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  1. Naisu. Just saw aura, it's super cool. nice job
  2. If you eventually change it so Ironmen can’t buy high level bolts, they would be nice
  3. This is a good bridge into talking about group Ironman. I know it’s been suggested and I know you said you want to change some mechanics of ironmen. But this would be very fun
  4. Ironman stand alone. No support
  5. Boats

    PK Tournament

    Good event. Why midweek? Why not on weekend so more people are readily available? Americans will all be working at this time if they have jobs. But on weekends, they could easily be there. And that's early as fuck Australia where they will be at/getting ready for work.
  6. Why not just do more slayer points like osrs wildy slayer? Good content. Support. Not for xp tho probably
  7. Boats


    Effigies are easily duped
  8. Boats

    Typing Test

    Did you give rewards
  9. Boats

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Good owner. Very transparent. Does a good job at motivating at times. Overall good decision maker. Matt - Great coder when coding. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Everything that needs to be said has. Great work. Administrators Kari - Feels like he's the heart of every server that he is a part of. Always deserves top role. Luke - Time zone/Irl/idk what you work on so I can't comment. Event Manager Jordan - Good guy, needs to plan more events that aren't just a drop rate buff on whatever you feel like. I know that will come with time. I am interested to see what you can do with this role. Server Moderator Kemi - Always good interactions, not enough to give a thorough review. Ultsonofares - Always has been a good mod. Good at defusing situations, very active, cute really everything you want to see in a mod. Support Nelly - Same as Kemi, no bad interactions or negative impressions- just haven't talked to him as much. The cut down in staff team was a good call, was getting to be too many. This is a good sized team with .
  10. Bug fixes are good thing. Nice
  11. ugly

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      That's not very nice Mr. Tycho

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      He deserved it

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      Oh, that's ok then 🙂

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