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  1. Worst HCIM

    Nex Pet

  2. they would be the exact same stats and it would recharge the same as a chaotic wep
  3. few things on collection log that have wrong id Sara Pet all of queen black dragon items dragon platelegs on kbd
  4. plan on dying from the corona
  5. i could see ruins/minigames only being able to be done with others everything else is soloable
  6. pass theyre ironman for a reason
  7. Name: Jonny/Worst HCIM Suggestion: Can we the ability to add fire cape, klin cape, mage capes and avas to our max and comp capes like they have on osrs would be nice to see those items still being used on something after maxing and comping why: would just be a nice addition to game and ive suggested it before many times
  8. why you gotta leak the kingly imp spot
  9. What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely in its current state has gone down a lot since i joined like almost 2 years ago? The Eco has been completely fucked from these monthly boxes and you can buy basically everything in game in the shop with real money so no point in even grinding things anymore for most people which makes half the content useless. What makes you come back to play everyday: Currently nothing at all is bringing me back to play ely everyday, But when i did play the community was basically the only thing that brought me to log in everyday. What would you like to see in the future: weekly/bi-weekly updates like were told we would be getting since the beginning would be nice to see. More care for the community in a way and maybe listen to them sometimes instead of muting when you don't feel like hearing it anymore (not saying names or pointing anyone in particular out). Maybe some more community events to bring people together and have a bit of fun. What made you part ways from Ely: Ely just isn't like how it used to be and i stopped enjoying logging in everyday because of it. Will i ever come back probably not. poorly written will update add to later and sorry i know im not the nicest player in game

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