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  1. I think drop rate to zulrah is ok since its safe. I dont see costum scroll worth to add since you can already buy your own costume if you message lation. Zulrah is ok i dont see why it should get nerf. Only thing what i agree whit this suggestions is zulrah to add in boss task
  2. Javs are alone 60 range str but when you wear ballista range str goes to 15. Ballista is very weak weapon atm and would be cool if you could look into it.
  3. Yo boys, one medium clue is now destroyed when this book case got removed and placed shops on it. The one: "Read the book/ How to be evil 101/ its really edge
  4. Increased drop rates in PvM - legends already have increased drop rate so not sure what to think on this. Less Special Attack used per spec (outside of the wilderness) - no toughts on this but if it gets added maybe 5 - 10 % less Increased amounts from Shooting Star/Evil Tree - this is good idea and i like it Double Agility tickets - this is also one i can support all my heart, its pain on default mode to get 200m so i cant event think to do 200m on legend Free Slayer Task skips - on legend mode you get shit tons points coz you need do a lot tasks at the beging so this is ehh.. no toughts. A unique, Legend-only armour set/weapon - This one i can support some armor what ironmans get at beging of ely that be useful on begging but more you get levels it turns cosmetic.
  5. I feel comp reqs are ok since a lot ppl have comp cape already and just add new bosses for comp (t) reqs so i dont feel they should add more reqs on normal comp

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