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  1. Username: ENZYME Suggestion: Make Mr. Lottery man say what the lottery pot is overhead for hype Why (how will it benefit players overall): Even though we moved it to home i never see anyone really use it. It'd be mad to see the pot of the lottery in game as a reminder that you should go buy tickets
  2. Forget the prestige. Get 5b on legend mode my dude
  3. Damn im late to the party but i probs wont be logging off tonight lmao. AWEEESSOOMMMEEE
  4. Hell yeah dude awesome job
  5. I seem to be the only one that has no problems with mining and I play legend lool I love the amount of time and dedication it takes to get that skill to 99. I believe it's one of the skills that lock Max cape away for legends and make it a really really impressive achievement. No supporty
  6. Not sure whether to support or not. The notification thing sounds great but I always keep the game in sight while its AFK and do other stuff so if I can't get on in time and log out I'll need to keep entering my password over and over 😞 I'm also sick of everyone afking lol even though I'm probably the worst right now
  7. Sorry bro but Jordos priceguide will stay as THE priceguide. Maybe talk to him about making changes? You shouldn't have really had to make this entire new guide man you should've just enquired about changing prices with Jordo lol Also I'll always merch tickets hard af good luck anyone else trying to decide their price
  8. Now you compete with me. Good luck scrub
  9. Username: Lation's Girlfriend Suggestion: Can we get the offer option on gilded altars please Why (how will it benefit players overall): Idk about you but im so used to real rs (rs3) where they have the offer option straight up availible on left click (toggleable but its set to on by default) and i come here to e-lie and i click like 3 times and it turns out im praying for some reason. Everyones gonna say yes and if you dont thats fine just dont comment (jk)
  10. Thanks for coming back I was so bored
  11. Sounds like legend might be a little too hard for someone

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