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  1. Ez scape or qol scape. You be the judge
  2. Bumpity bump bump Bumpity bump
  3. Boats

    Auto cast

    I didn’t think so. But could be. That’s why I said idk if it’s a bug or a suggestion. It’s annoying when doing things like zulrah where you switch combat styles. I don’t want to manually click for each spell, so I auto cast, then I switch to bow and it still sends spells. Kinda sucks
  4. Username: Boats Suggestion: Let us do the quantity to 1 click take out stuff Why (how will it benefit players overall): See below picture from OSRS. This allows you to left click only to take multiple items out of bank. An extremely nice QOL change.
  5. Boats

    Auto cast

    Ingame Username: Boats Description of bug: When you are auto casting a spell and switch weapons, it is meant to remove the autocast. It does not do this. I do not know if this is a bug or a suggestion. But I would prefer if switching weapons removed the auto cast. Screenshots, if possible:
  6. Boats

    F Keys

    Username: Boats Suggestion: Let us change F Keys Why (how will it benefit players overall): Being able to select which f key goes to which tab is very nice. Really no downsides. I don't think it would be too hard to do. See how OSRS does it, is perfect
  7. Cerb boots shouldn't be in store then, yea? Interesting changes. I'm interested to see how they play out. gg's happy 2020
  8. Boats

    Typing Test

    You know when all your friends are good at something and you just fucking suck. That's me
  9. I don’t think I like the “removing skill points” aspect. Making them un-tradable would work well, I think. But for the other part, I think it is nice that I can get skill points in skills that I like doing, and then buy the outfit for the skill I don’t like doing to get boosted rates. I always played Ironman (btw) so I didn’t experience the trading of them, but looking at it now, that is kind of silly. I could definitely get behind some sort of other either boosted or cosmetic gear for doing x amount of something, though. Also support for the two additional gears

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