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  1. so when you try to attack something with darts and are out of range you character just sits there instead of running into range and then attacking.
  2. POG fr we do need this its the only thing that stops me doing slot more
  3. So I had to 1 up my boy @fm das and do 5k arma kills. the loot tab is about 3.5k kills worth but I have included the collection log for all 5k kills
  4. I can no longer use the home teleport spell
  5. I just miss him so much :'C
  6. I disagree with this, zealots negative pray bonus does make it balanced, if you wanna add a t2 anguish and torture fair enough, but to nerf the zealots would make it unusable, as fm says, zealots is only useable for end game players or players with unlimited prayer, the zealots offers a choice. if this item was devaluing zen jewellery to the point where demonic gorillas weren't worth doing id understand, but the zenith items are still 4b each, it doesn't take anything away from the game as I said id support a buff to tort and anguish (even though tort is already bis for melee) but to nerf zealots would just take variety and choice out of the game.
  7. support this, would prefer if it wasn't locked behind 5b, that's an achievement in its self, and a 5b cape would be cool to have too, but other challenges and achievements would be a good requirement for a trimmed comp
  8. so when you have a full looting bag, you can't add things to it even if there is a stack of it already in there, for example I have a stack of noted rune bars in my looting bag which is full, and when I try to add more noted rune bars it tells me the bag is full
  9. So the harmony/salvaion/corruption doesn't work, there's no pryer regain
  10. arc light should also work on Zammy but doesn't
  11. t3 zealots that doesn't drain pray?
  12. i'm not sure if this is possible or the direction you wanna go, but how about the shop stocks boost tickets, for example one ticket could be 50% drop rate increase for an hour or a 15% chance of receiving double rare drops for an hour. you could have unlocks in there, for example you could pay a large amount of PVM points to get free instance zones, in future if there are any new bosses you could have it locked and you have to buy an unlock scroll for PVM points A good alternative to the lucky gear could be to put the PVP armours in there instead, items that are actually decent gear but isn't game changing for new players because they will eventually degrade, the PVP armours are currently in an unused PK store and would be cool to see them used by new players who haven't yet bought torva/pernix. the key used to get into Nex could also be bought with PVM points instead of cash.
  13. if it does get added and you'd like someone to test em I don't mind opening thousands of boxes on test servers
  14. yooo, my custom sera helm has the stats but doesn't cause venom or stop myself from getting poisoned, would be sick to get that fixed thanks
  15. anything to make dung more bareable I support fully

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