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  1. Game changes have never been made for different game modes. You chose to limit yourself and make it harder. My hc is default. Just because it takes longer on legend does not mean it is harder. I also had no donator benefits when I did it lol. It’s not impossible. Keep one hard thing on the list haha
  2. I have a maxed hardcore account lol. It’s mad easy. You should have good gear to comp an account. I am staying with my opinion. 5 is a perfectly reasonable number.
  3. Shouldn’t completionist be something to be proud of. To show off that you went above and beyond the usual? I don’t see the point of removing the only real hard requirement. I think it opens up a bad precedent of removing things because it’s “too hard”. I think that is a silly thing to do. If you bring the right gear, you should be able to tank from wherever he is if you are good. With the lack of pkers on the server, I think this is a bad idea.
  4. We love a good community. Enjoy your stay
  5. No support. Hardcore is so easy. Keep one risky thing in there. also definitely no support on group bossing for hc. That is just silly
  6. I’m not worried about to 99. I’m worried about making potions for bossing after 99. To me, in a private server you shouldn’t need to get things like that. But I completely understand thinking how you do. I just don’t think it’s necessary on private server where herbs are already limited.
  7. I personally disagree with the herblore portion of this suggestion. I think herbs are rare enough. Summoning could go either way, but I don’t think we should remove just for the sake of making it a grind. Could be in the minority, though.
  8. Boats


    Welcome to the server! You might like it here
  10. Welcome to the server gamer. Stay away from Kari if you want your opinion of the server to stay positive
  11. As long as the toggle still works, no harm. Looks cool if you like that look.
  12. They will not be able to be changed. That would kinda ruin the whole point reset account would be neat though, Splish
  13. Boats


    Stay away from Kari if you want to continue liking the community. Welcome gamer
  14. Can we keep some and change others? Dragon and Vorkath look dumb. But kalphite and abyssal slaps.

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