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  1. In my opinion, should just be staff. Having it open to community can very easily turn into a popularity/animosity competition rather than what is right or wrong. Staff should be better at giving a fair 'trial' than an open community. But I digress. Caught/admitting to botting. Week ban+reset to level 3 is a fair punishment in my opinion. Caught again = donezo.
  2. Are ban appeals meant for the whole community? Or only staff?
  3. Boats

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Decent owner. Better than most. One of the more legit ones from what I've seen that actually cares about the people around. Needs to push people more and be more firm with punishments and rules, is viewed as a tiny bit of a pushover with room to grow. Either way, doing a good job. Developer Matt - Nothin I can say that hasn't been said a million times. Good work when work is done. Administrator Jake - In the most sincere and non dick way possible, I don't think admin fits Jake. Feel good with him as a mod, good as a global, but admin doesn't sit the highest with me. I think the way you handle things and the things you do are not enough to be an admin. Sorry. Global Moderator Nick - No bad encounters, good global. Moderator Kari - Always been good. Perfect moderator. Jeremy - lol Forum Moderator Enzyme - Nicky - This will be for both forum mods. I know both of you are newer to moderating forums so some things will come with practice, but you have to be more strict on the rules. Off topic posts need to be deleted. Spam posts on non spam forums need to be deleted. Punishments need to come. There have been multiple posts that have not contributed to the main post that are allowed to stay up. It's funny to the people in the community, but someone looking in it looks bad. Especially when a higher up- mod, forum mod, etc, likes it. Very unprofessional. It's the first think I look at when I look at a server. Support Flip - Will make decent mod. Sin - Don't take things personal. People will fuck with you as a mod and people will kiss your ass. You need to look through it. Overall good staff team.
  4. Read mr lations full thing. He tells u.
  5. You were accused- and punished- for botting agility on zarpor. Idc about this one, but don't lie on an appeal. And you used the same defense that time.

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