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  1. Hollllyyyyy shit finally. The odds seem super low for this lol
  2. Support this has been a problem since release. Please fix
  3. Yes. Hope some of your suggestions get added
  4. Kyle

    F Keys

    I was just thinking about this yesterday. I support this but you can do this right now with keyboard macros if you really want to, just create one that makes a certain key function as your F keys
  5. Overall I love these changes. Great all around. Just one recommendation: remove Royal Crossbow!
  6. Username: Kyle Suggestion: In 2020, it would be nice to see something similar to the Invention skill be introduced to Ely, but not as a skill. Let me elaborate. The economy is currently saturated with numerous rare and high-level PvM drops, whether it be from exclusive monthly mystery boxes or from people grinding out bosses (and, understandably so, as the server has been out a decent amount of time). My solution is simple, and reduces strain on developers by providing a way to create an expanded endgame PvM experience without making new models for new gear. This makes such an update feasible, and I would love to know everyone's thoughts on this: For example, let's say you have an extra Nex set lying around in your bank. Everyone has one, so it's not selling and you've had it listed for several days. You decide to do something that benefits the item economy and yourself at the same time. You go out and grind a specific set of bosses. Each one of these specific bosses will drop a shard of a certain piece of equipment. You collect all the shards and you combine them to create an item. You attach this item to your Pernix Top or your Torva Platelegs, and you are given a choice: continue, and lose the ability to ever trade this piece of gear again, or stop now while you can. If you choose to proceed, you will then be able to attach this item to ONE piece of gear, and in return its stats will be increased fairly substantially. You like the results of this, so you get back on the grind again to slowly max out your endgame gear. Obviously, things about this could be changed but I think the central ideas would be as follows: These "shards" would have a fairly low drop rate, to make the grind take a little bit longer. I'd say 3-5 pieces should be required to make one "enhancer". Each piece of gear you use a fully completed "enhancer" on becomes untradeable, which removes the gear from the economy (creating a demand for more), but also makes the stats well worth the grind and the loss of tradeability. Any piece of gear that you use an "enhancer" on (there will be a list of compatible gear) will then be updated to show that you have used one on it. Example: "Torva Platebody (U)". The U is for upgraded These pieces of upgraded gear could be added to the collection log (but a community vote would probably be best before doing this) Why (how will it benefit players overall): I think this is a great way to encourage PvM, positively effect the item economy, and create a new end game grind for players who have ran out of things to do. This update would benefit anyone and everyone who regularly PvMs. I think making the "enhancers" tradeable would be permissible, as long as the resulting upgraded gear is not. Please let me know what you guys think, I personally believe this is a great way to expand our current gear in an easy and fun way!
  7. Not everyone has the money or GP to donate for items or pay for the items the boxes bring in to the game. There are also iron men involved. I wouldn't say the increase is fractional either. But seeing how it has no support I guess it doesnt matter
  8. 1) I meant "ratio" as in a percentage, that is static across all bosses. 2) Most bosses require you to do the most damage to get the kill, so leeching wouldn't be prevalent, but in those cases where everyone gets the kill, sure. At the staff team's discretion it could be changed for specific situations. 3) I wouldn't lower the drop rate after a drop is obtained, because if you have enough kills to reach a threshold, you probably deserve every drop you get. At the end of the day, it's all RNG, but making bossing a little more enjoyable with a guaranteed better chance at drops after you put in effort is something I'd love to see. Hope this answers all your questions. P.S. As for inflation, the monthly mystery boxes have already taken care of that. By that I mean they have dropped numerous rares or drops into the game as it stands, without any of them being obtained as drops. I understand that you don't play so I wouldn't expect you to know what kind of effect they have had on the server's eco. Making obtaining drops more enjoyable won't effect the ecosystem very much in my opinion. The player base isn't currently where it needs to be for this to happen.
  9. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Adding drop rate thresholds to Ely would be a great addition to the server and its PVM community. Basically, a drop rate threshold is an amount of kills that has to be reached for each boss in order to slightly lower its unique item drop rate. This is a feature in the live version of Runescape for things such as skilling pets, etc. For example, if you were to kill Zulrah 300 times, the drop rate for a unique item would be reduced permanently from 1/1500 to 1/1300. Once you reach 500 kills, the drop rate could be reduced to 1/1200. Finally, if you managed to reach 750 kills, the drop rate could be reduced to 1/1000 for a drop. I think a constant ratio for the thresholds would suffice for all bosses, as their drop rates are all respectively balanced out already, and a standard ratio would work well to keep this true. Why (how will it benefit players overall): The main reason I want this to be a thing is for the people who are working towards finishing their collection logs. Some people are nearing 1000 kills at certain bosses without drops they need to finish that portion of their log. This update would benefit anyone who actively PvMs and tries to complete their collection logs regularly. Please support, as this would make bosses more "replayable" and encourage players to get out there and grind out their thresholds. An unlock in the console or collection log would be cool to see with this update. Thanks for reading!
  10. Anything would be better than what we have now to get skilling supplies. Support using points to buy skilling supplies
  11. Name: Kyle Bug: Extreme magic potions and overloads both give incorrect boosts to the magic skill. Extreme magics (https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Extreme_magic) should provide a +17 boost to magic level at 99 magic, but instead provides +7. This may be a typo in the code, or just a mistake. Overloads (https://runescape.wiki/w/Overload#(4)) are also supposed to provide a +17 boost to magic, but it is supposed to last the full 6 minutes of the overload as well. While we're at it, Ranged is only increased by 13 at level 99. This is also incorrect. Please fix this, because magic is already the hardest skill to get a bonus in, not to mention magic level increases. Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/qg0yai
  12. Don’t know what I’m gonna do with 600k skilling points though
  13. Support, good luck getting it added

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