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  1. Hello staff team, I believe the event manager should have access to more than just a 10% drop rate for one specific monster, for an hour. Someone with an actual title should have more abilties (and responsibilities) than this. I understand the role was just released, but I would like to ask that you take a look at my post that I made in the past about weekday events that could definitely be ported to a 1-hour event instead, making it significantly way less OP, which was the general concensus when I originally posted. Check it out here: Thank you for reading and considering this option.
  2. Support, the damage cap is pointless due to her having soul split and 20k hitpoints, as well as a blood phase where she also heals thousands of HP.
  3. Kyle

    Staff Feedback

    Enjoy nerds Owner Lation - Great owner. Making the best of our current situation by putting out content and giving the players what they want for the most part. Other than the fact that he likes women, he's alright. Matt - Hardly ever active in game, but I'm sure bts he's doing alot of coding and developing when needed. We aren't really shown who works on what on a regular basis, so he is hard to critique. Developer Splash / Hardcore - When he does make models, they're always good. We haven't had content that adds custom models in a while, but they have never failed to impress. Event Manager Jordan - Good event manager, he just needs to ability to do more than just PVM based events. Not everyone on the server wants to do those, and I think the title "event manager" should come with more than just what he currently has. I would highly recommend referring to my thread on weekday events, if you guys need ideas. Administrators Kari - Head to head with Kemi for most active staff member, he has been around since the beginning and does everything an admin should do, in-game and out. Luke - He isn't always around, due to IRL responsibilities, but getting to know him since RSPS2, I know how much he cares about the players and the work he does for this server. 100% deserves to be an admin. LOGIN MORE NERD. Server Moderator Kemi - Easily the most active staff member, and in my opinion, the one I know the best. He has helped me time and time again on my Legend grind, among other things. You would be a fool to ever remove him from this staff team. Ultsonofares - Currently undergoing one of the most impressive grinds on this server, Sono is always kind, always patient with new players, and is deserving of his spot as a Moderator. Although he's prejudice towards Patrons, I guess I like him. Nelly - One of the most knowledgable players on the server as far as its mechanics go. There is almost no question he can't answer about the PVM and skilling aspects of Ely. I would refer to him for any question I have (and have done so on multiple occasions).
  4. I'd like to see the fact that you can't get the pet to change. It's been bugged probably since RSPS2. Remove the brews/restores drop if you are going to remove anything, and maybe make the armor drops a bit more common since nobody kills Nex and even with duo, kills are usually over 10 minutes.
  5. Currently, the only way I know of for stacking clue scrolls is to either kill the Kalphite Queen for Elites, or kill Skotizo for stackable hard clues. It would be super nice to have the ability to stack them without dropping all of the ones you're carrying, wait until another drops, take them all to the wilderness, put them in looting bag, then tele back to where you were camping them and setup again. Clue rewards aren't exactly common, and alot of people don't do them, so it would be nice to have the ability to stack them. I don't think that's too overpowered by any means. Thanks for reading.
  6. Good job making dragon dart tips and arrowheads more accessible. Will be very nice for people who have been saving keys and there will be an actual eco for these items now!
  7. Bots are not included in this item count. I know Rahamies has one.
  8. Yeah another one dropped last night
  9. As the thread suggests, I’m not doing customs
  10. Hello all, This thread is an attempt to create a complete and community input-based source for information on rare items. The intention here is to make a list of existing rares in-game, excluding custom items, in an easy-to-read format, that details the amount of each item that exist in the ACTIVE PLAYERBASE economy, as well as where the items are originally obtained. Examples include expired seasonal events, high-level bosses, and limited-time donator shop exclusives. I would like to categorize the items within the following categories: 5 or Less Existing in Known Eco 4 or Less Existing in Known Eco 3 or Less Existing in Known Eco 2 or Less Existing in Known Eco 1 or Less Existing in Known Eco Unknown Amount of This Item Exist (Rarity is Assumed) I am going to list as many items as I can in each category, then post this thread in the hopes that the community will provide additional information and items that I am lacking. Thank you to all who read this and to those who provide input for me to add. This thread will be updated regularly, so don't be afraid to post here a few months or a year from now. 5 or Less Existing in Known Eco 4 or Less Existing in Known Eco 3 or Less Existing in Known Eco 2 or Less Existing in Known Eco 1 or Less Existing in Known Eco Unknown Amount of This Item Exist, or Over 5 (Rarity is Assumed) Again, these numbers are only based off of active player's accounts. Please post your item additions below! Thanks.
  11. The intent here isn't to use them as a method killing monsters. They are there to provide a viable method of training fletching, which, as of the right now, is the hardest "buyable" to train, due to there being no good way to obtain the supplies needed in game. You can't donate for fletching supplies either, unless you count turning bars into dart tips. My point here is that they should be added firstly because there's an unlock for them, and secondly because fletching needs something between a fletching supplies shop being added and a rework. This is an easy to implement option and I think even ironmen would appreciate this, as Boats mentioned. As for them being "relatively low" XP yield, I said that they are 30xp (base rates) PER BOLT. You fletch 15 at a time. That kind of XP is more than double a rune arrow. This is nothing to scoff at in terms of XP, for any game mode. Please consider adding them as they would be very welcome in today's current skilling economy. Thanks for reading. Edit: That sucks about the animation. Oh well.
  12. I would say it’s a bug since The ability to unlock it exists but it doesn’t do anything once unlocked, and fletching not having an animation is a bug too.

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