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  1. Since this is perm now, accepted.
  2. I don't think we need to kick people offline for AFKing however we could definitely flag people as AFK after X period making them not included in certain activities i.e giveaways, lucky player
  3. Increases pet chance if you hand in maximum quantity. Nice guide vinc, defo worth doing for any type of Ironman!
  4. I like the ideas but perhaps a 25-50% increase instead of outright doubling everything!
  5. Awesome update to keep things interesting for end game players!
  6. But all the tabs r used?
  7. hello jshaff whats good
  8. I support but kalphite queen drops white gear like 1 in 10 drop rate if not more common than that and is pretty easy to kill. If you would like to make a list of all items you feel should be available and send me it on discord I can work some magic.
  9. I know at even the best of times we haven't got along, but I've been exactly where you've been and can tell you that things do eventually pick up. Not by a lot, but enough to where you start to feel a bit better. I'm still grinding the road to full recovery and I'm a while off but having good people around you is definitely something I lacked but currently do not lack; make the most of your relationships whether IRL or online. You don't need to necessarily confide in them but just don't lose sight of them. Props for finding the balls to post this, I could never speak publicly or privately about my troubles.. hope things pick up for you dude.

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