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  1. Granted but you get every possible ban handed to you immediately after
  2. Awesome contribution, much needed, thanks @Kemi!
  3. Lation

    Save the Date

    damn got me
  4. Lation

    Save the Date

    Wrong, whos the true dumbass here? 😂
  5. Lation

    Save the Date

    LOL re-reading what i wrote sounds kinda mean, i didnt mean it so mean-spirited kao lmao
  6. Lation

    Save the Date

    are you all idiots? read the damn words i write dumbass
  7. Lation

    Save the Date

    You'll be fine without them 🙂
  8. Lation

    Save the Date

    Here's what ya'll are missing.. Imagine being banned. Multiple times, for breaking multiple rules. Being given the benefit of the doubt multiple times, and still ending up with an IP ban. Then imagine talking about trying to come back / make an appeal, or whatever. And then randomly saying "nigger" in friends chat. Wouldn't you try to paint the best picture of yourself instead of doing something like that? Just my opinion.
  9. 6 hours left until June boxes batch #2!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lation

    Save the Date

    .. just sayin
  11. Lation

    Save the Date

    Yeah you're getting ahead of yourself, plus moves like this one surely increase your chances lul..
  12. Lation

    Schools sucks?

    Nice to see this perspective, and congratulations on all your endeavors & I wish you the best going forward man

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