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  1. Imo xp boosts are not a big deal on ironmen, but a knife that instantly kills any boss is way too OP for them. Although it’s a bit late to stop giving them knives since we’ve been getting them for being patron donators for forever. SMB’s should never be given to Ironmen either.
  2. Gonna miss Lunar Isle home But Edgeville is a pretty solid replacement. Looking forward to all this
  3. What do you really think of Ely in its current state? I think Ely is a shell of what it once was. It's a mystery box filled private server clone and updates are slow af. When I stepped down from the staff team the second time I told myself I was only going to log in when I felt like playing, because having so many afk people at home looks bad, and I didn't want to contribute to that any more. That's when I realized I had zero motivation to keep playing. What makes you come back to play everyday? I only ever log in at this point to check in and see how everyone's doing. I don't play the game at all when I get on. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? Less RNG-based donation items. Things like the Partyhat Box, "Exclusive" Mystery Boxes; or these new packs like the "Wealthy Pack" for $500... These items in my opinion show a total disregard for the well-being of your player-base and the well-being of Ely and it shows. The economy is terrible, and it's to the point where I wouldn't be opposed to an economy reset but it seems pointless unless there are some serious changes made to the game. I'd also really like it if the client wouldn't automatically enter your info into whatever your active window is, this is a security threat for people in the middle of typing something. And fix fucking farming. It's been almost 2 years and tree patches still bug-out and become unusable forever. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? I feel that Ely is very focused on donations, and donator-centered updates. I think the ;;bank command is completely p2w and very blatant about it. I believe only Admin+ should have that ability. I think the limited-time "exclusive" mystery boxes are disingenuous and downright terrible. They use artificial scarcity to push you into buying them before they're all gone. "They're sooo overpowered you gotta get em quick! " -Owner of Dreamscape There is no reason these boxes have to stop being available after the month is over, or limited to 100..? 150..? 180..? per week, but if they didn't try to rush you into buying them A lot of effort is spent coordinating these boxes each month and balancing them before release, and I think this time could be better spent on other updates. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? Listen to everything everyone in this thread is saying. These are the people who care, the people who will keep the game alive, if you give them reason to. What made you part ways from playing Ely? Up until about 6 months ago I was living a pretty sweet neet life. I would go to work full time but I lived at home and had zero bills. Money wasn't important to me so I spent a fair amount of it on Ely. I can't do that anymore and the game stopped being fun when I stopped being able to donate, which is the root of the problem that Ely needs to remedy, in my opinion. I have so many amazing memories with amazing friends I made on this game, and I really feel that it had a positive influence on my life to some degree, and it really sucks to see the game in such bad shape after being gone only a few months
  4. If it isn’t too late I’d like to be a part of it. I missed it last year, was too busy afking santa
  5. Hype! Gz Kemi and Callum!
  6. Forums are looking amazing! Good work Matt and Lation
  7. I think it would be a neat idea to resupply every week or so with a smaller amount So if there's 400 of them, restock 100 every week instead of dumping them all at once
  8. I’d like to make one of these in the future, cool to see your progress. Hopefully you’re keeping it up to date :D
  9. if you put pineapple on pizza, god will smite you down. it may not be today, it may not be a year from today, but it's coming.
  10. Nick

    Buff Dung

    Love every idea in this post, full support! Dungeoneering is a brutal grind and having some more variety/higher exp rates would make it a bit more enjoyable.
  11. Our dev team is looking for some community input in the next big content update, vote for what YOU would like to see added to Ely!

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