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  1. haha thaNk yOu maTe, its definitely made me mOre KnowledgAble about the game plaYing thiS account and worth all thE griND. tHerE's pLenty more Progress to make.
  2. I shall include my blink log, I feel like that's the only one that's out of the ordinary
  3. how do you mean? like from the hiscores page? or a screenshot of every boss cl in game?
  4. HI all, so I just reached 1000 hours played on my ultimate ironman account and I wanted to share my progress and encourage other people to try out the game mode. playing this account has genuinely been the most fun I've ever had playing and RSPS or indeed "real" RS so if you ever feel yourself getting burnt out id highly recommend giving it a try! Rank 1 blink log I have tried to include everything I can think of as far as "achievements" on this account so Enjoy the flex. NOTE: not included in these screen shots is; 2x twisted bow, ancestral Hat and many other drops traded over to main. P.s don't feel bad my account with no bank is better than your main
  5. @xenith no I haven't run into it since, and it have never happened before to be fair. I could try and recreate if you like
  6. that's spear is looking extra :POG. @Splash has done it again
  7. BIG BRO MAKING GAINSSSS. I wanna see more of your iron man progress! zeniths bank is looking nice tho
  8. Wildy slayer could be a huge game changer for ely. very excited for what's to come regarding this

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