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  1. Kyle

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      He can't hear you!!!!

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      Maybe if we shout loud enough

  2. 4000% support this suggestion. On RS3 we have several variants of whats called "expert master capes". We have: Artisan's cape Gatherer's cape Combatants cape Support cape They're pretty easy to get from rs3 and it would be awesome to see these present in Ely. Why screw around with only 2 cape ideas when you can have 4 my brah. Eshays But yeah its awesome you get a shard for each skill by training the corresponding stat past 99 and when you collect all of them for a cape you bind them together. So it still requires effort instead of just buying it from the shop yo
  3. Enzyme


  4. Hey guys whats up its ya boy Enz. I started a GIM with some seriously top boys and I've only just noticed ::tele abyss takes you to the centre just like ::tele runecraft does. I think thats absolutely outrageous considering i always use abyss training as a start to start my new accounts. Its amazingly afk and would provide a fantastic combat start to everyones fresh accounts so honestly I think its in everyones best interest we revert this teleport back to the outer ring of the abyss Thanks for reading btw, Enz PS: Im probably the only one that actually utilized t
  5. Enzyme


    Hello yes i would like one
  6. I support this. Those models are bae
  7. This happened to me. And it was because i had a space at the end of my name. Please make sure you don't have any unwanted spaces anywhere in your name. Reload your client and type your name real slow my dude.
  8. were there any forums mods tho

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