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  1. I am not suggesting removing them completely from the game, but more as a temporary solution until they are coded. How ever, when I think about the future use for them: Ref to Sato's comment above I find it hard to se the use of the prayer scrolls in the future. Is it planned to disable turmoil for all players, and then make it unlockable through activating a prayer scroll? I do not see that as a good solution. Maybe they should be completely removed? I like the idea about replacing dark relic with Twisted Horns to upgrade the slayer helmet.
  2. +1 Sounds like alot of work, but would be very cool
  3. Yeah, thats my point - thanks . As raids has been out for over 3 months, and they're not coded, yet - I suggest them removed from the current drop-table until they're coded.
  4. Hello, I just thought I would share my personal opinion about something, and would be cool to see what others think as well. As now, items such as Dextereous prayer scroll, Arcane prayer scroll and Dark Relic are on the "rare" drop table, but its not coded. I suggest that theese items are removed from drop table until they are coded, and it beeing exchanged with something else during that period. Br com
  5. As much as I want this to happend, it wont. This minigame is going to be retired.
  6. Hi, Just finisihed a raid and got 10 prismatic gems as one of the rewards, how ever my inv was full. The reward didnt to go bank either.
  7. Exact same issue as reported in topic 5220 Seems to be the issue after the recent divine problem
  8. Atleast the coins-drop should be added as 100% drop asap. I think the reason why people don't do CoX is because it's so timeconsuming to raid for 15-20 to roll 50 planks compared to other bosses.
  9. Guys, come on.... A fix like this shouldnt be taking this long time. Whats going on?
  10. +1 Would also love to know how the reward-system works as well. The current reward system is based on rumors.
  11. +1 Great suggestion. I do think ranged strength has to be added to anguish, and increase both magic attack and magic damage % for the tormented bracelet. How ever I do not think Zealot should be removed, but rather fixed. Zealot is a great amulet for irons.
  12. Fiery divine passive effect dosent work either. This needs to be fixed asap. Not only on harb but in general @Matt @Lation
  13. After doing almost 200 raids, I think a day in the week with double rewards would be good. Personally I think Friday together with double dung-pts would be the best. Would like to hear other options on this!

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