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  1. Bug Fixes Double catching fishing feature fixed Ferret pet not following fixed Zulrah pet model fixed Added a portal between inner and outer ring at the abyss Suitcase is now prperly equipable Dom staff now provides unlimited elemental runes as intended Colored slayer helms now have proper requirements Right clicking while in the wildy/running has been fixed T2 ring of suffering now properly has recoil affect Combat flask now works Pathing issues with range resolved Promethium gear values in dung corrected T2 guardian gear stats fixed Gown added to minions drop table Override Update I am currently in the process of diving back into all our past overrides we've created that did not add a disassembly option to and re-adding that option. With this update I've completed a sizable list of items that now have the disassemble option available, see below: Cerberus set Nomadic set Tz-Tol set Solstice set Kirsen sentinel set Reaper set Zarosian set Sirenic set Staff of eternal frost Serenic godbow Blazing longsword Taeshalach On top of this, I will be slowly adding the ability to imbue your overrides with the T2 variants of items as well. To begin this, I decided to just go with the latest items as they are the most prominent at the moment, but below is a list of overrides you can add T2 items too: Masterwork set (now accepts T2 Torva) Dragonslayer battleaxe (now accepts T2 Primal longsword) Etherborne staff (now accepts T2 Hellfire staff) Windrunner bow (now accepts T2 Recurve bow) Tz-Tol set (now accepts T2 Torva) Guardian set (now can use Void dye on T2 Guardian) I will be working on expanding these lists often with updates as they are made available, as well as continuing the expansion of items available for upgrade on the chest. It's quite time consuming although easy, so it'll just take some time to get to all the overrides & getting up to date, but I will get there shortly. Hope you enjoy!
  2. This was actually done intentionally as players were reporting a bug when withdrawing items too quick and then it would like, collapse a tab accidentally if you withdrew an item up until that point or something like that, I don't quite remember. But, we can revisit this soon if needed, I know its annoying and maybe wasn't the greatest solution
  3. Zulzul already resolved broski As for the pouches, there was a reason we did that - required some client work in regard to the options being opposite - so it was actually intentional. But we can re-visit it shortly
  4. That's a really nifty idea, would like to hear more opinions on this. But on topic: I been slowly adding items we have available to do so into the cosmetic boxes from this specific list, as you can see a few are crossed out, that was from me. Alot of these items are currently not even functional/available in our cache, but will slowly work on adding what we can.
  5. Good discussion here but want to address @Jake's statement: "Like most perks on Ely, they are always locked behind some sort of pay wall... Which really isnt fair to those players who struggle financially IRL." I feel this is wildly inaccurate - even just on the basis of, it isn't a game developer nor any company's obligation to remove the option to purchase from their games or products for the sole reason that "some people may struggle financially so it's not fair" - then they also shouldn't sell Lamborghini's because it ain't fair I can't buy one. That's my take on that in a broad and generalized view - the world don't work that way, nor is life even fair in the slightest. But more relevant to Ely, point #2: Just looking at the Hiscores, they are littered with donors & non-donors - there is nothing holding back a player who can't afford to spend money. What happens when you do spend money on Ely is more or less just a sped-up, less annoying version of the game (no more burning food, no more broken gems, no more run fatigue, no more overload damage) - none of these are essential to anyone's game play. Point #3: Was exactly what @DevilSkag already pointed out: the man has the Diamond Patron rank, which is $3,000+ spent on Ely, one of the most prestigious ranks & he says "I've donated less than 1% of my total donation amount at this point" - his case is not unique, I can rattle off numerous players who have these extremely high donor ranks that have barely spent $50 of their own money & are $3,000+ donors. If there was an actual paywall on Ely, this would not be possible, which brings me to point #4: You been here from the beginning, and you may remember - the first update I published on Ely after purchasing it was reducing prices in the store - you can still see this in the Updates section on the forums, it's literally the first update. I reduced prices. The following month, I reduced even more prices. The following year I introduced a full revamp to the Donor system: "When you become a Donor now, as small as the Guthix ($5) Donor you now receive access to all this content automatically in the Donor Zone. No longer will you have to purchase an Unlockable to fish Rocktails. The moment you become a Donor to Ely, you receive access to this in DZ. As well as all the others such as: Loom Crafting, Warlock Hunting, Gold Mineral Mining, etc." On top of this update, Runespan was also made free content - completely removed from being a donor perk. You of all people would remember, each and every one of these bits of content used to literally have to be purchased individually to access, I removed all that. Not long after those updates, I completely removed Rocktails from being locked behind a donor rank requirement and was made free content. And more recently - I completely removed the Aura's being locked behind a specific amount donated, and turned it into a voting requirement. Lastly, we introduced Scrolls to Ely specifically for the purpose of transferring, selling & buying donations from players with in-game wealth. That update alone completely abolished any sort of "paywall" that may have existed in the past. I believe it is abundantly clear that nothing on Ely is unfair to players who 'struggle financially' - nor do I even personally believe should any company, game, etc cater to those who can't afford to spend money on their products - then don't buy it. If businesses functioned on that premise, our economy would collapse. This isn't an attack on you or anything Jake, I just want to make my intentions and points clear to others who may read your statement and think it's true. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  6. My thoughts on this idea
  7. I'm a fan of the alternative ideas, however for me personally I am on the fence on the idea. I feel there may be more creative solutions to gem acquisition - IF, big if - it's needed at all. Few things to note: gems are by design to be rather difficult to obtain. The lower tier items have been added to expand and make the early to mid-game more expansive, as well as end game. Early game, it doesn't hurt to risk your Dragon chain or legs to try to hit that upgrade, as they are easily obtained no matter which state of the game you are in. However for the end-game, you're capable to grind these items and able to likely occasionally risk some mid-tier, to high tier items in return for some gems to get the upgrades where they matter the most for you. I agree with this, and would also like to make a point for others to note: my initial plans for this system included no gems whatsoever - you risked the item and either got what you wanted, or you didn't. We added the gems as a fail-safe, to cap your loses & possibly get rid of items you no longer use, in order to upgrade the items you want the most. It's aimed at new players, correct & end-game players to get rid of junk and allow you a way & method to obtain your guaranteed upgrade. I see no issue personally to this because: before the upgrade chest, dragon legs, boots & chains meant nothing to end-game players. Now guess what, players are picking them up, saving them, buying them. It re-purposed an entire class of items that are usually out-classed within just a few hours of playing (depending on game mode, etc). So the fact players are "stuck" with all this T2 stuff they don't want and only option is to alch them - is a win in my book and not an issue. See above response All in all, I like the ideas in theory, but in practice could make T2 items a more-than-intended item in attainability & commonality. I think the grind for T2 items, and the leftover T2 "scraps" for end game players such as T2 dragon legs, boots, chains, etc - isn't an issue, but a feature and necessity in grinding the items you want upgraded. Sure, these items are rendered useless when they upgrade when you don't want them too - but the bright side is, maxed, comped & the rest are actually utilizing these items to begin with, making them more useful in every stage of the game, when previously they weren't used whatsoever. To reference the beginning of my post - I think if making these "scraps" more useful becomes more needed, there has to be a more creative solution. I'm not sure more easily-obtained gems is the right solution, but maybe more alternative ways to obtain them to begin with could be a good start in the right direction? Just my thoughts on the idea.
  8. Fixed @Veit, @Delete & @Sorsaposki
  9. Bug Fixes, Additions & More Prices in the Tokkul shops have been adjusted Dragon Gauntlets added to Spiritual Mage's drop table Iron Dragon spawning in wall at Ancient Cavern fixed Group Ironmen inviting each other to Dungeoneering party fixed Depositing noted items from looting bag into bank bug fixed Fixed Shadow sword & Ring of Visibility bug Defeat Jad without armor achievement bug fixed All farming achievements have been fixed (broke from Farming rework) Jar generator at Puro-puro is now functional Anytime a player is stuck in-game, after 30 seconds it should reset you (fixes multiple bugs) Steroid Dragons in Catacombs have been fixed Praetorian gloves (non-imbued) are now tradable Nex minions now die when Insta-darts are used Vorkath & Zulrah kill counts now track correctly in the Collection Log Graetoriax freezing on the fire ball attack has been fixed Yell's now have a 5 second cooldown between yells (Thank @Scatt for this) Killing Jad will now count as a kill for TzHaar slayer NPCs Forlorn Primal's have been adjusted to roll the chance at floor completion & reduced rate to 1/500 Added all the proper animations to all Maul's in Dungeoneering The following items have been added into Cosmetic Mystery Boxes: Silly jester outfit & stick Ring of Coins Ring of Stone Ring of the Six All ornament kits (or & sp) Including Torture & Anguish kits Updated examine value on the following items: Primal full helm (incl. T2) Primal platebody (incl. T2) Primal platelegs (incl. T2) Primal plateskirt (incl. T2) Primal kiteshield (incl. T2) Primal Warhammer Primal Spear (incl. T2) Graetorian Defender (incl. T2) Promethium full helm (incl. T2) Promethium platebody (incl. T2) Promethium platelegs (incl. T2) Promethium kiteshield (incl. T2) Promethium battleaxe (incl. T2) Promethium longsword (incl. T2) Promethium rapier(incl. T2) Promethium warhammer (incl. T2) Promethium maul (incl. T2) Added new Team Cape shops to "William" in the Wilderness (Near Demonic Ruins & Red Dragon Isle) Added the ability to create the "Fire max cape" The following items are now available for upgrade: *Note: Upgrading base Chaotics do not increase stats, only removes degradation. It is possible to upgrade Chaotic (t2)'s to (t3)'s therefore increasing their stats by 10%. **Note: Splitting an Abyssal vine whip (t2) will remove its (t2) status & return the normal whip & vine. Client Updates We have added the functionality to increase your own draw distance & zooming ability. Note: Depending on many factors the results of increasing your zoom & draw distance may have adverse affects. Draw Distance settings can be found in the "Client Performance" section of the client. By default this is set to 10. If you are having poor performance issues, consider reducing this number. The image below is a draw distance of 25 while fully zoomed out. When changing the draw distance, you must restart your client to take effect (max draw distance available is 30). However, the "Double Zoom" option will.. increase your zooming ability by x2. This does not require a client reboot & instead live-updates. Again, these features are mostly experimental and may have adverse affects. We welcome you to experiment and find your happy-medium. (If you experience any unwanted issues with the client update, reduce your draw distance & ensure double zoom is disabled) Finally, one last thing we are quite certain we resolved on our client: a laggy home. We surely hope the laggy home is a thing of the past in this latest client update. Final Note We are extremely excited about these client upgrades - we know many of you have been requesting for a way to increase your view/draw distance recently. This was no small task and required hours of troubleshooting and digging through obfuscated code, but we believe we achieved a terrific result. Not only did we increase the distances & zooms, but we put the control in your hands via the "Client Performance" settings so you can find your sweet spot. Lastly, the bug fixes & additions we are also excited about. More items available to upgrade, more bug fixes resolved, new fashionscape available.. all around a great update & we hope you are as excited as we are. With that said, comment & let us know your thoughts
  10. From a management point of view - I would be opposed. We currently have a system in which we eliminated the need of 'middlemen', we eliminated the risk of being scammed, we eliminated countless number of issues with a server-hosted system. While I get your point, player-hosted betting is more or less just nostalgic - but it certainly isn't as cut & dry as you have assumed: player-hosted betting servers 'thrive a bit more & have a more active community' - that's a result of maannny factors, largest of which - is revision. Being a 718 we have the cards stacked against us - it's among the least popular revisions right alongside RS3. For arguments sake if we implemented player-hosted gambling, I would have to change my advertisements from "Scam-free server hosted gambling" to "Player-based, large chance of scam gambling" We always shoot to make the lives of players & staff easier, and I feel this would be a step backwards. Do love the suggestion nonetheless & the time to post one, keep 'em coming - but this one is very unlikely
  11. Lation

    Typing Test

    @Matt brought life back into this old gem of a thread, made me wanna update my score since my last posted was over a year ago, and i finally popped off like some of you guys EDIT: omg i just realized.. THIS IS THE HIGHEST SCORE YET big pogggggggggggg beat me bitches EDIT EDIT: ducky keyboard btw, ez
  12. Due to the success of the upgrade chest, bumping this thread with the latest addition of items available for upgrades:

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