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  1. Luke


    You should defo be proud of it! Cool to see you again, hope you like it here
  2. Sad to be stepping down from my current role but life just doesn't have time for me to be of much use right now. Looking forward to seeing where things go from here!
  3. Luke

    Imcando Pickaxe

    Having a mining counterpart to the Inferno Adze would be cool however like you said this item isn't in our revision. Perhaps we could add this effect to an existing item instead? Due to the fact we don't have this item I'm going to deny this suggestion.
  4. Since no real way of obtaining has been suggested, I'm denying this suggestion.
  5. This will give Agility XP in the next update. The catch message is also already on the message filter.
  6. Luke

    Veterans Cape

    This item will become available in the next gameplay update!
  7. Luke

    2019 Secret Santa

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. Not if It's insane Ely cannon. If It's current cannon, sure.
  9. Cannon will end up being disabled at Corp and multiple other locations if reverted.
  10. Seeing all these pics is awesome. A shame I dont have any since I smashed many of the laptops from those days
  11. The more the merrier! I'll message you on Discord when things go down

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