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  1. People who donated for them aren’t gunna be happy if you can get them as a drop...
  2. Boats

    Howdy Ya'll

    Another girls name LMFAO @Kari you have competition
  3. I don’t think either should be an option. What’s the point of Ironman if u can spend money to get top tier gear lmao
  4. God I hope you die pickpocketing
  5. Boats

    Identity theft

    Someone yoinked. Smh
  6. Granted. I will record myself reading all of my responses and you will be forced to listen to them for the rest of your short, miserable life.
  7. If I get it, how will it be untradeable :thinking: also that makes it unique and a collectible. Much more valuable than a regular blue phat. Ty for making my wish better
  8. Granted, but you can not descend This is for both, Granted but you accidentally think yo urself "i wish i was dead" then u dead Granted, you are stuck in a shit job that you hate for the rest of your life making shit money. Granted, you are on the staff team and a)i make fun of you everyday and b)you get fired from your job for spending too much time on server Granted, given in game Granted, but everyone still doesnt like you LOL
  9. Granted, but it is moldy. Granted, but it is in the form of all counterfeit 100 dollar bills. Granted, but now you're Nick LOL SUX Granted, but you have to pay to open each one. Granted, you are now an admin on Dogescape. Granted, you are permanently wearing clown shoes and have a basketball on your back. Granted. No buts, this is a pretty good wish Granted, but your corruptions are permanently shit. This one already came true, sorry for being late. Granted, you are fired and no one else will hire you Granted, you get caught and reset to 1xp. @kaotic Granted, the beer drowns u and u r dead Granted, u now get herblore cheater rank
  10. I wish for winning this giveaway for 1 blue party hat.
  11. I disagree. I personally don’t like it on mobile
  12. Boats

    Save the Date

    Hey guys, I think we’re getting off topic. Can we please return to how big of a fucking retard Kyle is? Thank you.
  13. Boats

    Save the Date

    Yea. Dummy

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