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November Exclusive boxes are available! THREE brand new items make their way into the Ely life cycle. Read more about these items in Discord - check the Store page for a live quantity count!


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  1. Hi Mas welcome to the club!
  2. omfg update of the year thank you so much boys
  3. Ye mad support Im on like every day and theres not really much incentive to do anything 😞
  4. Enzyme

    Elys Elite

    Wheres the 200m legend ranks
  5. 2 weeks of non stop grinding leppy for Ale.. Still no Ale
  6. Support forgot they existed
  7. Username: ENZYME Suggestion: Make Mr. Lottery man say what the lottery pot is overhead for hype Why (how will it benefit players overall): Even though we moved it to home i never see anyone really use it. It'd be mad to see the pot of the lottery in game as a reminder that you should go buy tickets

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