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Found 20 results

  1. I shall be adding to this thread when I find other bugs; first one is pretty simple, inferno adze which functions as a pickaxe outside of raids does not damage the guardians. second one is a bit more complicated to explain, I was doing duo raids with my main and ironman and completed the crabs room, after completion I went through into the next room with both accounts, when the skeletal mages targeted my ultimate I went back into the crabs room in order to change the agro onto my main and once back in the crabs room my ulti couldn't get back through into the next room, with the message in cha box telling me to complete the room before moving on to the next. the orb was not spawning so the room was completed, I have included a screenshot of this one.
  2. Hi, Just finisihed a raid and got 10 prismatic gems as one of the rewards, how ever my inv was full. The reward didnt to go bank either.
  3. Been experiencing this bug for about a month now.
  4. https://gyazo.com/2726bab1fa779279228fd95ceedc065f
  5. Certain items in rooms can't be removed. Parlour: Curtains unable. All others ok Kitchen: Shelves unable. All others ok Dining: Benches on fireplace side and curtains unable. All others ok Garden: Portals unable. Haven't tried anything else there. This is all I've ran into so far as I just started training the skill. I did notice that all of the items that can't be removed are also the lowest grade item built.
  6. If you die with any coffers in inv, they are gone.
  7. Gravity

    More Coxs

    Olm burn with me attack is currently unavoidable and stat drains way too much https://gyazo.com/ff0920850d9567d67a8a9292054c90ac Idk how to explain this but it happens everytime we finish a raid PvM points on completion would be nice Making raids multi so spells like group veng/blood barrage/cure other work properly Arcane/Dex are both useless drops. Arcane/Dex could be reworked into range and mage turmoil. Kodai can't be attached to Master Wand Visually some of Olms attack could be better. Mainly the crystals,flame wall, and lightning Let me know if intended or not but Instakill dart didn't work on tekton or olm pre last phase/basically anything immune to ranged Overload overlay disables points overlay Olms special attacks don't display if your game is on filter Vasa can teleport you onto out of bound tiles where you can't click out. only solution is to logout or hope it teleports you out Jeweled crab room and Corrupted scavenger room need points upon completion for those who participated Corrupted Scavenger rooms needs a buff only requires 10 worms no matter how many people are in the raid CoX will scale to the number of ALL the people in your FC regardless if they're in the raid or not Point system maybe could use a little bit more tweaking, ending 5 man raids just barely scraping 15k points Xerics Aid isn't healing properly - Heals literally only 22 or 2.2 with osrs hp Vanguard room randomly froze and none of them could take damage nor could some of us move. As time passed it fixed itself Flame attack is currently undousable with water spells
  8. Hello, Please see below for some bugs I encountered playing raids. It is close, just some things needed: Vasa teleports you to hell Sometimes second guardian doesn't show The vanguards are completely wrong. Honestly, they are really annoying in real game, so probably fine with how they are Vespula also wrong. Always gets cheesed in the main game, so probably okay with keeping as well You can get the grub room multiple times, I don't think it works that way- could be wrong Crabs room felt wrong, but I can't put finger on it Tekton and Vasa defense feels really low, not quantifiable I think Vasa doesn't move to corners like supposed to Olm feels way different. Standard attack and special attack is way too fast- leads to eating simulator Standard attacks should not do as much damage as they do. I like the idea of the specials being punishing, so those can hit hard, but it's damn near impossible to dodge consistently with how fast they come out and eating from standard attacks. TLDR above, make attacks slower, standard less damage, more time between specials Olm claws are only 'supposed' to be 3 times. Currently 4 then head. It felt like the crystals were hitting even when I dodged. Again, not quantifiable Lightning felt like it took prayers off for longer than normal. Could be wrong. Olm attacks through the wall when you're walking in Don't need to kill claws at same time. Another annoying thing from OSRS so doesn't necessarily need to change Can smuggle things out with chest, not the biggest deal. Loot felt really shitty in small sample size (death runes, gold ore, 10 grimy herbs)- could have just been unlucky If point scale is the same as OSRS, it needs to be changed. Ending raid with 1000 points will lead to extremely extremely rare drops. Damn near 0. That's all I got from the ~5 raids done. I will update if I find other things. Others feel free to post too if they find problems. Thanks Boats
  9. https://gyazo.com/e9c18504fde74a0c71d1f896501b66bd
  10. If you have a greaters task you should be able to kill K'ril, his 3 minions or Skotzio to complete your task based on regular rs. Also, the OSRS wiki says black demons should work for Skotzio as well.
  11. Amulet of Zealots boosts multi-skill prayers when it should only boost single-skill prayers. Without this distinction, Zealots is the BIS amulet. Per my understanding; the prayers in the red boxes should be buffed, while the prayers in the black boxes should not.
  12. Instakill dart only killing one phase is NOT intended. Its been oneshotting since before pre-eoc, it should one shot ANYTHING including phases of QBD Pls Fix
  13. I noticed after using around 50+ totems on the black stone that I hadn't accumulated the right amount of pvm points. I received about half of what I would have if points had been granted for every kill. It seems to give PVM points every other kill instead of every kill when using the black stone to respawn. If you leave the room and re-enter to spawn skotizo you get points every kill.
  14. Currently as it stands, completionist cape (hooded) does not posses the features that comp cape does. Examples below: Pls fix when you have time
  15. Sometimes Vorkath won't have the option to wake it up after killing it.
  16. When superior slayer monsters were released, their items were broken. Imbued heart doesn't work at all. Dust battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited dust runes Mist battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited mist runes. Eternal gem could be used for something else, for example if player completes a slayer task with eternal necklace on he would earn extra points from completing a task or player could choose every 5 tasks the slayer task.
  17. The swift version doesnt have its double hit chance effect, Goliath version doesnt have its effects, Spellcasters also missing their binding effect
  18. When pernix is added to the new twisted gear, there's no hp bonus (t2 not tested) DONE Player cannot use an elite sirene blood shard on t2 pernix DONE While having any of the new Anger weapons, if player dies, they are lost upon death. Unable to add t2 primal longsword to vyrewatch longsword Unable to add torture/anguish ornament kits to tier 2 tort/anguish (fury as well) Unable to upgrade imbued rings (+ treasonous/tyrannical pog) Unable to add vine/kraken tent to a t2 whip, or upgrade them (good inbetween for new players not wanting to grind dung) Magic secateurs + Greenfinger auras do not affect fruit trees (supposed to get extra resources) Abyssal dagger doesn't have a special attack (i'd recommend a custom one, maybe a dds spec+bleed effect after the initial hit? or a high poison proc chance, just spitballing to make a 1/1.2k dr item useful for pvm) Draconic lance doesn't have a passive effect against dragons (as far as we know) Grae boss defence is still too high CHANGED Nex boss defence is still too high (titan spec is useless even after defence is reduce via dwh) CHANGED Greenfinger aura doesn't prevent diseased plants.

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