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  1. Some players, and myself are experiencing a bug where we cannot open more than one client at a time. This started to occur sometime yesterday.
  2. I agree with the majority of your suggestions, especially for the gim chest, there should be multiple scattered throughout the game. Herb supplies/stock should certainly be more than 1000. Or at least a faster respawn rate for each of the items. As far as Nieve's cave goes, it should be reworked and maybe even customized and filled with minibosses/mobs for more content. Poisoning weapons should definitely be reworked as it is indeed broken (Dragon p++ arrows pog). I can't say that I've done many Tzhaar tasks while playing, but I can see how they could be annoying. Alternatively instead of Tzhaars only, make it "complete x fight caves". +1 for DT rework for them though @Chimpamzee TL;DR - Yes.
  3. HUZZAHHHHHHH Thank you chimpo, we NEEDED these
  4. + = $$ Hello all, many of you have likely noticed whilst playing the game, we get a lot of junk items as drops ( dragon longswords, helms, spears, shield halves, rune, addy, and the list goes on) while doing various pvm tasks, slayer, general farming of mobs, or just playing the game in general. Most of us like to ignore the drops as it takes up inventory space and time for that matter. And as tedious as it is to pick each of these items up, they still have a great, decent alch value to them however, they're being deleted from the game due to our laziness. Let's change that. My proposal to combat these items being deleted from the game, and to add a little bit more coin into our pouches, is to add the Spring cleaner from rs3. An item that automatically alchs each of these items at the cost of Springs. 1 Spring = 1 charge of alch. We could add the Spring cleaner to the PvM shop at the cost of 1.5M points and the springs used to charge it could perhaps be sold at 100 Springs for 15,000 points. Obviously, we could alter the price of these items in the shops to whatever seems fair of course. The item doesn't have to be straight from rs3, it could be completely custom. Having it alch items that are equal to or below a certain threshold the player can set. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, is this too op? Would players actually grind pvm points for this passive money making item? Personally, I feel as though this would breathe new life into a lot of different areas for players looking for some side cash while they do other tasks on the side. TL;DR - Add auto alching item that sits in inventory for passive money making without having to loot things.
  5. +1, would be a nice override for those who don't really care for the blue color. Might have a bit of trouble acquiring blood shards though.
  6. These are great, much needed consistency throughout the game, here are some of my suggestions to add: Crazy archeologist Scorpia Callisto Lava dragons
  7. When a player dies with either of these item in the degraded state (regardless of charge %) player will lose the item, when it should be degraded 10% of it's current charge status (95% charge + death = diango reclaim - 10% charge = 85%). Polypore staff > Polypore stick, no spores drop Ganodermic armor > Mycellum armor, no flakes drop PvP Armors/Weps > Nothing, item gets deleted.
  8. I've also experienced this, I do believe it's something with the recent pathing update.
  9. +1 for filtered loot options via runelite.
  10. +support, there's another altar in the room that we could potentially used the totems on to respawn Skotizo.
  11. fm das

    Few bugs

    Hola, soy Dora, presented to you are some of the bug's I've personally encountered. (After patch 81). Vengeance does not work anymore. (All lunar spells?) Using Previous-destination teleport function does not work anymore, tele's you home even if you ;;tele (place) then use prev destination. Occasionally, the Skillcape Customizer will pop up while doing random things throughout the game, unexplained/unable to recreate bug for clarity. (has been a thing for some time). Nex's defence is too high after patch 81. (Long unedited video of max melee+semi-maxed ranged setup). @Chimpamzee More will be added if found.
  12. Hot damn, now I have to do 10k.. EVENTUALLY...... But very nice log brother!
  13. Upon slaying the bird of death, player receives zero PvM points.
  14. Doesn't give HETCH PEEE bonus please fix. kthxbai https://gyazo.com/86dc6c8b3797db055dac76b603e599dd
  15. Not sure the kills per hour, as I'm afk most of the time, but I averaged around 200 kills per day over the course of 4 days Supreme mage aura, t2 hellfire/sub boots > blood barrage.
  16. Hello, I set my self a small goal of killing some Armadyl while I max my Legend alt. Hope you can all enjoy this as much as I did doing it. 1025 Kill tab: I'll continue to post update collection log screenshots in 1000 kill increments until I reach my all-time goal of 5000, but I think I'll go ahead and liquidate the tab for now :D..
  17. Full support, these stats should be better than comp cape, in terms of magic bonus/% damage.
  18. fm das


    Still a good suggestion, support! ex-MAPLE.
  19. Support, I do believe the devs are already working on implementing a lot of the new customs to t2 items though. We'll get it soon enuf

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