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  1. Forums are looking amazing! Good work Matt and Lation 😄
  2. Nick

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Love u long time Lation ;) [/color]Developer Matt - Doing some really good work on the OSRS stuff from what I've seen, as well as the recent bug fixes and QOL updates. Good Dev is good Administrator Kari - useless (jk you're a great Admin, Kari) Global Moderator Jeremy - Tbh haven't seen Jeremy on/doing much of anything lately. When he has been on he's either playing Destiny or doing mining. Not usually easy to reach ingame but responds quickly on discord Moderator Nicky - Nicky has been a great addition to the staff team, and in my opinion should be promoted to Global Moderator given his past experience with being a forum mod Forum Moderator Enzyme - Without Enzyme the forums would be spamfucked by porn bots, he does a great job at keeping the forums clean and presentable. also has a sweet legend account ;)
  3. I know this is going to seem very biased, but please hear me out Username (ingame): Nick Suggestion (short description): I am suggesting that we give Legend accounts some type of benefits to encourage people to play on the game mode Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): The goal with this suggestion is to encourage more players to choose to play a Legend account, thus increasing the longevity of the game for them Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Possible benefits could include any of the following: Increased drop rates in PvM Less Special Attack used per spec (outside of the wilderness) Increased amounts from Shooting Star/Evil Tree Double Agility tickets Free Slayer Task skips A unique, Legend-only armour set/weapon As it stands right now, the default gamemode is too quick for some people, leaving you chasing xp goals with no purpose other than achieving 5b exp (which has lead to burnout for a lot of our top players) If we could get more people to play the Legend gamemode, players wouldn't feel finished with the game so quickly, but the way it is right now, there's no real reason to choose Legend mode unless you hate yourself irl.
  4. Ingame Username: Nick Description of bug: My tree patches in Lumbridge and Gnome Stronghold are completely unusable Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/1e728752ca2ecffa7af85ed5cb0daef9 Detailed Explaination: For about 5-6 months now I haven't been able to use my tree patches in either Lumbridge or Gnome Stronghold. I've reported it a couple of times and brought it up repeatedly ingame, but it doesn't seem to help. The patch in Lumbridge glitched maybe 3 weeks after I started playing, and the one in Gnome Stronghold glitched sometime in September. This is a major pain as it effectively cuts my potential farming xp in half. I just really want my farming patches to be fixed :( Things I've tried: Clearing Cache - This is definitely an account issue, as all of my other accounts are able to use these patches Using a Spade/Plant Cure on the patch - This isn't possible as the patch isn't clickable Talk to the NPC that clears patches - This isn't helpful as these NPC's do not work ingame like they do in RS This is a serious drag that these patches have been bugged for so long even after reporting it. Each tree run should yield me roughly 1,000,000xp every couple hours, but instead only give me about 500,000xp Edit: First report I made about this issue on May 24th - http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?282-Farming-Patch-is-nulled-bugged&highlight=farming
  5. Ingame Username: Nick Description of bug: My tree patch in Lumbridge is bugged and unusable Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/19178b304998ac1f5d97abf937ac2f54 Detailed Explaination: cannot right click the patch at all, it's as though it doesn't exist

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