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  1. I love you guys, thanks for putting out great content for all to enjoy <3
  2. Merry Christmas!!!! i got @ZParadox as my secret santa hope you enjoy the gear! I really like this game
  3. i like to digit digit on a real note, count me in cant want to see everyones loots - sir enic
  4. First, id like to thank everyone no matter how many raids we did together its been a fun grind but here's the loot from 1k raids looked like id also like to thank everyone who came to the 1k party that was super super fun @fm das @Xenith@Iso@ewan @Boats @noxx @Mad Man @Aidask @James Cole @Derp @Splash I'll post an album of most of the rare's I saved pics of when I have some more time thank you for your time and have a blessed day - Enic P.S. THEY GAVE ME A FUCKIN SICK STATUE!!!
  5. sir enic


    Well, Howdy partner how do you do?
  6. v nice man, i am here once again asking for a youtube series
  7. Well, idk why I haven't replied to this but @Iso thank you you're a legend for what you did here
  8. We do da digit raid tonight yes! @Boats
  9. I say we do it annually for the month of October in honor of our spooky friend @askbrown
  10. essentially instead of a well its just a statue but you still have the perks of the well etc, just instead of it being a well its a statue of askbrown, anyone with a half a brain will +1 this
  11. Very cash money sir. Love to see the progress. Day 6047393947383936 of waiting for yt series
  12. i daily rm doggy @Gravity cry is free, off is $100 weekly loc is ;;tele lation

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