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  1. IDEA STEALER!!!!!! but ye battle Royale auras are some of the best in game and they're locked behind broken content, the fact you can spawn upstairs and then be stuck there is wild ahah +1
  2. just a few quality of life suggestions: 1. give us the ability to decant 4 dose potions (full vials) into 6 dose flasks (provided you have the empty potion flasks in your inventory) through the decanter at edgeville. 2. when reclaiming items from diango make the items be noted, currently if you have a stack of something over 28 in diango that does not stack you cannot reclaim it from diango, I currently have this issue with ovl flasks on my main and clue scrolls on my iron man, tbh not sure how to fix the clue scroll one as I don't believe a noted clue scroll exists but yeh, hopefully someone has some ideas about that. 3. I realise this problem probably doesn't affect 50% of players but its still pretty annoying. if your bank has less than 28 space left, you cannot use the back all inventory items even if you do have the space in your bank for the items, for example lets say my bank has 982/1000 items in it, leaving 18 spaces remaining, and I have 7 items in my inventory, it still says there is not enough space in my bank for the items. Note: this also happens even if all the items in your inventory have placeholder slots in your bank. you could need no new spaces in your bank and still not be able to deposit your items 4. we currently have a lot of bots sitting around doing nothing, is there a way we could implement these bots into minigames such as battle Royale or pest control to help newer players partake in these mini games that require a certain amount of players to even start them let alone complete them.
  3. I shall be adding to this thread when I find other bugs; first one is pretty simple, inferno adze which functions as a pickaxe outside of raids does not damage the guardians. second one is a bit more complicated to explain, I was doing duo raids with my main and ironman and completed the crabs room, after completion I went through into the next room with both accounts, when the skeletal mages targeted my ultimate I went back into the crabs room in order to change the agro onto my main and once back in the crabs room my ulti couldn't get back through into the next room, with the message in cha box telling me to complete the room before moving on to the next. the orb was not spawning so the room was completed, I have included a screenshot of this one.
  4. this is sick to see, its pretty cool comparing your own stats to these to see where you stand with the rest of the server, if there's any other stats like this it would be cool to see
  5. bumping this cuz it stops me playing the acc until this is resolved
  6. hi, so I was playing mu ultimate ironman and I died, so I loaded up a new client logged into my main and blessed the grave (my ultimate stayed logged in at all times) I went to get a new looting bag on my iron man and when I came back my grave was just empty so I lost like all my shit
  7. I think it would be nice to see the amulet of the damned added to the barrows loot table, as it stands I believe the amulet of the damned is only obtainable through super mystery boxes, and is rarely traded (most likely due to the items rarity) and at the moment there isn't much incentive to do barrows, amulet of the damned is a nice tribrid amulet and will make barrows more worthwhile, especially for ironman accounts. it would also make some barrows gear more useful with the set effects it brings.
  8. to be fair since the price was raised I have seen a significant reduction in the amount of endgame drops, but yeh I was surprised to see zenytes and cerb crystals in them at all
  9. have suggested this a few times I think, don't know if they don't want to do it or don't have the time, but everyone I speak to about this is always positive, +1 from me
  10. love this, maybe we could put ammy of damned in the elite barrows chest?
  11. I like the idea, but perhaps the reward chest can be opened after a hard kill...
  12. would love to see full gauntlet, would add some more variety rather than just adding another boss.
  13. someones jealous of my ranged kiln cape I like the Pam box idea, making them roll like a clue scroll is a nice touch so 100% support that idea. as for the ammo one, I'm obviously bias, I feel like to mess with donor perks after people have bought them is a bit slimy, that being said, the pvp ranged weapons in my eyes are a bit of an anomaly and would makes sense to not have the perk affect them, especially in wildy.
  14. If there is a template for RS servers it's that donations keep the server running, but votes keep the server populated. As it stands we don't receive 200 votes per day on all sites, in most cases we are getting little over 100, which means only around 20 players are voting every 24 hours. which is pretty poor considering you can vote every 12! So I've been speaking to a few people in game, Ryster and myself have thought of some ways to increase the incentive to vote, I like that the vote store has a large variety of cosmetic items, however this just isn't enough of an incentive to vote for the majority of players. I would like to suggest we introduce a "donator ticket" that will be able to be purchased for 150 vote points and will add $10 onto your total donated. this ticket will not grant any EP, and it will be capped at $50 so once you have $50 total donated on your account, you cannot claim any more tickets to get to $60+. you will be able to still buy these tickets and sell them to other players. This will provide a real incentive to new players and old to make sure they are voting regularly, either to earn their own donor rank or to sell the tickets themselves. I don't believe it will have too much of a negative effect on the number of players donating to the server as in the grand scheme of things $50 done rank isn't end game by and stretch of the imagination and If you want to progress further through the donor rank system you will then need to buy the scrolls purchased for irl $, as well as the fact it does not give any EP. We have also spoken about incorporating a gold sync into this, where you originally purchase an untradable version of the ticket which can be used by the buyer of course but would cost 250m-500m in order to make it tradable, meaning new players would still benefit from just voting but players who already have donor rank could pay a (relatively) small fee in order to make it tradable to sell to other players. the same way osrs bonds currently work. *note I would love input on this as I'm not 100% on the ratio of votes to $, however, ryster did some quick numbers and this seemed like a fair ratio to me. swell as this id love to see some other suggestions for new items to be put in the voting shop, perhaps a set of the tickets currently in the PVM shop or EP shops? Ryster: I'd say Mate and I see eye to eye on this idea, and I think it's actually a pretty damn good one. There's some things I expect criticism for with this idea, so I'd like to address what I see as possible arguments. This reduces the incentive to actually donate This is a possible outcome if the conversion rate of votes to "total donation" isn't within a certain threshold. It's crucial that we maximize the amount of votes to bring in new players (who will likely either donate/vote themselves for a beautiful feedback loop), while also not over-incentivizing the system so that players will exclusively vote for "total donated" instead of actually donating. With a maximum of ~5k votes per year per forum account, voting twice a day every day, it would take around 2 weeks of non-stop voting to achieve $10 worth of "total donated" at the conversion rate we stopped at. Players will abuse this system by creating multiple accounts to get more "total donation" This is a valid argument, but you have to consider the logistics of accomplishing this and the effects it actually has. You can get around voting restrictions by creating a new forum account and using a VPN, this is true. However, The cumbersome process of doing this is more trouble than it's worth for the reward. The first criticism response comes into player here; If the conversion rate is just right, we will only be incentivizing normal voting. But lets evaluate what would happen in the case that people were doing this en masse. Even if there were some people who were motivated to "abuse" this loophole, all they're doing is working harder to boost the server while only cutting their time down a bit to get $10 worth of non-ep generating "total donated." If this were actually "abused" in any meaningful capacity, it would be incredibly niche and wouldn't last long. Players will just buy vote tickets to get their "total donated" up. Yes, but not anywhere near as fast or convenient as you would think. Vote tickets would very likely increase in value as a result of this change. At 250 votes per $10 (without ep) at 4m per vote you're looking at 1b GP. That would be on par with a normal $10 scroll, but it's also a guaranteed way to increase "total donated" over time, creating demand while the supply of these already useful items is always limited. Any excess vote tickets in the system after this was implemented would get scooped up very quickly. Essentially, what we get from this is a better incentive to vote, increasing our exposure while also adding a slow, yet balanced, but guaranteed method of increasing "total donated." I believe it's important, After having maxed their ability to use these "donator tickets," that that player could still buy these tickets and sell them on the market to retain the voting incentive. That might be more controversial though.

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