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  1. Do rewards get better if you have more? I thought it was just the drop for every kindling/stardust you have? nice guide
  2. This might be a really dumb idea. But what if it was a new game mode. Where the people who want to flex “what they’ve done” have the option to prestige. Then it’s a whole new highscores for people who want to do that and the people who have grinded for their current rank aren’t affected.
  3. Pls don't roast, but dont you think noted drops are kinda OP for some places? Maybe like Callum said and have it be a chance for noted drop. Can even be a high chance, but still makes you bank occasionally. Also yea, just like Callum said, 50% increase or stuff is better than 2x imo. I think it good idea though 🙂
  4. Do instant kill darts count for fastest time? Cool idea!
  5. Good luck bb. Luv u
  6. Another server I’ve been on let’s uou exchange grimy herbs, vial of water, and coins for unf pot. Kinda nice
  7. Boats


    Oh hell yea. Good luck brother. A couple buddies did that. They really liked it, first two years are the hardest they said. You dont seem selfish posting. Just something you wanna do. Glad you have a place to do that
  8. Boats


    What are you planning on going to school for? writing things out is very therapeutic for some people. Having it on a public forum is brave. Cool of you to do that.
  9. This is what I wanted to say earlier, but didn't want to be the first. No support

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