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  1. glad to hear you're all doing as well as myself
  2. How are you all?
  3. Yeah, since the server doesn't currently track the data of when you receive a pet it would have to be new pets onwards. Sounds cool to me, you've got my support
  4. 100% support from me. There's no issue with skillers because It's the wilderness ffs.. claim your tickets as soon as you see a white dot. You shouldn't be half-arsing your training in a dangerous zone anyway.
  5. Cant remember if the rs3 version is in out DB, support if it is
  6. Luke

    Stepping down

    Was hoping to leave that part out but the truths always comes out somehow. I know you'll get it, maybe in a few years
  7. Luke

    Stepping down

    I wasn't actually going to make a post because I've been hella inactive recently and figured nobody new would know who I am anyway LOL. But I also didn't want to just disappear so I figured I'd write up something short. I've been pretty burnt out for a while now (a good maybe 6 months) and want to thank Lation for allowing me to remain on the team for all this time despite my inactivity and lack of any Administrative duties whatsoever. He's such a great guy and you're all blessed to have an Owner as caring as he is. Splash It's been a pleasure to ride the journey this source has taken with you all the way from RSPS2 to what it has become today. Watching you just start to learn modelling to creating what you have been recently has been amazing to watch mate. Everyone else I've played with and experienced this server with I'm glad to have met you. I won't disappear but I'll be working on a different project so might not be around much.
  8. Yeah, that's what I meant by buffing it. Allow it to fire the special of the bolt you currently have equipped, for a decent chunk of the special attack bar.
  9. The Armadyl Crossbow feels like it kind of does this.. perhaps giving that special attack a slight buff may be a better choice?
  10. Complete kick in the teeth for anyone who has ever spent a penny on the current version of primal weaponry and armours. No support from me.
  11. Luke

    more osrs content

    Scythe of Vitur, Ghrazi Rapier, Sang Staff all become immediate BIS I believe? Justiciar is useless and Ancestral is prob a competitor
  12. Luke

    armadyl runes

    If theres no bank command then you can allow the XP to be better tbh, support from me
  13. Luke

    more osrs content

    Tbh without raids being 100% a 718 doesn't need them and the power creep they bring the rest has my backing
  14. occult and smoke devils would be sweet, support from me

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