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  1. We need assembler before max cape assembler
  2. Username: potatocheese Suggestion: Make Cerberus respawn like he does in OSRS. It's about a 5-10 second respawn delay for cerb to respawn while you're in the room. Why (how will it benefit players overall): The boot crystals are very sought after BIS boots. Can take hundreds-thousands of kills to complete Cerberus. Having to tele in and out each kill makes grinding take twice as long as being able to kill multiple per trip. Its been talked about since he was released but nothing has been done yet so figured i'd throw it on forums. Thank you
  3. These are my doggos Goliath (10 month old Pit Mastiff) and Billy (2 year old Akita)
  4. Normally people would just use spirit shards as a form of currency for large amounts of money. I don't see the need for the developers putting time into a currency that isn't necessarily important that this time. No support sorry. - Love your dad
  5. Mad Lad, how many hours did that take roughly?
  6. Killed about 700 jungle strykewyrms until I got pet For the most part my luck has been decent other than that i'd say
  7. I love Jordans support in game when you died btw

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