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  2. Updated stats for 48 hours progress: http://prntscr.com/oudc8b
  3. Kyle

    Robust Glass

    Yes but it's currently broken because a full inventory yields 200 xp on default. It should be 100 xp per flask, which is x1 RS3 rate. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. In response to my previous post about double xp for double ores, I came up with a slightly better solution to the current state of mining. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Add higher-level endgame mining content. Why (how will it benefit players overall): Mining is currently (by far) the slowest skill in the game to train, on any game mode. It's a private server, and I just don't think current xp rates are in line with what we should be seeing on an RSPS. Read below. So, the basic idea for this suggestion is that we add mining rocks from Dungeoneering, namely rocks that require level 80+ mining to mine. This level requirement is due to there already being several methods in game that will suffice up until this level. 81 is kind of the drop off, due to the best AFK method in the game being unlocked at this level, and the fastest, click-intensive method is unlocked way before this. Here is a picture of the table that depicts the ores, their levels, etc. http://prntscr.com/oua1vi The trade-off here is that the ores would be useless, due to the xp rates being much higher than other currently available methods. The other thing to remember is that this wouldn't be AFK. So, you can either make money and AFK, or get much better (but not OP) xp rates, but make no money from it. I think this is fair, and a good way to save this skill. I understand that the level requirement might be tedious, but this addition being added would make the grind worth it. I don't necessarily think this needs to be donor-only, especially due to the high level requirement, but if it gets added I have no problems with paying for it. Please let me know what you guys think below, and thank you for reading. #197Mlegit -Kyle
  5. Kyle

    Robust Glass

    Username: Kyle Suggestion: Allow us to craft robust glass into potion flasks. Why (how will it benefit players overall): This would benefit anyone who mines using red sandstone rocks. It would also benefit anyone who needs crafting xp for free, such as ironmen, and would give another viable skilling money making method. The wiki states that turning this glass into flasks yields 100 xp per flask, so it wouldn't be overpowered or anything. Thanks for reading.
  6. I have suggested other ways to make mining more bearable but was not given a response. I proposed adding rocks from dungeoneering to the game as a better end game method of training.
  7. Username: Kyle Suggestion: When you are awarded double ores, you don't get the double xp associated with it. Mining is already the slowest skill in the game, and double ore is a donor benefit, so if we're paying for it, could we make it a little more worth it by awarding double xp when you mine double ores? Seems reasonable to me. Why (how will it benefit players overall): Would benefit anyone who mines that has the perk. It's double xp yo
  8. Poison ivy berries. Tertiary ingredient in weapon poison ++ but you can't buy in herblore shop or on the GE.
  9. Hey everyone! Below are the results of the first 24 hours on my Legend account. I will be updating this thread in a similar fashion to Sono's (thanks for the inspiration man) whenever I feel it's necessary. Thank you to everyone who have been supportive of my return, and those who have helped me out in-game to adjust to all of these changes that I missed. Hope you guys enjoy, and I really appreciate the chance to be back on this amazing server! First 24 Hours - Time Played Misc Stats Tab Bank 1 of 2 Bank 2 of 2 Stats (65m XP!) Money Pouch Again, thank you all for the support. I have been streaming everything I've done so far since my very first login on the account, and I think I'll continue to do that for now. Thank you guys for reading, and have a great day. -Kyle
  10. Username: Kyle Suggestion: Allow Draconic Lance to have other attack options (it's a stab weapon and only provides shared XP) Why (how will it benefit players overall): Why? Because it's the best stab weapon in game and only gives shared XP. Would benefit literally anyone who owns one. Thanks for reading!
  11. Oh, sorry. Haven't started training it on this account yet. Nevermind I guess!
  12. Username: Kyle Suggestion: It would be really cool if there was a way to obtain a bonecrusher in-game. Why (how will it benefit players overall): Prayer isn't really tedious, but for players going for 99 or 200m slayer, etc, a way to automatically crush bone drops for prayer xp would be awesome. Whether it's in the donor shop, or a donor perk, or a slayer points reward, I think it would be a really cool (and easy to add) addition. It doesn't even have to be an item, it could be a toggle-able effect that players could control with the console or some sort of interface. Let me know what you guys think! -Kyle
  13. Please add low-level herbs as well. It's like playing iron man trying to make unf pots.
  14. One of the best items in the game for training fletching (dragon darts) can no longer be made because the bolt tips were removed from the GE. Can we add these back please? Not fair to everyone else who didn't get 200m when they were unlimited.

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