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  1. Today, a total of 20,000 in-game accounts have been created To celebrate today's milestone of reaching 20,000+ total in-game accounts created we decided to create a compilation of all the interesting facts & statistics of Ely. The following statistics are as of today (July 14th, 2020) and are a compilation from Day 1 up too today. In-game accounts created: 20,000+ Forum accounts created: 6,062 Discord members: 829 Total time online: 2 years, 4 months, 10 days Total drops that have been picked up: 4,029,050 Commands that have been executed: 1,477,014 Visits to our website: 809,844 Total number of live server console errors: 232,605 Total wealth on the top 1,000 accounts: 1.7 Trillion Total number of votes sent: 121,246 Total number of Mystery Boxes opened: 111,804 ( Mystery Boxes opened: 48,493 Super Mystery Boxes opened: 51,335 Exclusive Boxes opened: 11,976 ) World news announcements (drops, welcomes, etc): 93,852 Total completed trades: 52,113 Total number of items purchased from shops (including Donor): 45,099 Grand Exchange transactions completed: 29,718 Bets that have taken place: 14,931 Total deaths: 14,322 Total PvP deaths: 2,413 Duel Arena victories: 1,150 Punishments issued: 653 Number of clans that have been created: 307 Players that have donated over $1,000: 38 Total number of Crystal chests opened: 524,178 Total number of Caskets opened: 48,111 Last but not least, here are the top 20 most wealthy accounts.. While those are the only ones I decided to point out - we have included a link to a paste-bin in which you can view for yourself all the nitty-gritty details we pulled to establish parts of this list! Check it out below: https://pastebin.com/AWUQWsgc Hope you guys enjoyed this little tad-bit of info & thank you all for being a part of Ely and pushing us to where we are today. All the support we get overall from everyone is incredible not to mention the ones who have donated and showed so much love.
  2. you saying you dont like Joe Ely????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Thanks for this guide, well written & presented
  4. Vorkath Introducing the long awaited, Vorkath. Ely's most accurate 1:1 OSRS bossing experience. From OSRS Wiki: Vorkath is also considered a Blue Dragon for Slayer tasks Vorkath is also a safe death. However HCIM's will lose their status if they die here. With the introduction of Vorkath comes a few new items, new Slayer Helmet & new means to Prayer XP. NEW - Turquoise Slayer Helmet This new Slayer Helmet can be made by using Vorkath's head on a Slayer Helmet: NEW - Dragonfire Ward This new alternative to a Dragonfire Shield has boosted Ranged attack bonuses. This new shield can be crafted by using the new Skeletal Visage on an Anti-dragon shield. Upon doing so you are awarded 100,000 Smithing XP (on default - x50). NEW - Dragonbone Necklace Cannot forget about the new, lovely, Vorki Nor can you forget about those Collection Log hunters.. Last but not least, Superior Dragon Bones are now available. Below is a breakdown of the base XP you can expect from this bones (thanks to @Goddess) The addition of Vorkath into Ely is our continued efforts to improve on our vast PvM selection and continuing our expansion of OSRS content into Ely. We are very pleased with the outcome of this project & are glad to finally bring this to the community at large. Looking forward to hear feedback! Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Cannon will now go to Diango if you are UIM and DC/let it die Presets no longer reset quick prayers Nomad can no longer be frozen Nomad's loot registration now works properly Dominion Tower rewards go to inventory and bank & if you are UIM it goes to Diango Grey & Red chin's now shoot projectile God items now work to stop Godwar's monster aggressiveness Other misc. fixes & adjustments made to certain items Misc. combat code cleaning for better efficiency and effectiveness With all that said.. I would like to thank @Charlie for all his hard work & dedication on putting this all together for Ely. Let him know what you think in the comments and show him some love. Also big thanks to everyone who helped test this along the way, @Goddess, @Boats, @nelly & @Jordan All your guy's help means a lot and really helped in refining this process. Enjoy!
  5. Wow this is such a nicely formatted guide, very hot indeed
  6. Glad to have ya man, I see your a Bandos Donor before you even managed to make an introduction post appreciate the support & glad your enjoying it
  7. Late to the party but welcome to the forums love havin ya
  8. Bug Fixes, Quality of Life changes & Misc. Changes Anti-venom and poison have been fixed to replicate OSRS. Anti-venom now can cure poison. Drinking an anti poison will reduce your venom to regular poison which can be healed with another dose. This will not provide venom immunity and if you are re-venomed you will no longer be poison immune and will have to drink a further two doses to heal. Prayer renewal pack now gives noted prayer renewals as intended. Celestial surgebox Runes can now be removed. Item has been swapped to a new id. If your right click option on celestial surge box has bind please contact an admin for a new version. Statius Warhammer and Dragon Warhammer Now have the correct defence draining Defence draining also applies to NPCs When this update went live there was a small bug in which is attempted to decreases bosses summoning defence which doesn’t seem to exist for NPCs. This was an oversight on my part and has been fixed. Flower Poker When there is not enough space to add items previously the items were lost. Now they will be sent to the bank. Dominom Tower Rewards show in the bank without needing to reload. Nex Armours Update Nex armours will now drop in the Wilderness and will no longer be sent to Diango. Please let us know if there are any more items that you would like this to apply to. Zulrah Items Splitting Now Zulrah items will be lost on death in the wilderness and split into their uncharged versions with any items held within also dropped. Crafting Leather and hard leather crafting has been added Gravestones Items previously went to Diango when the gravestones were not claimed in time. Now these items will appear globally for 60 seconds after the gravestones collapses. Cerberus Ghosts no longer damage you at home if you teleport away. Ghosts now despawn when cerb is killed. Slayer Updates Gargoyls, Desert Lizards and Rock Slugs These NPCS now act correctly. Previously they could be killed without any requirements. Now to kill the Gargoyle’s you will need a Rock hammer and when the gargoyle is below 10hp you can right click to smash it. Desert Lizards can be killed by using a ice pack on low hp. Rock slugs can be killed by using a bag of salt on them on low hp. If you purchase the upgrade from the slayer master these effects will happen automatically. Broad arrows and bolts You can unlock the ability to craft these now and they function. The arrows give 15.5xp each and bolts 8.5xp Construction Updates Bug Fixed where incorrect objects are removed.
  9. PSH, you'll never be a distant memory to me Owlie - you've been a huge asset to Ely your entire time before & during your Support position. Has been a pleasure working with you, you've been a staple of a player since you joined. Was an awesome journey with ya & hey, RSPS players 99% of the time don't even make it to the 5B mark but you did & once you get there.. yes, there is hardly anything left to accomplish , reach out to me on Discord anytime if you want to discuss stocks
  10. Pleasure to have ya, glad you are enjoying
  11. Because its 2020 and he can like what he likes..

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