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Found 10 results

  1. Certain items in rooms can't be removed. Parlour: Curtains unable. All others ok Kitchen: Shelves unable. All others ok Dining: Benches on fireplace side and curtains unable. All others ok Garden: Portals unable. Haven't tried anything else there. This is all I've ran into so far as I just started training the skill. I did notice that all of the items that can't be removed are also the lowest grade item built.
  2. https://gyazo.com/e9c18504fde74a0c71d1f896501b66bd
  3. once you make regular slayer helm you can no longer detach the black mask from the helmet and get it back. no way to reverse it
  4. Instakill dart only killing one phase is NOT intended. Its been oneshotting since before pre-eoc, it should one shot ANYTHING including phases of QBD Pls Fix
  5. Currently as it stands, completionist cape (hooded) does not posses the features that comp cape does. Examples below: Pls fix when you have time
  6. When superior slayer monsters were released, their items were broken. Imbued heart doesn't work at all. Dust battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited dust runes Mist battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited mist runes. Eternal gem could be used for something else, for example if player completes a slayer task with eternal necklace on he would earn extra points from completing a task or player could choose every 5 tasks the slayer task.
  7. Cant use dragon orn kits on T2 items
  8. The swift version doesnt have its double hit chance effect, Goliath version doesnt have its effects, Spellcasters also missing their binding effect

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