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  1. Kyle


    Ahhhh yes welcome back brother
  2. Support bring back an rsps2 feature lol
  3. Hey guys, below is a link to my livestream where I recorded myself killing nex, completely solo, for the first time on Ely! As you can see at the end, there is a timer given to indicate that I full solo'd the boss. This has been a huge goal of mine ever since RSPS2. Thanks for watching guys!
  4. Username: Kyle Suggestion: I would really like to see more ways to train agility in-game, in the form of rooftop agility courses! I suggest that they start at level 60 and every 10 levels after that, another course with higher xp rates, ending at a level 99 course for the Agility fanatics out there (Kemi). I don't suggest we use the same courses as OSRS, because people who play it already grind those same courses enough. I'd like to offer the following locations as course areas: Level 60-69: Above Daemonheim: it's a really cool looking area! Level 70-79: Above Rimmington. It's a dead content area right now but I like the way it looks, and there's a lot of buildings to put a course above. Level 80-89: Above home (Lunar Isle). This location would be close to everyone else and all the shops/grand exchange if you needed something from it. Overall an aesthetically pleasing area. Level 90-98: Yanille (Again, an unused and otherwise dead content area). Level 99: Skilling zone (This cuts down on the developers having to find extra places to put content / make room for it and also incorporates the skilling theme of the area into the course) Optional (from a marketing standpoint and for the financial good of the server): A donor-only agility course over the water at donator zone. This would be awesome and maybe even encourage people to donate for even better xp rates, similar to the stalls there yielding more xp than the ones at home. Why, and would this benefit?: The reason I suggest this is because Agility is currently one of the top 3 slowest skills in the game, and I think I might be right when I say that the general consensus among the playerbase is that Agility is a pretty undesirable, and not fun, skill to train. Overall I'm really excited to bring this suggestion to you guys and I hope you like it as much as I do. I think it might give some more variety to the skill in general and give you some more content to work with besides the 3 normal courses. Let me know what you think! Note: This content could be polled to see what kind of support it would pull, especially from people who don't have forums accounts to leave their opinion with. -Kyle
  5. Freaking beautiful. Thank you guys for this update. I especially like being able to buy pure essence >:)))) Looking forward to the next one!!!
  6. Ingame Username: Kyle Description of bug: Currently, this server doesn't drop coins to the ground if your money pouch and inventory are full, resulting in the money disappearing forever. Examples include winning a stake, monster drops, attempting to collect money from a G.E. offer, etc. This could be fixed by applying the same principals to coins as are applied to items, such as barrows chests and casket rewards going to the floor if your inventory is full. please fix! Screenshots, if possible:
  7. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Add weekly and monthly hiscores to show how much people have gained overall and in certain skills. I'm not sure how the current API works for tracking this stuff but it would be really awesome to see it implemented. This could even lead to competitions for rewards in the future. Why, who would benefit?: The server has been out for almost 2 years so it would be nice to add something to the competitive side of things. Anyone who skills regularly would benefit. Thanks for reading!
  8. Perhaps if you hit 200m in a skill then use an odd lamp to reset to level 1, you could get an icon next to that skill on your examine/hiscores so people know what you've done? No support for prestige though, sorry.
  9. bump again stop suggesting new shit people
  10. Bump to keep this on top and since a lot of people supported it.
  11. Thanks for the support guys! Bump
  12. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Ely is a growing community. A bigger playerbase of active people is never a bad thing, and incentive to play is paramount to achieving high player counts. I've been thinking over the past few days about what we could do as a server to encourage play Monday through Thursday, and not just give incentive to play on the weekends for the events. With that being said, here's my suggestion: weekday events! I've come up with a tentative list that includes several things that could be a part of our Ely gameplay Monday through Thursday. I came up with more than 4, and I think if it gets enough support, we could vote on which ones get added to the game. We could even have 2 events per day if you guys think it would increase player activity! Below is the list. Please comment which ones you DO and DON'T want to see added to the game. Also, make sure to leave feedback and constructive criticism if you deem it necessary. Thanks for reading! Note: These aren't in any particular order, I'm just doing it this way for aesthetics. Monday: Double charms drops! All monsters will yield 2x their normal charms drops in all applicable situations. Monday (2): Double skilling points day! Today you will earn 2x the normal amount of skilling points. Great for easy game mode! Tuesday: Double slayer points! If ,you're a casual or everyday slayer, this is the event for you! Grind out those points before the day ends! Tuesday (2): Donor trial day! Every Tuesday all non-donors will have access to the donator zone to give it a try and see if they would like to donate! Wednesday: All drops are noted today! This is advantageous for players who slay, boss, or just in general kill monsters that have annoying non-noted drops! Wednesday (2): Today you will see increased spawn rates for the Wildywyrm, Shooting Star, and Evil tree public events! Get grinding. Thursday: Increased pet chance day! Get out there and get yourself that skilling/boss pet you've always wanted today! Thursday (2): Fuck my life couldn't think of another one that people would like so this is just a placeholder. SUPPORT THIS FUCKIN THREAD! Why: Why the fook not? Everyone would benefit and it would make weekdays suck less ass!! Credits to Merlin for the public event suggestion: Please support! Love, Kyle (Kaotic and Masoud's dad)
  13. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Currently Eternal Boots are the only boot-slot item from Cerberus that isn't BIS for its respective attack style. By this I mean that Pegasian and Primordial boots are BIS, while Eternal boots are beat out by Celestial boots. Since Eternal crystals are a drop, and as such cannot be bought from a shop, I think they deserve to have better stats than an item that you can get a ton of from the exclusive mystery boxes and summer shop. Thoughts anyone? Why (how will it benefit players overall): As stated above, they are the only Cerberus boots that aren't in line with the BIS trend and I think boots that you get as a drop should have better stats than ones you buy in a shop or get from a mystery box. Thank you for reading, Kyle P.S. Celestial boots (BIS for mage) are currently only 300M while Eternals are 1b+. Let's make them worth that 1B!

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