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  1. Boats

    holy shit

    My thread on top
  2. Boats


    These answers more than satisfy me. Also, completely reasonable. Unlike freaking ISO
  3. Boats


    There is NO SHOT you take out 194. IMPOSSIBLE. They are crawling all over your ass after the first 10. Chomping at your ears and scratching your eyes. ABSOLUTELY NO SHOT
  4. Boats


    1. No. Normal rats. But they are out for blood. 2. No. No PED’s 3. You are in an open dirt field. They are directly across from you. Like a medieval battle 4. No weapons allowed. You can wear boots though 5. To the death
  5. Boats


    Xenith made a good point. NOT New York City rats. Those mfers built different. Just a standard, mid america rat
  6. Boats


    How many rats do you think you could fight in hand to hand combat before they would win? Please give a number and explain
  7. Interesting. I’m excited to see how these play out
  8. Insta kill dart only does 1k damage at corp. Kinda cringe
  9. Do a reset right now on all of them, then have an all time leader and a monthly leader? Reset on the first. So you can compete for the all time and the monthly.
  10. I support nellys suggestion. Don’t support opoxis
  11. Support. Good suggestion
  12. Rich coming from the WORST event manager ever. Miss u bb
  13. I suggest adding something like the dmm sigils. Definitely not as OP as the DMM ones, and maybe not 3 slots. But 1 or 2 slots with less OP things could be interesting. Make them a rare drop from any npc. Higher level highter chance or something. See below for the dmm ones. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deadman:_Reborn/Sigils
  14. https://github.com/runelite/runelite/wiki/Ground-Markers And this one
  15. Same thing with seed pouch. Would be cool to be able to put the same seeds in

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