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  1. Just for not using format: no I troll, but yeah, good point will do
  2. lmao he comes in here serious as shit on everyone like were all biddin on this thing fr 😄
  3. I indeed agree with going a drop table rework, a lot can be improved here.
  4. Interesting suggestion, I like it. Will talk it over!
  5. buying for more than @Nicky & @Jordan put together
  6. im interested in buying PM me please
  7. Lation

    forums wtf

    Well GG welcome to the new forums which now offer: Like Thanks Sad Confused & Haha PLUS Rep, GGGGGGGG
  8. Lation

    Gfx showcase

    Come back flex we need some nice new sigs! EDIT: im an idiot
  9. Last batch of May Exclusive Boxes dropping in a few hours!

    1. Nicky


      Ya know it boi. Got to get dem boxes. Rig mine for a rainbow pl0x 

    2. Lation
    3. Nicky


      woo rainbow for in all 20 boxes

  10. If you're reading this you've by now seen our entire online presence has been dramatically reworked & improved! Our mission behind this overhaul was creating a smoother & more user friendly experience for everyone from their first visit to Ely to maxing their account. It has been quite the sizable project and I do want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for dealing with certain pages & services being down from time to time during the project. As of now we're coming to the end and wrapping up the finer details & tweaks. With that said, you may experience some small glitches or things being a little bit buggy here and there until all the kinks are worked out, however 95% of this project is complete. I would love to hear all your feedback, comments, suggestions & criticism in the comments so let us know your thoughts on the new site! Now, account linking. Previously when a user had made an account in-game & wanted to vote and/or donate they had to manually link their account through the Vote or Store page. As of now, that is no longer necessary. We have automated the entire account linking process! Should a new player want to vote all they must do is make a forum account - and vote! Thank you all again for your patience in dealing with us through this lengthy process & we hope you like it as much as we do!
  11. Site lookin mighty good

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    2. anti gamer 22

      anti gamer 22

      too bad its dead

    3. Lation


      yet your here

    4. anti gamer 22

      anti gamer 22

      who says i am not dead from the inside

  12. Lation

    Schools sucks?

    Yeah it's a good backup plan, but worth the money? I'm not so sure. Yeah school is a majority based on the individual and their ability to learn in a classroom but I don't know how Iraq works but in America you'll be in debt forevssss. Yeah I've never been good in school, as a matter of fact I skipped 6th, 7th & 8th grade and went right into highschool from 5th grade. So I'm the definition of big dumb; but also never quite understood how to learn in that medieval way. However I did end up graduating because the principal (now superintendent of the district) fudged my grades just enough to pass with my diploma 😄 hahaha
  13. 51 max cash stacks @Jordan thats weak, step it up will ya?

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