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  1. fucking trash bandit 😉❤️
  2. finally good job team 😉
  3. oh yay another clan comes to die
  4. how come no picture of new custom this time?
  5. more like dead clan
  6. http://prntscr.com/pfgijo 942 for heavy ballista
  7. Username: Worst HCIM Suggestion: can we get Demonic Gorilla tasks Why (how will it benefit players overall): you can get a task for basically everything else so i dont see why we shouldnt be able to get them as a task
  8. miss you already boo ;c
  9. level 120/104m exp in all skills
  10. Owner Lation - over all solid owner and person Matt - killer dev kicking out that osrs Developer Luke -????????????? Splash - fucking love this dude he gave me my favorite boss ever Administrator Kari - Elys best admin Global Moderator Jeremy - who? Moderator Nicky - super helpful and great attitude Forum Moderator Enzyme - Best Forum mod ever Support HAIL FLIP
  11. i agree and love your avatar love luffy and one piece

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