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  1. As most of you can tell, I haven’t really been on much. Got on the other day, and lost a good chunk of my bank to Alex, GG. No I’m not quitting because of that, but I just don’t have fun playing RSPS’s at this point in time. I also want to start spending more time with my family and getting myself back together. Most of you know the shit that’s happened in my life this year and some of you bois really helped me through it and I am much grateful. There are a few other things that I won’t talk about that have lead up to this, but for now, farewell. I’ll be on discord a lot so if anybody wants to hmu they can, I’ll also be in ElyChat on OSRS if anybody plays OS. potatocheese has logged out.
  2. On that note, maybe just keep the pet manager and have it dispense the pet items when you unlock. Like how flamey is. If the pet manager stays, it should have a different icon once its unlocked. Like remove the X across the tile. I would like to see the pets as items either way because having the item is more meaningful and you can look at all your little buddies in your bank.
  3. They were the commander outfits and shit you get as referral rewards. Would have to be a different rewards now, but the commander outfit was sick
  4. Support, new skilling outfit would defiantly be neat too. Might motivate me to get 200m hunter hah
  5. Yeah I thought about the BoB and the coin pouch depositing, both ways have issues of their own haha
  6. Username: potatocheese Suggestion: Reintroduce the Going Green ranks like we had in Zarpor 2012 era. Why (how will it benefit players overall): The Eco itself isn't too bad, but theres a crazy amount of cash on some profiles. Jordan just sank 100b out of the eco, but the cash will come back, and theres still a lot out there. Right now theres no benefit for money sinking GP out of the eco, so most people don't have incentive to do it. For those who don't know what Going Green was; You basically gave a staff member GP to ::empty out of the game. In return you get a certain Going Green rank for the amount that you have donated out of the game, also unlocking certain outfits unique to the Going Green ranks.
  7. Nice updoots, Borkini is kinda borked...Again. I dig the drops tho 😄
  8. I had talked to Matt a few times about it back on Zarpor, he tried to increase the size but items would bug out and disappear just like they do when you bank gets full. Right now I have about 20 free spaces and it doesnt allow me to deposit anything with the buttons, i have to manually do it one by one, and i cant even take out some stuff or click on it at all lol. Either way, banking needs to be fixed because I keep having to get rid of stuff I don't want to get rid of 😞 Whichever way would be easier.
  9. i CaN cOuNt To PoTaTo. BeEn ArOuNd SiNcE 2012/2013. y33T kAoTiC iS mY sOn.
  10. Support, very useful to squeeze in some extra food/loot while pvming.

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