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  1. I don't think just removing the initial boost is clever. What if the boost instead becomes anywhere from 1-10% based on account progression towards max?
  2. It wouldn't really bother me that much, it's not really becoming responsible more than logging something. Just an alternative idea if the system isn't too viable.
  3. An easier solution to this suggestion would be to have official middlemen, or allow all staff members to act as middlemen/witnesses to loans. Record them in the same way you would punishments etc. It might create more work for staff but honestly from what I see now and from past experience there isn't a great deal for staff to be doing.
  4. would require either a complete new system to enable loaning or a rework of the current trade system + interface to accommodate the loaning trade interface. honestly don't feel it's worth the effort.
  5. a must, big supporto from me
  6. It will be because of Summoning, as the CB level boost is technically a seperate +12 (at 99) addition that you can see easily when in the wilderness. Support it being fixed though.
  7. Huge support from me, I think having each action for the respective skill having an individual drop rate would be ideal. For example.. Lumberjack outfit piece: Normal Tree: 1/3500 Oak Tree: 1/3000 Willow Tree: 1/2500 Maple Tree: 1/2000 Yew Tree: 1/1500 Magic Tree: 1/1000 Could add chances to Mahogany and Teak too ofc
  8. Would be a great feature to add for Ironmen, especially at the new group boss. I don't think Ely already has this?
  9. do i eat this or wear it or both?
  10. Luke


    hey wazzup we cool here welcome
  11. Doing Barrows is already tedious enough, if they provide PvM points it might be a bit more worthwhile to go there and not just skip that tier of gear completely.
  12. The following Slayer Task Mobs are not counting for their respective tasks: Tzhaar Creatures Kalphites Mutated Bloodvelds (Not working as a bloodveld task) Greater Nechryaels (Not working as a nechryael task)

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