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  1. I like turtles


    1. Enzyme


      Ayyy katchow 

  2. Wait this isn't autotrader??? Shit
  3. $50,000 man, stance life
  4. Its a POS 4cyl Ecoboost.. Y'all gettting a gutless pile of trash GG. Base model too, cloth seats and shit radio smh. PS: You may as well get a Honda Civic
  5. Even tho Kao gets on everybodys nerves, we all love him. Nobody is perfect and everybody fucks up. So far all i've seen from Kaotic is a guy who wants to help the community and has a good time losing his bank to Jordan. Botting is a major offense and should never be taken lightly, but I do believe that this event will scare him straight. He has put a lot of time and money into his account and i'm sure he would not want to risk it again. Give the guy one last shot, keep a close eye on him and exp reset.

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