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  1. I love to get naked Lation Lation#0001
  2. If you actually do this, we're only doing this for a week, no longer
  3. did u win yet EDIT: obligatory gz on the progress tho
  4. Just dove back into this topic to see if there was any new input & happy with what I saw. Some really nontraditional ideas and thats exactly what I was looking for. @Rev3Rse - thank you for such a thorough input from a relatively new player, I appreciate the time you spent to write that up, and thanks for your support. @Jake threw a curve ball out there regarding social media, even mentioning TikTok, and as I read that I LOL'd but @Rev3Rse also mentioned it too - and buffing up a social media presence is certainly not a bad idea. It can't harm anything - so I'll try to actually think of how to implement this. More Youtube, I never even downloaded TikTok but @Boats is right, the dumbest things get views there and could potentially benefit. Would be a very low conversion rate though since TikTok is like 100% mobile-focused so it's likely about like 80%+ of people that would see our clips on TikTok don't even have a PC they could hop on to download the game. We are working on a mobile client that even works on iOS, so maybe we should continue spearheading that project first, then work on TikTok that way a player see's it, could hit the link at the bottom, and literally play right then and there on their phone. But yeah, again, appreciate all the input, good thoughts here.
  5. Appeal accepted, you're good to go.
  6. This is currently already in the works - won't spill all the beans on it here, but wilderness activity will certainly be increased soon.
  7. Good suggestions, but don't feel they really answer the questions I proposed - and here's why: let's take Onyx again as an example since they were our closest competitor. Onyx was actually crapping on us in terms of pure content, and the quantity of content. They had it all. When you compare us vs them in terms of quantity of content, they won for sure. However, they are currently dead. 0 players. So in-game content isn't really the answer. Despite all they had, they still lost. Therefore, we can have it all - and still lose too. So the question is a bit deeper/bigger than just that. The question is more, where do we find players? How do we attract them? If typical advertising on toplists don't produce results, what will? Where are they? What methods should we be trying to reach them? Etc etc.
  8. Yeah I mean encouraging it within the already existing players of Ely, not some outside garbage. They charge $500 for a full-on acting scene of them hooting and hollering about nothing, its actually the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
  9. I do like this idea, it's proven to be somewhat successful in the past. Most notably, @Kaotic - he used to constantly do livestreams, youtube videos, etc. Daily we'd have new players login and say they found Ely by his videos. So maybe some sort of incentive can be enacted to encourage this. But it would have to be entertaining, fun and generally good production. Not the typical youtuber video of "OMG LOOK WHAT I GOT IN ALL THESE BOXES" yakno? Good idea though. I'm gonna think more on this.

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