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  1. Hi there, welcome to the first edition in what I hope to be a fun series of drop table reworks. Todays changes will be tackling the Kalphite Queen and how bloody useless this NPC is. I'm going to start off by listing the current drop table and then below that I'll list the reworked drop table. This is what we are dealing with.. It's quite frankly all garbage. The only reason to even kill is for the pet... As you can see, a lot has changed! I'll explain a few of the changes. I removed a lot of pointless drops, such as the Oyster Pearls. Filling drop tables is good but there's no need for utter garbage to fill them. The Rune drops have been changed to noted drops and the quantities increased to 10; ensuring even if you don't roll something good you get a bit of GP for your efforts, alongside the now guaranteed 1-2m gp per kill. The Elite Clue is now a guaranteed drop, I think KQ will be the only NPC that has this? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel It's a good change. I've added the Uncut Onyx as a rare drop so that if players do not feel like grinding 99 Slayer for Soulgazers or farming Fire Capes for Tokkul, there's an alternative. The gems were made noted and increases in quantity, as well as a few other skilling items being added including Yew/Magic seeds and Dragon Arrow Tips. The White Knight armor is now available in-game through Kalphite Queen, allowing people to hunt down the gear if they wish to use it for Fashionscape purposes (it honestly has no use beyond that, but I thought It'd be nice to include some items that people may at some point in time want to wear but can't get). The most noteable change in my eyes is the inclusion of an exclusive item to hunt from the Kalphite Queen, as the Dragon Chainbody (made more common) and Dragon 2h Sword just weren't cutting it. KQ now drops the Primal Spear at a fairly reasonable rarity, giving reason to hunt this beast whilst on or even off of a Slayer Task. Oh, and there's a White Afro too. Afro's are cool. Hope you enjoy, the next boss to be reworked will be Chaos Elemental! I forgot to mention a couple of huge things, guaranteed noted Ourg Bones and the only source of noted Tooth/Loop halves!
  2. Luke

    New Boss's

    Not going to happen, sorry. Primal will remain a donator method only item, as to not screw over those who have previously spent money on it and so that there are reasons for people to spend their money and support Ely. I wouldnt be against finding a way to balance promethium, though.
  3. With ruins right around the corner (hoping to be done by next Wednesday), we've decided to not hold out on some important bug fixes that we hope you will all enjoy! Hexcrest, Focus Sight, Amulet of Ranging and the Skotos pet will now correctly announce as rare drops to the server. Tormented Demons have had their Attack Speed dramatically reduced, making them an NPC you might actually be able to kill now! Tormented Demons and Astea Frostweb now correctly show that they are protecting from Melee. Leather Crafting mesages will no longer appear when you have the game filter on (sorry Jordan!) Kree'Arra is now classed as an Aviansie and as such, when on an Aviansie task, killing Kree will lower your remaining kills and reward you XP (only the xp as if you had killed a regular Aviansie though, sorry!) The first Slayer Task new players will receive has been changed from Hill Giants to Rock Crabs, offering players an easier entry point into the Slayer skill. The ::topic command is fixed, although by doing this, we broke all of the other commands in-game. We're hoping to have this fixed alongside the release of the Graetorian Ruins, we appreciate your patience. You can no longer purchase items from the Summer Shop as an Ironman. Herobine removed. Standing on an object at Graetoriax no longer protects you from his missile attack. NPC Kill Counts are now correctly tracking your kill counts. Ely Cape requiring 99 Magic has been removed Economy breaking money making method patched (thanks Jake) One final goodie we have for you today is the ability to see what an NPC has dropped! This awesome new feature is inspired by the Lootshare system and how it shows you what drops you are receiving. We've put it in the console so that it doesn't spam up your chat box if you're killing a lot of NPC's (for example barraging a pile). You can toggle this on and off by typing "showdrops" into the console. Ruins is just around the corner and It's going to be big. We hope you enjoy these changes in the meantime, Ely Fam!
  4. Summer shop was rushed to release as we didn't realise summer had crept up so soon.. it feels like autumn in the UK still! It wasn't intended for Ironmen to have access, I'd rather just prevent future ironmen from accessing it altogether.
  5. I've removed the 99 Magic requirement from the cape, sorry about that! (Will be fixed next updoot) As for the AFK stuff; people will always afk. No real need to move them elsewhere to do that.. our rework of the early game of Ely will solve some of the mentioned issues in this thread.
  6. Hi, here's a list. Enjoy! Dagannoth Supreme: 1/349 Dagannoth Prime: 1/349 Dagannoth Rex: 1/349 Various Baby Dragons: 1/349 Chaos Elemental: 1/199 Tormented Demon: 1/349 Jungle Strykewyrm: 1/349 Desert Strykewyrm: 1/349 Ice Strykewyrm: 1/349 Dark Beast: 1/349 Abyssal Demon: 1/349 Kalphite Queen: 1/199 K'ril Tsutsaroth: 1/349 Kree'Arra: 1/349 General Graardor: 1/349 Corporeal Beast: 1/199 Soulgazer: 1/349 King Black Dragon: 1/249 Wildywyrm: 1/100 Glacor: 1/349 Nex: 1/99 (bugged as of 6/13/19) Graetoriax the Unbroken: 1/349 Cerberus: 1/349 Skotizo: 1/99 Demonic Gorilla: 1/499 Kraken: 1/199 Nomad (1): 1/500 Nomad (2): 1/300 Jad: 1/200 These are base drop rates. Donators have an increased drop rate, mostly lowering the rate by a value of 50.
  7. This was implemented, moved to approved!
  8. Damn you super fast, nice guide
  9. Luke

    Vecna Skull

    Bump! Is this still a desired addition to the server?
  10. Luke


    All done except number 3. Players can light a fire if they wish to cook at home!
  11. Luke

    general info tab

    This has been implemented! IF you think anything else should be added to the new Info Tab, please make a new suggestion.

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