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  1. Oh frick, i missed the lazer the first time. Now I really want it.
  2. Support for next update
  3. It's so pretty. Why will I never have it
  4. I was going to meme this to make fun of you, but I can’t. It’s actually so good. Thank you mr Goddess
  5. Support. Barrows no fun. Pvm points fun. Me like.
  6. Just because he’s an admin he can’t say his opinion on it? Bring up some counter points to his if you want. I agree with what girls name said. If you want to fish them pre-99, just go to the lrc and deal with the inconveniences. Or else get to 99 then fish for the best food in the game.
  7. Puro puro and superior slayer. That’s a big yay. Nice job fellas
  8. Game changes have never been made for different game modes. You chose to limit yourself and make it harder. My hc is default. Just because it takes longer on legend does not mean it is harder. I also had no donator benefits when I did it lol. It’s not impossible. Keep one hard thing on the list haha
  9. I have a maxed hardcore account lol. It’s mad easy. You should have good gear to comp an account. I am staying with my opinion. 5 is a perfectly reasonable number.

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