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  1. Hey man, issue is now resolved! You should have your EP
  2. Hey, issue should now be resolved & you should have your votes/EP!
  3. what u doin rn as you read this

    1. Kari



  4. Largest Competition Ever | $1,000 in Loots It's quite simple fellas.. We are hosting a Tournament that starts on June 10th, 2022 with the largest amount of loot up for grabs we've ever done. Top prizes include: Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 or an RTX 3070 graphics card! That's just 1st place by the way. Second place is featuring a Ducky One 2 SF (switches of your choice) + $200 in Scrolls! Lastly in third we got the famed Glorious Model O mouse + $150 in Scrolls! The top 3 performers in this Tournament will be rewarded the aforementioned loots. This Tournament will start on June 10th, 2022 & run until there have been 3 winners. Check out the image below for more information, rules & more! Note: On the start date of the Tournament (June 10th, 2022) you will need to create a new account to participate in this event. When creating your new account, during the "Choose your account type" dialogue you must select "Competition Mode" to be officially entered into this Tournament. Looking forward to seeing you & good luck!
  5. Sorry this isn't fixed yet lads, we're aware of it and will get it resolved ASAP.
  6. Appeal accepted - ban reduced to 2 days.
  7. TRU, expect now its like, 1/10th of that
  8. Fixed & fixed (Kirsen is for Grae gear so won't work with Torva but now works with T2 Grae as intended)
  9. Incredible job, absolutely love such in-depth guides like this. Thank you for the contribution!
  10. 4 Years Online As of this past week, Ely has officially been online for 4 YEARS. That's a crazy milestone. In sort of a celebration of it, we decided to compile some all-time statistics for you to check out. Pretty interesting stuff! Mystery Boxes Opened Regular Mystery Boxes: 78,734 Super Mystery Boxes: 82,744 Cosmetic Mystery Boxes: 46,064 Skilling Mystery Boxes: 5,819 PvM Mystery Boxes: 26,716 Exclusive Mystery Boxes: 28,398 In total: 268,475 NPC Kills KBD Kills: 219,603 Dagannoth Supreme Kills: 37,005 Dagannoth Rex Kills: 35,964 Dagannoth Prime Kills: 35,895 Graetoriax Kills: 65,887 Saradomin Kills: 68,176 Zamorak Kills: 128,284 Bandos Kills: 163,465 Armadyl Kills: 125,132 Corporeal Beast Kills: 38,886 Soulgazer Kills: 49,945 Glacor Kills: 76,488 Wildy Wyrm Kills: 4,103 Tormented Demon Kills: 20,531 Training Zone Kills: 1,391,006 Miscellaneous Items Sold to General Store: 8,185,298,614 Total Gambles: 65,108 Barrows Chest Opened: 34,506 Coffers Opened: 1,151 Clues Completed: 236,464 Caskets Opened: 247,357 LMS Games: 161 Daily Challenges Done: 4,960 Daily Challenges Points Earned: 20,475 Total EP On Accounts RN: 69,497 Total PvM Points On Accounts RN: 38,863,206 Castle War Games: 3,618 Pest Control Games: 8,819 Crystal Chests Opened: 1,445,783 Total Dung Tokens Earned: 453,556,762 Skilling Points Earned: 62,600,260 Referral Points Earned: 1,719,120 Last but not least, account values. Examine values. Here is the top 50 most wealthy accounts by examine values: Hope you all found that as interesting as I did And might I add.. I find it very suspicious @Boats is rank #7.. brb checking logs.
  11. Have you tried using it, despite it showing empty runes? Just to test if its a graphical bug or not
  12. This is the first time I saw/read this. This is amazing, was an awesome read. Some mighty interesting jobs & situations you've been in.
  13. If I remember correctly, this is by design, do you recall @Splash?

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