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  1. Been suggested a million times. I personally don’t think it should be locked behind donator. Support on it being a thing though
  2. Yes. I could agree to instances changes. Would probably need another thread to delve into. Would probably have to be only specific bosses to still keep some risk involved.
  3. In my opinion, a regular player should be placed above an ironman. Regular player shouldn’t be negatively affected because you decided to have limitations. I don’t understand how we have instances on the server yet this is still such a problem. In my opinion (again and again and again) if you don’t want to risk losing “your” kill, use an instance
  4. In my opinion, it is not stolen. That Ironman has no right to the boss. In my opinion (and I honestly don’t think it can be swayed) if a regular account wants to kill the boss, they should be able to. Whether or not an Ironman is on it makes no difference to me. If an Ironman doesn’t want to get their kill taken, they should use an instance. I appreciate all the effort you took typing up the response, but it didn’t change my view at all.
  5. Yes, I do think that is how it should be. You choose to limit yourself and you choose to be on a ironman account. What happens if an iron gets into the boss room and has better ping and can get the first click on the boss? Then the regular account (or group of regular accounts) can't boss. Is it fair to make them have to use an instance?. In my opinion, since there is only one world- if a regular players wants to kill a boss, I don't think that is crashing.
  6. No support. In my opinion game changes shouldn't be made around ironmen. They have the option to get instances already. Should have to spend to get free kills. Also the problem with #3 is that ironmen wouldnt be able to do season bosses or dung with others if that was implemented.
  7. Yep!! That was it. Good to hear
  8. I had this problem before too. I had to turn something off in the command settings. @Lation probably remembers. Hit him up when he’s on
  9. Gambling is bad mkay. Gl in life
  10. Rip in pieces the top hc. Good luck on next one
  11. Why the frick is it on the log. When has kbd ever dropped dragon plate
  12. There’s a lot of things in rs that aren’t on here. I really don’t think I would call it a bug report. But I could be in the wrong

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