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  1. Boats

    holy shit

    When lotion didn’t know me. Good times lol
  2. See if that was the case, I would be okay with it. But I think people won’t trash their 1b+ items, just destroy this shit things like whips. That’s the biggest problem, I think.
  3. No to dragon dagger, gmaul, b gloves, fighters torso, anything else that is in a store. Makes it too easy to stock up now and abuse later imo. Rest are good
  4. I think the numbers would have to change. Definitely no support for the current “85% for 50%”. But support for the idea with different numbers.
  5. Untradeable cosmetics are always fun to work towards in my opinion. It’s cool to flex things that you actually have to try for Another idea I had was to put like a $5 donation to your account after completing x amount of achievements. Probably no epoints, just the donation amount so they can access dz. gives a good goal for players who can’t afford to donate. This also opens up the world of donation perks to people and they might donate in the future. Not sure how well this would work, but thought it would be cool
  6. As long as @Winterand @Tycho are invited
  7. I copied some of my remarks from last year. But I had Mr. Will for secret Santa. See below for gifts and dialogue. Merry Christmas gamers!
  8. Wow those are some good rules and such a good idea!!! count me in gamer. boats#1167

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