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  1. Nice to see another player join the community. Hope you stay for a long time!
  2. Kyle

    The Navy

    It sucks ass. But if you really want to know more about it or have ever considered joining, message me on Discord. Just posting this here because I miss posting to the forums 😄 Have a good one, - Kyle
  3. Kyle

    Save the Date

    Firstly, this is in the spam channel. Second, I asked if that was okay the day I came back to discord and was greeted with that word by several people lol. It hasn't been against the rules before. Edit: I'd also like to add that this not directed at anyone or used to flame/spam/or harass.
  4. Speaking from previous experience, farming is one of the hardest skills to do right on a coding level. It can be frustrating when things don't work, but fixing these issues is even more infuriating. Please try to be patient while these issues are addressed. Good luck with the gains!
  5. Kyle

    Save the Date

    August 10th, 2019. Be there or be square. I'm coming back. Vote if you wanna! https://www.strawpoll.me/18107795
  6. Kyle

    Max clan

    I can change the original post if you want, what do you need changed?
  7. Been away for awhile, I love coming back to new and improved stuff! Keep up the good work guys.
  8. Kyle

    Hello Again

    Ely Fam, Good morning everyone. A lot of things have been going on in my life recently, in all aspects of it. I'm deploying soon, I've had family members die, and I want to start working on a degree. While all of this has kept me busy, it's finally reached a place where it's manageable. I've had time to think about other, smaller (but not less-important) things. Today as I woke up, I thought about you guys. The playerbase, the staff, the owner. I realized that, on a large scale level, I never apologized to all of you as a whole. I never said I was sorry for degrading the integrity of this amazing server, for ruining the trust I had gained from my friends, the staff, and Lation. I never even thought to tell anyone who supported me on my way to the top of the highscores that I was sorry for letting them down, and for doing it illegitimately. Before you all stop reading and start scrolling down to leave a nasty comment, a meme about me getting banned, or otherwise: I'm not asking to play again. I know that chance (and the second one) has come and gone. I understand that, and it makes me sad, but I get it. You have to maintain an honest server when you have something this great, and allowing me to come back anytime soon would be a detriment to that. I think about trying to pick up another RSPS all the time, but I know it will never be the same as the one I started on, back in April of 2016. The one I watched change and grow, rise and fall, and rise again, into what it is today. I know most of you don't have any fond memories of me, whether it be that you are a new player and don't know me, or you've been around for awhile and my actions have made it hard to recall anything good about me. I know that nothing good is discussed if and when my name comes up. For that, once again, I'm sorry, because that is another thing that contributes to whether someone new or old to Ely enjoys their experience: the conversations they have. Anyways, thank you all for reading this, if you made it this far. I ask that any responses to this, if there are any, remain mature and hate-free. I miss you guys, and I hope that my ban is enough to quash any hard feelings between you guys and me. I will be rejoining the Discord in a bit and hope to remain there as someone who will benefit the server, even if I'm not playing. If you guys ever have any questions about the server, need to know where something might be found in the code, anything, I'm always open to respond to messages. I have already gotten a few in the months since I was banned, asking for exactly that: help. Hoping you all are well, Kyle TL;DR: there isn't one. I've wanted to get all of this off my chest for awhile now, so here it is.
  9. Kyle

    Finally Comped!

    Finally did it guys! Special thanks to everyone who helped with clues, killed bosses with me, and that special someone who helped me with the kiln. I love you guys! See you all at 5b http://prntscr.com/kcabk8
  10. Kyle

    Kyle Appeal

    http://prntscr.com/k6u93f On a further note, I was wondering if the appeal would be acceptable if I were to get a permanent mute instead of a full unban.
  11. http://prntscr.com/jhy8xc Well....here it is. Accomplished this without runespan, leave thoughts below. Ily.
  12. Kyle

    Max Guild

    Username (ingame): Kyle Suggestion (provide all details possible): Add a "max guild" for players who have achieved max cape, and to add a teleport there to the cape. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Anyone who has maxed will benefit. Could include some cool things to help you skill. Other Notes (if applicable): I don't know where, or what it will have in it, but a suggestion is the first step to get the ball rolling. What do you guys think? I know there is already skilling area but maybe some maxed players who are going for 200ms would like something that isnt there? I just thought it would be a really cool idea.
  13. Hello everyone, Below is a list I have compiled, containing the most disgustingly tryhard methods possible to train skills (at or below level 99). This is intended mostly for Maxed Clan members, but anyone else who likes to skill, or likes to train one skill more than any other, will benefit from this too. If you find any errors within this list, or have a suggestion on how I can improve it, please let me know either here, or via PM. Thanks for reading, as always! -Kyle Attack - DH bombing soulgazers with turmoil Defense - DH bombing soulgazers with turmoil OR Defensive Barraging Strength - DH bombing soulgazers with turmoil Hitpoints - Barraging Ranged - Cannoning dagannoths with dragon darts equipped Prayer - Use dagannoth bones on x2 XP altar at donator zone (Feasible: use fayrg bones on gilded altar inside player-owned house) Summoning - Geyser titans with (or without) bank command. (Blue charm + water talisman) Magic - Enchanting bolts (Feasible: barraging mummies) Cooking - Cooking raw rocktails on a range (skilling area) Woodcutting - Cutting mahogany logs with full lumberjack outfit + dragon (primal if possible) hatchet Fletching - Creating dragon darts Fishing - Catching rocktails at donator zone/LRC Firemaking - Bonfiring magic logs with ring of fire and flame gloves Crafting - Crafting ganodermic ponchos/Crafting royal d'hide bodies (Feasible: Crafting black d'hide bodies) Smithing - Crafting Dragonfire Shields (Feasible: Adamant Platebodies) Mining - Powermining sandstone (the line of 3 rocks) With Lava Titan + Gold Mining Suit + Dragon Pickaxe (Primal) Herblore - Overloads (Feasible: Extreme Ranging potions) Agility - Buying tickets (Feasible: Advanced Barbarian Course with full agile and BOL + spending 1 ticket every lap) Thieving - Pickpocketing dwarf trader at ::tele citadel with Black Ibis outfit Slayer - Cannoning Abyssal demons or dagannoths while DH bombing (on a duo slayer task) and spending points to buy xp with bonus experience activated. Farming - Fellstalk herb runs with magic secateurs and greenfingers aura while constantly planting magic and papaya trees Runecrafting - Blood runecrafting with ::bank command (Feasible: siphoning soul esswraiths at level 90+ top floor runespan) Hunter - Catching Snowy Knight butterflies with Yaktwee stick and ::bank command (Feasible: no bank command) Construction - Demonic thrones (200m = 2b+ gp loss) (Feasible: Marble teleporters)
  14. Kyle


    Hello everyone, Today is a special day. I've been working on this since I received my ban, a little over a week ago. Hopefully you guys enjoy this; quite frankly, I'm glad the grind is (kind of) over. It is with great pleasure that I present to you all..... My maxed alt!!! https://prntscr.com/jbu6ke I don't know what I'll be using it for, or really why I maxed another account, but shit at least I have it if I need it! Thanks to Jake and the rest of Maxed clan for anything and everything you guys provided along the way. Here's a few more pictures of the account, just to show off some more (that's kinda this sub forum's point so....). Playtime, etc: http://prntscr.com/jbu8ug I maxed in just under 80 hours, I challenge someone to beat that time! http://prntscr.com/jbu96h Two accounts in the top 10!!! Thanks everyone for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. It's 2am now so I'm going to bed. Thanks again for reading! -Kyle
  15. Oh sorry forgot about that, will change.

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