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  1. PK tournament taking place on the 10th of April at 10pm UTC Calling all pkers and pk wannabes! nows your chance to prove yourself as more than an Ironman or PVMer in this Ely Pk tournament. Thanks to Lation and Splash for one time only the top prize for this event will be a CUSTOM ITEM of your choice and design! (normal custom item guidelines apply) Second place will receive a max cash stack The tournament will take place at Edgeville ditch north of the general store. Acceptable inventory and gear setups are as follows: Helm slot: helm of Neitiznot Amu
  2. I get why you'd want this, but I don't think slowly making the skilling zone redundant is a good thing, its nice have a skilling zone
  3. Giveaway Sunday 4th April The total Value of this giveaway is 90b+ and will start at 10pm UTC. First event: Flower poker tournament: Location: ::tele bet Everyone participating in this event will split into pairs, they will then play a game of flower poker against each other and the winner will receive an item from myself as well as progress to the next round (you won't need to bet any of your own items) each winner will pick an item 1-28 and will receive the corresponding item in my inventory. each round new items will be added with a higher value, meaning the furth
  4. I thought it would be cool if the war bringer set could be imbued with the vanguard set, at the moment the gear that can be imbued to have a different cosmetic appearance is pretty limited to grae armour, Torva armour etc, would be cool to broaden that out to make other armours more desirable to use and I think the hybrid armours are a great place to start, maybe get more people to do blink swell to make the hybrid armours more commonly traded aswell. the war bringer armour is also one of the sickest cosmetics and would be cool if it could be useful aswell. so yeh lemme know what y
  5. @Chimpamzee that clue tab nice dude thanks for posting
  6. Hi guys, just wanted to share my bank and what I have earned through playing the server, also I'm lazy and was hoping someone would PC it for me lol. It would be cool if people posted their own banks and put me to shame? @Grand [email protected] @[email protected] @Chimpamzee @Masoud @declann99 @aha @fm das (this is not optional for you guys, i'm interested and nosey) Gear tab Skilling tabs Pet tab: Loot tab
  7. ahah they have always looked like that when they are (6) dose for me, 5-1 dose has the correct graphics
  8. so I don't know if this is like known about but every now and then I get 2 zulrahs spawning

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