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  1. This may not be exactly what you mean, but you can already categorize them..
  2. Awesome contribution! Thanks ❤️
  3. Thanks for the contribution! Good work man
  4. New Forum section! Ask a question or provide an answer to one in the new support section! Ask a Question.

    1. Splash


      Hi, I have a question. How do i ask a question?

  5. If I remember correctly, that is just how it works. It won't show up in equipment stats because it acts as an Aura. EDIT: I just looked in the code, and that is correct. Not a bug, just the way it functions as mentioned above; an Aura.
  6. This is not a permanent spawn, but we can see how this goes 🙂
  7. Let me drop a little tease here; collection log is being worked on 🙂 (ignore the raids section, this is still very much in development)
  8. Git hackd @Kemi

    1. Kemi


      wonder how i suddenly got a profile picture

  9. Lation

    Yo bois

    Welcome good sir
  10. Reputation is earned when making threads & posts that are up voted with a Like, Thanks and/or Haha reactions. Each reaction (with the exception of neutral Confused & Sad) adds +1 reputation. Your total reputation will correspond one of these ranks on your profile.
  11. Staff Changes VII Due to some recent changes in certain Staff's personal lives we are making some changes today. Jordan has been demoted to player - temporarily as he deals with what needs his full attention. Nicky has been demoted. Kemi has been promoted to Server Moderator! Callum has been promoted to Support! @Jordan, I wish you the absolute best in what you are dealing with & just know the Ely fam has your back all the way. @Nicky, you've contributed so much to this community and it was more than a pleasure having you on our Team. @Kemi, you've proved yourself from early on you were bound to end up on our Team, and we love having you. Congratulations! @Callum, one of the very first players to ever login to Ely from the start. You've been steady & proved yourself a valuable asset from the beginning, and also served a stint as Global Mod for some time in the past. We're glad to have you back & congratulations!
  12. Somewhere in Ely wanders an old one.. One which carries a fabled and sought after loot. While not honorably obtained it shall be recovered in the same manner. Only the wise will find & obtain, then hope of one day returning what rightfully is not theirs. At one point in time this one may have committed something unspeakable but still walks free. Maybe you should keep what is found to serve justice.. ..but is it worth it?
  13. Awesome contribution thank you! May refer to this thread in my getting started guide for noobies & now @Kari can add this to his guide directory 😄
  14. When you break rules you owe more for the redemption costs + the rank so

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