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  1. Skotizo Guide About the boss ; Skotizo is located is a level 321 NPC that uses Magic and Melee. Since we will be using Ranged to defeat him, the only concern here will be Magic. Known to be camped because he drops Hard clue scroll on every kill & can also drop Elites. Fun fact : the Dark claw can be alched for 6m OR be used on a slayer helmet to recolor it. No slayer level is required. Can bring a follower in. No stuff are lost if you die, you will have your tomb outside as you revive there Some items can be in Diango. : **One important thing to remember is this** : Once the damage is down to 45%, he will be too tanky (still able to defeat him but it will take you too much time) Just teleport outside and re enter via the Altar How to get there There's 2 ways to teleport to Skotizo (Catacombs) Easiest : ;;tele cata (catacombs) World Map - Slayer - Catacombs Once you have arrived, make sure you have your Dark totem (you can receive them from PvM boxes, dropped by NPC in the catacombs or from Players) **NOTE** You will need the 3 pieces to make the Totem which are ; Base, Top and the Middle Gear I would recommend to be atleast 70+ ranged so you would hit pretty much everytime and also having a level of 37 in prayer (Anti-mage) Defence and other melee stats doesn't matter in this guide because we're mainly using Ranged. Low-Level Mid-Tier High-Tier (Could use a blowpipe if you have one) If you're wondering which aura it is ; Supreme Sharpshooter AURA GUIDE If you don't have Overload or Renewals it's all good, just makes the fight easier. Same goes with Steel Titan. Where to stand to "safespot" Skotizo Just stand at this spot near the Black Stone(if you click on it when Skotizo is dead, it will spawn another one but it consums one totem everytime) **BE CAREUFL IF YOU'RE NOT AT THIS SPOT YOU WILL TAKE MELEE DAMAGE** VIDEO OF THE FIGHT LOOT
  2. Having the boss,minigame or any kind @ the collection log colored green when fully completed, yellow if 1/X, red if nothing yet or just leave it blank @ nothing
  3. When you've killed Cerberus and the ghosts just spawned (before it was killed) they will still do x3 300 damage even though the combat is over
  4. Everything I wanted to mention has already been mentionned but I will tell you somes I spoke to Xen about ; Could add imbued God capes (New req for comp cape) Inferno cape (I know there's no Inferno in Ely but you guys could make a reward when you complete it in under X minutes or "Hard mode" aka more npcs, higher damage and such(Another comp req) Could add 10-20 CoX done for comp req Could add ranged and magic version of Kiln, you would need to obtain them to wear comp (another req) *** The addition of the reqs for Comp isn't to make it longer but to make it harder, Comp cape should be when you're in the endgame and your knownledge be on top Maybe add us POS(Player Owned Shop) so we could buy/sell items that are 2B+ Maybe add Divination? I know it be a boring skill but would have another 99/200m to refresh the inactive higscore with 5b's Also could add Quests that could be interesting for Irons + would have to complete them all for Comp
  5. About the minigame The minigame has 37 waves and is composed of NPC's that will hit in melee, magic and ranged. The final boss won't attack you so don't stress when you're on the final wave. At certain wave, there will be Crystals on the ground. Make sure to pick Magic, Restoration (if you think you will be out of restore potions) and the most important ; invulnerability. ** Be careful with crystals, they're not on the ground till the end ** The only wave you should be ready and actually pay attention is the last 3 waves. If you feel confident don't use a invulnerability crystal but if you aren't i suggest you to do. How to get there Click on world map - Minigames - Fight Kiln Once you arrive, just enter the entrance facing North. *** Keep in mind that it's a safe minigame, if you die you won't lose any items and if you're playing Hardcore Ironman, you won't lose your status either. *** Gear - Inventory To defeat the minigame, the best option out here is Magic. There's no levels requirements but 43 prayer is a must and if you don't wanna struggle, atleast 68 magic for Blood Burst. But if you want a easier fight, just get 92 magic for Blood Barrage. The aura Supreme runic accuracy is a good help. You will however need to have voted atleast 90 times to access the Aura Shop. (Topic 4285 to see Aura guide if you need to.) You don't need a Divine but it be easier if so. If not, Arcane is a good choice. Gear Low on budget You could replace the Chaotic Staff with a Master Wand (7.5m from magic store at home) or a Dominion Staff. Can also wear mystic instead of ahrim but your run will be painful. If you own a Seer"s ring, I suggest you to wear it (Not in photo because my Ironman doesn't have it yet) High-tier You could replace the Eternal staff with a Chaotic Staff, Dominion Staff. Spellcaster gloves or Barrows gloves instead of Tormented bracelet Ragefires instead of Eternal God cape or a Max cape instead of Completionist also. If you don't own a divine again, can wear a crystal shield, arcane. Inventory (Ironman mostly) Casual *** Important to bring purple sweats, used to heal and regen your run energy. *** Cannon planted in the center of room. It could be impossible to plant, if so, relog and try again. Don't forget to activate the Aura. Prayer Requires 45 prayer Requires 80 prayer ** Don't forget the NPC's have 3 styles ; Melee, ranged and magic. *** Boss Fight Kiln Video
  6. Might something that provides you happiness, could be either cars, fitness, sports or even a school program. It's hard to find it but you need to try things but don't ever find it in drugs or alcohol. You just gotta experience things
  7. Welcome my bestie, quick reminder ; don't ever reply to IronDec or Declan99 he will try roberry

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