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  1. I've changed my mind - pay someone for protection or scout it/do it at non-peak
  2. I would support a reduction to 1 WW as a requirement for HCIM. While the game shouldn't be catered for them, WW is way too much of a risk for anybody let alone a HCIM.
  3. Ely really does have that homely feel to it, glad you're enjoying what this server has become. Makes the years of work worth it
  4. nice wow (i was supposed to be first reply wtf)
  5. Your idea of a more defensive shield upgrade isnt bad but the dfs serves its current purpose of an average drop to even out the drop table. No support on it being replaced/removed, but I'm not against an upgrade being created
  6. I'm fairly sure these are rs3 models which would make their addition a tough feat. Not that I doubt the capabilities of @Splash. If its become easier in recent times to add rs3 models I'll support, rs3 torva is awesome
  7. Option number 2 is actually the least viable because of the issues that will arise with pathing and safe spotting. Option 3 seems easiest so I'll support that one
  8. glad to hear you're all doing as well as myself
  9. How are you all?
  10. Yeah, since the server doesn't currently track the data of when you receive a pet it would have to be new pets onwards. Sounds cool to me, you've got my support
  11. 100% support from me. There's no issue with skillers because It's the wilderness ffs.. claim your tickets as soon as you see a white dot. You shouldn't be half-arsing your training in a dangerous zone anyway.
  12. Cant remember if the rs3 version is in out DB, support if it is
  13. Luke

    Stepping down

    Was hoping to leave that part out but the truths always comes out somehow. I know you'll get it, maybe in a few years

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