available! Grind (via Pestle & Mortar) Shards of Armadyl into Dust of Armadyl, grab some pure essence & head to the Air Altar. Craft-rune on the Altar and done! 1 Shard of Armadyl = 8 Dust of Armadyl New Slayer Unlockable* You can now learn a new ability via the Slayer Master! Increase your cannon capacity to 100 cannonballs for 1000 points. *The Bandos+ Donor benefit of increased capacity to 100, has been reduced to 80. However, when purchasing this new unlockab
  7. Lation


  8. Lation


    Are you only saying this to save your butt & not get banned by a rogue Jordan?
  9. Lation


    If this thread gets any support, don't believe it - the people have been threatened to support it!
  10. Full in-game Wiki now available I'm sure you guys are familiar with our Wiki as seen below.. This Wiki in it's entirety is now available in-game in its own dedicated tab! We are extremely excited to bring you a game-changing update with this latest addition. Ely is the first & only server to currently offer a fully functional Wiki tab in-game. The possibilities are endless; search for drops, check NPC stats, item & equipment prices and stats, find all your Clue scroll tips, check Grand Exchange offers & more! Do this all at any time in-game
  11. I do like this idea, could simply add a counter to the information/quest tab & have an automated system setup relatively quickly. Would like to see more people’s thoughts on this idea
  12. Yes there is a top Voter of the month program:

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