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New Group Boss for players of all levels, live now! Bork-ini featuring drops such as: Mystery Boxes, tons of Skilling supplies, limited-time cosmetics & more!


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  1. Lation


    Sorry to hear but glad to hear that ely helps take your mind off things - keep your head up!
  2. My boyyyyy gravvv. You know not just I, but many of us actually have asked & wondered where you may have went. I was super stoked to see a post from you, but didn't quite expect to hear such unfortunate circumstances. I truly do feel for you man, I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers and hope you can pull yourself through this. While posting this may just be a lot of strangers but I do in fact care for the people I know and have met on Ely - so I truly care for ya man, and I'm excited to maybe see you one day return and try to get some wildy activity (it literally is #StillYourWild out here, lmao) So keep your head up man, keep fighting what your dealing with - don't give up & I wish you nothing but absolute success in doing so. Hope to hear from ya again soon my man.
  3. Idk the exact kill count but have been playin Ely for a year & a half and never got a single drop, from anything, anywhere, at anytime. Games broke pls fix
  4. Welcome to the best server. Are you a cuckhold tho like your name suggests?
  5. We will be, we are constantly looking & listening for feedback of this sort, more specifically how @nelly listed out specific items. Basic supplies, etc, are all things we can add over time back to the G/E. Danks fellas ❤️
  6. Elysians We are introducing a new Discord role, the Elysian's! This is a new exclusive role that gives you a bit more access to the behind-the-scenes work going on in Ely, allows you to become the first to test new content for bugs, glitches, etc. We are excited to introduce this role which will start with a limited amount of people, but will be expanded on with time and change, adapt & grow as we go along in Ely. How do I join? You will be selected to join the Elysian's. We carefully watch & analyze all players all the time for many different reasons. In this specific case we will be looking for people with a love for Ely, a very deep understanding of our game, an eager willingness to help others & more along those lines. If you fit these characteristics you will most likely be selected to join, eventually :). What are the benefits? Being an Elysian means you have early access to new content in situations which we need help testing. You will also have an exclusive Role & Channel in Discord which will give you direct access to the Developers to make suggestions, hear about things coming soon & more. Who are the first Elysian's? @IttzKaotic, @nelly & @Masoud Congratulations to these fellas, your Discord role is now updated & you are now an Elysian! Thank you for your continued support to Ely and we are looking forward to working a bit closer with you!
  7. Very glad to hear you got out of that funk man, keep your head up & keep moving forward. 90% of things in life are just as you said, fluff. Get yourself someone to spend the rest of your life with, and all else will fall in place. 🙂
  8. Love the group boss, best one yet tbh
  9. Do you even play Ely? 😂
  10. Lation

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    Im just rep farming 😞
  11. Lation

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    Thank me for my contribution of this high quality post!

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