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  1. Hi, here's a list. Enjoy! Dagannoth Supreme: 1/349 Dagannoth Prime: 1/349 Dagannoth Rex: 1/349 Various Baby Dragons: 1/349 Chaos Elemental: 1/199 Tormented Demon: 1/349 Jungle Strykewyrm: 1/349 Desert Strykewyrm: 1/349 Ice Strykewyrm: 1/349 Dark Beast: 1/349 Abyssal Demon: 1/349 Kalphite Queen: 1/199 K'ril Tsutsaroth: 1/349 Kree'Arra: 1/349 General Graardor: 1/349 Corporeal Beast: 1/199 Soulgazer: 1/349 King Black Dragon: 1/249 Wildywyrm: 1/100 Glacor: 1/349 Nex: 1/99 (bugged as of 6/13/19) Graetoriax the Unbroken: 1/349 Cerberus: 1/349 Skotizo: 1/99 Demonic Gorilla: 1/499 Kraken: 1/199 Nomad (1): 1/500 Nomad (2): 1/300 Jad: 1/200 These are base drop rates. Donators have an increased drop rate, mostly lowering the rate by a value of 50.
  2. This was implemented, moved to approved!
  3. Damn you super fast, nice guide
  4. Luke

    Vecna Skull

    Bump! Is this still a desired addition to the server?
  5. Luke


    All done except number 3. Players can light a fire if they wish to cook at home!
  6. Luke

    general info tab

    This has been implemented! IF you think anything else should be added to the new Info Tab, please make a new suggestion.
  7. Luke

    Lower drop rate

    I've taken into account this thread and when we release the next seasonal boss, I'll use drop rates that reflect what we've discussed. Moving this to accepted.
  8. Moving this to Denied, sorry! The economy of vote tickets is currently balanced around them giving little time (10 mins each) and increasing this to 1 hour would decrease both the need to vote and players desire to purchase them.
  9. Luke

    Weekend Events

    We'll implement this alongside the Well of Goodwill. Moving this to Pending for now!
  10. Closing this suggestion as no conclusion was reached. The current tier progression seems fine.
  11. The ::metals tele as explained above has plenty, though adding one more to the Ancient Cavern spot shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  12. Would love to see some more opinions on this before I give my input!
  13. Sounds good to me, should be easy to implement in some form.
  14. If the factor of time is something that's pushing you over the fence, this project would take me like a few days in my spare time - time not spent working on anything else.
  15. One immediate example would be General Graardor dropping 3 Grimy Snapdragon - feels underwhelming right? A drop like this would be increased to 10 and made noted - to give some meaning/benefit to your trips if you're unlucky. Please vote Yes or No and provide your reasoning below if you'd like to. Thanks! Edit: I will also poll the final proposed changed for each Boss in-case I get a bit too excited and do a weird drop.

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