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  1. Hello, just to verify yes this is the first question. I'd like to congratulate you on your post
  2. Dont forget we have feedback posts!! You got something to say? Say it here. https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/forum/11-feedback/

  3. Username: Enzyme Suggestion: Pop one of those fires that never go out at home where we all stand Why (how will it benefit players overall): So we can Fm and cook whilst talking. Its a very social spot which would encourage more skilling and it would also show new players we aren't just a bunch of talking statues.
  4. Dont forget to take part in our giveaways! Head over to our discord and take a looksie

  5. Enzyme

    Yo bois

    Youre a cool guy you'll fit in just fine welcome aboard!
  6. Congrats boys seen awesome work from the both of you!
  7. Heellll Yeah! Cant wait to dish out scrolls
  8. 5000% support itd be a great addition
  9. All good my dude message me on discord (or another mod+) to delete it for you when youre ready 🙂
  10. Hey Mas thanks for leaving suggestions man. However could you pretty please read this thread and edit your layout accordingly? Tyy
  11. YESS FINALLY Ive been waiting so long for this day!!
  12. Time to get the rap for my iron. Aweesooommee
  13. Good luck daddy im rooting for you

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