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  1. Hello again gamers. It is time for the annual "Ely Secret Santa"! This is our 5th year doing it. If you would like to join, please reply to this thread with your in game name as well as your discord profile. Around December 18th, I will collect everyones names and put them into a random generator to decide who gets who. I will then let you know and you can give the gift anytime from then until (hopefully) before Christmas. Stealing the rules from last year (and the graphic ty @fm das) THE RULES You must get the person who is assigned to you a gift. The price does not matter, so please keep in mind you may get less than you give Don't spoil the surprise. Please do not tell the person you have them until you are gifting them their items You can begin giving gifts as soon as you are told who you have PLEASE remember to take a picture of what you are gifting and post a screenshot here with that. It is always fun to see what people get! If you sign up, you need to give something- don't be the one that ruins the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Boats
  2. Boats

    turm muted

    No support from me. It is only a 7 day mute for saying the n word.
  3. Wildy slayer is currently in the works. Should be out soon (tm) which rev cave/weapons are you talking about? We do currently have the rev caves from pre eoc We recently “fixed” magic defense. If you get a list of bosses/npcs that feel bad with mage, we will test out and nerf as needed! I definitely support TOB. It might not be as hard because of the set rotations. But not sure. Would be fun content. We usually do have holiday events. Support for more though. Do you have any suggestions for rewards? Not the biggest fan of just gp. But could definitely get behind other rewards. I think a skilling box like the pvm box would be neat. Tiered coffer keys or coffer keys with charges have been suggested before and I think it’s a great idea. Support. I think voting rewards are fine where they are tbh. No support. Are you suggesting like rewards for making YouTube videos? I think something like that could be really neat. I know a lot of other players also like the idea of more YouTubers. I support coming up with something thanks for suggestions!
  4. When skilling pets aren't ridiculous rates
  5. Small update but kinda POG one. Also, the first page has updates on saved items and finished collection logs and stuff if you are ever interested. Did some slayer to get TD's task. Also did some clues when no one was around to fp so I could drop. Also sent a couple raids and got absolutely spooned ancestral bottoms. Decided to keep them, but I had a 750m fp still. AAAAAAAND busted of course. Sent some more clues and finally got TD's Completed 25 of those and all that was left for comp was kiln. It was my first time ever doing it, and ended up beating it first try. And I THOUGHT that was comp... But I forgot about crystal keys. Luckily I won my Kiln cape fp so I bought some keys at a very generous price from Gravity (TY @Gravity) And after opening those, I comped! Ty to @Kari @Gravity @Xenith and @easy mate and chonkybilly for coming to my comp party. Also thanks Kari for the 5m lol. Only real handout I have taken on the account because I had zero gp and wanted to buy cape lmao I thought cape was 99m, so I was going to keep it. But it is also only 5m so I am not sure if I will be keeping it or not yet. But anyways, comp is done and I am happy about that. Thank you for reading! Next will just be more slayer to fill cl's probably. Everything on the account
  6. Hello Fellow Gamers. It is time for another update. Doing a lot of the same- but working towards comp. I am very close now. And this one had quite a bit of progress. Started off getting gloves to stop being a big noob. But like a moron, my first 100 floors I opened on Thursday because I thought it was Friday. So that was tough. And on top of that I got spell casters... The one I didn't want. Decided to run some dks because it was my task. Got seercull, mud battlestaff, and berserker ring. With a lot of losses Then went back to Dom tower. And I got a duplicate spellcasters and another pair of spellcasters. So that was cool. Decided to rush another 100, and got dual swifts. (btw HUGE thanks to @Xenithfor removing cut scenes. Best update ever. I then got chaos ele as task so finished that with a couple drops. Also went back to dom tower and got my goliaths. So now I have swifts and goliaths as saved items. This was when I decided to really push for comp. So I went to grae first. Got super spooned and got grae body and legs. I was very close to keeping the grae legs as a saved item- but ultimately decided against it. After completing my grae kills for comp (with a couple random fps in there from orn kits) I went to Zilyana to complete those kills. Got pretty lucky with pet and a couple other drops there. Was then the start of the month so I brought my darts to nex.... and got a dupe torva platebody. Which I promptly chanced and got a t2 torva body. I then went and finished DK's. Didn't get many drops so filling that cl out is going to suck. @sir enicthen carried me in raid, and I got spooned an elder maul... That I lost. Then a dex scroll. I then went to do my Wildy Wyrm kills. Got a barrelchest anchor. Finished out some comp reqs. And am on my way. Just Kiln and TD's left. Some screenshots: 200m range haha grae done DUPE TORVA PLATE soul gazer comp req dks comp zilyana comp Wyrm comp As always, thanks for reading. I will be back again soon!
  7. I got so spooned lmao. I wasn’t looking guard to the desert ones cuz they annoy me. But got it right away. Was sick
  8. UPDATE TIME ONCE AGAIN: It has been a while. I got quite a bit done. After the last episode, I went back to barrows to try and get the fucking Guthans warspear... My last item needed. I realized the clues from barrows were a great way to knock out some hard clue cl items, so I did those every time I got them. The log is just stupid After the weekend was over and I didn't get the drop (despite trying really hard), I figured I would go for my next untradable- the slayer helm. Since I got the black mask a while ago, I wanted to get the things to make the full helm before going for another mask. I got extremely lucky on hexcrest and focus sight. Like stupid dumb lucky. I am sure that won't come back to hurt me later. And with that, I made my 8th untradable item. After that I went to do slayer tasks with my fancy new helm. Got the new dragons, and got the dchain and dboots cl unexpectedly. So those were dumb fp's. After that, got blink as a task (Fuck you Kyle) and got battlemage rob bottoms at a low kc. Then did Kree and unlocked all the items BUT the arma hilt. So I will be going back there soon. After doing blink, I realized I wanted to have some better range gear so that I can use the helm when ranging. So I used lucky shards on arma top and bottom and those are untradable 9 and 10. I then decided I wanted to complete a log. So I thought KBD would be an easy one. After getting the Mage visage and the heads, I thought I was in the clear. It ended up taking over 600 kills to get the regular visage. But eventually I got it and thus completed another log. I also added the KBD heads to the slayer helm to make the cool one. With that done, I went to Nex and got a Torva helm. I struggled for a while on if I wanted to keep that item, and ultimately decided that with the slayer helm and serp helm- I probably didn't need it. So I fp'ed it and lost ofc. Continuing with slayer at Zilyana, got a couple drops. Went and grinded some clues. I don't like doing it, but when no one is around I do end up just dropping all the clue items. And ultimately, I want to get the gloves sorted so I needed to fill a good amount of logs quickly. And then finally, I went back to zammy because the staff of the dead got added so that log was no longer filled. Ended up getting pretty lucky, and got it relatively quickly. Some other cool things I did. Thank you again for reading. Probably the most content in one of the updates yet. Kisses Collection Log Items Locked Untradables Locked Tradables Full Logs
  9. When opening clients, sometimes it opens in safe mode. Makes the game pretty much unplayable. Not sure what exactly causes it, but multiple people have it happen frequently.
  10. I think a 24-48 hour ban then unbanned should be okay. Support unban after above time.

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