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  1. Forums are looking amazing! Good work Matt and Lation 😄
  2. Nick

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Love u long time Lation ;) [/color]Developer Matt - Doing some really good work on the OSRS stuff from what I've seen, as well as the recent bug fixes and QOL updates. Good Dev is good Administrator Kari - useless (jk you're a great Admin, Kari) Global Moderator Jeremy - Tbh haven't seen Jeremy on/doing much of anything lately. When he has been on he's either playing Destiny or doing mining. Not usually easy to reach ingame but responds quickly on discord Moderator Nicky - Nicky has been a great addition to the staff team, and in my opinion should be promoted to Global Moderator given his past experience with being a forum mod Forum Moderator Enzyme - Without Enzyme the forums would be spamfucked by porn bots, he does a great job at keeping the forums clean and presentable. also has a sweet legend account ;)
  3. Nick

    Kyle Appeal

    imagine that

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