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  1. Shouldering Stone is on hellhounds drop table. Not just Cerberus. It’s one of the 1/32k on osrs
  2. Good stuff. Love seeing progress. Great idea @Timburt good job @staff for following through. Interested to see how you make it work
  3. I personally just don’t think it’s needed. Having all the guides in one easily searchable post feels less cluttered to me. Once you open the the skilling sub section, you’re most likely just going to ctrl+f to find the one you’re looking for. But both would work
  4. I like this better. Just have a directory that you can ctrl+f
  5. Boats

    Oh Hey

    Nice edit
  6. Boats

    Oh Hey

    Didn’t ask
  7. Boats

    Oh Hey

    Lol kys retard
  8. Gz to all but sono
  9. What a highly unique idea. You are so smart for coming up with that
  10. Do rewards get better if you have more? I thought it was just the drop for every kindling/stardust you have? nice guide

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